COUGAR UNIFACE RGB Mid-Tower Case: Stylish Cooling with 4 ARGB Fans & E-ATX Support

COUGAR, a leading brand in gaming peripherals, introduces the UNIFACE RGB mid-tower case, equipped with four 120mm ARGB fans for outstanding airflow and lighting effects. It boasts impressive compatibility, supporting a 420mm radiator at the front, E-ATX motherboards, up to 400mm graphics cards, and features rotatable PCIe slots to showcase the GPU.

Key Features:

  • APOLAR 120 ARGB Fans: Quick-connect structure provides a neat look and seamless DIY installation. The 28mm thick fans ensure efficient cooling, while the innovative Q-Stop damping system minimizes vibrations and noise. The high-quality LEDs and side light diffusers synchronize perfectly with motherboard lighting for a dazzling visual effect.

UNIFACE RGB Specifications:

  • Color: Black / White
  • Dimensions: 493 x 230 x 475 mm
  • Materials: Steel, tempered glass, ABS plastic
  • Motherboard Compatibility: E-ATX, CEB, ATX, M-ATX, ITX
  • PCIe Expansion Slots: 7 (rotatable for vertical GPU installation)
  • Storage: 2 x 2.5″ or 2 x 3.5″ drives
  • GPU Length Limit: 400mm
  • CPU Cooler Height Limit: 180mm
  • PSU Support: ATX (max 210mm)
  • Fan Support:
  • Front: 3 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm (includes 3 pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans)
  • Top: 3 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm
  • Rear: 1 x 120mm (includes 1 pre-installed 120mm ARGB fan)
  • Side: 2 x 120mm
  • Radiator Support:
  • Front: 420mm, 360mm, 280mm, 240mm, 140mm, 120mm
  • Top: 360mm, 280mm, 240mm, 140mm, 120mm
  • Side: 240mm, 120mm
  • I/O Ports: 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB-C, 1 x 3.5mm audio, lighting control, power button

APOLAR 120 ARGB Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 28 mm
  • Speed: 600-2200 RPM
  • Airflow: 75.38 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 2.59 mmH2O
  • Noise: 37.1 dBA
  • Bearing: HDB (Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing)
  • Interface: 4-pin PWM / 3-pin ARGB

With these features, COUGAR’s UNIFACE RGB case and APOLAR 120 ARGB fans offer a high-performance, visually striking solution for gamers and PC enthusiasts alike.

COUGAR UNIFACE RGB Case: Mid-Tower with 4 ARGB Fans, Metal Mesh Front Panel, and Integrated ARGB & PWM Hub

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case is a mid-tower structure, pre-installed with four ARGB fans and available in both black and white. It includes an integrated ARGB and PWM hub, providing users with an easy way to customize their lighting.

Key Features:

  • Front Panel: The mesh design ensures excellent airflow, enhancing intake efficiency.
  • Side Fan Mounts: Accommodates two additional 120mm fans on the side for optimal cooling.
  • Dust Filters: Equipped with filters at the front, side, top, and bottom, effectively preventing dust buildup while maintaining thermal performance.

These features make the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case a versatile, efficient, and customizable solution for PC builders looking to showcase their systems.

The packaging of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. The box prominently displays an illustration of the case on the front, emphasizing its design. The box also features the COUGAR logo and the “UNIFACE RGB” branding, along with the tagline “Performance Is Everything.” A small image in the upper-right corner provides a glimpse of the actual case, highlighting its front mesh panel and RGB lighting. The packaging includes the website address for further information.

The packaging’s back side provides detailed information about the internal structure and dimensions of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. Illustrations depict the case from various angles, showing measurements like width (230 mm), depth (475 mm), and height (493 mm). A description at the top highlights the case’s efficient cooling support, flexible water cooling compatibility, and versatile motherboard compatibility. The COUGAR logo and “UNIFACE RGB” branding are prominently displayed, along with the company website and compliance certifications at the bottom.

The side of the packaging for the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case features a printed label that provides essential product information and specifications. This label includes:

  • A small image of the case showcasing its design and RGB lighting effects.
  • The product name, “UNIFACE RGB.”
  • SKU, UPC, and EAN codes for tracking and inventory purposes.
  • Manufacturing details, including weight, dimensions of the package, and country of origin.

It also lists detailed technical specifications like the case form factor, motherboard compatibility (Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, CEB, E-ATX), and input/output ports available on the case.

