Give you the most economical choice! HP – GK100 Mechanical Keyboard, S1000 PLUS Ultra Quiet Mouse Out of the Box

HP S10001

The general public’s impression of the HP brand has always revolved around office supplies, but in fact, due to the cheap price and good CP value, many players have recently recommended HP’s mechanical keyboard.

What I want to introduce today is the GK100 mechanical keyboard and the S1000 PLUS mouse. GK100 is a full-size 104-key configuration, with a dust-proof and waterproof metal panel, light-transmitting two-color keycaps, and a variety of Fn Key multimedia combination keys. The S1000 PLUS has a very small size, is super easy to carry and has a wireless mute experience with a resolution of up to 1600 DPI. Let’s take a look at HP’s 2 new products.

HP GK100

GK100 Unpacking

HP’s new GK100 mechanical keyboard has a simple style, a hairline top cover, a bare shaft design, not to mention that it has a lot of Fn function combination keys, giving players the most functions at the lowest price. But of course there are some trade-offs, such as no macro function, no software control, etc., so players still need to evaluate the usage needs when choosing, if you have a low budget, but also want to experience a good machine. type keyboard, you can consider looking at GK100.


Number of keys: 104
No punching Quantity: Full key no punching and 6 keys no punching
Transmission method: Wired USB
Product weight: 810g ±5g (including wire)
Product size (mm): 436X129X35 ± 0.5mm
Product wire: 1.8M (leather wire )
system support: Win7/8/10

Includes instruction manual, warranty card, keyboard and cap puller.

GK100 is mainly based on the sense of technology, and its appearance is different from several mechanical keyboards released by HP before. The design is a simple hairline narrow border and bare cover design. It mainly uses a gray-black chassis with black keycaps. , to create a low-key and simple texture design, the upper cover part adopts hairline surface treatment technology, and the large LOGO part is placed above the direction keys. The keyboard itself is designed with high and low keys, which is more suitable for the arc of human hand tapping. Although it is a mechanical keyboard, because of its neat appearance, it does not violate the office environment at all.

Back of GK100.
Height-adjustable design.
The high and low keys are designed to fit the arc of human hand percussion.
Three-dimensional indicator light shape.
HP’s nameplate is engraved above the arrow keys.

GK100 has a total of 4 mechanical axis versions for players to choose from. This time, the most recommended green axis is the official one. The trigger stroke of the GK100 green axis is 2.4 mm and the pressure is 60 grams; the trigger stroke of the black axis is 1.5 mm and the pressure is 80 grams; the trigger stroke of the red axis is 2.0 mm and the pressure is 80 grams. 60; the last is the tea shaft, the trigger stroke of the shaft is 2.0 mm, and the pressure is 60 grams. That’s because the editor only got started with the version of the green axis this time, and can only share the touch of the green axis with the players, but if you want an axis with a strong sense of paragraphs and a strong sense of rhythm, it is right to choose the green axis!

HP green shaft.
Comes with a cap puller for easier keyboard cleaning.
Two-color molded keycaps, wear-resistant and not easy to leave glossy.

GK100 is a standard 104-key, USB, two-color molded keycap configuration. Additional additional functions are provided by the Fn key combination, such as multimedia functions are designed at the positions of F1~F12, lighting effects are set at 0-9, and editing keys location, etc. Although there is no software for the lighting effect to make the player clear at a glance, but you can always find your favorite one by adjusting it, right?

Numerous multi-function buttons.
Edit key to switch lighting effect.
Arrow keys can switch the light size and speed.

GK100 preset Fn Key combination function keys:

Fn + F1: My Computer
Fn + F2: Search
Fn + F3: Computer
Fn + F4: CD
Fn + F5: Previous
Fn + F6: Next
Fn + F7: Play/Pause
Fn + F8: Stop
Fn + F9: Mute
Fn + F10: Volume –
Fn + F11: Volume +
Fn + F12: Lock/Unlock Full Keyboard
Fn + ↑ ↓: Brightness ±
Fn + ← →: Speed ​​±
Fn + PrtScr: 6 keys without conflict
Fn + ScrLck: Full key conflict free
Fn + END: custom backlight record/save key
Fn + ESC: restore preset mode

Fn + the 6 key in the editing area can switch 20 kinds of lighting effects (long light, breathing, streamer, etc.), there are too many types for players to experience by themselves.

GK100 light show.
The bare shaft makes the light lighter.
The backlight looks better.

S1000 PLUS ultra-quiet mouse out of the box

Sometimes when I go out to work, I feel that most of the mice are too heavy and the cables are troublesome, or when I work in a quiet coffee shop, the mouse buttons are too loud. All of the above are my considerations when choosing a mouse. After all, outside is nothing more than a mouse that is smooth and easy to use without taking up space.


Connection method: 2.4Ghz wireless connection
Power consumption current: 7mA
DPI: 800/1200/1600
Receiver: NANO receiver
Size: 104 x 61 x 34mm
Weight: 80G
Compatibility: Windows7/8/10, Mac OS 10.x and above, Chrome OS

HP has launched the new S1000 PLUS wireless silent mouse for the out-of-office group, which is not only small in size, but also extremely light in weight. S1000 PLUS has launched a total of space black, romantic pink, ivory white, sky blue, four colors to choose from, looking good at the same time can also add a bit of color to your work environment.

The packaging of the S1000 PLUS is very small. When I first saw it, I wanted to say how the mouse is so small and cute. The contents include the mouse body, a AAA battery, a warranty card and a manual.


Taking a minimalist route in appearance, the size is a mini 104 x 64 x 34 mm. There is a non-slip metal roller in front of the extremely black mouse body. From the rear of the mouse, it can be seen that although the S1000 PLUS is small, it still has lines that fit the palm of the hand.

S1000 PLUS.
The left side of mouse.
The right side of the mouse.
Behind the mouse.

The S1000 PLUS also uses 2.4GHz wireless and HP’s own new optical sensor. The button below the mouse wheel has a DPI switch for players to use 800 / 1200 / 1600 three-speed switching to make the office more convenient.

The receiver can be stowed in the mouse.
It is more suitable for girls to hold hands.


The exterior part of GK100 adopts a relatively simple and textured design, which is less concerned with the use environment than other keyboards. After using it, I think that compared with the green axis of the cherry, the percussion sound of the green axis of the GK100 is not as loud as that of the green axis of the cherry. Make the shaft stronger. The implication is that the environmental compatibility of the GK100 green switch is relatively high, and both office and gaming environments can be taken into account. The two-color molded keycaps are also very affordable at this price. All in all, I haven’t bought a mechanical keyboard yet, but players who want to buy a test water temperature can consider this keyboard.

The S1000 PLUS is small in size and very convenient to take out on business trips. It does not take up space, and you can experience the smoothness of the wireless. The DPI of the three-speed switch is quite sufficient in daily life. Although the S1000 PLUS is extremely Mute, but the feedback is still very strong, it will not let users say that they don’t know if they have pressed it. This is worth sharing with you, but because the S1000 PLUS itself is a mini mouse, the feel and size are relatively suitable for girls or boys with small hands. , but if you value portability, of course you can’t miss the S1000 PLUS.

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Title: Give you the most economical choice! HP – GK100 Mechanical Keyboard, S1000 PLUS Ultra Quiet Mouse Out of the Box