An honest review of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 after two weeks! 

I’ve been using the AirPods Pro 2 for two weeks. In this review, I’ll go over all the good and bad things I’ve found and share how they compare to the AirPods Max, which I’ve been using for a long time and liked and reported Some very shady business from Apple. Still, man, this is amazing, and some people say I don’t do it if you want to upgrade just for the sound quality, but I disagree.

Apple developed brand new drivers for these, which helps increase the soundstage, so what you hear is wider and doesn’t sound like it’s just in your ears, but a downside is that this leak is a little bit worse. It’s not as bad as the AirPods 3, that don’t seal at all, but before, people could barely hear the music.

Now, if you turn it on, they’re in some Improved instrument separation in heavy tracks: you have a lot of different sounds, you can pick up other instruments better than before, and the vocals are more prominent, so it’s excellent but by far the one that impresses me the most It’s the bass.

I can’t believe how loud these play at the lowest end of 20 hertz. The theatre systems don’t even get that low or are reticent. These systems are louder than the AirPods max, which is nothing to me. Because they are on the ears, I played the test track at 20 hertz.

Then I opened the app, and it showed you its playback volume, and the AirPods Pro two is playing at 68 decibels, and the AirPods max is now playing at 50 hertz. Although you think the AirPods maximum will be around your ears because they are on the ears, these bang on my eardrums, which made me curious about how low these can be played.

I played 15 hertz. Even though it was better than 20 Hertz, it still plays it. I can feel it in my ears. Most music tracks don’t play that low, so you have to find a tuned pro for people who have subwoofers in their cars. It’s cool to have it now for those who don’t like music with many basses while watching movies, and you have this in the experience because they also play better than AirPods max. It’s 101 decibels compared to 99 decibels now.

It’s not suitable for your eardrums, so if you like loud music or are watching a movie, it’s compared to the original AirPods pro. Although the AirPods max sounds better overall, I think these sound too good. Most people don’t need these anymore.

We’ll also talk about noise reduction now. What’s even more shocking to me is the updated spatialized audio. When it came out, it was limited to head tracking. They added fixed mode, and it got better. In many cases, it sounded perfect, proving the soundstage, but in many cases, it was a bit too digital.

But with these and the new personalized spatial audio, it will use lidar to scan your ears and the front of your face and adjust it very well. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but actually, I’m using spatialized audio now. The sound stage is crazy, and you hear the instruments spread around you and the vocals pop forward once. When I was using it, I thought something had fallen off. I went into another room because it sounded so different from a song that I thought something was happening in the distance. Most reviewers say transparency mode sounds excellent like it’s always been the same, but I noticed some more significant differences.

I think the most significant difference is the accuracy of the placement of the transparent sound. When you go outside again, instead of hearing the sound and it sounds like it’s right next to you, you can be sure of a The car may be driving from the right or left behind you, which is a significant improvement, especially for safety. The new adaptive transparency mode is also lovely, and now I have tested it, and I am using my leaf blower, and I thought keeping it at arm’s length didn’t make much of a difference and then when I picked it up, it didn’t get any louder as it limited the sound.

I wouldn’t recommend it for your hearing protection, but for now, it’s great to get those super loud annoying sounds down. The mic has also improved my mac or iPhone as far as mic quality is concerned. The original AirPods I use now have never been fantastic. They were ok, and recently, they were replaced too. That’s the mic quality of the AirPods pro 2.

Now, if you sound better, let me know in the comments. I also started using the new swipe gestures on the earbuds to adjust the volume. I had to force myself to do this to learn and remember.

It came in handy. I hope they give us control to adjust the sensitivity because now, every swipe makes almost no difference. Battery life is excellent; I never let them die on me. Apple quotes 6 hours. I think it’s there. Most people would say I don’t care about that.

Keep in mind that the tiny battery will wear out after a few years, and your original four-a-half hours of battery life will be reduced to two, which isn’t very good. I highly recommend AppleCare because of that. As someone who pays for AppleCare, I use earbuds because if the battery capacity drops below 80 in two years, Apple will replace them, which is a bargain for their low price.

Now let’s talk About noise reduction because it’s pretty good now. I mentioned before that the higher frequency of the raindrops is now quieter than the AirPods max when I test them in a downpour.

I can’t fly with these yet, but I have a much more difficult situation. You guys know this is my lawnmower running at 89 to 90 decibels and can damage your hearing in as little as 15 minutes.

The AirPods Pro 2 reduced it from 89 decibels to 62 decibels. I take the AirPods max home when I mow the lawn. I didn’t expect the AirPods pro 2 to do a better job.

How in the world can I notice it in my truck, too? When I start up, the V8 in it is very loud before the warm-up, and now the AirPods Pro two is doing better than the AirPods max. I think it has to be a placebo effect.

You pay for a device and want to think it’s better, so I started doing some online digging. I found this suspicious. Many people were talking about how AirPods max got worse with firmware updates on the same day AirPods Pro 2 came out.

One had to use his AirPods max on many flights, and now with The active noise, cancellation got worse; the plane was noticeably louder, and the new AirPods Pro 2 he got were much quieter.

The other guy usually couldn’t hear his Roomba vacuum, but now it’s noticeable and audible. See, even though he doesn’t have an Airpods pro, his original pro has gotten noticeably worse with the update.

It’s great to see other products that used to be great now worsening. It’s bizarre now that I’m thinking about why I even need AirPods max. They do sound better overall, but these still sound great. These are less convenient Active noise cancellation is worse, and these Airpods Pro 2 are less than half the price.

I don’t know when I’ll be using the Airpods Max, maybe when I need to connect it to a computer, but these newer AirPods Pros also have better lag. If they don’t automatically switch you, they’re fast between devices. Toggle and click on it. It’s done the previous air pods like my two-thirds. They take quite a while and have precise tracking to find them if you lose them. I only had this happen once when they fell on my couch, and I guided them into the correct position to have the little lights on the speakers go out to start playing. It was great and a little extra to save you from losing them and having to buy another pair.

Overall, I think these are the ultimate earbuds. They are not the best in every category, but they are great for the price, and if anyone is questioning if they should upgrade, then for every category, it is an absolute yes, so I highly recommend them. I think this is probably my favourite product, You guys. Let me know what you guys think.

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Title: An honest review of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 after two weeks!