Algorithm-Generated AI Content Killed Your Website! But Here is How To Fixed It in Google SEO

I had three websites that were running AI content. They were entirely made using AI content. After the Google algorithm update back in May or April, those websites tanked. These sites went from being on pages one and two to be de-indexed. I’ve been working on recovering them, so this video is about how I recovered those websites. Ado: I want people to understand how Google looks at search intent and how you can optimise your website.

First, I made a list of all my pages and started building internal links to know that the topical map was good and semantically relevant to what I was targeting. If all things are equal and Google penalises websites that use AI content, the only way for me to know is to remove all the AI content and publish human-written content. I rewrote those articles myself. I did independent research I did ahead, and I researched those articles. I wrote them right like I would write any other essay. Google was not crawling my website, so I had to move to step two, which I think was really important. If you’re trying to recover your website and believe that AI was why Google had indexed it or you ranked, it is the next thing I did.

Google will not index our websites, so what do we do? I changed all the internal links and so what I did was I took my own advice and used what’s called a reverse Silo. Google crawled my website initially, and then I started getting clicks, and as soon as the clicks started coming in, all my other websites began getting crawled. Google started indexing my website at my web, and my keywords were uploaded on pages two and three. Some were just on pages 10 and 11, but they started appearing. As soon as people, like real people, started coming in and engaging with my content, I saw my rankings improve.

Google’s looking at how many people are coming to your website and not bouncing off within a few seconds, so if this is done right, you can recover your website. If your website isn’t keeping people engaged, it means that your content isn’t helpful. If it’s not helpful, it will probably not rank as well, and over time, Google will de-rank your content. Google might not be able to tell if the content is AI-written, but humans can tell if AI content is written, and Google is monitoring people visiting your website.

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Title: Algorithm-Generated AI Content Killed Your Website! But Here is How To Fixed It in Google SEO