The FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W, a flagship power supply, gains enhanced strength with “Titanium” right from the start

The growing power requirements of modern graphics cards and processors have led gamers to seek high-wattage power supplies. This demand, along with the emergence of ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards, is driving significant shifts in the power supply market. FSP, a leading domestic power supply brand, has been quick to introduce a range of ATX 3.0 compliant power supplies, covering everything from compact SFX units to highly efficient flagship models. The FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W, their top-of-the-line power supply, supports both ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 and boasts the 80 PLUS Titanium rating, the highest efficiency classification. The official website lists the price at 10,900 yuan.

Product Model: HTI-1000M,Gen5
Rated Power: 1000W
Specifications: Intel Form Factor ATX 12V v3.0
80 PLUS Grade: Titanium
Input Voltage: 100-240V ; 200-240V
Input Current: 13-6A ; 6A
Input Voltage Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power Correction: PFC Active PFC
Conversion Efficiency: 94%
Fan: 135mm FDB Liquid Dynamic Bearing Fan
Dimensions (LxWxH): 150×150×86 mm
Protection Mechanism: OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP, OTP
Packaging Information : 2.922kg / 355L*267W*100H mm
Barcode EAN : 471322452745 6
UPC : 84568501384 2
BSMI : CI431060017765-00

1 piece, a total of 1 ATX/MB 20+4 Pin connector, length 60cm.
2 CPU/EPS 4+4 Pin connectors in total, 70cm in length.
1 PCIe 12+4 Pin (12VHPWR) connector in total, 70cm in length.
4 pieces of 5 PCIe 6+2 Pin connectors in total, length 65cm.
2 pieces of 8 SATA connectors in total, length 50cm.
2 total 4 SATA / 4 large 4-pin connectors, length 80cm.

The Hydro Ti PRO 1000W has an average efficiency of 92.78%, with a 50% load efficiency reaching 94.28%, achieving the highest 80 PLUS Titanium certification (titanium grade). Unlike other certifications, the titanium certification tests conversion rates at not only 20%, 50%, and 100% loads, but also at 10% load. While most power supplies have their highest conversion rates at 50% load and experience significant drops in efficiency at lower loads, titanium-grade power supplies maintain a conversion rate exceeding 90%.

80 PLUS certification measures a power supply’s conversion efficiency, as the process of converting 110V or 220V mains power into the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V required by computers inevitably incurs losses. Higher efficiency means less power loss and a more eco-friendly operation. Marketed power supplies indicate “output wattage,” the wattage utilized by the computer. However, due to losses, the power drawn from the wall socket is actually higher than the output to the computer. For example, if a computer requires 1000W and the power supply has a 90% efficiency, it will consume 1111W (1000/0.9), while with a 95% efficiency, it will consume 1053W (1000/0.95), saving about 58W compared to the 90% efficiency.

The FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W has obtained dual certifications from 80 PLUS and Cybenetics Titanium (titanium gold), and the certificates can be found on the websites of 80 PLUS and Cybenetics. According to the certificate, the Hydro Ti PRO 1000W has a 91.66% conversion rate at 10% load, 94.10% at 20% load, 94.28% at 50% load, 91.07% at 100% load, and an average conversion rate of 92.78%.

Certificate of 80 PLUS.
Cybenetics certificate.

When the RTX 3090 was initially released, many users experienced power failures and shutdowns despite having power supplies with sufficient wattage. This was due to the graphics card’s high instantaneous power consumption, which triggered the power safety protection. ATX 3.0 addresses this issue by requiring peak output to reach at least 200% of the rated power for a minimum of 100 microseconds. This means a 1000W ATX 3.0 power supply can handle 2000W of instantaneous power consumption, eliminating the need to chase higher wattage power supplies when purchasing ATX 3.0 units. It is sufficient to choose a power supply based on normal load requirements. Although there are many other refinements in ATX 3.0, we won’t delve into them here.

Frequently appearing alongside ATX 3.0 is PCIe 5.0, which specifically refers to the 12VHPWR connector. This connector has 12 power contacts with a rated current of up to 9.2A, supporting up to 600W output and withstanding instantaneous power consumption of 1800W. This specification is included in the ATX 3.0 standard, meaning that ATX 3.0-compliant power supplies must also support PCIe 5.0. However, to emphasize the 12VHPWR configuration, major manufacturers often promote their products as ATX 3.0 + PCIe 5.0.

Titanium gold limited edition FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W unpacking

Outer carton, this time the unpacking is a media limited edition, the packaging details may be different from the commercially available version.
The front of FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W package.
The size and features of the power supply are introduced on the back of the package.
The output power of Hydro Ti PRO 1000W is marked on the side of the package.
The side of the package indicates the speed of the fan under different loads, if it is lower than 50%, it will stop.
The conversion rate of the power supply is marked on the side of the package.
The other side indicates the number of wires equipped.
The power supply manual contains installation guidelines for the 12VHPWR connector. During installation, ensure the connector is fully inserted and seated at the bottom without bending it.
The power short-circuit switch is usually used for testing, and the power can be turned on without going through the motherboard.
Comes with 3 Velcro felt cable management belts.
Tighten the thumb screw for fixing the power supply.
Two stickers with different styles can be replaced on the side of the power supply.

The FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W Media Limited Edition features a titanium gold paint finish on its exterior shell, and conforms to the standard ATX dimensions of 15 x 15 x 8.6 cm. It is equipped with a 135mm FDB fluid dynamic bearing fan, and has an integrated design that combines the fan grille with the outer casing.

