Antec DP505 White case unboxing / Snow white colour body, X-shaped full-area perforated stencil

Antec DP505

DP505 White uses snow-white colour matching to beautify the entire chassis structure. The front panel is decorated with a special X-shaped embossed decoration, and the full-area punched mesh plate brings sufficient heat dissipation performance. Its special appearance design makes people think of it for the first time. A while ago, in the superhero-themed American drama “Moonlight Knight”, the middle tower size DP505 can install two 360mm water cooling, E-ATX motherboards, 375mm graphics cards, and 170mm air-cooled tower space for installation.

Antec DP505 White Specifications:
Dimensions: 481 (L) x 220 (W) x 490 (H) mm
Colour: White
Material: Steel, Tempered Glass, Plastic
Motherboard: E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, Mini ITX
CPU Air Cooling: 170mm
Graphics Card: 375mm
Power Supply: ATX 205~410 mm
Pre-installed Fan (Front): 120mm 3
Fan Mounting Positions (Front + Top + Rear + Power Compartment): 185mm 2+0+0+0 , 140mm 3+2+0+0 pcs, 120mm 3+3+1+2 pcs
Water cooling row support: front and top 360/280mm, rear 120mm
top I/O ports: USB 3.0 x2, USB3.2 Gen2 Type- C x1, HD AUDIO, MIC, ARGB lighting control keys
Hard disk and storage slots: two 2.5″, and two 3.5″ (2.5″ compatible)

Antec DP505 White case out of the box

DP505 White, as its name suggests, has a complete case, most of which is painted with whitening. The dimensions of the case itself are 48.1 x 22 x 49 cm. The case type belongs to the mainstream mid-tower size. The size itself is not particularly huge, but the internal installation expansion is very sufficient.

The dimensions of the DP505 White are 48.1 x 22 x 49 cm, which is a mainstream mid-tower size case.

In addition to the all-white design, the most special thing is the X shape on the front panel, which adds a little mystery to this case. Antec has always had its own style in the design of the case shape, and the author occasionally is attracted by its products. In addition to the special appearance design, the DP505 also uses a ventilation mesh design on the front panel, which covers the installation position of the front fan and provides enough air intake to dissipate heat inside the case. It is a pity that there is no additional dust filter installed inside the front panel.

The X-shaped mesh front panel can handle the heat dissipation performance!

On the right side of the case, a 4mm thick full-transparency glass side panel is used. The glass side panel is surrounded by a decorative design with white borders. The fixing method adopts a non-drilling method and is locked by the rear hand screw. The full-transparency glass side panel can display the hardware completely. The details of the body and RGB lighting effects are suitable for players who like to appreciate the texture design of the hardware itself.

The bottom of the glass side panel is designed to prevent vertical falling, and the feet of the chassis is pushed outwards to support the glass side panel. In addition to the two anti-drop designs, the glass side panel and the chassis are also just right, so when removing, you need to be careful to hold the side panel and not force miracles!

Fully transparent tempered glass, which can fully display the details of the hardware appearance, and has an anti-drop design at the bottom.
The glass side panel is fixed by the rear hand screw, and the design without drilling is more secure!

The interior of DP505 White adopts the current mainstream down-mounted power supply structure. A 12cm fan or water-cooling radiator can be installed at the rear. It provides a seven-slot PCI-E device installation position with a reusable baffle. It is a pity that the vertical installation position of the graphics card is not supported. , and the bottom-mounted power supply is designed for rear-drawing installation. After removing the two anti-drop hand-turning screws, the mounting bracket can be fixed on the power supply and pushed into the installation position from the rear of the case.

The rear supports 12cm fan or water cooling row installation and provides a seven-slot PCIE device installation location.
The power supply mounting bracket is fixed by two thumbscrews and adopts the rear push-in installation method.

The top of the case also uses snow and daytime colour matching. The top cover is pre-installed with a magnetic suction dust filter to prevent natural dust or small insects and other foreign objects from entering the inside of the case, resulting in the accumulation of dust inside the case. Remove the magnetic suction After installing the type dust filter, you can see that the top of the case supports the installation of three 12cm or two 14cm fans, and the installation of 120/140/240/280/360mm size water cooling.

