ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX: The Evolution of Gaming Keyboards with ROG RX Switches

The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX gaming keyboard has transitioned into its second iteration. This latest version boasts ROG RX optical mechanical switches, crafted specifically by ROG for an optimized gaming experience with enhanced lighting effects. It offers 55gf linear red switches and a 60gf segmented green switch, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. With translucent PBT keycaps, a magnetic wristrest, a multimedia scroll wheel, and macro capabilities, this keyboard promises superior usability for both gaming and general tasks. A notable upgrade in the second generation is its IP57 certification for dust and water resistance, ensuring functionality even after unforeseen mishaps.


  • Switch Type: ROG RX Red / ROG RX Blue Optical mechanical
  • Keycaps: Translucent PBT
  • Connection: USB 2.0
  • Layout: Full-size (100%)
  • Backlighting: Individual key RGB
  • Top Plate Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Anti-Ghosting: 100% coverage
  • USB Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Cable Length: 2 meters
  • Macro Features: Full-key customization, 6 profile storage, onboard memory
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 436 x 129 x 36 mm
  • Wrist Rest Dimensions: 436 x 82 x 20 mm
  • Keyboard Weight: 836 g
  • Wrist Rest Weight: 206 g

Born for eSports: Spring scissor legs + four-cylinder keycaps | Introduction to ROG RX’s own switches


The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX gaming keyboard now showcases its second iteration. It boasts ROG’s in-house RX optical mechanical switches crafted specifically for gaming. These switches provide a 55gf linear force in the red variant and a 60gf segmented force in the green variant. Added features such as PBT translucent keycaps, a magnetic handrest, a multimedia scroll wheel, and macro functionalities enhance the gaming and typing experience. Additionally, the keyboard’s resilience has been elevated with its IP57 dustproof and waterproof rating to withstand unexpected mishaps.

Technical Details:

  • Switch Type: ROG RX Red / ROG RX Blue Optical mechanical
  • Keycaps: PBT Translucent
  • Connection: USB 2.0
  • Layout: Full-sized (100%)
  • Backlighting: Individual Key RGB
  • Top Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Key Rollover: Full N-key rollover (100% Anti-Ghosting)
  • USB Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Cable Length: 2 meters
  • Macro Capabilities: All keys with 6 profile options, onboard storage
  • Dimensions:
  • Keyboard: 436 x 129 x 36 mm
  • Handrest: 436 x 82 x 20 mm
  • Weights:
  • Keyboard: 836 grams
  • Handrest: 206 grams

ROG RX Switches:

Launched in 2020, the proprietary ROG RX switches offer two variants: RX Red and RX Green. Unlike typical modifications based on the Cherry MX models, these were entirely redesigned. The switches incorporate a unique spring scissor leg for stable keystrokes and a transparent rod to achieve a flawless RGB display. Moreover, the optical design uses infrared triggers, resulting in a more accurate and responsive gaming experience.

  • RX Red Characteristics:
  • Travel Distance: 4mm
  • Actuation Point: 1.5mm
  • Initial Pressure: 40gf
  • Actuation Force: 45gf
  • Bottoming Force: 55gf
  • Feel: Smooth, silent linear
  • Stability: Hollow core design, scissor-legs for stabilization
  • RX Green Characteristics:
  • Travel Distance: 4mm
  • Actuation Point: 1.5mm
  • Initial Pressure: 30gf
  • Actuation Force: 65gf
  • Bottoming Force: 60gf
  • Feel: Tactile, pronounced
  • Stability: Hollow core design, scissor-legs for stabilization

Design Philosophy:

The motivation behind the ROG RX switches stems from addressing traditional mechanical switch challenges like inconsistent RGB lighting and variances in keypress force. Collaboratively developed by ROG and switch experts, the RX switch model uses an infrared triggering method, delivering a low latency, precision-driven experience. The hollowed-out design prioritizes the RGB lighting, with a central transparent light guide. Additionally, the scissor-leg rebound structure ensures stability and consistent keypress feedback. The RX Red offers linear feedback, whereas the RX Green gives tactile and distinct feedback.

ROG RX shaft exploded view.
Schematic diagram of the red axis pressing pressure path.
Schematic diagram of the blue axis pressing pressure path.

IP57 dustproof and waterproof, suspended shaft, multimedia scroll wheel | ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX unboxing

The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX comes with a standard key layout, a sturdy aluminum alloy top, and a floating keycap frameless design, ensuring a clean aesthetic while conserving desk space. Its top-right corner features the multimedia scroll wheel, previously seen on the ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless. By default, there are four mode switches, encompassing volume, media, illumination, and customized settings.

The water and dust resistance of the ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX has been enhanced from the earlier IP56 to IP57. This means it has transitioned from being merely splash-resistant to withstanding submersion in up to 1 meter of water for half an hour. While this is a significant improvement, it doesn’t imply the keyboard should be washed with water. It’s best to keep it dry for everyday use and rely on the waterproofing solely for accidental spills.

There are keyboard function key instructions on the back.
After opening, the keyboard is wrapped in non-woven fabric and no protective cover is provided.
Accessories include a replacement blank key, Type-A To Type-C 2m transmission cable, stickers, and instructions.
100% standard configuration.
Aluminum alloy upper cover and suspended shaft design.
Multimedia scroll wheel.

The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX comes with a magnetic wrist rest that effortlessly attaches to the keyboard when brought near it. Crafted from plastic, it boasts a faux-leather finish. This design is not only durable and resistant to dust but also minimizes concerns of feeling stuffy or inducing sweat.

