POIEMA Evo air purifier has been tested for a long time out of the box: small but powerful, free of consumables, saving money and environmental protection!

With the modernization and progress of life, we can also clearly feel that the subsequent environmental pollution has an increasing impact on us. In addition to the air pollution sources visible outdoors and indoors, the external air pollution that comes with the alternation of seasons The attack of pollution also poses a serious threat, and it also causes more people to easily cause respiratory discomfort or even allergies, which has a great impact on health. It is precise because of this that “air purifiers” have changed from “Nice to have” in the past to “Must to have”, and even become an indispensable home appliance for every household.

Of course, after years of evolution, air purifiers have many differences in functionality and practical application from the past, from simply filtering fine suspended particles in the air to eliminating volatile organic compounds, removing odors, and even emphasizing antibacterial, Anti-virus has also played an important role in the national epidemic prevention in recent years, and has also become one of the important functions that cannot be ignored when purchasing.

The POIEMA Evo with a more stable and restrained appearance design and a smaller volume is the latest masterpiece of the POIEMA air purifier series!

The POIEMA air purifier, which has always had an excellent reputation in the market, uses the unique “TPA bipolar dust hunting technology” to achieve “lifetime free consumables”, and the cleaning effect can not decline for a long time, with excellent effect and more cost-saving. And take into account environmental protection. Recently, POIEMA has also launched a new “POIEMA Evo” with a smaller size, but the purification effect is not compromised at all.

In the next article, the author will briefly sort out the important keys for purchasing an air purifier in 2022, and bring you POIEMA Evo’s new machine out of the box, as well as 20 days of practical experience. Share with everyone!

POIEMA Evo Product Features Sneak Peek

  • The new dark metal body design can perfectly match the space design of different styles
  • Suitable for 3 – 8 ping space, high efficiency compared to the higher 240 m3/h CADR value of the same class
  • Lifetime filter-free consumables, saving money and environmental protection
  • TPA bipolar dust hunting technology, not only filter-free, the cleaning effect will not decline
  • The dust box capacity has been upgraded by 20%, which can be used for a longer time
  • The filter can be washed and reused, and the inner wall of the fuselage can also be disassembled and washed
  • It can remove 99% of formaldehyde and PM2.5 through German TUV and Taiwan SGS certification
  • French Texcell Institute experiments confirmed that it can inhibit 99% of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
  • Exclusive APP, more convenient remote control on mobile phone, and personalized script mode
  • Fully automatic mode, automatically switch from the best wind speed
  • Automatically enter sleep mode in low light indoors, minimum 27 dBA does not disturb sleep

When purchasing an air purifier in 2022, there are six key points to master!

Like other home appliances, there will naturally be many eyebrows and corners when purchasing an air purifier to judge whether the product is suitable for your home space environment or whether it can meet your use needs, and these purchases The key point is to “advance with the times”! Let’s take a look at the six key points that need to be mastered when purchasing an air purifier in 2022!

For modern families, air purifiers are already essential home appliances, but there are many key points to master when purchasing!

Key point 1: For multiple rooms, it is more beneficial to use multiple air purifiers

In the past, most of the air purifiers in the home would be placed in the living room with more users, but in fact, the hidden pollution source in the home is not limited to a single room, and it may also allow outdoor pollution sources to enter because the windows and doors are opened. The use of multiple rooms will be more inclined to the “one room, one machine” approach, eliminating the dead corners of air purification as much as possible, and allowing the whole family to have clean and good air in all corners, especially in the bedroom for a long time. If the space is large, it will also require uninterrupted air purification treatment, so that users can have a good sleep quality.

Key 2: Choose a model with a higher CADR value

Generally speaking, the CADR value of an air purifier is an indicator for judging the size of the applicable space when purchasing. The higher the CADR value, the larger the applicable space. However, the use of air purifiers in recent years has put more emphasis on “air purification efficiency”, that is, a cycle of air purification in a space in a shorter period of time. Therefore, it is suggested that you can choose a model with a higher CADR value than the standard for the size of the space used, which will have better air purification efficiency and can also bring better results in low-speed mode.

