SuperChannel’s SAK451: A Revolutionary 270-Degree Panoramic Computer Case with Enhanced Size and Customization Features

SuperChannel introduces the innovative SAMA SAK451, featuring a unique 270-degree panoramic double-sided glass casing. This design allows for the A-pillar to be removed, offering an unobstructed view of the internal components. The spacious interior is ideal for displaying models and figures, making the SAK451 more than just a computer case—it’s a distinctive exhibition space. Available in both black and white, this model echoes the design of its predecessor, the SAK701, but with notable enhancements in size and features. The enlarged size is specifically tailored to meet the demands of hardcore gamers and is one of the rare cases that supports rear-plugging of ATX motherboards. The combination of the panoramic design and rear-mounted motherboard significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the case, making it a must-have for serious gamers.

SAMA SAK451(W) Features:

  • Dimensions: 461 x 235 x 505mm
  • Storage Expansion: 3.5” x 1, 2.5” x 1
  • PCIe Expansion Slots: 7
  • Compatible Motherboards: ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Front IO Ports: USB Type-C x1, LED lighting, 2-in-1 headset jack, USB3.0 x2, power button
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 183mm
  • Maximum Graphics Card Length: 430mm
  • Maximum Power Supply Length: 186mm
  • Integrated Fans: 3x 120mm ARGB reverse blade fans on the right side, 1x rear 120mm ARGB fan
  • Additional Fan Support: Up to 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans on top, 1x 120mm or 140mm fan at the bottom
  • Water Cooling Compatibility: Supports 360mm, 280mm radiators on the right and top, 120mm, 140mm on the rear, with a maximum thickness of 55mm, backward compatible.

SAMA SAK451 big realm case unboxing

The SAMA SAK451 computer case is designed to accommodate ATX-sized motherboards and offers backward compatibility. It comes equipped with three 120mm ARGB reverse-blade fans on the right side, enhancing the cooling efficiency. Users have the option to add an extra 120mm fan at the bottom, depending on their requirements, and there is also a pre-installed 120mm fan at the rear. These ARGB fans can be upgraded to 140mm if needed. The case’s spacious interior can house a 165mm tower fan comfortably.

At the lower back of the case, there’s a 7-slot PCIe card slot and a cover for the power supply. The top part of the case features a snap-off design that allows the installation of either three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans. It also supports water cooling systems of 280mm or 360mm. On the left side, the case showcases a sleek and efficient strip mesh design for heat dissipation. Removing the left side panel reveals a generous space for cable management, facilitating easy back-plugging for motherboards. Additionally, a magnetic dust filter is provided at the bottom of the case to keep it clean and ensure optimal performance.

Outer box picture front.
Side view of the outer box.
Accessory screw box and iron plate for PCIe slot replacement, simple instructions.
Case glass left panel.
Case front glass see-through panel.
Right side slatted heat dissipation mesh.
Case back side.
SuperChannel SAMA SAK451.
Top mesh design.
Remove the top to reveal the top 120/140mm fan placement.
A dust filter is provided at the bottom.
The magnetic suction type can be easily removed.

The SAMA SAK451 case offers a versatile IO interface configuration. Users have the flexibility to modify and position the IO interface either on the front side of the case or retain it at the factory default location on the left side. Included in this interface setup is a convenient USB Type-C port, providing easy connectivity for modern peripherals and devices. This adaptable design ensures that the case can cater to various user preferences and setup requirements, making it a user-friendly choice for diverse computer builds.

IO interface on the side of the case.
The IO interface can be removed by two screws at the bottom of the case and placed on the front of the case according to the instruction manual.

Double-sided wide-angle glass is side-transparent to prevent the tide from being seen

The SAMA SAK451 case features an innovative snap-on quick-release design on all sides, making access and modifications straightforward and user-friendly. Both the left and front panels boast edge-to-edge transparent glass, offering a clear, unobstructed view into the case’s interior. When the right panel is removed, it reveals a large space specifically designed for cable management, particularly useful for those using back-mounted motherboards. This design allows for a neat and organized wiring layout.

Given its thoughtful design, it is recommended to remove the A-pillar before installing any internal hardware. This approach leverages the case’s 270-degree ultra-wide angle, maximizing the visibility and showcasing the internal components of the case to their fullest. This feature not only enhances the case’s aesthetic appeal but also makes it easier to work within the case during setup and maintenance.

After removing the right side panel of the casing.
Super wide angle after the A-pillar is removed.

Installation of internal hardware such as power supply and graphics card

The SAMA SAK451 is designed with a built-in power supply compartment that serves dual purposes: housing the power supply unit (PSU) and aiding in cable management. For an orderly setup, it is advisable to first install the motherboard and decide on the storage devices. If a 3.5” HDD is to be installed, it should be placed along the slide rail behind the PSU before the PSU is installed. To install the PSU, you need to manually remove the bracket, secure the PSU, and then reposition it in the compartment, ensuring that this process does not interfere with the storage hardware setup.

