Demystifying MicroSD Specifications: A Comprehensive Review and Performance Test of SAMSUNG’s 2023 PRO Plus, EVO Plus, and PRO Endurance Memory Cards

MicroSD cards come with a variety of labels and specifications such as SD/SDHC/SDXC, UHS classifications (I to III), A1/A2 ratings, and a range of speed and class categories like C10 to C2, U1/U3, and V6 up to V90. Every time I need to pick one, the sheer amount of specifications leaves me perplexed. Using the unboxing of the 2023 SAMSUNG PRO Plus microSD as an example, let’s delve into these often-seen terms. Moreover, we will get to understand the differences and nuances of SAMSUNG’s Pro Plus, Evo Plus, and Pro Endurance series.


  • Type: microSDXC
  • Available Capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • Interface: UHS-I (Compatible with UHS interface)
  • Dimensions: 15x11x1 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 0.25g
  • Reading/Writing Speed: 180MB/s (read), 130MB/s (write)
  • Speed Ratings: U3, V30, A2
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty

SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD unboxing / SD converter or card reader combination

The sole distinction between SD and microSD cards is their size; the memory is essentially the same. Currently, devices like mobile phones, drones, action cameras, handheld PC consoles, dash cams, and surveillance cameras for homes, pets, and babies predominantly utilize the compact microSD cards.

When it comes to purchasing memory cards, capacity is paramount. The classifications include the standard SD (less than 2GB), SDHC (2GB-32GB), SDXC (32GB-2TB), and the expansive SDUC (2TB-128TB). It’s worth noting that SD’s maximum capacity is under the new Express specification, but SDXC remains the standard.

Speed classifications began with the Class system, where a ‘C’ was followed by numbers like C2, C4, C6, and C10, indicating the card’s minimum sustained writing speed. Most new memory cards start at C10. Following this, the UHS (Ultra-High Speed) classification comprises U1 and U3, indicating minimum writing speeds of 10MB/s and 30MB/s, respectively.

Furthermore, UHS is split into two bus specifications: UHS-I and UHS-II. The corresponding device support is needed for these buses to realize their full read/write speeds. While UHS-I tops at 104MB/s, UHS-II can go up to 312MB/s, identifiable by Roman numerals I/II on card labels. Ensure your device’s UHS bus, capacity limits, and other specifications before buying.

The Video Speed Class, marked as V6, V10, V30, V60, or V90, also signifies minimum write speeds. For 4K video recording, opt for specifications like V30, V60, or V90.

Additionally, A1 and A2 ratings indicate APP performance levels. A1 guarantees a minimum random read/write of 1500/500 IOPS, whereas A2 ensures 4000/2000 IOPS. For running applications directly from the card, A2-rated cards are preferable due to their superior random access performance.

With SD card specifications clear, let’s explore SAMSUNG’s memory card lineup:

  1. EVO Plus: An entry-level option suitable for phones, tablets, and cameras, offering capacities like 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, with speeds up to 130MB/s.
  2. PRO Plus 2023 Edition: Ideal for devices like the Switch, ROG Ally, drones, and action cameras, with capacities ranging from 128GB to 512 GB. It boasts enhanced speeds of 180MB/s (read) and 130MB/s (write) and is available with a card reader or SD adapter.
  3. PRO Endurance: Designed for continuous write scenarios, like dash cams and surveillance devices, with capacities from 32GB to 256 GB. A 256GB card can record up to 16 years if using Full HD Video format.

All SAMSUNG memory cards are rugged – they’re waterproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures, X-rays, abrasion, drops, and magnetism, making them reliable companions for both urban and adventurous settings.

SAMSUNG memory card full product line.
From left, EVO Plus, PRO Plus, and PRO Endurance memory cards.

The PRO Plus memory cards offer versatility in terms of accessibility. When bundled with an SD converter card, they easily adapt for use with devices like cameras that typically have SD card slots. This ensures compatibility and extends the card’s utility across a variety of devices. On the other hand, when paired with a dedicated microSD card reader, users gain the advantage of portability. This compact reader allows for convenient data access on the go, ensuring users can retrieve or store data from the memory card regardless of their location. This pairing provides both adaptability for diverse devices and mobility for dynamic users.

PRO Plus memory cards are divided into SD converter cards or microSD card reader combinations.
Equipped with SD transfer card to allow the camera to be used.
Access data anytime and anywhere with a microSD card reader.

Both the PRO Plus and EVO Plus memory card series from SAMSUNG are designed to cater to high-performance requirements, making them apt choices for aerial (drone) cameras and action cameras.

Aerial and action cameras demand memory cards that can handle fast write speeds, especially when capturing high-resolution footage or shooting in burst modes. Both these series offer impressive read and write speeds, ensuring smooth video capture and efficient data storage.

However, while both are suitable, there might be specific differences in performance metrics between the two series, such as maximum read/write speeds or durability features. It’s always a good idea to check the exact specifications of each card and match them against the demands of your specific device or usage scenario to ensure optimal performance.