What is more special is that the keyhole part provides three sets of installation positions of different sizes, which are reserved for fan installation with special hole spacing, and the fan keyhole is also designed to be offset outwards to avoid the installation of water cooling or fans above. The height of the heat dissipation armour of the board or memory causes installation conflicts!

The magnetic dust filter is pre-installed at the factory to reduce the possibility of dust and foreign objects entering the casing.
The 280/360mm size water cooling radiator can be installed, and the lock hole is shifted outward to avoid installation conflicts with the main board.

The I/O port of DP505 White is located on the left side of the upper cover of the case. Setting this position is more convenient for players who are used to placing the console next to their feet, but on the contrary, it is easier to encounter dust entering the slot. , and the key-stomping attack of the noble master at home.

The I/O ports from the front to the back are the power button, LED RGB lighting control button, hard disk and power operation indicators, two USB 3.0, HD AUDIO, MIC, USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C, and the current case is all The USB Type-C slot is already standard, and the DP505 White will naturally not be missing.

An overview of the I/O ports is located on the left side of the top cover of the chassis.

The bottom of the case is at the air inlet position of the power supply, and a rear-drawn dust filter is set to reduce the amount of dust entering the power supply during operation. The dust filter needs to be pressed down and pulled out backwards, and the handle of the dust filter is not easy to press down when the case is upright, and you can see from the front that the internal hard disk bracket has two adjustable installation positions. The groove is fixed with two screws, and the difference between the positions of the two keyholes can be adjusted by 2cm.

The power supply position is equipped with a dust filter, and the adjustable position of the hard disk bracket is fixed by the bottom screw.
Rear-extraction type power supply dust filter, but it is more recommended to put the case down and it will be more convenient to extract.

Antec DP505 White Installation Space List

The DP505 White is pre-attached with three 12cm ARGB fans in front of the factory, and the fan itself has a white design whether it is a frame or a fan blade, but the colour of the fan itself is more off-white. Under the illumination of light, there will be a slight colour difference with the chassis structure. It is a pity that the DP505 White does not come with an exhaust fan at the rear or above. If players have more budget, they will recommend additional purchases and installations. To a certain extent, It can improve the cooling airflow and cooling performance inside the case.

Three 12/14cm fans and 360/280mm size water cooling can be installed on the front of the case. In particular, two 18.5cm fan lock holes are provided. Some special-size fans can be installed when the fan frame allows. larger fan.

The DP505 White comes with three 12cm ARGB fans pre-installed at the front to provide air intake.

The internal core hardware installation space is more abundant. It can install E-ATX~Mini ITX size motherboards, 375mm long graphics cards, and 170mm high air-cooled tower installation space. The internal installation space can be compatible with the most current flagship model of the mainstream level, and since the fan can be installed on the outside of the front fan bracket, the inside of the case can accommodate two 360mm size water cooling installations at the same time.

There are 11 holes for wiring in the case, providing enough wiring holes to make it easier for players to complete the line. Eight of them are provided with rubber material decorative cushions, which can beautify the inside of the case to a certain extent. In addition, two 12cm fan lock holes are provided above the power compartment, and fans can be installed to directly blow the graphics card, but unlike the previous DF series, there is no additional pre-installed fan in this position.

The installation space of the core hardware inside the case at a glance and the installation space is very abundant.
Two 12cm fans can be installed above the power compartment, players can purchase and install them by themselves.

There is a 6.5cm deep installation groove in front of the power compartment, which is provided for the front water cooling installation. The 6.5cm depth is in the fan installation position on the outside of the fan bracket. Players can use the hamburger drainage cooling installation method even if they want to!

The top of the case is also designed to increase the ceiling for the installation of water cooling. In addition, as mentioned above, the keyhole is offset outward to avoid water cooling as much as possible, which conflicts with the installation of the motherboard and the memory. In addition, the block above the motherboard is biased towards the CPU power supply slot, and there is an extra push to the outside to provide more space for the entire line. This space can prevent the CPU power supply and the upper water cooling fan wires from crowding together.