For a 2.5″ SSD installation, simply loosen the screws above the integrated HUB of the side panel fan to place the SSD. The case can accommodate one 3.5″ and one 2.5″ hard drive simultaneously.

The case comes with four 120mm fans pre-installed. The top of the case allows for the installation of either a 360mm or 280mm water cooling system or additional 120mm fans. The fan cables can be discreetly routed through an opening on the upper side of the casing. For those who prefer not to use the case as a display space and focus on a high-standard hardware setup, an additional fan can be installed at the front to aid in cooling graphics cards up to 430mm in length.

Uniquely, this case supports vertical installation of the graphics card. This is achieved by rotating the original PCIe x7 bezel by 90 degrees and using the provided iron parts to secure it. This allows for a stylish vertical installation of the graphics card at the rear of the case, adding a distinctive touch to the design and utilization of PCIe vertical installation.

The screws can be manually removed where the power supply is placed.
3.5\”Hard drive placement is located on the slide rail behind the power rack.
After removing the power supply rack, the power supply is installed and the mounting buckles on both sides are locked.
2.5\”The hard drive placement is located above the hub and can be manually disassembled.
1 set of pre-built fans on the rear of the case.
PCIe slot x7 below rear fan.
PCIe vertical mounting, lock the included chassis small parts.
Graphics card vertical installation instructions.

The SAMA SAK451 excels in offering extensive freedom for cable management, a feature highly valued by gaming enthusiasts. It is equipped with multiple openings and cable management grooves on the right side of the case, specifically designed for those using a back-mounted motherboard. This thoughtful design allows for a neat and organized arrangement of cables, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the build.

The case includes an ARGB fan hub HUB, which simplifies the wiring process right from the start. However, players are not limited to this pre-arranged setup. The case’s design allows for the disassembly and rearrangement of cables according to individual preferences and configurations. This flexibility is key for gamers who often customize their setups.

Moreover, the case features three cable outlets inside, which are strategically placed to assist in the efficient wiring of the motherboard. These outlets help in managing excess wires, ensuring they do not obstruct the view or clutter the space inside the case. Such design considerations make the SAMA SAK451 not just a functional computer case, but also a beautiful exhibition piece that gamers can admire and showcase.

3 wiring openings above the power supply.
Front panel pins.
Built-in fan HUB on the right side panel.
The fan is simply wired and pre-connected in series at the factory.
Side panel re-alignment completed.

Once the assembly of the SAMA SAK451 is completed, even the inclusion of a 360mm water-cooling system doesn’t compromise the case’s height. This design feature ensures that the case maintains its sleek profile while accommodating robust cooling solutions. When a 255mm graphics card is installed, it neatly fits into the case, complementing the stepped design of the power supply compartment. This setup leaves a substantial space of about 30 centimeters on the side, perfect for placing model figures for display.

This space can be utilized as a unique exhibition area, adding an aesthetic appeal to the case. Although leaving it undecorated is an option, doing so might not fully capitalize on the design’s potential. Alternatively, installing a set of fans in this space can be a practical choice, enhancing the case’s internal ventilation. This flexibility in usage underscores the SAMA SAK451’s ability to cater to both functional and aesthetic preferences, making it a versatile choice for computer enthusiasts.

After the hardware configuration is completed, lift the cover to display.
Installation completed and booting up front.
SAMA SAK451 was installed and started up.
Dolls, models, etc. placed.
Dolls, models and other figures displayed.

Heat dissipation test and Summary

The SAMA SAK451 case is designed to accommodate ATX motherboards with the capability for back-plugging, and it’s also backward compatible with smaller M-ATX motherboards, offering ample space for hardware planning. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for showcasing high-end hardware configurations. The case’s unique design features double-sided, side-transparent glass panels and a vertical PCIe setup, allowing for an impressive display of the internal hardware.

For those who enjoy visual flair, the case’s tall chassis design doesn’t overly restrict the height of model decorations that can be displayed inside. Furthermore, the case comes with four sets of ARGB fans, which users can install as they wish, adding to the visual appeal with switchable LED lighting effects for a more dramatic display.

However, it’s important to note a limitation in its storage capacity — the SAMA SAK451 supports only one 2.5” and one 3.5” hard drive. This might be a consideration for users who require extensive storage. The pricing for the SAMA SAK451 is currently set at 3,590 yuan for the black model and 3,690 yuan for the white model, as offered through the SuperChannel channel.

The test platform for the SAMA SAK451 includes:

  • Processor: Intel Core i9-12900K
  • Motherboard: ASRock B760M PG SONIC WiFi
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  • Memory: CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5-6400 16G*2
  • Operating System: Windows 11 PRO
  • Radiator: 360mm AIO
  • Power Supply: CORSAIR CX650F RGB

These specifications offer a glimpse into the performance capabilities of the SAMA SAK451, highlighting its suitability for high-end gaming and computing setups. It’s a case that is likely to leave a lasting impression on players who value both aesthetic appeal and functional design in their computer builds.

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Title: SuperChannel’s SAK451: A Revolutionary 270-Degree Panoramic Computer Case with Enhanced Size and Customization Features