Key point 3: In addition to filtering fine suspended particles, volatile organic compounds, and deodorizing, it should also have antibacterial and antiviral functions

In recent years, due to the relationship between the new crown epidemic, everyone has attached great importance to the measures related to epidemic prevention. In addition to wearing masks and washing hands frequently when going out, and because the new crown virus is infected through the respiratory tract, the air quality at home is also a very important part. At the same time, also It can be found that in addition to the most basic filtering of fine suspended particles, volatile organic compounds, and removal of peculiar smells, air purifiers in recent years have emphasized the function of “antibacterial and antiviral”. Suitable for bacteria and viruses to survive.

Point 4: The cost of consumables is very important

The reason for the operation of the air purifier is to remove the allergens and harmful substances in the air through the filtration system, and most of the air purifiers on the market also use multi-layer filters to achieve the purpose of air purification, and the filter itself usually There will be a service life, such as the common HEPA filter, which needs to be replaced regularly to maintain the filtering effect, and if there are more ambient air pollution sources used and the air quality is worse, the replacement frequency of consumables will usually be higher. It may also cost a lot of money to use, so before purchasing an air purifier, it is also necessary to understand the cost of these consumables.

Point 5: The function of the mobile APP is absolutely necessary

In recent years, more and more air purifiers have incorporated the concept of “smart networking”. Through the pairing of mobile APPs, the real-time operation of the air purifier can be grasped in real-time, and even remote control can be performed, so that we can Turn on the air purifier before going home, and welcome the fresh air directly after returning home. You can even set up automatic schedules like other smart home IoT devices. You don’t need to go to the air purifier to operate, and you can easily master all functions with your mobile phone.

Key point 6: low noise, does not affect the quality of life

Compared with ordinary home appliances, the use of air purifiers usually runs for a long time without stopping, and even some spaces that attach great importance to air quality will not stop for 24 hours, so the noise level of the machine during operation will be An important key that affects the quality of life, especially when it is used in the bedroom, low noise during operation is absolutely one of the necessary conditions.

Product unpacking introduction

However, in the past, the POIEMA air purifier series products were based on the “pure white” exterior design. This year’s newly launched POIEMA Evo adopts a deep black style, with a more low-key visual sense, and the matte-finished shell also has a delicate texture Texture rendering. In addition, POIEMA Evo is also designed as a square column, but it occupies a very small area.

The dark-painted POIEMA Evo is also cylindrical in design, but the volume is smaller than the previous product, and the matte finish on the surface of the case also presents a delicate texture.
The top is also the air outlet for purified air, which can effectively send clean air back to the room for circulation, and also avoid the second degree of pollution caused by ground dust.
On the operation panel on the top of the fuselage, press and hold the power button to turn it on. The small panel will display the current air quality PM 2.5 concentration and the current running wind speed. At this time, short press the power button to switch between different wind speeds.

In terms of the design of airflow circulation, POIEMA Evo is provided with air intake holes on three sides of the bottom of the fuselage, which can bring dirty air into the fuselage more efficiently and enter the fuselage. Five filter mechanisms: filter visible hair, dander and The “primary filter” of dust and the positive “generating pole” opposite to the collecting pole allow harmful particles to absorb charges, decompose formaldehyde, volatile organics, and the “ion field” of microorganisms, and strongly absorb the smallest PM 0.01 harmful particles through negative electricity. The “collector” and the “nano catalytic net” can decompose harmful gases and degrade the ozone concentration to 0.002 ppm, to achieve the most complete air purification effect.

There are air inlet holes at the bottom of the three sides of the fuselage, which can send air in for purification. When the shell on the rear side of the fuselage is opened, you can see the four layers of filter layers inside.
There is also a small window on the back of the fuselage that is an air quality detector, which can be turned on for regular cleaning.
Open the rear side of the fuselage, and you can see the four internal filter layers, from bottom to top are the primary filter, the generator, the collector, and the nano-catalytic mesh.

It is worth mentioning that POIEMA Evo’s primary filter, generator, collector, and nano-catalyst mesh mentioned above are reusable, and benefiting from the evolution of dust collection technology, the dust collection capacity is increased by 20%. It also reduces the frequency that the filter needs to be cleaned, and relatively saves time for users to clean up and equipment downtime. Also because of the “replacement-free consumables”, when using POIEMA Evo, it can save thousands of yuan in the purchase cost of consumables every year, and it can also avoid the generation of more unrecyclable waste, which is also more environmentally friendly.