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case in black. Its design features a sleek front panel with a metal mesh for optimal airflow and cooling. The side panel is made of tempered glass, providing a clear view of the interior components, including a pre-installed fan visible at the rear. The overall aesthetic is clean and modern, with angled edges and a minimalist look, ensuring a blend of performance and style for PC builders seeking to showcase their builds.

A close-up view of the front mesh panel on the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. The panel is secured with a magnetic attachment at the top and a latch at the bottom that locks upwards, making it easy to open and close. This magnetic design allows for convenient access to the front fans or dust filters, facilitating quick maintenance and cleaning while ensuring the panel remains securely in place.

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case’s front mesh panel removed to reveal an internal dust filter layer. This additional layer acts as a fine mesh filter, effectively preventing dust from entering the case while allowing for excellent airflow. The design emphasizes easy maintenance, with the dust filter being removable for quick cleaning. Behind the dust filter, the pre-installed front fans are visible, enhancing the case’s overall cooling capabilities.

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case with its front mesh panel removed, revealing three pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans at the front. These fans are positioned to maximize airflow into the case, providing efficient cooling while also adding customizable RGB lighting effects. The fans’ white blades enhance their lighting appearance, and the tempered glass side panel to the left allows for a clear view of the components inside, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional setup.

The top of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, revealing its magnetic dust filter removed and placed beside it. The filter, designed to prevent dust buildup, attaches securely to the case’s perforated top mesh panel through magnetic strips, providing easy removal for cleaning and maintenance. The top panel also contains the I/O ports, including USB 3.0, USB-C, audio jacks, and control buttons, making them easily accessible. The setup ensures efficient cooling and airflow, while the filter helps keep the internals dust-free.

A detailed view of the I/O ports and buttons on the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case’s top panel. From left to right, the controls and ports include:

  1. Power Button: For switching the system on or off.
  2. Lighting Control Button: To toggle the RGB lighting effects.
  3. 3.5mm Audio Jack: For headphones or microphone connectivity.
  4. Two USB-A Ports: To connect USB 3.0 devices.
  5. USB-C Port: For faster data transfers and versatile device connectivity.

These ports and controls are laid out conveniently for easy access while providing a range of connectivity options.

The bottom side of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, revealing a pull-out dust filter near the power supply mount. This design allows easy removal and cleaning to keep dust from accumulating inside the system, improving airflow and maintaining optimal cooling. The bottom panel also features sturdy feet with rubber padding to ensure stability and minimize vibrations. The mounting slots beside the filter can accommodate additional storage drives, maximizing the case’s overall versatility.

The fastening mechanism for the tempered glass side panel on the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. The panel is secured using two knurled thumb screws at the rear, allowing for tool-less removal. This fastening method provides stability while keeping the glass panel free of mounting holes or visual obstructions, creating a sleek and seamless look. The screws are easy to operate manually, simplifying access to the internal components for upgrades or maintenance.

The image shows the rear of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. Key features include:

  • 7 PCIe Slots: Providing ample expansion options for graphics cards, sound cards, or other PCIe devices. The slots are arranged horizontally and feature ventilation holes for better airflow.
  • Bottom-Mounted Power Supply: The PSU is mounted at the bottom, allowing for efficient airflow and thermal management. The open slot ensures compatibility with standard ATX power supplies.
  • Rear Fan Mount: Accommodating a 120mm fan, which is pre-installed for effective exhaust airflow to keep internal temperatures low.

The overall design is practical and ensures effective cable management and component placement for optimal performance.

The rear side panel of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, highlighting a ventilation area covered with a magnetic dust filter. This filter attaches securely to the panel through magnets and is easy to remove for cleaning. The magnetic design ensures a tight fit, preventing dust from entering while allowing airflow to cool internal components efficiently. This feature helps maintain a dust-free environment within the case, enhancing overall cooling performance.

The interior of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. Key features include:

  • Spacious Layout: The internal compartment offers ample space for motherboard sizes ranging from Mini-ITX to E-ATX, allowing for a wide range of builds.
  • Cable Management: Pre-cut routing holes and a large backplate opening make cable management easy and help ensure a neat and organized build.
  • Cooling Support: Pre-installed ARGB fans at the front and back provide immediate airflow. There are additional slots for side and top fans, as well as radiator mounts, offering extensive cooling configuration options.
  • PSU Shroud: The power supply unit compartment at the bottom is covered, isolating it from the motherboard area to ensure better airflow and a cleaner build appearance.