In the middle of the two rows of wiring holes on the right side of the motherboard, the DP505 White is equipped with a modular display card support frame, which provides holes with adjustable distances up, down, left, right, front, back, and can more flexibly cope with different graphics card sizes. The graphics card is getting heavier and heavier, and the reinforced backplane alone is not enough to support it. Equipped with a graphics card support frame can reduce the bending of the graphics card PCB.

There is a 6.5cm deep front water cooling installation space in front of the power compartment.
In addition to the raised top above the inside of the case, there is an extrapolation above the motherboard to allow a little space for cables to hide.
Modular display card bracket, able to fine-tune front, back, left, right, up, and down to deal with various installation situations.

The entire cable space behind the DP505 White is at a glance. The deepest part is 23mm and the shallowest part is 15mm. The upper I/O and front fan cables have been pre-bundled before leaving the factory. There are two devil-felt bundles inside the case. Cable straps help bundle cables, and there are two 2.5-inch hard drive mounts on the back of the motherboard.

There is an ARGB fan hub attached to the case, which provides six 3Pin DC fan power supplies and 5V 3Pin ARGB slots. The front pre-installed fans have already used three positions, so the hub can also install three devices. The hub itself Requires SATA power to function.

An overview of the entire line space behind the DP505 White.
Included an ARGB fan hub, also capable of mounting three units on each.

The installation position of the power supply below is preset to provide a 20.5cm length of installation space, and the composite hard disk rack next to it is designed to be adjustable. Moving forward will cause the front 360mm hamburger drain cooler to not be installed.

The hard disk rack supports two 2.5/3.5-inch hard disks in a bunk structure. The bottom installation is designed to extract the tray. For 3.5-inch HDD hard disks, the screw-free tenon fixing method is specially adopted. The tray itself has moderate hardness and can be quickly removed. It is not too difficult to install the hard disk. The top hard disk is installed with screws on the top floor, and the accessory box is also hidden here.

The preset power supply installation position provides a depth of 20.5cm, and the composite hard disk rack can install two 2.5/3.5-inch hard disks.
Accessories provide a one-time strap, motherboard copper post sleeve, two bags of screws, and a devil felt strap.

Antec DP505 White Actual Installation Show

The mainstream ATX size motherboard is used for installation, the public version NVIDIA FE dual-fan graphics card is used for installation, and the 360mm size integrated water cooling is installed on the top. It can be seen that there is still a lot of space on the right side of the motherboard, but in the future, The graphics cards used by players should gradually become popular with three-fan size graphics cards. In addition, if you want to install front water cooling, you should pay attention to one thing. Pay attention when purchasing.

The internal installation space of DP505 White is very sufficient, the installation process is very smooth and there is no special situation. At present, mainstream consumer products can basically be installed directly, and most of them do not need to worry about the number of wiring holes. And the location is also quite user-friendly, and the number and location of the wiring holes are also quite user-friendly installation experience is very friendly.

The front pre-installed ARGB fan actually operates the lighting effect.
Fully transparent glass side panels allow unobstructed hardware details and ample installation space.
Install the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super graphics card and use the included graphics card support bracket for auxiliary support.

To sum up

Antec DP505

DP505 White has a unique shape appearance. The full-area mesh front panel also guarantees heat dissipation performance, and the internal hardware expandability is quite sufficient. At present, contemporary consumer-level flagship models are basically all products. Can be installed directly without worry.

If you are looking for a mid-tower-sized case with a white appearance, and it has good scalability, it can install an E-ATX-sized motherboard, a 375mm graphics card, a 170mm air-cooled tower, and it needs to include ARGB. For fan hubs and graphics card support brackets, DP505 White is a good choice. Currently, DP505 White is priced at NT$2,690, which is considered a mainstream case price.

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Title: Antec DP505 White case unboxing / Snow white colour body, X-shaped full-area perforated stencil