Unboxing and Testing the Antec Vortex 240 ARGB All-in-One Liquid Cooler

The newest all-in-one liquid cooling series from Antec, Vortex, offers two size options, 240mm and 360mm, at budget-friendly prices of 3090 and 3490 respectively. It also includes a three-year warranty for after-sales support. The design showcases various lighting effects, while the Fusion 120 ARGB fan with its drill-cut light ring delivers ample air pressure and an eye-catching look. The Vortex series is compatible with the latest Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 platforms.

Antec Vortex 240 ARGB All-in-One Water Cooling Specifications:
Intel Pin: 1700 / 1200 / 115X / 2011
AMD Pin: AM5/AM4/AM3
Pump Speed: 2800±10% RPM
Flow Rate: ≥ 1300 mL / min
Head: 1.4m
Water Block Dimensions: Ø67 x 48.5 mm
Cooling Head Contact Surface: Copper
Radiator Dimensions: 277 x 120 x 27 mm
Radiator Material: Aluminum
Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan Max Speed: 600±200 ~ 2000 ±10% RPM
Max Air volume: 57.93 CFM
Maximum air pressure: 2.11 mmH₂O
Block and fan Power supply: Water block 3-Pin / Fan PWM 4-Pin
Average service life of fans: 40,000 hours
Warranty: Three years

Antec Vortex 240 ARGB all-in-one water cooling out of the box

Antec introduces its new Vortex series of all-in-one water-cooling solutions in two popular sizes, 240mm and 360mm, catering to the mainstream market. The transparent floating water block offers an impressive visual effect, and the internal water pump can achieve a speed of 2800±10% RPM. The copper base ensures efficient heat transfer from the processor to the radiator. Additionally, certain Vortex series products come with a three-year after-sales warranty for added peace of mind.

240mm size Vortex 240 ARGB boxed.
There are basic product features on the back of the box and a three-year warranty.
There are basic paper specifications on the bottom of the box.

The Vortex 240 ARGB is individually packaged at the factory, with the fan and radiator body each protected by separate plastic bags. This allows users to install the water cooling system more adaptably, based on their specific airflow setup and the arrangement of their computer case or components.

Vortex 240 ARGB liquid cooling and fan body.

The Vortex 240 ARGB is equipped with two Antec Fusion PWM ARGB fans and cooled by a pair of 12cm Fusion 120 ARGB fans. These fans feature a drilled and cut-shaped light circle with 16 LEDs embedded in a uniquely styled ARGB ring. Users can customize the lighting effects using a controller or their motherboard.

Antec’s new Fusion 120 ARGB fan comes with shock-absorbing pads on both sides and all four corners, minimizing chassis resonance and reducing the likelihood of noise issues. The fan speed curve can be adjusted using software, and the 5V-3Pin ARGB input terminal enables synchronization of lighting effects with the motherboard or a controller.

Antec’s brand new Fusion 120 ARGB fan.
Three-dimensional, shock-absorbing pads are fitted in the locking holes on all four sides of the fan, effectively reducing operational resonance.
Each fan only provides 5V-3Pin ARGB, PWM 4-Pin interface braided wire.

The Vortex 240 ARGB all-in-one water cooling unit features a relatively understated design. A braided outer water-cooling tube, approximately 40cm long, extends straight from the unit and connects to a semi-transparent, spiral-shaped water block at a 90-degree angle. The water block measures 67mm in diameter and 48.5mm in height. For those using an A4-sized ITX case, it’s important to consider the height.

The cold head’s water pump can achieve a speed of 2800±10% RPM, with a flow rate of ≥1300 mL/min and a head of 1.4m. It has a service life of 40,000 hours and generates noise levels of no more than 28 dB(A).

Appearance of integrated water-cooled body.
Water block size Ø67 x 48.5 mm.
13 integrated single-wave radiators with a width of 8mm and a size of 277x120x27mm.

The interface that contacts the processor is made from a copper base material, with a milled surface to achieve a smoother texture. To protect the copper base from scratches during transportation, a transparent protective film is pre-applied to the contact surface. Don’t forget to remove this film before applying thermal paste!

A protective film is pre-applied to the bottom surface of the water block. Make sure to remove it before applying thermal paste.
The surface of the copper bottom contact surface is milled.
Water-block 3-Pin power supply, one ARGB 3-Pin serial connector each.