Overall, the design allows for versatile component placement and efficient cable routing, ensuring a tidy and functional setup.

A close-up view of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case interior, specifically the area with the side fan mounts. It highlights:

  • Two 120mm Fan Slots: These side mounts can accommodate two additional 120mm fans to improve airflow directly to the GPU area.
  • Motherboard Compatibility: While the case supports E-ATX motherboards, installing one may cover the side fan slots, making them inaccessible.
  • Cable Routing and Hub: Convenient cable management openings and an ARGB/PWM hub simplify wiring and connections, keeping the build clean.

The overall design emphasizes flexibility in fan and cooling options while maintaining an organized build layout.

The rear side of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case with a pre-installed fan hub. Key points include:

  • Pre-connected Fans: The ARGB fans are already connected to the hub, reducing setup time and simplifying cable management.
  • Fan/Lighting Hub: The integrated hub controls both fan speeds and lighting effects, supporting additional ARGB and PWM fans.
  • Cable Management: Multiple velcro straps and pre-cut routing channels ensure that cables remain neatly organized, providing a clean and professional-looking build.
  • Drive Bays: Two drive mounts are visible at the bottom for additional storage options.

Overall, the design of the case’s rear emphasizes efficient wiring while offering comprehensive cooling and lighting customization.

The image provides a close-up view of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case’s integrated hub, designed for managing both ARGB lighting and PWM fan speeds. Key features include:

  • 6 Ports: The hub offers six ports to connect multiple fans and ARGB lighting components, making it easy to control and synchronize them.
  • Labels: Each port is labeled to help identify which component is connected, simplifying setup and organization.
  • Wiring: The pre-connected wiring is neatly arranged and secured with a Velcro strap for tidy cable management.
  • Central Control: The hub allows centralized control of fan speeds and RGB lighting effects, either via the motherboard or using the case’s dedicated buttons.

This hub offers flexibility and efficiency, ensuring streamlined fan and lighting management.

The accessories included with the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, arranged for clarity:

  1. Cable Ties: Multiple zip ties for securing and organizing cables inside the case to ensure neat and efficient cable management.
  2. Screws: A bag containing screws of various sizes and types, likely for mounting the motherboard, power supply, drives, and additional fans.
  3. Standoffs: Extra motherboard standoffs for securing motherboards of various form factors to the case.
  4. Manual: The instruction manual labeled with “UNIFACE RGB,” offering guidance on installation, component compatibility, and using the built-in features.

These accessories help ensure a smooth and well-managed assembly process, providing all necessary components to set up the system efficiently.

COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB Fans: Tool-Free Daisy Chain Design, Q-Stop Vibration Reduction, and Dynamic LED Lighting

The COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan is designed with modern trends in mind, featuring a quick-connect daisy-chain structure using contact points. This reduces cable clutter, making DIY assembly easier and more organized. It incorporates hydraulic dynamic bearings (HDB) and specially textured fan blades to minimize noise. The innovative Q-Stop damping system helps disperse vibrations from fan operation, further reducing noise.

The lighting effects of the APOLAR 120 ARGB fan are essential features. Besides the traditional LED lighting column in the fan’s hub, large light diffusers are embedded in the frame on both sides. This ensures gamers can enjoy intricate lighting effects from multiple angles.

The packaging of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan. The box is designed in a bold black and orange color scheme featuring the COUGAR logo and branding prominently. It showcases two fans on the front, emphasizing their vibrant RGB lighting. The product name, “APOLAR 120 ARGB,” is displayed, along with additional labels like “Elite Universal Modular Fan” to highlight its modular design. The packaging clearly communicates the product’s RGB features, modular capabilities, and fan count included in the box, ensuring potential buyers understand what they’re getting.

The back of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan packaging, which provides detailed information about the product’s features and specifications:

  • Key Features:
  • Silent Stream: Enhanced airflow channels separate air streams, improving cooling efficiency and reducing noise.
  • Chain Combo: Quick, tool-free assembly with contact points, simplifying fan installation.
  • Q-Stop Quiet System: An innovative damping system minimizes vibrations and reduces noise.
  • Fan Specifications:
  • Fan Model: APOLAR 120 ARGB
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 28 mm
  • Speed Range: 600-2200 RPM
  • Airflow: 75.38 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 2.59 mmH2O
  • Noise Level: 37.1 dBA

The package contents, including the fan count and accessories, are also listed. This detailed information ensures buyers are well-informed about the fan’s features and performance.

