CORSAIR HS80 MAX Wireless Gaming Headset: Enhancements in Connectivity, Battery Life, and Sound Quality

The HS80, a leading gaming headset from CORSAIR, has been in the market for two years. Now, they’ve introduced the HS80 MAX wireless gaming headset, which boasts an added Bluetooth wireless connection mode. This updated model also offers enhanced battery longevity, making it ideal for extended use and for those who frequently switch between different platforms.


  • Shade: Metallic Gray
  • Acoustic Feature: Dolby Atmos coupled with SoundID
  • Weight: 352 grams
  • Illumination: RGB Effects
  • Battery Duration: 24 hours with 2.4GHZ and RGB, 65 hours with 2.4GHZ minus RGB, and an impressive 130 hours on Bluetooth 5.2.
  • Wireless Range: 15 meters on 2.4GHz and 9 meters on Bluetooth 5.2
  • Driver Specifications: Tailored 50mm drivers with a frequency response from 20Hz to 40kHz. The sensitivity stands at 119dB (with a variation of ±3 dB) and an impedance of 32 Ohms at 1kHz.
  • Microphone Attributes: The microphone offers an omnidirectional pickup pattern. Its frequency response ranges from 100Hz up to 10kHz, with a sensitivity of -38 dB (±3 dB) and an impedance of 2.2k Ohms.


The appearance of the CORSAIR HS80 MAX wireless headset remains unchanged in this release, retaining its classic style. It features a pressure-relieving headband paired with cushioned ear pads for optimum comfort.

The primary enhancement in this version is the three-mode connectivity, inclusive of Bluetooth 5.2, which can last an impressive 130 hours on a full charge. Additionally, using a 2.4GHz connection, the battery life can extend to 65 hours, making it feasible for most gamers to use it for roughly a week without recharging.

Besides its support for the immersive Dolby Atmos audio effects, it also incorporates the Sonarworks SoundID, a feature earlier seen in the entry-level HS60 and HS65 models. This addition allows for effortless optimization of sound quality, enabling users to fine-tune it to their preferences.

HS80 MAX wireless sports headset outer box.
The lower left corner of the outer box is marked with multi-platform support, and the lower right corner is marked with supported technologies and software.
Headphones, cables and receivers.

This iteration of the HS80 MAX comes in steel gray, though there’s also an option in white. These color choices cater to players’ individual tastes. Structurally, the HS80 MAX closely mirrors the HS80. A noticeable change, however, is in the earphone side covers of the HS80 MAX, which now sport a solid color as opposed to the earlier two-tone design.

HS80 MAX appearance at a glance.
There is a luminous logo on the side of the earphones.

The headband boasts an elastic design aimed at minimizing pressure. It includes an internal Velcro for adjustability. The presence of protein leather padding at the center of the headband significantly enhances its comfort. Weighing a mere 352g, the HS80 MAX is a comfortable fit for most users, ensuring it feels virtually weightless when worn.

The word CORSAIR is printed on the upper shell of the headband.
The pressure-relieving headband has an additional foam pad wrapped in protein leather in the middle.
Use devil’s tape on both sides of the headband to adjust the tightness.

The ear pads of the HS80 MAX are crafted from fabric. With an internal cushioning of approximately 1 cm in thickness, they ensure sustained comfort during prolonged use. While these ear pads don’t follow a standard specification, they are detachable. This allows users to replace them with fresh ones after extended use.

The ear lining is made of fabric, which is exactly the style I prefer. It will not feel stuffy after being used for a long time.
The ear pads can be removed after being rotated. If they become unusable after being used for a long time, you can purchase new replacement ones.

The HS80 MAX is equipped with a custom 50mm driver made of high-density neodymium magnets, boasting a frequency response from 20Hz to 40,000Hz. Combined with Dolby ATMOS and SoundID, it delivers a refined auditory experience.

50mm customized high-density neodymium magnet driver unit exploded view.

The HS80 MAX incorporates an omnidirectional microphone for audio capture. While the microphone isn’t removable, it has a foldable design. This feature ensures automatic muting when the microphone is folded upwards, adding a layer of convenience for the user.

Foldable microphone.
The microphone will automatically mute and light up red after being folded.
The omnidirectional microphone has a sound pickup hole on the side near the mouth.

Located behind the left ear cup are the power toggle and a volume control knob. The base of this ear cup houses the Type-C port used for charging and wired connectivity. Notably, this edition has introduced a Bluetooth toggle button on the right side, enabling users to swiftly transition between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth modes.

List of buttons on the back of the headset.
Type-C port.
2.4GHz wireless receiver.

iCue software

The iCUE software offers customization features like lighting configurations and equalizer settings. Additionally, the HS80 MAX’s wireless receiver supports a multi-device pairing capability. Users can easily add new device connections by selecting the receiver within the software.

iCUE software homepage.
HS80 MAX receiver connection setting page.
HS80 MAX scroll wheel button can be customized.
Lighting effect setting page.
Install the NVIDIA Broadcast plug-in to use the AI ​​noise reduction function.
Equalizer settings.
SoundID setting page.
HS80 MAX setting page.

For enhanced audio, users can download the Dolby Access app from the Microsoft store. Once the app recognizes the connection of the HS80 MAX headset, it unlocks the Dolby ATMOS sound effects at no extra cost. By default, it offers four preset modes along with four customizable slots. This flexibility lets users tailor the equalizer to their preferences. However, it’s important to note that activating Dolby Access disables the audio effects feature in the iCUE software.

Dolby Access.
When the HS80 MAX is detected in the software, it will be displayed as ready for use.
Sound effect setting page.


CORSAIR’s latest HS80 Max retains the design of its predecessor, the original HS80, ensuring continued comfort for its users. The writer’s experience suggests that the headset neither feels too tight nor too loose, striking a perfect balance. The sound quality is commendably enhanced this time around, with Dolby sound effects and SoundID guiding users towards custom audio settings. This is especially beneficial for users unfamiliar with tweaking EQ settings, helping them easily land on an optimal listening experience.

A notable addition is the Bluetooth connectivity, expanding the headset’s versatility. However, the absence of SLIPSTREAM wireless technology means the connection range is slightly limited to just under 3 meters. Still, the writer believes that for most users, a 15-meter range will be more than adequate.

The improved battery life deserves a special mention. With the lighting feature turned off, the headset can last approximately 65 hours on a 2.4GHz connection. This means users might only need to charge it once a week, adding to the convenience and reducing the anxiety of an unexpected power cut during gameplay (the writer seems to speak from personal experience on this front).

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Title: CORSAIR HS80 MAX Wireless Gaming Headset: Enhancements in Connectivity, Battery Life, and Sound Quality