TEAMGROUP has newly launched C222 refined zinc dish, which combines streamlined ergonomic design to create a fashionable zinc style

TEAMGROUP C222 USB 3.2 Flash Drive

The world’s leading memory brand, Team Group, has newly launched the C222 refined zinc disc, which combines metal technology and streamlined ergonomic design, showing the fashionable texture of zinc alloy integral molding. Its matt-gray metal surface is matched with a streamlined ergonomic soft bevel curve, making the fingers perfectly fit the metal surface, allowing consumers to master the excellent hand feeling, elegantly interpreting the exquisite ergonomic craftsmanship.

C222 Fine Zinc Disc is made of zinc alloy to create a fine and matte metal texture, both texture and practicability. Combined with streamlined ergonomic design, the thumb fits perfectly on the delicate and smooth surface of the flash drive. It can be easily inserted and removed, providing a comfortable and convenient User experience. C222 fine zinc plate has a thoughtful hanging hole design, allowing users to hang it on key rings, backpacks and personal accessories at will, and cleverly match its fashionable and elegant fog silver brilliance, elegant and versatile, turning into a fashionable zinc action database. In addition, the C222 fine zinc disc is designed without a cap, which perfectly solves the problem of missing caps. It can be plugged and played. The disc body adopts COB (Chip On Board) packaging technology, which is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Disk and data security, and equipped with USB3.2 Gen1 transmission interface, effectively meet the needs of daily storage applications.


Team Group Technology is committed to providing consumers around the world with convenient and secure storage products. The new C222 refined zinc disc has led the fashion trend of mobile storage. Combining the flash drive with the concept of fashion accessories, it can easily create a fashionable zinc attitude for global consumers. , the first wave will be listed on Amazon in Japan, Amazon in North America and Newegg. It provides four different capacity specifications of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, which can be purchased by consumers according to their needs. It can meet the storage needs and drive the global fashion zinc whirlwind ‘s pen drive.

Product: TEAMGROUPC222 USB 3.2 Flash Drive


32GB – 8.99 USD

64GB – 9.99 USD

128GB – 15.99 USD

256GB – 31.99 USD

Expected launch date: Early November 2022

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Title: TEAMGROUP has newly launched C222 refined zinc dish, which combines streamlined ergonomic design to create a fashionable zinc style