A set of three COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans arranged together. Key details about these fans include:

  • Dimensions: Measuring 120 x 120 x 28 mm, they are thicker than standard 25 mm fans, which helps generate better airflow and static pressure.
  • Fan Blades: The seven translucent blades are optimized for efficient airflow and feature a special texture to reduce noise.
  • ARGB Lighting: The central hub contains LED lighting, while the frame incorporates large light diffusers on both sides for a vibrant and comprehensive RGB display.
  • Installation Accessories: Extended screws are provided to help users install the fans easily on radiators.

These features combine to offer effective cooling performance with attractive lighting effects, perfect for custom builds.

A top view of three COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans, showcasing their side light diffusers. The diffusers are:

  • Large Area: Covering a significant portion of the frame’s sides, ensuring strong illumination for an eye-catching look.
  • ARGB Lighting: Designed to enhance the LED lighting effects by spreading the glow evenly across the diffuser, providing vivid and immersive colors.
  • Build Quality: The frames are constructed robustly, with anti-vibration pads visible at each corner to minimize noise and vibrations.

These side diffusers add to the fan’s aesthetic appeal, allowing lighting to be visible from multiple angles and complementing other ARGB components in a custom build.

A side view of three stacked COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans, highlighting their quick-connect daisy-chain design:

  • Contact Points: Each fan features contact pins and connectors that align perfectly, enabling quick and tool-free chaining of multiple fans together without traditional cables.
  • Daisy-Chain Structure: This structure minimizes cable clutter and simplifies installation, making DIY assembly faster and more organized.
  • Anti-Vibration Pads: Visible orange pads are placed at each corner to dampen vibrations and noise, ensuring smoother operation.

This design makes managing multiple fans straightforward, helping users create a neat and efficient cooling setup.

The close-up image provides a detailed view of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan’s quick-connect feature:

  • Contact Points: The fan’s edge shows a series of gold contact pins that align with connectors on the adjacent fan, enabling a cable-free connection for both power and ARGB signals.
  • Quick-Connect Design: This modular approach reduces cable clutter and simplifies the process of linking multiple fans, resulting in a cleaner, more organized installation.
  • Anti-Vibration Pads: The visible orange pads help reduce vibrations and noise, providing quieter operation.

This innovative design makes assembling fan configurations more efficient and streamlined, ideal for those seeking a neat and user-friendly solution.

A detailed view of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan, emphasizing the Q-Stop damping system:

  • Q-Stop Anti-Vibration System: The visible orange pads, strategically placed at each corner, are part of the Q-Stop damping system. They help disperse vibrations generated by the fan’s operation, effectively minimizing noise and ensuring smooth, quiet performance.
  • Quick-Connect Feature: The image also highlights the gold contact points for quick-connect daisy-chaining, simplifying cable management and fan installation.
  • Side Light Diffusers: The large light diffuser strips on the sides of the fan frame contribute to the striking RGB effects.

This design ensures that the fan provides efficient cooling with minimal noise, offering a premium user experience.

A close-up view of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans, focusing on the quick-connect system:

  • Daisy-Chain Connection: The fans are designed with gold-plated contact points that easily align and snap together for a secure, tool-free connection. Applying slight pressure is enough to chain them, making installation straightforward.
  • Sturdy Build: The fan frames feature reinforced corners and anti-vibration pads to keep them stable and reduce noise.
  • Optimized Blades: The translucent fan blades are designed to maximize airflow and enhance the RGB lighting effects.

This modular design streamlines installation, reducing the need for excess cables and keeping the setup neat and efficient.

A close-up view of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan showing the final step of connecting the wiring:

  • Connector Cable: One of the fans is linked to an adapter cable that carries both power and ARGB signals, allowing it to be connected to the system or hub.
  • Quick-Connect Module: The adapter module has gold-plated contact points that align with those on the fan for a secure and reliable connection.
  • Daisy-Chaining: After chaining multiple fans together using the quick-connect system, the final fan is connected through the wiring, enabling the entire set to be controlled simultaneously.

This modular approach ensures a seamless, organized setup for managing power and ARGB lighting in a gaming rig.

