The M2 Ultra Mac Pro is coming soon! With LEAKS & Release Date

M2 Ultra Mac Pro is COMING!

Apple’s M2 Extreme Mac Pro is coming. We just got the most significant leaks and hints. The best solid evidence we’ve obtained from a reliable source matches others, including Mark German I interviewed, Who I’m going to be talking about these new bugs in this video, including the unique PCI Express slot situation. I’m also going to talk about the new M2 Mac Mini and what we should see in the Apple silicon Mac space, so let’s get started now.

This is the BIG Leak from Ross Young

I won’t waste your time. Let’s jump right into the big leak that just happened. There are rumors that Apple will launch a 27-inch mini LED to show off a new one in the first quarter of 2023, which means between January and March of next year Between months.

Now, this leak comes from Ross Young. He’s pretty solid with Apple monitor leaks, he’s got a lot of stuff like the M2 MacBook Air’s display size, he’s nailed the iPad Mini 6 h I use Promotion, and mini LED Nailed the 14″ 16″ MacBook Pro, and he’s right because I’m a super follower and yes I pay Ross Young $5 a month.

I saw the new leak that he heard about Apple. The launch of the mini LED display was delayed to Q1 2023, and yes, he just said that, so I replied to his tweet saying Mac Pro is in Q1 2023. He liked my tweet as anything he wanted, but he did clarify some info by answering Ed Hardy. He said, to confirm, it was 27 inches with mini LED and 5K. He said 27-inch midi LED. We know 5K is just a guess, so we know 27-inch mini LED, Of course.

How this Display will be similar to the Studio Display

The new monitor will be the same as the 27-inch Studio monitor with a 5.5K resolution. Still, it will have a lot of LEDs, so it will be an XDR monitor and maybe even have some extra features. For example, Pro motion 120 Hz is hard to do, so I’m skeptical this will come. Still, I think it will be much more expensive for those needing XDR 1600 nits of brightness and high-end.

How all of these leaks started!

These leaks started about a year ago, and he said on January 31, 2022, that they no longer expect Apple’s iMac Pro to launch in the spring. It looks more like summer and still has a mini LED backlight, but it has less area in the MacBook display than the iPad.

But in March, he went on to say that it’s not an iMac Pro. It’s more likely that it’s just a 27-inch mini-LED high-end 5K monitors.

The kicker is Ross young even said it could be launched in June with the new Mac Pro, which is very important now. Of course, that didn’t happen because he delayed it in May.

He ended up saying no, which was in It doesn’t happen anymore in June. It was pushed back to October again due to their vendor relocation.

So it looks more like it was released in October r, we are now in October, and we don’t know anything about it.

We just got a new tweet saying it’s been delayed again to Q1 2023.

Specs & Confirmation from Mark Gurman

Now, regarding these leaks, I’m talking about Mark German being the most reliable Apple leaker. This is a video we shared on the ’95 Mac in an interview where he mentioned many details about the new Mac Pro.

He said it was delayed until next year, probably the first quarter from January to March.

The craziest is Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple leaker known for his reputation. Last year In March, he also said the Mac Pro would be delayed until 2023, and the iMac Pro and Mac Mini. I disagree with the Mac Mini, but I think the Mac Pro probably won’t come until next year, as Ross Young suggested.

Like Mark German is saying now, Mark German also gave us this information about the chip.

He said the M2 Ultra is going to the next Mac Pro and the M2 extreme, which is the super 48 core spec of the CPU 160 core GPU double that’s insane potential 160 cores and 384 gigs of RAM. These are some insane specs, and I think they’ll go head to head-with Nvidia’s top-line cards like 4090.

Massive Leaks from the forum user Amethyst

Regarding GPU performance but the Mac Pro, What’s unique about the leak is that we have a sole anonymous source who posted to the MacRumors many forums, and his name is Amethyst.

The reason he’s reliable now is that back on March 3rd, he Leaked and said there was going to be a new workstation-grade Mac called the Mac Studio. Of course, five days later, at Apple’s March 8 event, they revealed the Max Studio, precisely what he said. It could even come to The low-end mac monitor, i.e., the apple 5k monitor y looks similar to the apple pro monitor XDR, and the details are correct, so he got it right. Still, he returned in July and brought something about the apple silicon mac pro Brand new details. You might be wondering how he got this information. Well, he’s got a friend who has access to a Prototype MAC machine, they probably have some software company, and Apple has a partnership with them to test it out, and in They show it in their marketing. Hence, he has a friend who got these leaks from there.

So let’s look at the details. It will have 40 CPU cores, 32 performance cores, and eight efficiency cores. That’s precisely what Mark German said. Yes, it’s interesting that he said there is a sample board slot that contains PCI Express, but it didn’t work when he tested it, but he did add the details that it’s just a prototype board. He believes the production unit might not just pack. Including a single PCI Express slot would make the most sense, but the confirmation here is that Apple is testing the new Mac Pro with both Apple silicon and a PCI Express slot, which is a pretty good one for modularity news.

Big leaks for the M2 Mac Mini and why it matters!

Now it’s interesting that he just came back in august with some details about the M2 Mac Mini, which makes perfect sense and matches some of the other leakers.

The soc/thread changes, which is a fascinating detail because if you match that with some of the information we got in our interview with Mark German.

Mark German said that a Mac Mini redesign is unlikely, so without a redesign, it would have the same chassis, which would make the most sense because you would be able to place the regular M2 chip and M2 Pro chip with been leaked.

Mark German also said in August that the Mac Mini ps with M2 and Mt Pro chi is still in development, which Amethyst said will change the soc and threading completely Match. Of course, threading means there must be two different chip options in the Mac Mini. That’s precisely what Mark German said. I’m sure it’ll come out later this month or possibly next month’s file numbering.

The crazy thing is that one of them is the Mac Studio that we got in March. The other is the laptop, and it’s the M2 MacBook Air redesign. The third we still haven’t seen, I’m sure the third, is the new M2 Mac Mini machines.

When we should expect the M2 Pro/Max MacBooks

Of course, we also got some details from Mark German and DigiTimes, who think the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros are coming later this year. I think they’re most likely to happen this month, of course long. For a while, I thought they’d be delayed until March next year because they’d have three-nanometer chips. Still, I believe everything that’s going on in the world comes with inflation, and everything else, I think, is simple and cheap for Apple. The route makes sense and rolls out this year with a bland chip. It will not be a worthwhile upgrade for someone with a 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro. I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal. Still, I think the way Apple is marketing the M2 Pro and M2 Max is, and the chips are sold as new 4-nanometer chips, so they’re not 5-nanometer. They’re 4-nanometer versus the 5-nanometer chips that we already have. Still, it’s all about marketing, so this month we might have the M2 Pro with The new Mac Mini, and the regular M2 chip will have the new 14 and 16 inches MacBook Pro with the e M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

Possibility of a Mac Pro November event?

We might even see an announcement of a potential November event for the new Mac Pro next month. Then that means Maybe it will start shipping in January, or Apple will wait until March next year will have a March event where they will release the new Apple silicon Mac Pro.

With a new display this year, maybe this month, I think this is a very high-end expensive XDR monitor the only mac you don’t have lunch with is the mac pro. That’s why I have complete confidence that Ross young got it right. This monitor will come out with the mac pro in the first quarter of 2023, so if you disagree with me, please let me know in the comments section below.

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Title: The M2 Ultra Mac Pro is coming soon! With LEAKS & Release Date