Google October 2022 Spam Update – Here Is How to Recover Your Rankings

The Google 2022 October spam update has caused Devastation to many websites, including some of my own fortunately for me, a lot of the best practices that I’m going to talk about right now I was using for the past six or seven months. If you’re looking for someone to do SEO for your website, do not hesitate to contact me. There’s a link in the description. Click the link, fill out the short Google form, and I’ll get in touch with you. I don’t want to be spammed with questions I’ve already answered. This video is about recovering from the Google 2022 October spam update. The first thing you’d like to do is audit your backlinks. Now, if you see the graphic on the right-hand side of your screen, you’d see that this website just crashed and burned. This is a test website, and it was further hit back in May, and then I didn’t even touch this website back in May.

There was a bit of recovery up to somewhere in January, but after that, it crashed again. What did I do to battle hard on this website? Well, one of the first things I did at I to sell out all the links. You do not want a connection if you’ve got a backlink from a website with AI-generated content. Poorly written content will be bad, even if all the content on your website is human-written. If your website has a link back from a site with internet content, you want to have that removed ASAP.

Google would have probably penalized that website for having that link. Check your anchor text ratio if you have backlinks from a website or if you’re doing Outreach you probably don’t have. If you’re buying backlinks which are also acceptable, I buy backlinks too, but if you are purchasing those backlinks, make sure you’re linking to the source of your information. Reach out to the webmaster from where you got the link and ask them to change it to a naked URL or any other type of URL. If your website has been hit, it’s probably one of these things. If it has the agent or the content poorly written content you have a cheap writer to do it for you and probably redo all of the content.

You could have air generator content on the about us page in the cookies page terms of the legal service agreement. These are pages that people don’t read as much as Google knows. Make sure you buy a short description about yourself in the footer of your blogs, which should have your accurate picture. Then don’t use an AI-generated image. I know many people do that. Google can tell the difference, so you do not want to mess with that. Have a link from the bio to your social media profiles. The writer should ideally have a Facebook profile, if not a LinkedIn and Twitter profile.

Google prefers a website with info Graphics compared to one with human-written content. In addition to adding the bio, make sure you add infographics to your post. Google sees that as it has been helpful to readers people coming to your website find that useful. Also, you want to add real images of your products. What Google Sees is unnatural link building, so it can tell if your linked profile is unnatural.

Google is looking at link spam, and so Google wants to see if the backlinks coming in have been purchased or if there are real links. If you follow these ratios, you’re telling Google that you’re using. If you’re trying to Target Car Sales in Dubai, don’t have more than five per cent for car sales in Dubai unless you can partially break it down. Internal links are now more important than they ever were before. Google Sees websites as entities and looks at the data as an entity or things it tries to. It’s not very successful right now.

You should link to what readers will find helpful, and obviously, you should write for readers, so use the anchor text that does not elicit an action. Google sees this as internal linking spam, which will not suit you. Google can tell if you’re not building internal links for Bots because the bot will come in on your website.

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Title: Google October 2022 Spam Update – Here Is How to Recover Your Rankings