The cable connectors of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fan, highlighting its 4-pin PWM and 5V 3-pin ARGB connectors:

  • 4-Pin PWM Connector: Allows precise control of fan speeds based on system temperature through the motherboard or a fan controller.
  • 5V 3-Pin ARGB Connector: Enables the synchronization of ARGB lighting effects across multiple components through the motherboard’s lighting software.
  • Motherboard Compatibility: This setup supports most major motherboard manufacturers’ lighting synchronization technologies, ensuring consistent lighting effects across the system.

These connectors make the fans versatile and suitable for any gaming setup with customizable cooling and lighting needs.

The COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans in operation, displaying their lighting effects:

  • ARGB Lighting: Each fan features addressable RGB LEDs that provide customizable and dynamic lighting. The LEDs are embedded in the hub and frame, creating a vibrant display of colors.
  • Even Illumination: The translucent blades and side diffusers allow the lighting to spread evenly across the fan surface, giving a consistent and immersive glow.
  • Synchronized Effects: The fans are synchronized to display a unified pattern, demonstrating their compatibility with motherboard lighting control software.

These lighting effects, combined with efficient cooling, make the APOLAR 120 ARGB fans a visually appealing and high-performance solution for gaming builds.

A close-up view of the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans, emphasizing the lighting effects on the fan blades:

  • Blade Lighting: The translucent blades create a soft, diffused glow when illuminated, making the colors appear vibrant and evenly distributed.
  • RGB Hub: The central hub contains addressable RGB LEDs that allow for customizable lighting patterns and colors.
  • Side Light Diffusers: Visible on the side frame of each fan, the light diffusers further enhance the RGB effects by creating a consistent and bright outline.

This combination of blade and frame lighting gives the COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans a striking visual appeal, ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of any gaming setup.

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case supports motherboards up to the E-ATX size. However, when an E-ATX board is installed, the two side fan mounts become inaccessible. Key specifications and recommendations include:

  • CPU Cooler Clearance: It supports CPU coolers up to 185mm in height, making it compatible with high-end air coolers.
  • Graphics Card Length: Accommodates GPUs up to 400mm, ensuring ample space for flagship graphics cards.
  • Liquid Cooling Support:
  • Front: Supports radiators up to 420mm.
  • Top: Supports radiators up to 360mm.
  • This makes it versatile for high-performance water cooling solutions.
  • Power Supply Space: The PSU compartment, located near the HDD cage, has around 270mm of available space. It’s advisable to use a power supply no longer than 210mm for a better fit.
  • Cable Management: The back panel provides a 20mm gap for cable routing, making it easier to manage wires and close the panel neatly.

Test Build:

In a test build, the COUGAR GEX 850W Gold-rated fully modular power supply was paired with the COUGAR POSEIDON GT 360 AIO cooler. The fans were upgraded to APOLAR 120 ARGB to showcase a complete COUGAR setup, highlighting the case’s compatibility and aesthetics.

An ATX motherboard installed inside the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case. Key points to note:

  • ATX Compatibility: The motherboard fits comfortably, leaving sufficient space for cable management and other components.
  • Cooling Setup: Pre-installed fans at the front and rear ensure optimal airflow around the motherboard and CPU, crucial for cooling during high-performance tasks.
  • Side Fan Mounts: With an ATX motherboard installed, the side fan mounts remain accessible for additional cooling options.
  • Cable Management: Routing holes around the motherboard tray simplify cable management, ensuring a neat and organized interior.

Overall, the case offers ample space for an ATX board while maintaining good airflow and cable management capabilities.

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case equipped with a 360mm radiator at the top:

  • Top Radiator Support: The case accommodates a 360mm radiator at the top, providing excellent support for liquid cooling. The radiator is paired with three 120mm fans for optimized cooling.
  • Cable Management: The top-mounted position keeps cables and tubing neatly organized, providing a clean internal layout.
  • Ample Clearance: The ATX motherboard remains unobstructed, with sufficient clearance between the radiator and the components, allowing for effective airflow.
  • Efficient Cooling: This setup ensures the radiator exhausts heat efficiently, contributing to the overall thermal performance of the system.

The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case provides versatile cooling support and efficient cable management, making it suitable for high-end gaming builds.

The power supply compartment inside the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, with a measuring tape indicating the available length:

  • Power Supply Clearance: The compartment measures approximately 270mm, providing ample space for most standard-sized power supply units (PSUs).
  • Recommended PSU Size: For optimal cable management and clearance, a power supply no longer than 210mm is recommended.
  • Cable Management: The visible cables demonstrate the importance of having enough room for organizing and routing the PSU cables neatly.