The primary filter can filter out the dust and debris visible to the naked eye, which needs to be cleaned regularly.
The generator is one of the electrodes that generate the ion field. There are many small metal wires on the top. It does not need to be washed with water. Use a vegetable cloth to move slowly along the metal wires back and forth to remove the dust.
The collector is the place where the fine suspended particles are collected by the air after passing through the field, and it needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain the purification effect.
After filtering out the fine suspended particles, the last layer of nano-catalytic mesh can decompose harmful gases, and this filter layer is also reusable, but it does not need to be cleaned, and only needs to be exposed to the sun.
Many activated carbon particles can also be seen in the pores in the nano-catalytic mesh.

On the 20th, the actual measurement experience is fully disclosed

In addition to the basic out-of-the-box introduction, Xiaobian T also actually moved POIEMA Evo home for 20 days of long-term measurement, including the connection, status monitoring and function control of the mobile APP, and also set up a simulation of major air pollution. The environment to test the ability of POIEMA Evo.

Long press the power button on the top panel to turn on the POIEMA Evo. After a period of time, the PM 2.5 value and wind speed gear will be displayed, and the Wi-Fi connection mode will be entered.
Download POIEMA APP on your mobile phone, and select the registered account to log in.
After completing the connection according to the instructions, the main panel can see the connected device and display the current operating status. Click on the device to see the home page showing the current PM 2.5 concentration, and the power supply, operating mode, wind speed and settings below… and other function buttons.
The default of POIEMA Evo is “Auto Mode”, which can be switched to manual mode or sleep mode, but generally, it can be kept in automatic mode; in addition, there are four files of wind speed that can be switched.

Through the POIEMA APP on the mobile phone, we can easily complete the pairing of the POIEMA Evo and connect it to the Wi-Fi at home to make the device cloud-based. In this way, even if the user is not at home, he can connect to the mobile phone at any time. View the running status of POIEMA Evo at home online, and switch the running mode and running wind speed in real-time.

POIEMA Evo has a built-in air quality detector, which can count the average PM 2.5 concentration value in the past five days. At the same time, it will also provide the outdoor average PM 2.5 concentration based on the location of the location as a reference. Here, the author also provides the average measured for 20 days. The numerical values ​​were found to be in good condition.

In addition, the POIEMA APP also provides the average change trend of indoor and outdoor PM 2.5 values. Through the chart presented on the function homepage, you can see the changes in the average PM 2.5 in the space where POIEMA Evo belongs and outdoors in the past five days. It can be found that during the startup of POIEMA Evo, the air quality has been maintained in a good state of green. Basically, the PM 2.5 is around 10, which is far lower than the outdoor level.

Serious air pollution measurement

In order to further understand the efficiency of POIEMA Evo in air purification, Xiaobian T created an air pollution source by lighting incense in a space of about 4 pings when POIEMA Evo was turned on and kept it next to the equipment. When the PM 2.5 index rises to the critical point (that is, the state where the PM 2.5 index no longer rises after the POIEMA Evo switches to the maximum wind speed during automatic operation), remove the pollution source and then calculate the air quality from the red light to the green light in good condition and how much time it takes.

The actual measurement of air pollution is carried out by using powdered deodorant incense, which is placed directly next to POIEMA Evo after being ignited.
After a period of time, the concentration of PM 2.5 increased greatly, and the light at the bottom of the fuselage also changed from green to yellow.
After a period of time, PM 2.5 will no longer rise after upgrading to 407, and the light will turn red. At this time, we will remove the incense pot and wait for POIEMA Evo to complete the air purification.

After the actual measurement, when POIEMA Evo continued to operate under the condition of burning incense, the PM 2.5 index showed that it reached the critical point at 407. After removing the pollution source, the light continued to run for about 11 minutes and 30 seconds, and the light changed from red to yellow, and the PM 2.5 index decreased. After running for about 5 minutes and 41 seconds, the light turned from yellow to green and returned to a good state. It took a total of 17 minutes and 30 seconds, and POIEMA Evo reduced the value of PM 2.5 from 407 to below 70.

After removing the air pollution source, it took 17 minutes and 30 seconds to restore the air quality from bad red to good green, which is quite efficient.

