Air leaks are nonexistent! Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB All-in-One Water Cooling Out of the Box / Downward Fan, Raster Shape Water Block

Jonsbo launched the unique HXW high-performance water-cooling series a while ago. It has a cube-shaped grating water-cooling head. The water pump in the cooling head rotates up to 2500 rpm. Water cooling of the same size and thickness has better heat dissipation performance. The most important liquid leakage warranty of the water cooling is provided for six years. The warranty also includes a compensation plan for other equipment damaged due to water cooling. All white color matching water cooling, the fan, water cooling body, and water cooling head all use snow white color matching. For the white army that is gradually rising, it is undoubtedly a good choice with both performance and appearance!

Jonsbo HXW 360/240 All-in-One Water Cooler Specifications:
Intel Pin: 1700 / 1200 / 115X / 2011
AMD Pin: AM4
Pump Speed: 2500 RPM
Water Cooler Dimensions: 397 x 120 x 27 mm (360mm) / 277 x 120 x 27 mm (240mm)
Waterblock Dimensions: 82.4 x 68.3 x 59.7 mm
Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 32 mm
Cooling Row Material: Aluminum
Coolant Refill Port: Yes
Water Block Contact Surface: Copper
Maximum Fan Speed: 1800 RPM (±10% )
Maximum Air Volume: 85.4 CFM
Cold Head and Fan Power Supply: 12V DC / PWM 4Pin
Fan Average Service Life: 40,000 Hours
Warranty: Taiwan six-year warranty, including leak compensation solution

Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB integrated water cooling out of the box

Jonsbo’s new series of high-end performance positioning water-cooled “HXW-360 ARGB” and “HXW-240 ARGB” has been greatly changed in terms of appearance and heat dissipation design and launched 360mm and 240mm two. It is a mainstream common size. Since the two water coolers are products of the same series, except for the size of the water cooling row and the number of fans, most of the accessories and fasteners included are the same.

HXW 360mm, and 240mm two mainstream common sizes are launched together.
HXW 360mm detailed specification chart.
HXW 240mm detailed specification chart.
In the box, the custom-shaped pearl cotton is used to protect the contents and prevent damage during transportation to the greatest extent.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the players first. The water cooling and the fan are packaged separately when they leave the factory. Players can arrange the fan direction according to the actual airflow plan. This time, the two water coolers I have started are white styles, but according to the back of the box From the specification table, we can see that Jonsbo will launch a black style in the future. Just look at the white style of the radiator body. From the water-cooled head, water-cooled pipe, water-cooled row, and power supply wire, all of them have been whitened and beautifully designed. more oneness.

HXW 360mm, 240mm snow-white color matching water cooling, with the all-white color matching theme table, it will be more integrated.

The contact surface with the processor is made of copper base material to fit the processor. The heat dissipation base is not pre-applied with heat dissipation paste when it leaves the factory. Players need to use the violent bear heat dissipation paste in the accessories when installing the machine. The transparent plastic film for scratching, remember to remove it before applying thermal paste! The surface of the heat dissipation base is treated with copper bottom milling, and the copper bottom surface has a matte visual effect. Using a flat card, it can be found that the center point of the heat dissipation base is slightly convex.

The anti-scratch film is pre-applied at the factory to reduce the damage to the heat dissipation base. Before applying the heat-dissipating paste, the anti-scratch film must be removed!
The copper bottom contact surface is processed by milling.
Design with a slight convexity in the center of the contact surface.

The highlight of the Jonsbo HXW series is the grating-shaped water-cooling head. The square white frame is interspersed with fog-surface light-transmitting light strips, and the water-cooling head has a Jonsbo nameplate made of aluminum wire drawing, which makes the texture score of the entire water-cooling head unusual. High, the size of the water block itself is 8.2 x 6.8 x 5.9 cm. Although the entire water block visually looks large, the actual height is also within 6 cm. It can also be installed in a limited-size ITX case, but It is a pity that the angle of the water-cooling head cannot be adjusted, so it is necessary to simulate the position and direction of the pre-installation and placement of the water-cooling before installing it on the machine.

White cube water block with Jonsbo Faith nameplate in brushed aluminum.
After power-on, it has an RGB grating shape, and the overall shape is very eye-catching.

In the power supply cables of the Jonsbo HXW series water-blocking head, two wires are straight out from the bottom of the water-blocking head, which are the 12V 3Pin DC power supply of the water pump and the 5V 3Pin ARGB cable respectively. The ARGB connector provides a male-female serial connection design, which can be connected in series with the fan It’s more convenient to work on the whole line! The water-cooling tube is connected by the right side of the water-cooling head at 90 degrees. The water-cooling tube can be fine-tuned for the front and rear angles to match the most appropriate pipe direction.

The water-cooling head wire is straight out from the bottom, and the water-cooling pipe is connected to the cold head at 90 degrees.
The cable of the water block itself only has the DC power supply cable that can be connected in series with the ARGB cable and water pump.

