Combining black and purple hues, the NZXT and VERTAGEAR SL5000 collaboration offers a race-inspired gaming chair design

NZXT, a PC hardware components producer, and the North American e-sports fashion label have collaborated to introduce the SL5000 gaming chair. Its striking black and purple color scheme is unmistakably an NZXT creation. With three major international certifications, including EN1335, this chair promises comfort and safety. However, its price tag of 14,900 yuan is quite steep, so let’s evaluate if it’s truly worth the investment!

Color: dark purple
Maximum load: 150kg
Applicable height: within 193cm
Applicable weight: within 120kg
Material: steel (frame), UPHR foam, PUC leather, aluminum alloy base
Package size: 83x72x37.5cm
Chair height: 123.5-133.5cm
Shoulder width: 49cm
Waist Width: 52cm
Chair width: 57.5cm
Seat depth: 48cm
Net weight: 25.9kg
Weight with package: 30.6kg

NZXT x VERTAGEAR SL5000 limited joint gaming chair

Upon unboxing, the chair’s design includes a driver securely fixed to it, which is primarily for aesthetic purposes. As a gaming chair, no one will actually use it for bending. In any case, trying it out in a physical store won’t cost anything, so consumers are encouraged to do so.

Leather chairs are often perceived as less breathable compared to mesh office chairs. However, the SL5000 features VERTAGEAR’s exclusive patented HygennX padding material, which incorporates coffee fibers to inhibit bacterial growth, reduce odors, and enhance breathability. The chair also benefits from VERTAGEAR’s unique PUC material, which combines the durability of PVC with the flexibility of PU.

Aluminum alloy chair legs may be an overlooked aspect for many, but compared to plastic chair legs, they offer greater durability, a stronger structure, and smoother, more effortless movement without feeling loose. The chair’s silent wheels are another detail that sets it apart from cheaper office chairs in terms of noise reduction.

The SL5000 comes with a top-rated CLASS 4 air pressure rod, which is not only about quality but also safety. Inferior products may be prone to explosions, so it’s crucial to choose a chair with a certified air pressure rod to protect yourself while seated.

The SL5000 weighs 30.6kg including the package, so it is safer to carry it with two people.
List of all accessories, need to assemble by yourself.
360-degree racing style silent wheels.
Install with the enclosed hexagonal wrench. The base has the installation direction, so don’t install it wrong.
Plug-in quick installation.
The chair back bracket.
The chair back bracket needs to be inserted into the hole on the chair back.
Tighten the 2 screws on the left and right respectively to install it.
The front of SL5000.
The back of SL5000.
The NZXT emblem is stitched in white, while the VERTAGEAR logo on the headrest is embroidered using black thread.
The higher lever modifies the seat back’s angle, while the lower lever controls the height adjustment.
The two sides of the seat surface have high bulges.
The chair features wear-resistant leather that is resistant to cat scratches. As I don’t have a cat, I am using official promotional images for demonstration purposes.

The SL5000 also includes a hidden rocking chair feature. To activate it, pull the lower lever (used for height control) and push it back to close. This allows the seat to tilt backward along with your body. However, reclining may require considerable effort, possibly due to the absence of a Z-shaped tray in the base, and as a result, this feature might be used less frequently.

Stress relief rocking chair function.

SL5000 Adjustment Demonstration

Height 123.5-133.5cm stepless adjustment.
The chair back can be adjusted in multiple stages from 80-140 degrees.
Height adjustable armrests.
Front and rear adjustable armrests.
Left and right adjustable armrests.
Armrest can be swiveled left and right.


The NZXT x VERTAGEAR SL5000 collaborative gaming chair can be effortlessly assembled by a single person. The PUC leather seat is incredibly soft and breathable when seated. The racing chair-inspired design on the sides may slightly affect the width, but apart from sitting cross-legged, it won’t feel restrictive for those with a normal build. The chair back and cushion closely conform to the body, providing excellent support. The cushion foam is firm, making it comfortable for those with good posture. Conversely, those who prefer slouching may find it uncomfortable. In summary, it’s recommended to try the chair before purchasing.

The NZXT x VERTAGEAR SL5000 co-branded gaming chair is priced at 14,900 yuan in Taiwan. If you buy it now, you’ll receive a complimentary NZXT Capsule microphone (limited to 10 sets) valued at 4,990 yuan. If this chair appeals to you, act quickly!

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Title: Combining black and purple hues, the NZXT and VERTAGEAR SL5000 collaboration offers a race-inspired gaming chair design