MSI – Modern MD272PW Snow White Beauty Screen Out of the Box / IPS, 75Hz, Blue Light Reduction PRO Features

MSI Modern MD272PW

The screen has long become an indispensable part of public life in daily life, but most people’s mentality will only choose a cheap and usable one, but have you really thought about the impact of using an inferior screen? Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, the life of studying at home has officially begun, and the day of unblocking is still far away, which not only prolongs the time we spend with our eyes, but also makes me realize how important it is to protect our eyes. , The Modern MD272PW introduced today has a 27-inch IPS screen with perfect viewing distance, a 75hz screen refresh rate, TÜV Rheinland certified flicker-free and low blue light technology, adjustable tripod and other designs. It’s “modern” today!


Panel Size: 27″
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Color Gamut Performance: sRGB 100%
Panel Type: IPS
Brightness: 250 cd/m2 Contrast
Ratio: 1000:1
Update Speed: 75Hz
Response Time: 5ms (GTG)
Viewing Angle : 178/178°
Signal Input: PORTS 1x HDMI (2.0b). 1x DisplayPort (1.2a). 1x Type C (DP Alternate) with 65W power delivery
Audio jack: 1 x 3.5mm headphone output
Built-in speaker: 2W x 2
Screen size: 613.5 x 401.5 x 200.81 mm
Screen weight: 5.85 kg
Tilt angle: -5° ~ -20°
VESA: 75 x 75 mm

Snow White Beauty Screen Unpacking

Produced by MSI, players may immediately think of e-sports products. After all, the image of the dragon soul of the red and black totem has been deeply rooted in the hearts of players. However, in recent years, MSI has also launched other series of screens for players to choose from, just like this MD272PW belongs to The Modern series is a commercial screen that focuses on fashion and beauty.

The Modern MD272PW unpacked this time is available in black and white for users to choose from. Today, I unpacked the snowy mountain white which looks quite elegant. The MD272PW is a standard 27-inch IPS screen with a resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080. It is very suitable for office use, and it is also a moderate size for the editor. You can easily browse all corners of the screen at a glance.

The overall bracket and base are also painted in the same snow white as the fuselage. The bracket is made of all-metal material, which is very heavy to start. The appearance design is very delicate, and the white paint surface has also been rubbed, which is not easy to reflect the paint, and the hand feel is also very good. And the base can be installed with hand-turned screws, and the part of the whole bracket connected to the screen uses a tool-free quick-release design, which can be easily installed by aligning the tenon, and there is no need to use tools during assembly. In addition, the MD272PW is also Supports 75x75mm VESA wall mounting, which can greatly reduce the proportion of the desktop by wall mounting, so that the desktop can have more space to use.

Screen stand and stand.
The rectangular shape of the base is also made of all-metal material, which is quickly locked by tool-free screws.
Very modern stand.

To install the display panel, you only need to align it with the card slot on the back of the display and press it directly. Since the chuck on the bracket has a locking device, it is very firm after installation, and there is no need to worry about falling off. The entire assembly process only takes a few seconds, and disassembly is easy.

Mounting holes.
Tool-free and super convenient.

After the screen stand is installed, it looks quite elegant at first glance. There are no extra lines, and the back can highlight the characteristics of the snow-white body. The screen adopts a three-sided narrow frame design, and the atomized panel can effectively prevent reflection. The adaptability of the environment is better. Different from the exaggerated lines of most gaming screens, the combination of silver and white paint and the large silver MSI LOGO above it, the overall temperament is very elegant, and it is very suitable for a simple office.

Snow-white back, with silver disc embellishment.
Review the beautiful big disc again!
The features of MD272PW are written in the lower left corner.
There are 5 control buttons integrated with the lower right corner, and there are corresponding function labels on the frame.
MSI also specially provides a cable tie, which is convenient for you to organize the cables. The cable tie can be directly buckled on the bracket arm, and the height can be adjusted freely.
MSI Logo.

In terms of angle adjustment, don’t look at the original bracket, it seems simple, but it can achieve 4 kinds of angle adjustment, including tilt, left and right, flip and height, whether it is used for office work, watching dramas or even playing games. The angle that suits you best! With these 4 kinds of angle adjustment, whether it is to meet the needs of vertical display, or to act as a secondary screen, it can be very competent.

Left and right adjustable chassis.
Adjust the demonstration.
Demonstration of the elevation angle.

