iRocks D01 Electric Lift Table: A Comprehensive Review and Assembly Guide

Following iRocks’ introduction of a range of leather, fabric-coated gaming seats, and ergonomic mesh-backed chairs, there’s been a notable demand from gamers for an “electrically adjustable desk.” This desk would enable users to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing, promoting movement for muscles and bones that have been inactive. iRocks has responded to this demand with its inaugural “D01” electric height-adjustable desk. This desk features silent dual motors from Germany’s OKIN brand, a three-tier centered leg design, an elevation span of 60-125cm, and a dark brown wood-patterned tabletop. This design ensures that users can easily modify their desk’s height to alternate between sitting and standing at home.

D01 Desk Details:

  • Dimensions: 140x80x2.5cm
  • Tabletop Material: Dark brown wood-styled melamine, moisture-resistant plastic (Rated P2 for environmental safety)
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 100Kg
  • Adjustment Range: 60-125cm (not counting the tabletop’s thickness)
  • Column Design: Three-tier centered positioning
  • Leg Composition: Textured paint on Taiwanese steel
  • Motor: Silent dual motor from OKIN, Germany
  • Controller: Features memory for three height settings
  • Adjustment Speed: Approximately 35mm/s
  • Sound Level: Below 50dBA during adjustment
  • Safety Features: Intelligent gyroscope, anti-collision mechanism when obstructions are detected
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: Roughly 55 Kg
  • Assembly: DIY assembly required
  • Additional Features: Optional cable management tray and drawer module
  • Made In: Taiwan
  • Warranty: Frame and legs are covered for 5 years, while the hand controller and motor have a 3-year warranty.

iRocks D01 Electric Height Desk Unpacking and Things to Know Before Purchasing / Optional Cable Trunk and Drawer Set

Selecting a table demands more consideration than choosing a chair. Every household has distinct dimensions and spatial constraints, so it’s pivotal to assess the available room before deciding on an electrically height-adjustable desk. The iRocks D01 exhibits a dark brown hue, measuring 140x80x2.5cm, crafted from wood-patterned melamine which is resistant to moisture. The table legs span 137.5×68.5cm, making it an appropriate size for an individual user’s desktop, accommodating both a gaming PC and monitor comfortably.

When it comes to pivotal features in selecting electric adjustable desks, the focus is on the motor, height adjustability, speed, and weight capacity. Presently, most top-tier electric adjustable tables are equipped with dual motors due to their consistent, speedy, and quiet elevation capabilities. The D01 boasts German-made OKIN silent dual motors with a three-tier leg setup, offering an adjustable height range from 60cm to a maximum of 125cm and a weight capacity of 100 kg.

The adjustability range of the electric desk correlates with the user’s preferred sitting and standing heights. A practical method to determine this is to ensure your elbows form a 90° angle in both sitting and standing postures. This helps gauge the necessary table height. One advantage of the D01’s three-tier leg design is its ability to descend to a minimal height of 60cm, although it may exhibit slight instability at its peak elevation.

Conclusively, regarding supplementary features, the D01 is outfitted with a three-set height memory controller for effortless height modifications. It also offers optional enhancements like a cable management system and drawer assembly. When utilizing it as a computer desk, integrating a cable management system is generally advised. It’s important to note that due to the substantial dimensions and weight of the D01—considering the dual motors, steel construction of the legs, and frame—it’s relatively hefty. If it’s to be shipped to distant locations, additional shipping fees may apply. Also, while the D01 demands self-assembly, there’s an option for professional installation at an added cost.

The D01’s tabletop and its additional components are packaged individually, resulting in two separate packages for basic delivery. For locations that are more secluded or without elevator access, there might be extra delivery fees.
Before unpacking the shipping parts, check that the boxed appearance is complete, and after unpacking, check whether the contents are correct.

Initially, the package comes with assembly guidelines for setting up the table legs and frame. The subsequent page details and enumerates all the components, and it’s recommended that two individuals handle the installation process.

The box of table legs and table frame is very heavy, please be careful when carrying it.
Parts description in the manual.
Table, please also check the integrity of the table and other parts before assembling.
This box is the optional cable trough and drawer set.

DIY assembly of iRocks D01 electric lift table / You can also pay for installation at your home

For those accustomed to assembling PCs or models, putting together the D01 shouldn’t be a significant challenge. The key is to approach it with patience and proceed methodically. A handy tip to remember is: “When joining two parts using screws, start by gently securing the screws into their threads using a tool. Then align other screws closer to their respective holes. Once all screws are in place, gradually and sequentially tighten them.”