The all-white-painted water-cooling radiator adopts a single-wave design. In the conventional 27mm-thick water-cooling radiator, Jonsbo uses a 20mm-thick enhanced water flow channel. It has better heat dissipation performance, and the water-cooling tube uses braided wire to cover the outer layer, while the interior uses EPDM rubber and IIR rubber to improve the water-cooling tube’s resistance to bending and tension. The water-cooling tube itself is 40cm long and soft. Adjusting the direction of the pipe requires patience.

Single-wave structure all-white painted HXW 360mm water cooling row.
The 40cm long water-cooling tube is wrapped and protected by braided wires, and there is an injection port for the original water-cooling liquid beside it.

The water-cooled fan also has a fully whitened design. The fan blades are made of bright and light-transmitting material, and the light effect is reflected by 12 ARGB lamp beads at the center bearing. The size of the fan is 12 x 12 x 3.2 cm, compared with conventional 12cm fans. The thickness is thickened by 7mm, especially because Jonsbo uses a sunken fan. The fan’s air outlet protrudes from its own frame so that the fan blades of the fan can be closer to the water-cooling row. This design can increase the air volume and wind speed. The pressure has a good performance improvement, and at the same time, it is more attached to the water-cooled row to reduce the leakage of airflow from the gap, so that the airflow can pass through the water channel in the cold row completely.

12 x 12 x 3.2 cm all-white fan, sunken fan up to 1800rpm.
The four corners of the fan are provided with shock-absorbing pads to reduce resonance during operation.
The sunken design allows the fan blades to protrude outward by a thickness of 3.5mm at the air outlet.
The fan is closer to the water cooling row, reducing the airflow from overflowing from the gap.
The fan cable has a 4Pin PWM power supply and can be connected in series with one male and one female ARGB cable.

List of accessories and contents of Jonsbo HXW series water cooling, each screw is clearly marked and classified into bags, the water cooling head buckle is neatly reduced to only two types, and players can quickly install as long as they read the manual carefully! In addition to the fasteners, the accessories provide a complete set of long and short screws, thermal paste, and fan wiring.

Jonsbo HXW 360 ARGB Fastener Accessories at a Glance.

What’s more special is that Jonsbo comes with a violent bear Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut 1g thermal paste, this thermal paste has a thermal conductivity of 11.8 W/MK, and the thermal conductivity does not hold back water cooling! The capacity of 1g can be used about 2~3 times, and the fan PWM power supply cable is different according to the model, and the bonus is also different. Another thoughtful little detail! Jonsbo kindly gave the double-sided tape on the installation backplane of the Intel clip, which will make the experience more friendly and convenient during the installation process!

A violent bear Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut 1g thermal paste is included, which can be used about 2~3 times with a spatula.
HXW 360 ARGB includes one-to-three PWM taps.
HXW 240 ARGB includes a 1/2 PWM splitter cable.
The installation clip used by Intel is carefully attached with double-sided tape, and the installation experience is quite friendly!

Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB heat dissipation performance test In

For the heat dissipation performance test part, we use the Intel 12th generation platform to build a bare test platform with i7-12700F and ASRock Z690 PG Velocita to see how the heat dissipation performance of the HXW 360/240 ARGB integrated water cooling is good, We use AIDA64 FPU, AIDA64 CPU, R23 multi-core and single-core tests to test the software to simulate the temperature data under extreme conditions. In addition, we will use the Fire strike in 3D Mark to simulate the running status of the game, while the data is collected using HWiNFO64. Record the maximum temperature of the CPU Package.

Test Platform
Processor: Intel i7-12700F
Motherboard: ASRock Z690 PG Velocita
Cooler: Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 16GBx2 6400Mhz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
Operating System: Windows 11 Home Edition 21H2

Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB Thermal Performance Test Chart.


HXW 360/240 ARGB has ideas that are out of common sense in terms of shape and heat dissipation design, such as the RGB grating water block that catches the light, and the sunken design to get closer to the water cooling radiator. The water-cooled fan is used to reduce the overflow of the cooling airflow from the side gap. These designs are rarely seen in the market today.

The overall shape of the snow-white color matching is matched with the ARGB fan and water-cooling head so that the aesthetic scores of the HXW 360/240 ARGB are not lacking. And the heat dissipation paste in the content also gave the violent bear heat dissipation paste with thermal conductivity of 11.8W, even in the most detailed places, it also gave the greatest sincerity! The HXW 360 is priced at NT$3,990, and the HXW 240 is NT$2,990.

The two HXW 360mm / 240mm ARGB all-in-one water coolers that I started this time can suppress the 12700F within 69°C in the test, and the actual heat dissipation performance is also above the standard. If players want to choose a special shape or design If you want to escape the frame and need integrated water cooling with good heat dissipation performance, Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB will be a good choice.

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Title: Air leaks are nonexistent! Jonsbo HXW 360/240 ARGB All-in-One Water Cooling Out of the Box / Downward Fan, Raster Shape Water Block