With a top curvature of 800R, further bending is at your own risk! Presenting the CORSAIR XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 Gaming Display


In recent times, an increasing number of computer hardware peripheral companies have ventured into the display market. However, it’s challenging to create outstanding products amidst fierce competition. CORSAIR introduces the innovative XENEON series display, the XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240, as the first-ever adjustable curvature screen. Featuring a maximum curvature of 800R, a 21:9 aspect ratio, and a 45-inch 2K OLED panel, the XENEON FLEX 45 can effortlessly cater to gamers’ needs, whether they prefer an immersive curved experience for competitive gaming or a flat mode for relaxed gameplay.

Size: 45 inches
Resolution: 3440×1440
Ratio: 21:9
Panel: OLED
Curvature: Max 800R
Update Rate: 240Hz
Response Time: 0.03ms (GtG)
Colour Gamut: 100% sRGB, 98.5% DCI-P3
Peak Brightness: 1000nit Contrast Ratio in HDR Mode
: 1500000:1
HDR Certification: HDR10
Adaptive Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium, NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible
Display Output: HDMI 2.1 x2, DisplayPort 1.4 x1, USB Type-C DP Alt-Mode
Warranty: 3 Years / Zero Dead Pixels


This time, CORSAIR has launched the XENEON FLEX 45 gaming monitor in collaboration with LG Display, utilizing LG’s flexible OLED display panel. The unique structural design allows the monitor to freely switch between flat and curved surfaces, with a maximum curvature of 800R, which is among the highest in gaming monitors.

The display features a 21:9 2K panel, and the OLED panel not only delivers exceptional contrast and 98.5% DCI-P3 high color gamut performance but also boasts a peak brightness of 1000 nits. Compared to the IPS panel, the VA panel provides superior visuals and incorporates Low Blue Light technology, reducing eye fatigue during prolonged use.

As an esports monitor, the XENEON FLEX 45 offers a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz and an ultra-low 0.03ms G-to-G response time, making it ideal for competitive gaming. Additionally, the widescreen format enhances the cinematic experience when playing AAA titles or watching movies and shows.

To protect the OLED panel, the XENEON FLEX 45 also includes various LG Display-provided protective measures, such as reducing brightness when the screen is idle for a short period and automatically entering standby mode when not in use for an extended time. Users can simply move the mouse to restore screen brightness or wake the monitor from standby mode.

The XENEON FLEX 45 comes in an impressively large outer box, similar to packaging used for long home appliances. By unlocking the four clasps at the bottom, you can easily lift the top portion of the outer box to access the contents.
On the side of the outer box, there’s a content label indicating that the base is not pre-installed. For safety reasons, it is recommended to have at least two people present when unboxing the monitor.
The package contains the monitor and its accessories. Included cables are 1 DisplayPort cable, 1 HDMI cable, 1 USB Type-C cable, 1 USB Type-C to Type-A cable, along with a 240W Delta power supply.

As for the appearance of the XENEON FLEX 45 monitor, its most distinctive feature is the handle at the bottom, enabling users to effortlessly adjust the screen’s tilt angle. Another unique aspect of this display is the use of slim bezels on all four sides, making it an ideal choice for those with a preference for tidiness. This design results in a more visually appealing and comfortable viewing experience.

XENEON FLEX 45 appearance overview.
A handle beneath the screen allows users to conveniently adjust the tilt angle of the display.
Due to the adjustable curvature design of the XENEON FLEX 45 monitor, there is a gap between the panel’s edges and the frame, preventing pressure on the screen when it is bent. However, there is no thicker frame at the bottom, resulting in nearly uniform bezels surrounding the display.

On the left and right sides of the monitor, there are hidden handles that can be pulled out to adjust the panel’s curvature. Users can freely adjust the curvature anywhere between flat and 800R. When bending the screen to 800R or flattening it, a “click” sound indicates that it has reached its limit. There is no specific stopping point between 800R and flat.

The XENEON FLEX 45 is ideal for users unsure about their preferred curvature or those who want a curved screen for gaming and a flat-screen for tasks like photo editing but don’t want to purchase two separate monitors. The unique structural design at the back of the screen provides support when the display is bent, allowing for a more natural curvature adjustment.

After the handles on both sides of XENEON FLEX 45 are pulled out, panel bending can be performed.
The handles on both sides have small buttons that, when pressed, allow you to pull out or retract the handles to adjust the curvature.
From the rear of the monitor, you can see a horizontal bracket designed to support the screen and maintain the desired bending angle when adjusting the curvature.