To initiate the assembly, adhere to the manual’s instructions. Begin by extracting the steel frame of the table and undoing the 8 pre-tightened screws. Next, remove the two vertical legs and attach them to the frame using screws. Following this, slide the side frame into the main frame and secure it by tightening the screws.

The two columns are not divided into left and right sides. This is the bottom of the column.
The head of the column is an electric lifting motor.
The motor uses a power connection cable with a buckle.
The table frame and columns are assembled.
Then embed the side frame.
There are two table legs, and there are hand-turn foot pads at the bottom to fine-tune the level of the tabletop.
Hand-turned foot pad.
Then flip the table to the back, align the table frame with the keyhole, and continue installation.
Assemble the electric control box and hand control.
The electronic control box can connect two motors, M1 and M2.
The other side is connected to the wire control box and AC 110V power input.
Since the wire control box is on the left, the motor on the other side needs to be connected using the extension cable included in the accessory.
Lock the hand controller and connect it to the wired control box.
Finally, lock the optional cable trough and drawer set, and turn the table over to use it.

iRocks D01 electric lift table height adjustment, complete line operation

Once the D01 is assembled, plug the power cable into the control box to get started. However, after the initial setup or in the event of a power disruption, it’s necessary to execute a “reset.” To do this, press the downward button on the control panel until “rES” appears on its display. Then, press and hold the same button again. In about 5 seconds, the desk will gently descend to a height of 60cm, signaling the completion of the reset process.

For height adjustments, simply use the upward or downward buttons on the control panel. Gamers can find their ideal desk and chair height and then save it: press the ‘S’ button on the control panel until “S–” is shown on the screen, followed by pressing the ‘1’ button. This saves the current height to memory slot 1. The D01 offers memory for three distinct height settings, allowing users to easily recall their preferred sitting and standing heights, streamlining the adjustment process.

The D01’s motor comes with fundamental protective features. For instance, if there’s excessive weight on one side or if the table encounters resistance while ascending or descending, it will display an error code and halt its movement, reverting a little to ensure safety. Additionally, the motor features protection against overheating. Under typical conditions, users won’t frequently adjust the table’s height in quick succession, so this concern is minimal.

iRocks D01 assembled.
With the user-friendly hand controller, adjusting the table’s height is straightforward. Simply press the upward or downward buttons. The table’s current height (in cm) will be shown on the left side of the controller. Buttons 1, 2, and 3 serve as memory functions, while the ‘S’ button has multiple purposes. For a detailed understanding of its operations, consult the accompanying manual.
After adjusting the height, long press the S key to enter the memory mode. At this time, you can press the 1, 2 or 3 memory buttons.

The D01’s optional slide-out drawer is handy for stowing away smaller items. However, for users who prefer sitting closer to the table, especially those of shorter stature, the addition of this drawer might somewhat reduce the available legroom.

Optional small drawer.

I experimented with setting up a computer workspace using the D01 desk, which measures 140x80x2.5cm. This space can comfortably fit a mid-tower ATX size case along with dual monitors: one 24-inch and one 27-inch. However, if you’re considering dual 27-inch monitors, be prepared for them to extend beyond the desk’s boundaries. For a more optimal setup, you might consider placing the computer tower beneath the desk and employing longer HDMI, DP, USB, and other necessary cables. Alternatively, using a monitor stand could also be a suitable solution.

D01 places the main unit and dual screens.
Paired with the chair, the D01 table is suitable for personal use and has sufficient depth.
The left side has the iRocks nameplate.

For a streamlined setup with a computer tower and dual monitors, the optional “cable trough” is quite beneficial. Its primary use is to house a set of extension cables, allowing the power cords of both the tower and monitors to be neatly routed into it. If you opt to have the computer tower on the desktop, consider purchasing a shorter AC power cord. This makes organizing the combined power cords of the tower and monitors much simpler. Similarly, acquiring monitor cables of just the right length can greatly simplify the cable management at the back.

Alternatively, you can invest in wire protectors, cable sleeves, and other cable management tools. If the computer tower is positioned beneath the desk, longer HDMI or DP cables are advisable. Pairing this with wireless keyboard and mouse sets, or using USB extension cords, can further enhance the neatness and functionality of your setup.

D01 main unit + dual screen rear line.
Use extension cords in the entire cable duct.
If you buy a shorter power cord, it will be easier to organize.