This setup ensures that power supplies can be easily accommodated while leaving enough room for efficient cable routing and overall system airflow.

The back side of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, with a measuring tape indicating approximately 20mm of space behind the motherboard tray:

  • Cable Management Space: The 20mm gap provides ample space for routing and organizing cables, ensuring a tidy look and preventing the back panel from bulging.
  • Ease of Use: This clearance simplifies cable routing, making it easier to secure cables with straps or Velcro, which can improve airflow and reduce clutter.
  • Back Panel Features: Cutouts and pre-routed channels are visible, further aiding in neatly organizing cables.

This well-planned space ensures users can easily manage cables while maintaining efficient airflow.

The hard drive storage options within the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case:

  • 3.5-Inch Hard Drive Bays: The case can accommodate two 3.5-inch hard drives, mounted directly into fixed slots at the bottom of the power supply compartment. This setup uses screws for securing the drives from below, which can be less convenient compared to tool-less mounting systems but provides a sturdier and more stable installation.
  • 2.5-Inch SSD Trays: The back panel includes mounts for two 2.5-inch drives, usually for SSDs, which are easier to access and manage, especially when performing upgrades or maintenance.

This arrangement ensures ample storage capabilities, supporting a combination of larger mechanical drives for bulk storage and SSDs for faster data access and boot times.

The 2.5-inch SSD mounting options in the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case:

  • SSD Trays: Showcases two SSDs mounted directly to the back panel of the case. The SSDs are secured in place using screws through designated holes in the trays, ensuring a stable and secure fit.
  • Accessibility: Located on the back panel, these SSD mounts are easily accessible for installation and removal without needing to disturb other components, which is especially convenient for upgrades or maintenance.
  • Cable Management: Nearby cable tie points and routing channels allow for clean and organized cable management, ensuring that SSD cables can be neatly arranged to maintain optimal airflow and a clean interior look.

This setup demonstrates the case’s practical design for accommodating additional storage solutions while maintaining system neatness and efficiency.

The image features the rotatable PCIe slot cover from the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case:

  • Rotatable PCIe Slots: These slots are designed to allow for vertical mounting of graphics cards. This feature is particularly appealing for gamers and PC builders who want to showcase their high-end graphics cards prominently within their builds.
  • Display Orientation: By mounting the graphics card vertically, it presents the face of the card, often showcasing RGB lighting and intricate cooler designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the build.
  • Installation Advice: It’s recommended to first secure the graphics card in the PCIe slot using a riser cable (which must be purchased separately), and then mount it inside the case to ensure stability and proper alignment.
  • Airflow Considerations: When configuring a graphics card in a vertical position, it’s important to consider the impact on airflow and cooling. Ensuring there is sufficient space between the card and the side panel is vital to maintain good air circulation.

This feature adds a layer of customization that can enhance the visual impact of a gaming PC while also offering flexible installation options.

A graphics card installed in a traditional horizontal position within the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case:

  • Horizontal Installation: The graphics card is mounted in the standard horizontal position, utilizing the case’s PCIe slots. This setup is common and widely used due to its simplicity and direct compatibility with the motherboard’s PCIe interface.
  • Airflow Consideration: Horizontal placement typically allows for better airflow across the GPU’s cooling system when compared to vertical mounting, as there is less likely to be any obstruction close to the GPU fans.
  • Back Panel Accessibility: The arrangement also provides easy access to the graphics card’s ports directly from the back of the case, facilitating connections to displays and other peripherals.
  • PCIe Slot Reinforcement: The case includes reinforced PCIe slot covers which help support the weight of heavier GPUs, preventing sag and protecting the motherboard PCIe slots from damage.

This setup is optimal for ensuring stable performance and good airflow, making it suitable for most gaming and professional applications.

A high-end graphics card mounted vertically in the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, highlighting the visual appeal of such an installation:

  • Vertical GPU Mount: The graphics card is installed vertically using a PCIe riser cable (not visible here but necessary for such installations). This orientation prominently displays the design and lighting of the GPU, making it a focal point within the build.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The vertical position allows the intricate design and details of the graphics card to be more visible through the case’s side panel window. This setup is particularly popular among gamers and PC enthusiasts who want to showcase their hardware.
  • Cooling Considerations: While aesthetically pleasing, vertical GPU mounting can sometimes restrict airflow to the GPU’s fans, especially if the card is close to the glass side panel. It’s important to ensure that there is sufficient clearance to maintain optimal cooling.
  • Compatibility and Space: The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case provides ample space for vertical GPU installation, supporting large, high-end cards without obstructing other components or cable management paths.