After 20 days of long-term use, we opened the back cover of POIEMA Evo and took out the “collector” that collects suspended particles. It was obvious that a layer of dirt had accumulated, but it was only necessary to simply wash it with water and then dry it to restore it. As new, continue to play a good air purification effect. It is also specially mentioned here that POIEMA Evo uses TPA bipolar dust hunting technology, in addition to requiring no consumables, the long-term filter effect is also more “frozen peaches” than air purifiers that generally use HEPA filters. According to the data provided by the official It can be seen that after filtering 440 cigarettes, the purification effect of POIEMA Evo has only dropped by about 10%, which is much better than that of competing products after filtering 100 cigarettes with less than 10% remaining.

After 20 days of use, remove the back cover of the fuselage, you can see that there is already a layer of dust on the bottom layer of the primary filter, and the primary filter itself can be cleaned.
Next, take out the collector that collects dust, and you can see that the metal tube has turned dark gray.
You can also see traces of dust when you wipe with tissue paper.
The collector can be washed with clean water to restore its clean state. After air-drying, it can be installed back to POIEMA Evo to continue using it!

Operational noise measurement

POIEMA Evo itself mentioned that it provides five-stage wind speed switching functions, including low speed, medium speed, high speed, fast speed, and the sleep mode with the lowest wind speed. Let’s also use the decibel meter to measure POIEMA Evo in these five different wind speeds. operating noise below.

Using a decibel meter about one meter away from POIEMA Evo, the noise is only 26.9 dBA in sleep mode, even lower than the official advertised 27 dBA.
Under the low-speed gear, the operating noise is 37.7 dBA.
Under the mid-speed gear, the operating noise is 39.1 dBA.
Under the high-speed gear, the operating noise is 45 dBA.
In the highest speed gear, the operating noise is 51.2 dBA.

Summary: Small in size, powerful in purification performance! TPA bipolar dust-hunting technology has excellent effects, and it is more economical and environmentally friendly without consumables

Compared with the previous POIEMA air purifier products, the new POIEMA Evo is really amazing in appearance and design. In addition to the excellent texture with dark colors as the main tone, the size is completely “slim” in actual use. Flexibility, even if it is a small personal suite or a bedroom in a home, the space utilization is very generous, and when the CADR can reach 240 m3/h, it surpasses the same class models, and the maximum 8 pings of empty space can also be applied. In addition, the smart networking function of POIEMA Evo also makes it more convenient to use. The exclusive APP allows us to grasp the air quality status at home through our mobile phones. The best wind speed, and no annoying noise, will automatically turn on sleep mode in low-light indoor environments, and the lowest 27 dBA can hardly feel the fan running.

POIEMA Evo’s compact size and restrained texture design are used in different styles of space, and the purification efficiency also exceeds that of similar products.

Of course, POIEMA Evo adopts TPA bipolar dust hunting electrostatic dust collection technology. For users, in addition to eliminating the cost of long-term consumable replacement, the capacity of this generation of dust collection boxes has also been increased by 20%, so that the frequency of cleaning can be greatly reduced. It is more convenient to use, and the cleaning of the collector is really simple, and the drying speed is quite fast, which also allows the air purification in the home to continue unaffected.

After the actual measurement, it is not difficult to find that POIEMA Evo is powerful in air purification. At the same time, major testing units have proved the ability to remove harmful substances such as PM 2.5, formaldehyde, and bacterial viruses, so that users can enjoy health at home with more peace of mind. Air!

As for the most important actual effect of air purification, in addition to the actual measurement data in this article, the official also sent POIEMA Evo to major third-party testing units for actual measurement, including Germany TUV SUD PM 2.5 clean air volume test, SGS Taiwan formaldehyde removal rate Test and CEPREI particle CCM test, and finally obtained excellent results of 99.9% bacterial virus removal rate, 99.9% PM 2.5 removal rate and 99% formaldehyde removal rate. In addition, the French Texcell organization experiment also confirmed that it can inhibit the new coronavirus SARS-CoV- 2. It can be said to be an indispensable tool for home epidemic prevention!

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Title: POIEMA Evo air purifier has been tested for a long time out of the box: small but powerful, free of consumables, saving money and environmental protection!