Stable large bracket, front USB extension port is more convenient

The XENEON FLEX 45’s design offers limited adjustability for the bracket, providing only tilt angle adjustments. Unfortunately, the screen doesn’t include VESA wall-mount compatibility. However, to ensure stability when the display is curved, a V-shaped base is incorporated at the front. Despite the 45-inch screen size, it doesn’t encroach on the space required for the keyboard and mouse, as the monitor is not used against the screen.

Schematic diagram of screen pitch angle adjustment.
Extra large V-shaped base.
The mouse can be positioned in the central area of the base. If you want to store the keyboard under the screen, it must be placed on the V-shaped base itself.

On the front of the stand, there are 2 USB 3.2 ports and an audio port. The physical buttons consist of a 5-way joystick, a separate power button, and a display input switching button, making them more user-friendly and intuitive to operate.

Front I/O overview.

On the back of the stand, there are 2 USB 3.2 extension ports. The lower USB Type-C port serves as the uplink connection to the computer. Above it, there are 4 display outputs: 2 HDMI 2.1, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, and a USB Type-C port supporting DP Alt-Mode and the signal upstream for the USB extension ports. However, this port can only charge up to 15W, so an additional power adapter may be needed for laptops with higher power requirements.

During use, the system automatically switches based on the display output. If HDMI or DisplayPort is used for screen input, the USB extension port will connect to the computer via the bottom Type-C port. If the USB Type-C port is used for screen input, the USB extension port signal will go through the same Type-C connection to the computer. When using a laptop that supports USB Type-C DP output, a single cable is sufficient to connect to the monitor.

List of I/O on the back of the bracket.
Although the stand is quite thick, it’s unfortunate that the I/O ports are not positioned on the side or the front for easier access.

OLED has strong colour performance and is bendable and suitable for various situations


Now let’s power up the XENEON FLEX 45 to experience its performance. This monitor features a panel developed in collaboration with LG Display. Although the official specifications list color gamut performance as 100% sRGB and 98.5% DCI-P3, the LGD white paper provided by CORSAIR highlights that LGD OLED panels achieve a color accuracy level of ΔE<1, with an average value of ΔE 0.67. The test standard mentioned is ΔE<2, and the actual measurement is ΔE=0.7. Furthermore, the LGD OLED panel used in this monitor is a true 10-bit panel, with each pixel independently controlled, resulting in a contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1. As such, the XENEON FLEX 45 is well-suited for creative work without any issues.

Factory calibration table.
Screen information in Windows settings.

Large-sized screens typically demand a certain desktop depth, but curved displays are the opposite. A higher curvature allows for a closer and more immersive viewing experience. With the 45-inch 21:9 size and 800R curvature, an 80 cm distance is the optimal setting. In this case, we’ll use “Forza Horizon 5” on an 800R curved surface for our test. During the actual experience, although you may need to turn your head to see the OSD information on the sides, the first-person in-car perspective provides a highly immersive gaming experience.

“Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5” game screen.
Schematic diagram of the actual visual experience of the game screen of “Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5”.

In flat mode, the combination of a 21:9 widescreen and the 45-inch large size provides an enjoyable experience. Lying on a gaming chair with a controller in hand, playing an ARPG game becomes quite immersive and comfortable.

The in-game screen display of “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077”.
The in-game screen display of “Yuanshin”.

When used for video editing, the widescreen allows for an extended timeline, as well as the ability to display more functional sections simultaneously, enhancing productivity and workflow.

DaVinci Resolve 18 Movie Clip Schematic.

Furthermore, the XENEON FLEX 45 features Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) functions. The PIP small screen has a 16:9 ratio, while PBP allows for splitting the screen in half. During testing, the author could only access the 21:9 screen configuration. If the screen could be split in half, it would offer an even better user experience. In the future, official support from iCue software may provide a more convenient setting method, further enhancing the monitor’s usability.

Screen PIP mode.
Screen PBP mode.



This time, CORSAIR has launched its second monitor product and collaborated with LG Display to boldly incorporate a bendable OLED panel. This innovative design allows for various curvature experiences, catering to users who require video creation capabilities. The monitor can be used entirely flat and adapts easily to different usage scenarios.

The OLED display offers exceptional color performance, reducing the fatigue caused by prolonged viewing on IPS panels. Whether for gaming or video and audio editing, this monitor is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, CORSAIR has officially disclosed to the author that although the XENEON FLEX 45 currently does not offer VESA mounting compatibility, a dedicated VESA mounting kit will be released in the future, providing more options for display placement.

The CORSAIR XENEON FLEX 45 monitor is priced at US$1,999.99, which is approximately NT$60,000. CORSAIR expects to hold pre-order events in March. Players should refer to the official announcement for actual pricing details.

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Title: With a top curvature of 800R, further bending is at your own risk! Presenting the CORSAIR XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 Gaming Display