My perspective varies from yours: Unboxing the SAMA SAK701 unique mirror realm chassis with a 270-degree panoramic view and a rear-inserted motherboard layout

SAMA introduces the “SAK701 New Mirror World” 270-degree display case in both black and white. It accommodates a Micro-ATX motherboard up to the largest size, a 165mm air-cooled tower, a 40cm graphics card, eight 12cm fan mounts, and water-cooling installations up to 360mm long. Catering to mainstream everyday use while offering extensive expandability, it delivers a pristine, aesthetically pleasing appearance with no dead ends. For users with a rear-inserted motherboard, it’s the ideal pairing!

SAMA SAK701 New mirror world chassis specifications:
Dimensions: 440 (L) x 225 (W) x 455 (H) mm
Color: Black, White
Material: Steel, tempered glass
Motherboard: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
CPU style Cooling: up to 165mm
Graphics card: 400mm
Power supply: ATX 280mm
Fan installation position (side+upper+rear+bottom): 120mm 3+3+1+1
water-cooled radiator support: upper 360/280mm, side 360/240mm , Rear 120mm
top I/O ports: USB 3.0 x2, Type-C x1, HD AUDIO
Hard disk and storage slots: three 2.5 inches / one 3.5 inches plus two 2.5 inches

SAMA SAK701 The new mirror world case

SAMA has recently introduced its new 270-degree panoramic case, the “SAK701 New Mirror World,” in Malaysia. The front and side panels come with double-sided glass for an exceptional display. The double side covers and glass front panel are designed for easy installation with screwless tenon and tool-free quick-release mechanisms.

The SAK701 is the result of a collaboration between SAMA and Chinese media outlet “Ancient Era Installed Ape.” A few months ago, Installed Ape and ASUS released the first rear-inserted motherboard, the B660 Revolution Coin 6602, which relocates the power supply and other slots to the back of the motherboard for a cleaner front view – the core concept behind rear-inserted motherboards. Subsequent products such as DIY-APE H610 KING YTX, B650 DIY-APE with TUF GAMING B760M-BTF WIFI D4, and many other rear-inserted motherboards have followed, with SAK701 being a case designed specifically to complement this concept.

The SAMA SAK701 accommodates only Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboard installations. The case dimensions are 44×22.5×45.5 cm (length, width, and height), allowing for ample room to install tall air-cooling towers and up to 40cm of space for graphics card installations.

SAMA SAK701 New mirror world mid-tower specification chassis, length, width and height are 44×22.5×45.5cm.

The SAK701 features fully transparent tempered glass on both sides of the front and the motherboard side, delivering a 270-degree panoramic viewing experience. The glass panels are secured with screws and tenons for enhanced safety during disassembly and assembly. However, it is still recommended to lay the case down before taking it apart.

Front panel glass viewing angle.
Fully transparent glass on the front of the motherboard.

The case’s system I/O port is primarily located at the bottom, offering two USB 3.0 ports, a combined audio jack, and a USB Type-C port. By default, the direction faces the front of the motherboard for installation. After removing two screws, the system I/O port can also be relocated to the bottom front of the SAK701, allowing users to adjust the orientation based on their typical usage habits.

The system I/O is pre-installed facing the front of the motherboard, with 2x USB 3.0, HD AUDIO, Type-C.
It can be installed on the front and bottom of the case, and can be changed according to usage habits.
But moving to the front, the I/O cables will be exposed at the bottom.

A notable distinction between the SAK701 and most other panoramic cases is its bottom-mounted power supply installation structure. This design results in a case width similar to that of mainstream mid-tower cases. It supports a 12cm fan and water-cooling installation at the rear, along with five PCIe device slots and a reusable bezel. However, the case does not include a built-in vertical graphics card installation position. Users who want to install their graphics card vertically will need to purchase an additional vertical graphics card mounting kit.

Bottom-mounted power supply installation structure, 5_Slot PCIe, 12cm fan/water cooling installation.

The case features a pad at the bottom, ensuring sufficient air intake space. A large ventilation grid is located underneath the case for air intake and heat dissipation from the power supply and lower fan. A soft magnetic suction filter is included for use in PCs. After a certain period, the filter can be easily removed for dust cleaning.

The bottom air intake block comes with a magnetic dust filter.
Large area air intake grid design.