This installation approach enhances the visual impact of the system and is a popular choice for display-oriented builds or gaming rigs where style is as important as performance.

The back of the motherboard tray in the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, emphasizing effective cable management:

  • Cable Routing: The cables are neatly organized and routed through multiple cable tie points and cutouts, which helps in maintaining a clean setup and improves airflow within the case.
  • SSD Mounts: Two 2.5-inch SSD trays are visible, securely mounted and connected, showcasing a tidy approach to storage installation.
  • Motherboard Accessibility: The back of the motherboard is exposed, allowing easy access for installing or adjusting CPU backplates or coolers, which is beneficial during upgrades or maintenance.
  • Cable Management System: The case includes several velcro straps and tie points, which are used here to secure the cables firmly in place, reducing any potential interference with other components and fans.

This layout not only promotes better cooling efficiency by minimizing airflow obstruction but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the build when viewed through a transparent side panel. This is crucial for users who value both form and function in their PC builds.

A fully assembled high-end gaming PC inside the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, demonstrating meticulous component installation and lighting coordination:

  • Component Layout: The PC includes top-tier components, such as a high-performance GeForce RTX graphics card, which is mounted horizontally, providing optimal airflow and cooling efficiency. Above the motherboard, a 360mm liquid cooling system is installed in the top position, featuring ARGB fans that complement the system’s aesthetic.
  • Aesthetic and Cooling: The ARGB lighting within the case is synchronized across different components, including the motherboard, RAM, and the fans of the cooling system, creating a visually appealing blue-themed lighting effect that enhances the overall look of the build.
  • Cable Management: Cables are neatly managed and routed behind the motherboard tray to ensure a clean and organized appearance, which improves airflow and cooling performance.
  • System Monitoring: Noticeable on the motherboard is a small display showing system stats or temperatures, providing real-time data monitoring which is beneficial for maintaining optimal system performance.

This setup not only highlights the capabilities of the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case in terms of accommodating high-end components and extensive cooling solutions but also demonstrates its potential for creating a visually striking and performance-optimized gaming rig.

COUGAR UNIFACE RGB Cooling Performance Test: Featuring Core i9-14900K and RTX 4080 Under High Workload Conditions

This chart presents the cooling performance of high-performance hardware components installed in the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case under various stress tests. The specific test results are as follows:

  • FurMark 2: This tool tests the stability and cooling efficiency of graphics cards. In this test, the NVIDIA RTX 4080 FE reached a maximum temperature of 66.7 degrees, demonstrating excellent cooling performance.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: While playing this demanding game, the graphics card temperature was 65.6 degrees, further proving the effectiveness of the cooling system.
  • 3DMARK Fire Strike Ultra: This comprehensive benchmark tests 3D graphics performance, where the graphics card reached 63.1 degrees.
  • AIDA64 CPU: At a maximum power output of 241W, the processor temperature reached 87 degrees, reflecting the performance of the CPU cooler.

Overall, these cooling test results indicate that the COUGAR UNIFACE RGB case, along with the COUGER POSEIDON GT 360 water cooling system and other efficient cooling components, can effectively manage the heat generated by high-end components under intense workloads. This ensures system stability and performance when running large applications and games.


The COUGAR UNIFACE RGB is a mid-range computer case priced between 2000 and 3000 yuan. It excels in expandability, build quality, dust protection, and cooling performance, providing excellent value. The case comes standard with four high-quality 120mm ARGB fans and a hub, making it an economical choice. The case features slots for two extra fans on the side and rotatable PCIe slots, enhancing its versatility and playability.

The COUGAR APOLAR 120 ARGB fans feature a quick-connect daisy chain design, which not only cleans up the appearance but also simplifies installation and removal—a truly multipurpose design. The fans are built with high-quality materials including HDB bearings and offer comprehensive, angle-free RGB lighting effects. The unique Q-Stop vibration dampening system ensures that the fans are quiet even at full speed of 2200 RPM. With standard 4-pin PWM and 5V 3-pin ARGB connectors, these fans can synchronize lighting effects with the motherboard, making them ideal for users who prefer not to install additional software or seek synchronized lighting across their system.

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Title: COUGAR UNIFACE RGB Mid-Tower Case: Stylish Cooling with 4 ARGB Fans & E-ATX Support