Magnetic handrest.
The handrest is embellished with the ROG logo.

The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX features a two-tiered stand offering three different tilt angles for user preference. Additionally, it utilizes a Type-C wired connection for connectivity.

Type-C interface.
There is a big ROG LOGO on the bottom cover.
Keyboard tilt angle adjustment.
Tripod adjustment.

A standout feature of the ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX is undoubtedly its RGB lighting. Every key lights up individually and can be tailored using the Armory Crate software, or users can switch lighting patterns with the multimedia wheel. While there’s no shortage of RGB keyboards available, the lighting effects of this particular model, which employs ROG RX switches, are truly striking. The light shines uniformly through the translucent keycap lettering, without overly spilling onto the top cover. The resulting brightness and sharpness are perfectly balanced.

Lighting effect display.
The prodigal’s eyes are shining brightly.
The included blank key looks so good, it is recommended to replace it directly when you get it.
Function keys and numeric key area.
The function indicator light is located above the direction keys, making it easier to see from a normal sitting position.

Return to the standard Ctrl, multiple function key switching and Boss Key

The ROG STRIX SCOPE’s predecessor featured an enlarged Ctrl key, catering primarily to FPS gamers. However, this wasn’t universally welcomed, as it felt unfamiliar to many users. With the ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX, the layout reverts to the conventional Ctrl and WIN Key setup, ensuring quicker adaptability for users. Combined with the multimedia scroll wheel, it offers a seamless user experience. Simply pressing the ROG LOGO toggles between different scroll wheel functionalities, and the current mode is indicated by the light above the arrow keys.

The keycaps of the ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX display preset functions on their fronts, while the sides show the Fn Key combination features. Users can also directly use these combination features by locking the Fn.

Here’s a summary of some of the key functions:

  • Fn + 123456 = Profile switching
  • Fn + Alt = Macro recording
  • Fn + F6 to F11 = Multimedia playback controls
  • Fn + F1 to F5 = Streaming media commands
  • Fn + F12 = BOSS key, for instant muting and desktop display
  • Fn + Ins = Locks the Fn Key, allowing direct use of its functions
  • Fn + ↑↓ = Adjusts brightness
  • Fn + ←→ = Switches RGB modes
  • Fn + Esc = Resets the keyboard/clears built-in memory (hold for 5 seconds)
  • Fn + Win = Locks the Win Key

The newly unboxed model utilizes the ROG RX red switch paired with a PBT dual-color molded keycap. As this model uses ROG’s proprietary switch design, the keycap stem isn’t universally compatible. As a result, no other keycaps can replace these, and ROG does not provide a key puller.

In the Taiwanese version, there’s a laser-engraved phonetic notation on the bottom left of each keycap. While the writer prefers the cleaner look of just English characters, many users indeed find the phonetic notation beneficial.

The longer keys with the ROG RX switches come with extended pillars for stabilization. These are detachable, allowing for easy removal during disassembly. To install, one must attach the pillars to the keycaps first and then press them into the switch housing.

ROG RX red axis.
PBT keycaps and extension pillars.
Blank key balance bar.
The red scissor-foot structure can be seen from the side.

Lighting control, macros, and button settings | Armory Crate function display Armory

Armory Crate is a software suite familiar to those who’ve interacted with ASUS products. If you’re using an ASUS motherboard, you can easily obtain Armory Crate directly from its support page. However, even if you’re not an ASUS motherboard user, you can still access the software by navigating to the keyboard’s product page and downloading it from there.

The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX offers flexibility in its controls. While users can rely on keyboard shortcuts to manage lighting and macro recordings, there’s also the option of the Armory Crate software. This software offers a more intuitive interface, meaning there’s no need to memorize specific key commands.

In the custom key segment of the software, users are presented with a plethora of functionalities. It provides options ranging from basic keyboard and mouse operations to launching applications, opening websites, controlling multimedia, using Windows shortcuts, typing out specific text, and even toggling the Armory Crate itself or disabling certain keys. This comprehensive range ensures a customized and convenient experience for users.

Customized buttons.
Lighting control.
Scroll wheel settings.


The ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX, featuring ROG RX’s proprietary switches, delivers a remarkably stable, linear typing experience with direct up-and-down key travel. Thanks to its unique four-cylinder structure and scissor feet design, the keyboard offers a typing assurance that earlier mechanical red switches couldn’t match. If you’re a fan of linear switches, this is certainly one to try out. As for the RX green switch variant, I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet but will share insights when I do in the future.

The in-built RGB lighting effect of the ROG keyboard is genuinely spectacular. While the market is inundated with RGB keyboards, few achieve the consistent brightness, rich colors, and subtle elegance that this one does. The faux leather wrist rest is another notable feature that I appreciate. Unlike some wrist rests that use spongy cushioning, leading to sweaty palms, the ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX opts for a hard material with a leather-like finish, making it comfortable for extended use.

A potential downside, however, is the unique design of the ROG RX switches, which means standard replacement keycaps are not readily available. It might be challenging to find third-party manufacturers willing to develop compatible keycaps. If ROG were to release a diverse range of keycaps tailored for these switches, I believe it would further encourage enthusiasts to adopt the RX switch platform.

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Title: ROG STRIX SCOPE II RX: The Evolution of Gaming Keyboards with ROG RX Switches