XROUND VOCA true wireless earphone review: next-generation earphones fully loaded with AI noise reduction technology

As the blue ocean of the listening device market in recent years, many brands have stepped into this field. Among them, XROUND, which started with acoustic technology, is no exception. It has developed a variety of product lines according to different usage scenarios, including those designed for game audio and video players. The AREO series, the FORGE series aimed at sports scenarios, and the brand-new business flagship VOCA this year.

Manufacturer Information
■ Yingba Acoustics ■ 02-8228-0106 ■ www.xround.co

Product Specifications

  • Blue line function: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Valid range: 15m
    Encoding format: SBC, AAC, LDAC, LC3 Ready
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
  • Driver unit: 9mm gold-plated unit
  • Dustproof and waterproof grade: IP55
  • Endurance: 9+18 hours
  • Color: Black Bronze Gold

Suggested price
starts from NT$4,990

XROUND VOCA, which has made great efforts at the level of software and hardware, although it is set as a business flagship, it actually focuses on the balance between work and music enjoyment. The product combines its own rich and innovative AI technology, built-in adaptive active noise reduction technology, earphones Compared with the inconvenience of manually adjusting the noise reduction intensity in the past, and the stuffy feeling after wearing the general active voice-reducing headphones, VOCA can be relatively achieved in all environmental conditions. The best noise reduction effect, the author actually walked from the quiet indoor space to the main road and the MRT in the test, you can clearly feel the change of the headphones from moderate noise reduction to stronger, to ensure that the ears are always in a comfortable state to enjoy music.

However, it is not just the optimization of active noise reduction. Its multi-scene transparency mode also refers to its own hearing aid technology, providing three choices of balance, environmental clarity and vocal enhancement, and even in the MyTune App, you can even choose 0 to 20 levels of vocals. The enhanced mode brings the state of almost naked ears without headphones, and even without taking off the headphones, you can talk to people naturally and without delay.

Powerful call noise reduction experience

In addition to noise reduction performance, call noise reduction technology is also the most important part of XROUND. VOCA starts with hardware and software. The headset has a built-in dual-array directional microphone, with a unique wind-noise front-back open-mic design, The bottom of the earphone handle is cut through, and the air duct is designed to reduce the generation of wind pressure and improve the physical sound quality. At the same time, combined with the Voice Chamber voice noise reduction technology, the voice of up to two people in the environment can be recognized through an algorithm. Type, and then grab the voice of the higher volume and amplify its volume, and reduce the sound from a distance, so as to achieve the effect of human voice separation and strength judgment. For open scenes and most environments, it can effectively increase After the actual measurement, the author tested the call performance in the night market where people came and went. VOCA can indeed accurately pick up and clearly transmit the conversation content of the user during the call, so that both parties can clearly hear the details of each other’s conversation during the process. Reduce interference from ambient noise.

It is worth mentioning that VOCA also comes with a Thunder Connect special transmitter. When connecting to a game console, PC or laptop, it can directly connect to the device compared to ordinary Bluetooth transmitters or headphones to achieve higher connection stability. It can also achieve dual channel 48K or mono 16K, synchronously transmit voice calls and sound effect transmission quality, and even bring a 30ms delay experience. For FPS players, it can take into account a smooth gaming experience and clear dialogue.

Feature of Product

The built-in CCAW lightweight voice coil and 9mm gold-plated monomer improve the ductility and make the sound more pure and natural.
The bottom of the headphone handle of the wind-resistant directional microphone
adopts a back-digging design, which reduces the generation of wind pressure by means of a unique air duct principle.
The four sets of comfortable earplugs that
come with the earplugs are made of super soft silicone, and the other three sets of bass earplugs can improve air tightness.
It is quite difficult to achieve IP55 dust and water resistance of the body when the headphone handle has a hole.
Special transmitter
The transmitter connection device can achieve dual-channel 48K or mono 16K sound quality while enjoying high connection stability.
Support Qi wireless charging
In addition to Type-C wired charging, the charging box also supports Qi wireless charging.

Bluetooth LE Audio supports more comprehensive functions

In the sound quality part, XROUND VOCA has a lot of ink, and it has assembled three technical highlights to ensure the quality of sound quality. First of all, VOCA has Bluetooth 5.3 wireless transmission specification, and has 990kbps ultra-high sound quality LDAC encoding ability, and can also downward to SBC, AAC A variety of encoding formats, if you listen to lossless music with an Android phone, you can completely release the true sound performance of lossless compressed audio files.

On the single unit, VOCA has a built-in 9mm gold-plated single unit, which can hear thicker bass energy than previous headphones of the same brand, but not just dull low frequency, as for the mid and high frequencies, it also has bright and rich performance, plus the headphone upgrade Equipped with the exclusive TailorID 2.0 technology, it can correct the hearing sense of the left and right ears through the App hearing sense measurement, and customize the effect of optimizing the hearing experience.

In particular, this headphone product is also LE Audio Ready. In the future, it can enjoy the advantages of high performance and low latency through software updates. It also provides functions such as Auracast-related applications and synchronous execution of voice and audio, so there is no need to worry about new The emergence of technology has been eliminated by the times. On the whole, it is in place in terms of noise reduction ability, acoustic performance and application level.

Ambient sound control
provides 4 noise reduction modes and switch adaptive active noise reduction, as well as three transparency modes and vocal enhancement options.
Voice Chamber technology
allows the headset to quickly complete deep learning within 2 seconds of picking up a call, and uses AI to improve the noise reduction experience of calls.
TailorID 2.0 hearing
the test completes the sensitivity of the left and right ears to each frequency band in a 3-minute hearing test, and customizes the personal EQ hearing.

Appearance Design  ★★★★

Hardware Specifications  ★★★★☆ The
headset supports Bluetooth 5.3, supports up to LDAC high-resolution audio coding format, and is also LE Audio Ready product, which can enjoy the characteristics of low power consumption, high efficiency and high sound quality.

Sound quality  ★★★★☆
High ductility is brought about by 9mm gold-plated monomer and CCAW voice coil, which not only brings purer and natural sound, but also enhances the low frequency performance, with TailorID 2.0 technology to create a personalized sound effect.

Noise reduction performance  ★★★★★
Combining its own adaptive active noise reduction technology, Voice Chamber call noise reduction technology, microphone array and wind pressure design, it brings good effects to active noise reduction and call quality.

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Title: XROUND VOCA true wireless earphone review: next-generation earphones fully loaded with AI noise reduction technology