PRO Plus and EVO Plus are paired with aerial cameras and action cameras.

When gaming on the ROG Ally, selecting a memory card with optimal performance is essential to ensure smooth gameplay and swift loading times. The A2 level in memory cards, such as the EVO Plus, denotes superior APP performance. This means it guarantees faster random read and write speeds, which is crucial for running applications and games directly from the card. By choosing the A2 level EVO Plus, users can benefit from enhanced program execution performance, making it a suitable choice for gaming aficionados aiming for the best experience on their ROG Ally.

EVO Plus and ROG Ally.

If you want to use it with surveillance equipment such as IP Cam, it is recommended to choose the PRO Endurance model to ensure that surveillance images can be continuously written without interruption.

PRO Endurance and IP Cam.

SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus / Evo Plus / PRO Endurance performance test

The SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD with a storage capacity of 128GB provides approximately 119GB of usable space when formatted with the exFAT file system. Performance tests were conducted to assess its speed:

  1. CrystalDiskMark Test Results:
  • Sequential Read: 169MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 131MB/s
  1. AJA System Test Results (Simulating 4K and 4GB audio-video files):
  • Sequential Write: 129MB/s
  • Sequential Read: 161MB/s

From these test results, it’s evident that the SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD offers high-speed performance, making it suitable for tasks that require fast data transfer rates such as 4K video recording and playback.

SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD 128GB available capacity.
CrystalDiskMark SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD 128GB.
AJA System Test SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD 128GB.

The SAMSUNG EVO Plus microSD with a storage capacity of 256GB offers around 238GB of usable storage when it’s formatted in the exFAT file system. Here are its performance results from two diagnostic tests:

  1. CrystalDiskMark Test Results:
  • Sequential Read: 132MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 128MB/s
  1. AJA System Test Results (Simulating 4K and 4GB audio-video files):
  • Sequential Write: 121MB/s
  • Sequential Read: 126MB/s

Based on these findings, the SAMSUNG EVO Plus microSD also exhibits solid performance. While it might be a tad slower in sequential read speeds compared to the PRO Plus variant, it still delivers robust rates suitable for many high-demand tasks like 4K video processing. This solidifies its place as a reliable choice for consumers needing a balance between capacity and performance.

SAMSUNG EVO Plus microSD 256GB available capacity.
CrystalDiskMark SAMSUNG EVO Plus microSD 256GB.
AJA System Test SAMSUNG EVO Plus microSD 256GB.

The SAMSUNG PRO Endurance microSD with a storage capacity of 64GB provides roughly 59.6GB of usable space when formatted using the exFAT file system. Performance tests were conducted, and here are the results:

  1. CrystalDiskMark Test Results:
  • Sequential Read: 94MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 34MB/s
  1. AJA System Test Results (Simulating FHD and 1GB audio-video files):
  • Sequential Write: 33MB/s
  • Sequential Read: 92MB/s

Given the test results, it’s evident that the SAMSUNG PRO Endurance microSD has been optimized for durability and long-term usage, particularly in continuous writing scenarios, as its name suggests. This makes it an ideal choice for devices that frequently write data, such as dashcams or surveillance equipment. While its read speeds are competitive, its write speeds are more modest compared to the PRO Plus and EVO Plus variants, which is something to consider based on the intended application and device.

SAMSUNG PRO Endurance microSD 64GB available capacity.
CrystalDiskMark SAMSUNG PRO Endurance microSD 64GB.
AJA System Test SAMSUNG PRO Endurance microSD 64GB.


The SAMSUNG microSD series offers a diverse range of products tailored to fit varied requirements, ensuring that there’s a suitable memory card for every application.

  1. For Everyday Use: Devices like smartphones, tablets, and standard cameras would benefit from the “Evo Plus” series, offering dependable performance for typical multimedia tasks and storage.
  2. For Advanced Needs: Devices that handle high-definition video recording, such as aerial drones, action cameras, and gaming PCs or handheld consoles, will find the performance metrics of the newly launched “Pro Plus” memory cards to be exceptionally suitable.
  3. For Continuous Recording: For applications that need persistent, long-duration recordings, like video surveillance systems, recorders, and IP Cams, the “PRO Endurance” series is designed to provide consistent, long-term write durability.

Across the board, SAMSUNG’s memory cards are constructed to be rugged. They boast of being waterproof, resistant to extreme temperatures, impervious to X-rays, wear-resistant, drop-proof, and immune to magnetic interference. This robustness ensures data safety even in challenging conditions.

Highlighting the flagship product, the SAMSUNG 2023 PRO Plus microSD memory card boasts UHS-I (U3) A2 V30 specifications. It has demonstrated read and write speeds of 169MB/s and 131MB/s respectively, in compliance with established testing protocols. To further enhance user convenience, this memory card offers the option of bundling an SD adapter card or a high-speed card reader, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for consumers.

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Title: Demystifying MicroSD Specifications: A Comprehensive Review and Performance Test of SAMSUNG’s 2023 PRO Plus, EVO Plus, and PRO Endurance Memory Cards