MSI’s first condenser microphone, IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC, meets various usage scenarios

In recent years, major board manufacturers have also begun to launch various peripheral products. Among them, MSI has already launched relatively rare gaming products such as joysticks, but this time, it has stepped into the field of microphones and launched the first IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC, as a mid-to-high-end live condenser microphone, provides 4 different radio modes, a maximum bit rate of 24bit and a sampling rate of 96kHz, so that live broadcasters can have good radio quality when doing live broadcasts, and can also use different radios patterns to meet various usage scenarios.

Sampling rate: 96 kHz
Bit rate: 24-bit
Directivity: Stereo, omnidirectional, unidirectional,
bidirectional Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 36 (±3) dB
Impedance: ≦ 2.2 KΩ
line Length: 3m (TPE) USB-C to USB-A
Supported Operating System: Windows 10 (or later), Mac OS
Accessories: Foam Cover, Screw Cover
Dimensions: 270x110x110 mm
Weight: 1100 grams
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty


The first microphone introduced by MSI this time, the IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC is a condenser microphone. The design is based on the common 4-mode design of mainstream models, which greatly increases the situation where this microphone can be used.

Considering that various usage scenarios will have different needs, the cable part is directly given a length of 3 meters. IMMERSE GV60 also supports the installation of various general-purpose microphone stands. In addition, a special sponge cover is also provided, so that players can use it. more convenient.

There is a product feature introduction on the back of the foreign country.
List of microphones and accessories.

The MSI IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC is quite large in size, with a metal appearance as a whole, and the texture is not bad. The official label in the weight part is 1100g as a whole, and the actual weight without the base is 583g. Player reference for boom mic stands.

IMMERSE GV60 appearance overview.
The weight is measured after the microphone is removed.

Although it is said that condenser microphones are used by ordinary players, the sensitivity of the radio may be too high, and they are easy to receive ambient sound, but due to the use of a metal blowout cover above the microphone, there is a layer of sponge pad inside, and the outside can also be used. The sponge pad in the accessories is installed to reduce the volume of ambient noise received by the microphone from the inside to the outside. Of course, a better way to solve the problem of ambient noise received by the condenser microphone is to use the cantilever bracket to position the microphone as much as possible. close to your mouth, so you can reduce ambient noise by lowering the microphone volume.

There is a metal pop-up cover above the microphone, and there is a sponge pad inside the pop-up cover.
The additional sponge cover included in the accessories can be directly mounted on the metal pop-up guard.
Official microphone usage diagram.

In terms of functions, there are three knobs on the front of the microphone, which are mode switching, headphone volume adjustment, and microphone volume adjustment, and the microphone mute button at the bottom. The STREAMING MIC uses three 14mm electret condenser microphones to form a radio module. The front two have two microphones, which can realize unidirectional cardioid radio and stereo radio. With the rear microphone, the entire radio module can achieve omnidirectional radio. Radio and two-way radio.

The top is the indicator light, there are 3 knobs in the middle, and the bottom is the microphone mute button.

At the bottom of the microphone, in addition to the USB Type-C port, you can see that there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is convenient for players to directly monitor the microphone and hear the computer audio at the same time. However, the IMMERSE GV60 cannot use the knob to adjust whether to monitor or not. The volume mixing ratio of the monitor and the system sound can still be set in the Windows system sound effect. By adjusting the volume of the “microphone” in the “speaker” setting, the monitoring volume can be adjusted without affecting the microphone sound.

There is a 3.5 mm headphone monitoring hole on the bottom front, and a USB Type-C port on the rear side.
The 3.5 mm headphone monitoring jack can be used as computer audio output and provide microphone sound monitoring at the same time.
A list of speaker and microphone settings in the Windows system, which can be adjusted in the speaker.

There is also a 5/8\” screw hole at the bottom, allowing players to install this microphone to various microphone stands, but it does not provide a 5/8\” to 3/8\” or 1/4\” turn. To connect the screw teeth, players should pay special attention to the specifications when purchasing a microphone stand, but in the design, 2 dust plugs are provided intimately so that players can plug the screw holes on both sides after removing the original bracket, which is beautiful At the same time, it can be dustproof.

5/8\” screw hole.
The side lock hole can be covered with the dust plug in the accessory.


The IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC launched by MSI this time is regarded as an entry-level professional microphone in the specification section, but Having said that, whether it is given four radio modes or basic radio tuning, as a USB condenser microphone designed for ease of use, it has a good performance as a whole, and the sound quality is quite satisfactory. , whether the voice of boys or girls has a good radio effect.

However, in use, condenser microphones are inherently more sensitive because of their high sensitivity. While more details can be presented on the radio, environmental noise is relatively easy to be absorbed by the microphone. Therefore, it is still necessary to evaluate whether the use environment is suitable before purchasing.

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Title: MSI’s first condenser microphone, IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC, meets various usage scenarios