Using the D01 as a reference for actual standing and sitting postures, the tabletop stands at a height of 100cm when in the standing position and 70cm when seated. The dual motors incorporated in the D01 ensure a swift and quiet adjustment of the desktop height. For your convenience, the specifics of the D01’s maximum and minimum height adjustments are provided.

The height of the tabletop in a standing position is 100cm.
The height of the tabletop in sitting position is 70cm.


iRocks introduces its inaugural D01 electric height-adjustable table, spanning a moderate 140x80cm in size. It’s enhanced with German-engineered OKIN silent dual motors and features a three-tier central leg design. The table offers a height adjustment range between 60cm and 125cm, presenting a novel standing experience for users. While you can select from different brands, iRocks anticipates the release of a more compact D01-SS model, measuring 120x60cm.

Typically, electric adjustable desks require self-assembly, though there’s an option to purchase professional in-home installation. Owing to their considerable dimensions and heft, additional shipping fees might apply for those residing in outlying areas or in buildings without elevator access. Before acquiring such furniture, it’s vital to assess your home for adequate space and ensure your building’s elevators and staircases can accommodate the item.

The D01 adjustable desk facilitates prolonged standing, enabling continued work or light activities. If situated at home, post-gaming, it provides a comfortable stance for movie-watching or binge-watching TV shows, aiding in muscle relaxation. iRocks’ D01 is proudly manufactured in Taiwan (MIT certified) and comes with a five-year warranty for the frame and legs, and a three-year warranty for the hand controller and motor. For potential buyers in Taiwan, the desk is priced at NT$16,800 as a reference point.

iRocks launches the “D01-SS” electric lift table with a small table top: light brown, dark brown, and white wood grain are available

In this review, we’ve unpacked the “iRocks D01” electric height-adjustable table, which sports a slightly more generous dimension of 140x80cm, making it ideal for computer use. Recognizing the needs of users who prefer a more compact size, iRocks promptly introduced the “D01-SS” variant. This model has a tabletop measuring 120x60cm and comes in three distinct color options: Somei Yoshino Sakura (a light brown shade), Hokkaido Silver Pine (white), and American Walnut (a rich dark brown).

In simpler terms, the primary distinction between the D01-SS and the D01 is the tabletop size. Beyond that, their features align: both sport the same table frame, utilize the German OKIN silent dual motors, incorporate a three-tier central leg design, offer a height adjustment range from 60cm to 125cm, can support up to 100Kg, and come equipped with three preset height memory controllers as a standard feature.

In essence, the primary benefit of an electric adjustable desk is that it offers users the flexibility to switch from sitting to standing, aiding in muscle relaxation and fatigue reduction. For instance, after prolonged computer use while seated, one can easily adjust to a standing posture to enjoy snacks or watch TV series. This change in posture facilitates relaxation for muscles and bones. Additionally, the desk is equipped with a smart anti-collision detection system, which auto-retracts to guarantee safety during adjustments.

To draw a parallel, the iRocks D01-SS is also proudly manufactured in Taiwan under the MIT certification. It comes with a five-year warranty covering the frame and legs and a three-year warranty for the hand controller and motor. As a point of reference for potential buyers in Taiwan, the desk is priced at NT$14,378.

  • Product model: D01-SS
  • Product name: Electric lift table
  • Table size: 120x60x2.5 cm
  • Dynamic load-bearing: Max. 100Kg; static load-bearing 130KG
  • Height lifting range: 60-125CM (excluding table board)
  • Table material: Melamine moisture-proof plastic board (P2 environmental protection grade)
  • Lifting column: three-section mid-mounted model
  • Table leg material: Taiwan steel + textured paint
  • Motor: German silent dual motor
  • Controller: three sets of height memory keys
  • Lifting speed: about 35mm/sec
  • Lifting noise: <50dBA
  • Safety mechanism: smart gyroscope/anti-pinch mechanism in case of obstruction
  • Power supply: 110V
  • Product weight: about 37Kg
  • Self-assembly: Yes
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Warranty: 5 years for frame and table legs, 3 years for hand control and motor
  • Optional colors: Somei Yoshino cherry/Hokkaido silver pine/American walnut + black frame
  • Optional accessories: Cable trunking
  • Table frame weight: about 15KG
  • Table weight: about 22KG

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Title: iRocks D01 Electric Lift Table: A Comprehensive Review and Assembly Guide