The front of Hydro Ti PRO 1000W.

Equipped with an Eco switch, the fan will automatically stop when the load is below 50%.

There are character sockets, power switch, and Eco switch behind the power supply.

The power supply module connectors include: 1 ATX/MB 20+4 Pin, 2 CPU 4+4 Pin, 3 PCIe 6+2 Pin, 1 PCIe 6+2 Pin with a 1-to-2 wire configuration, 1 12VHPWR connector, 2 SATA x 4 cables, and 2 hybrid cables with SATA x 2 / MOLEX x 2 (large 4Pin) connections.

Power module connector.

The large indicator of the power supply is marked with a single 12V output up to 1000W, and 80 PLUS titanium certification.

Large power meter.

The power supply features stickers on both sides, and it comes with 2 alternative sticker styles that can be used for customization or replacement.

The side of the power supply.

Proceeding to disassemble the power supply’s shell carries the risks of electric shock and voiding the warranty. Ordinary users should not attempt to do this.

The power shell is made of two steel plates bent.

The power supply fan is a Taiwan Yongli MGA13512XF-A25 model, which is a 135mm FDB fluid dynamic bearing fan with a DC12V 0.38A rating. It has achieved Cybenetics’ highest-level Lambda A++ noise certification for quiet operation. The fan features a transparent plastic air guide to direct airflow, assisting in heat dissipation.

Power supply fan.

The power supply utilizes an active APFC (Active Power Factor Correction), DC-DC voltage regulation design, and an LLC resonant circuit structure. It is equipped with a 450V 105℃ Japanese large capacitor. The circuit board features an industrial-grade moisture-resistant coating, providing protection against moisture, dust, and rust.

Internal design of the power supply.

The fully modular design employs a black flat wire design for all connectors except the ATX/MB 24 Pin and 12VHPWR, which use braided mesh. The main specification for the 12V wire is 16 AWG 300V, while the PCIe 6+2 Pin one-to-two wire, SATA, and MOLEX connectors utilize 18 AWG 300V wires.

A list of all cables.
ATX/MB 20+4 Pin braided network cable.
1 piece of 12VHPWR braided network cable.
CPU 4+4 Pin 2 black flat cables.
There are 3 PCIe 6+2 Pin black flat cables.
PCIe 6+2 Pin 1 point 2 black flat cable 1 piece.
SATA x 2 /MOLEX (large 4-pin) x 2 mixed cables.
SATA x 4 cables 2 pcs
Power cord, the commercially available version will be replaced with a Taiwan-standard power cord.

Hydro Ti PRO 1000W Stress Test

For this test, the OCCT power supply test is employed to simulate a high-power consumption operating environment. HWiNFO64 software, the Nvidia PCAT testing tool, and a power consumption meter are used to measure voltage and power consumption. A thermal imaging camera is then utilized to assess the heating status of the power supply.

Hydro Ti PRO 1000W and RTX 4080 Founding Edition.
The new PCAT test tool can measure voltage, current and power consumption through 12VHPWR.

Test Platform
Processor: Intel Core i7-12700F
Motherboard: ASRock Z690 PG VELOCITA
Memory: Kingston Fury DDR5-6000 16GBx2
Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 4080 16G FE
Radiator: 360mm AIO Liquid Cooling
Power Supply: FSP Hydro Ti PRO
1000W System: Windows 10 Pro 22H2

The OCCT software is used to stress test both the CPU and GPU. The software displays an average wattage of around 500W, while the power meter measurement taken from the socket reads approximately 522W. During this test, the 12V voltage is reported as 12.096V, with the 5V and 3.3V values also falling within reasonable ranges. This demonstrates that the conversion rate of the Hydro Ti PRO 1000W is not only efficient but also stable.

OCCT 500W pressure test for 30 minutes.
HWiNFO64 voltage monitoring.
Power meter
500W pressure test, the highest temperature is 51.3℃ when the fan is stopped.
500W pressure test, the highest temperature is only 40.3℃ when the fan is turned off.
Use the NVIDIA PCAT test tool to measure more accurate voltage and power consumption.

In standby mode, the RTX 4080 consumes approximately 15W through the 12VHPWR connector and only 2W through the PCIe Slot.

During the OCCT stress test, the power consumption of the RTX 4080 reaches an average of 305W, with the maximum instantaneous power consumption hitting 390W. The 12V voltage registers at 12.044V, and the current measures 24A.

PCAT display interface.


FSP’s flagship Hydro Ti PRO 1000W power supply is notable for its compact size, measuring only 15cm in length while achieving a kilowatt titanium conversion rate. Such specifications were unimaginable just a few years ago, as most kilowatt gold-rated power supplies were larger, let alone titanium-grade units. This power supply’s performance and specifications rank among the best in the flagship category. With the fan stalling under a 50% load, it could practically function as a passively cooled power supply on this test platform.

Equipped with ATX 3.0 and 12VHPWR connectors, the Hydro Ti PRO 1000W can easily handle current high-end platforms. ATX 3.0 is capable of withstanding 200% instantaneous power consumption, which might seem excessive now, but considering the future development of processors and graphics cards, investing in a high-wattage flagship power supply is a wise decision. Furthermore, the unit is backed by a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Title: The FSP Hydro Ti PRO 1000W, a flagship power supply, gains enhanced strength with “Titanium” right from the start