The interface of the I/O part is located at the bottom of the back of the fuselage. In addition to the DC power interface, it also provides DP, HDMI, TYPE-C, 3.5mm audio output, USB upload interface and 2 USBs. As long as the USB is connected, you can use the KVM function to quickly connect the keyboard and mouse on the desktop to different devices. It is worth mentioning that the Type-C reverse power supply of MD272PW has been upgraded to 65W, which can also charge mobile phones.

I/O interface.
Double 2W speakers can be seen at the bottom.

Light up eye protection certification, 75hz update rate

MSI MD272PW adopts the size of 16:9 and the perfect size of 27 inches. PC using MD272PW can light up 1920×1080, 75Hz, 8bit, RGB, SDR images, and the contrast ratio also has the characteristics of 1000:1 plus IPS panel. The overall screen color and viewing comfort are quite good. In terms of color gamut and color accuracy, it also has 100% sRGB with a higher 75Hz update rate than the usual 60Hz, making the overall viewing experience smoother and smoother.

Screen information.
75Hz refresh rate for better browsing experience.

It can be seen that although the Modern MD272PW only has a resolution of 1920×1080, because of the use of an IPS panel, the color rendering is very natural, and there will be no problems of excessive saturation or grayscale rendering. For example, in the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Iron Man demonstration picture below, the movie wants to create a grayscale color to present the current predicament, and the overall color tone should not be too bright or too saturated, and in “Evil Castle: Village” 》 In the remake, because the overall feel of a manor and castle is required, the color needs to be rich and saturated, and the MD272PW has a good performance.

Landscape remake.
Landscape remake.
MV remake.
A remake of the movie “Joker”.
A remake of the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.
“Evil Castle: Village” remake

In addition to 5 physical buttons, the OSD of MD272PW adopts a long strip design at the bottom of the screen. In addition to the commonly used brightness, contrast, dynamic contrast, color temperature, etc., it provides common standard, anti-blue light, movie, office, RTS modes that can be selected and switched with one key. In other options, language can be switched, timed shutdown, reset, OD acceleration, and energy saving mode. In addition, the MD272PW also has two built-in 2W speakers, so the volume can also be adjusted in the menu.

Several modes are adjustable.
Basic brightness, image enhancement, etc.
With KVM switch function and Adaptive-Sync anti-tearing function.

It should also be mentioned here that the eye protection function of MD272PW has non-flicker and low blue light technology certified by TÜV Rheinland. The actual use of the eyes for a period of time effectively reduces the blue light of the screen, and the screen looks softer and feels softer. The colors are still vivid and natural, especially the white of the screen becomes less dazzling. With MSI’s anti-flicker technology, it can effectively prevent the eyes from drying out and avoiding eye fatigue.

Anti-blue light is not turned on.
Turn on Anti-Blue Light.

In addition, the MD272PW software support has also been greatly improved. Not only is it equipped with the MSI Productivity Intelligence APP (PI), but also supports its own MSI Display Kit. Through the tool, you can change the basic settings of the screen, switch the screen mode with one click of the mouse, and easily It is more convenient for PC users to adjust their own personalized color mode. You only need to move the mouse to adjust the OSD settings, no need to enter the screen OSD menu and choose one by one slowly, saving time and convenience It can also increase work efficiency.

Productivity Intelligence APP.
There are multiple split window layouts to choose from.
You can easily split windows with one click!
MSI Display Kit can adjust more color settings and modes.
At the same time, the settings required by ordinary people are also unified.


The Modern MD272PW is priced at only $5490 in Taiwan. After using it, I think if you don’t want to play games that require high refresh rates, this monitor is quite worth it. Although it is positioned as a commercial monitor, I think its overall color rendering is similar to that of the monitor. The functions are really comprehensive, and it is very suitable for ordinary office workers on weekdays and people who like to play games on holidays.

The editor himself actually used it as a secondary screen for a period of time. Personally, I think its overall color contrast is very bright, and the font is slightly larger and thicker than ordinary screens. It is more suitable for reading text and arranging tables. Open eye protection The mode also makes it comfortable for me to use it for 8 hours a day.

Modern MD272PW not only has a snow-white appearance, but also can break the dull feeling of black paint when placed on a desk. The base supports lifting and rotating, which can be used while standing or sitting, and the rotating screen is also convenient to display to customers. The 75Hz update rate also provides a smoother picture than the 60Hz screen of the ordinary screen, and more importantly, the screen does not flicker, low blue light and other eye protection technologies, which are friendly to the eyes of those who use computers for a long time.

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Title: MSI – Modern MD272PW Snow White Beauty Screen Out of the Box / IPS, 75Hz, Blue Light Reduction PRO Features