Upgrade Your PC Build with VisionTek’s LAI099 ARGB Mid-Tower Case: Stylish Design, Advanced Cooling, and Budget-Friendly

VisionTech recently launched the all-new LAI099 ARGB mid-tower case, a marvel that not only prioritizes cooling efficiency but also dazzles with its lighting. Pre-installed with four 140mm ARGB cooling fans, this case ensures your system remains cool while adding a splash of vibrant colors. It’s not just about performance; the LAI099 also features a side …

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SuperChannel’s SAK451: A Revolutionary 270-Degree Panoramic Computer Case with Enhanced Size and Customization Features

SuperChannel introduces the innovative SAMA SAK451, featuring a unique 270-degree panoramic double-sided glass casing. This design allows for the A-pillar to be removed, offering an unobstructed view of the internal components. The spacious interior is ideal for displaying models and figures, making the SAK451 more than just a computer case—it’s a distinctive exhibition space. Available …

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A cheap big M-ATX case is a good choice! Superchannel Videocom SW300 M Case Unboxing

At the beginning of this year, Broadcom’s own brand, Superchannel, had launched a cheap and large ATX version of the mid-tower case SW300, and now they have launched a more compact SW300 M, even if it is reduced to the M-ATX version, it still inherits various It features excellent features such as no-hole glass side …

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