Japan’s independent travel is very different! 8 things in Japan have changed

With the opening of Japan and the preparation of “0+0” in Hong Kong, many people are looking forward to buying air tickets and hotels to travel to Japan. But during these three years, many changes have taken place in Japan. Lin Shibi, a front-office infectious disease doctor who has been in Japan for 40 days …

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Toronto’s Subway Network Evolution

This is Toronto, Canada. Home to 2.7 million people, the city is connected by a network of subway lines, which serves 75 stations in two local municipalities. Consisting of four lines and 77 kilometres of track, the system travels along Toronto’s main arteries, with trains running frequently from downtown to the suburbs. But how did …

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Tour in Markham Cornell BUS Terminal and it built $50.8 million

This is the new Cornell Terminal. Located in Markham Ontario, this state-of-the-art transit hub officially opened to the public on September 4, 2022, and acts as a terminal for Markham’s bus rapid transit system. Containing 11 bus bays and serving 9 bus routes, this $50 million dollar project is the first bus terminal in the …

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