The SAK701’s top cover is equipped with a full-area heat dissipation mesh, which allows heat to escape from the upper fan. The fine mesh ensures adequate heat dissipation performance while also providing a degree of dust protection to minimize the entry of natural dust or foreign objects into the case. However, since no dust-proof filter is included, users who desire better dust protection are advised to install additional filters themselves.

The case’s top supports up to three 12cm fan installations or water cooling installations in 120/240/360mm sizes, but it is not compatible with 14cm-sized fans or water cooling.

The mesh upper cover is opened upwards by the rear handle.
Support 120/240/360mm fan and water cooling installation.

Upon removing the top cover, the double-sided side cover and front glass panel can be detached. The double-sided side panel can be opened by leveraging the rear groove and then lifting it up, while the front panel is secured by tenons. Exercise caution when handling the glass panels.

The case features steel side panels and full-area mesh openings behind the motherboard, ensuring ample air intake space for side fans.

Steel side panels are provided with full-area cooling mesh.
Double-sided side panels open auxiliary grooves.

SAMA SAK701 New Mirror World Chassis Installation Space

The SAMA SAK701 New Mirror World is compatible only with Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, as larger ATX and E-ATX motherboards cannot be installed. It supports 165mm high air cooling towers and 40cm graphics card installations, making it compatible with mainstream twin towers and NVIDIA RTX40 / AMD RX 7900 series graphics cards. However, the case does not come with an original fan, so users will need to purchase additional fans for installation.

Upon closely examining the internal structure of the SAK701 case, you’ll notice that the wiring holes provided by SAMA are quite unique. There are reverse L-shaped openings on the right and bottom of the motherboard, while the CPU and fan power supply slots on the top of the motherboard have an unusual routing hole. After installing the motherboard, one might wonder if it will be half-covered. This design choice is because the SAK701 is specifically tailored for rear-inserted motherboards, meaning these wiring holes are custom-made and planned for motherboards with the rear-insertion concept.

There is no original fan at the factory.
The case supports M-ATX/ITX motherboards, 165mm tall air cooling towers, and 40cm long graphics cards.
There are multiple routing holes on the lower-mounted power supply compartment, as well as dedicated routing holes for display card power supply.
Display of reserved height for upper water cooling installation.

The side of the SAK701 can accommodate three 12cm fans or a maximum 360mm water cooling installation. If the overall thickness of the water cooling system exceeds 52mm, it may impact the available space for the graphics card. Additionally, a 12cm fan can be installed beneath the side installation position. The fan installation block can also be used to display a model. This block can hold a model with a base size of 18.5x13cm and a height of up to 42cm.

There’s an A-pillar support structure behind the panoramic glass on both sides of the case. The detachable A-pillar is secured by two screws on the top and bottom. While removing it can provide better visibility, it is recommended not to disassemble it in order to maintain the case’s structural strength.

The detachable A-pillar can get better presentation, but it is recommended to keep it installed for better structural strength.
The total width of the side fan installation block is about 18.5cm.
The total length is 13cm. An additional 12cm fan can be installed.
Models up to 42cm in height can be placed.

The rear of the case is divided into three sections. The left half is designated for side fan installation, the back of the motherboard is for hard disk installation and wiring holes, and the bottom is for the lower power supply installation, supporting ATX power supplies with a device length of up to 280mm.

Overview of the wiring space on the back of the motherboard.
The actual measurement of the depth of the whole line space is about 2.9cm.
The bottom-mounted power supply compartment is displayed, and it cannot be adjusted to obtain more space for hiding wires.
A 2.5-inch hard drive can be installed in the power compartment, and it is recommended to install and fix it before installing the power supply.

There is a hard disk installation plate on the back of the motherboard, which is secured by a single thumb screw and can be flipped after loosening. Flipping it over reveals the radiator installation backplane area, allowing users to remove and install the CPU cooler while keeping the hard disk in place.

The flipped hard disk installation plate can accommodate two 2.5-inch or one 3.5-inch hard drives. However, it is strongly recommended to choose a 3.5-inch hard drive model with a 2cm thickness for more convenient cable management. The actual WD Blue 1TB 3.5-inch HDD installed here has a thickness of approximately 2.6cm, which occupies a significant portion of the available cable management depth.