The Vortex 240 ARGB is compatible with Intel LGA 1700 / 1200 / 115X / 2011, as well as AMD AM3/AM4/AM5 processors. The package includes a variety of pin fasteners, screw sets, thermal paste, a plastic spatula, and a PWM splitter cable, among other accessories.

Overview of accessories.
One-to-two fans connected in series.
The thermal paste provided in the syringe can be used for approximately two to three applications, and spreading it more evenly is easier with the included spatula.

Apart from the PWM 4-Pin splitter cables included in the accessories, Antec also provides ARGB cables for the water block and fans, as well as a controller HUB with four ARGB slot interfaces. The magnetically mounted controller requires a SATA connector for power and can connect to the motherboard via the ARGB 3-Pin input port. By connecting it to the motherboard slot, lighting can be synchronized with the motherboard software.

If there aren’t enough ARGB slots on the motherboard, or if you have an older motherboard model without ARGB slots, you can still use the Mode control button on the controller. Alternatively, you can connect the reset button or RGB lighting effect switch button to cycle through different lighting effects by pressing the button.

ARGB controller can switch different lighting effects by Mode control button or SW slot.
There are a total of four ARGB 3-Pin and one SW lighting effect switch socket.
The back is magnetically held in place by a strong magnet.
The controller requires a SATA power connection. To synchronize the lighting effects with your motherboard, simply connect it using the ARGB connector for seamless synchronization.

Antec Vortex 240 ARGB all-in-one water cooling performance test

For the thermal performance test, we set up a bare test platform using an Intel i9 12900K processor and a Biostar Z790 VALKYRIE motherboard. The fan curve is set to the motherboard’s preset “performance mode” to assess the thermal performance of the Antec Vortex 240 ARGB all-in-one water cooling system. AIDA64 FPU and R23 multi-core tests are employed to simulate temperature data under high-load conditions, while AIDA64 CPU and 3D Mark’s Fire Strike are used to mimic daily and gaming scenarios. HWiNFO64 software is utilized to record the maximum temperature of the CPU Package.

Test Platform
Processor: Intel Core i9 12900K
Radiator: Antec Vortex 240 ARGB
Motherboard: Biostar Z790 VALKYRIE
Memory: T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 16GBx2 6200 MT/s
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition
Operating System: Windows 11 Home Edition 21H2
Power Supply: FSP Hydro G PRO ATX3.0 850W

Antec Vortex 240 ARGB lighting effect display.
Drill-cut fan light rings have different styles and textures.
The frontal visual effect of the water cooling head is like a vortex or ripple-like visual effect.

The Antec Vortex 240 ARGB is a 240mm all-in-one water cooler designed to manage the heat output of the 12900K, which can easily surpass 200 watts of power consumption. Using the Vortex 240 ARGB for this purpose may be somewhat ambitious. During the R23 Multi Core test, power consumption is limited to 175W, with the temperature held at 91°C. The lower power consumption is likely due to the motherboard automatically limiting it to prevent excessive temperatures.

Under the high-load AIDA 64 FPU test, power consumption reaches 190W and the temperature hits 100°C. However, during the AIDA 64 CPU test, which better simulates everyday usage, power consumption and temperature are a more manageable 105W and 74°C, respectively. In the 3D Mark Fire Strike gaming scenario, the temperature doesn’t even exceed 70°C.

Thermal performance test chart.

Summary and experience

The Antec Vortex 240 ARGB is a 240mm all-in-one water cooler. Based on the test results, it is better suited for processors with power consumption around 180W, such as non-K i9/i7 and i5 12600K/13600K processors. For gamers using i9/i7 K series processors, it is recommended to opt for the 360mm Vortex 360 ARGB, which allows for the full performance of the processor and better heat dissipation.

The Vortex 240 ARGB features a visually appealing swirl-shaped water block with a water-ripple lighting effect. Paired with the unique dodecagonal Fusion ARGB fan, it adds an attractive touch to any desktop computer. Currently, Antec’s Vortex series water coolers are available at original prices: 240 ARGB for NT$ 3090 and 360 ARGB for NT$ 3490. They come with a three-year warranty and support the latest Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 platforms.

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Title: Unboxing and Testing the Antec Vortex 240 ARGB All-in-One Liquid Cooler