Flip the HDD mounting plate to support 2x 2.5” or 1x 3.5” HDD.
Flip display down.
WD blue label 1TB 3.5-inch HDD (thickness 2.6cm) actual installation demonstration.

The additional accessory box is organized with separate plastic compartments, and each screw is clearly labeled with its purpose and corresponding equipment, making it very user-friendly for those who appreciate meticulous organization. The accessory box includes rubber-coated iron wires, disposable straps, spare tenon slots for side panels, various screws, and fixing sleeves for the motherboard’s copper pillars, among other items.

Assortment compartment box.
List of system I/O wires, all in white design.

SAMA SAK701 new mirror world chassis installation display and heat dissipation test

The actual installation platform utilizes an Intel i9 12900K with an M-ATX motherboard, the ASRock B760M Steel Legend WiFi. The graphics card is an NVIDIA RTX 3070 Founders Edition, and a Cooler Master Masterliquid PL360 Flux integrated water cooling system is installed on the top. The top-mounted exhaust is configured with a negative pressure difference to test the heat dissipation performance. As the SAK701 does not include an original fan, no additional fans are installed in this setup, and only the top-mounted 360 water-cooling system is provided for reference.

Test Platform
Processor: Intel Core i9 12900K
Radiator: Cooler Master Masterliquid PL360 Flux
Motherboard: ASRock B760M Steel Legend WiFi
Memory: KLEVV CRAS XR5 RGB DDR5 6200MT/s 16Gx2
Display Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition
Case: SAMA SAK701 New Mirror World
System Disk: Corsair MP600 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD
operating system : Windows 11 Professional Edition 21H2
Power supply: FSP Hydro G PRO 850W

Fully transparent glass side view Even when the power is not turned on, you can still clearly feel the details of the hardware appearance.
Overview of the entire line on the back.
RGB display effect after the PC is powered on.
SAMA SAK701 New mirror world zero dead angle display hardware.

The heat dissipation performance test for the chassis uses the preset Intel Core i9 12900K processor. AIDA64_FPU+Furmark and OCCT AVX tests are conducted without additional settings on the motherboard to simulate temperatures under high load pressure. Additionally, Fire Strike in 3D Mark is used to simulate a 1080P quality gaming situation, while data collection is recorded using HWiNFO64 to document the maximum temperature and power consumption.

During the test, the i9 12900K in the AIDA FPU project and Furmark double-baking test reaches a maximum CPU Package temperature of 88°C with a power consumption of 220W. The RTX 3070 Founders Edition reaches 78°C. In the Fire Strike test simulating a gaming scenario, the i9 12900K peaks at only 73°C, while the graphics card temperature remains at 78°C. During the OCCT AVX software double-baking test, the temperatures are 84°C and 78°C. Since the water cooling is installed on the top, the integrated water cooling is affected by the graphics card’s waste heat during the double-baking test, resulting in slightly higher temperatures for the 12900K processor.

SAMA SAK701 New mirror world thermal performance test chart.

Summary and experience

The SAMA SAK701(W) New Mirror World case that I unboxed this time is designed with the back-plug motherboard concept in mind. However, since there are no back-plug motherboards available for purchase in Taiwan and I don’t have any related products to install and showcase, I can only display it with the current common motherboard installation.

The 270-degree panoramic display and detachable A-pillar design of the SAK701 provide excellent visual appeal and appearance. The case can accommodate up to eight 12cm fans and a maximum of 360mm water cooling, but it does not support larger 14cm fans and water cooling. It also only supports M-ATX and ITX motherboards, so these expansion compatibility factors are important for buyers to consider before purchasing. Other specifications like a 165mm air cooling tower, 40cm graphics card, 28cm power supply depth, and the installation of up to three 2.5-inch hard drives can meet the expansion needs of daily mainstream use.

During the installation process, it is recommended to install and route the power supply first, followed by the motherboard and water-cooling radiator, to avoid any issues with the CPU power supply wire being blocked and unable to fit into the device slot. SAMA’s new panoramic chassis SAK701 is available in black and white, priced at NT$2490/2590. It is now available on Taiwanese sales channels such as original price houses. If you are interested, you can refer to them for more information.

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Title: My perspective varies from yours: Unboxing the SAMA SAK701 unique mirror realm chassis with a 270-degree panoramic view and a rear-inserted motherboard layout