With tranquility reminiscent of Japan, we unbox the Montech MKey mechanical keyboard

Drawing inspiration from Osaka Castle, Japan, the Montech MKey series keyboard merges grand Japanese architectural elements into its color palette. The keyboard is available in two themes: the verdant Liberty City and the sleek Dark City and comes in an 80% Tenkeyless (TKL) layout or 100% full number key configuration. Prioritizing optimum performance and superior acoustics, the keyboard also boasts 18 RGB modes for personalized customization.

Key Features:

  • Interface: Features a separated USB-A (for the computer) to Type-C (for the keyboard) key line.
  • Switch Type: GateronG Pro 2.0 red, yellow, or brown switches.
  • Color Options: Liberty City or Dark City.
  • Key Count: Available with 85 or 105 keys.
  • Keycap Material: Manufactured with PBT via a heat sublimation process.
  • Keycap Design: MDA profile.
  • Stand Adjustment: Three-tiered.
  • Anti-Ghosting: N-Key Rollover, allowing for full-key conflict-free typing.
  • Backlighting: 18 RGB lighting modes.
  • Cable Length: Measures 190 cm.
  • Size: Dimensions are 363x136x41mm (for the 80% layout) or 443x136x41mm (for the 100% layout).
  • Weight: The 80% layout weighs 1335g, and the 100% layout weighs 1563g.
  • Warranty: Covered with a one-year warranty.

Hot swap, PBT keycaps, RGB lighting | Montech MKey unpacking

The Montech MKey keyboard, in its 100% full-size configuration, is available for 2390 yuan, while the 80% TKL configuration costs 2190 yuan. This is a Type-C wired keyboard with distinctive features such as individual RGB lights, hot-swappable switches, MDA-profile keycaps, three-tiered stands, and full-key anti-ghosting functionality.

At the heart of the MKey keyboard is the highly favored Gateron G Pro 2.0 switch. Every switch is pre-lubricated before leaving the factory, and the 2.0 version has reinforced upper and lower covers. The keyboard supports switch replacement due to its Kailh hot-swappable base, compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin hot-swappable switch bodies.

The MKey keyboard uses PBT material for its keycaps, which resists oiling – a condition where the keycaps turn shiny and smooth due to prolonged usage – better than ABS. These keycaps are dyed using sublimation technology, which ensures an appealing appearance and remarkable durability. Unlike ABS, PBT doesn’t fade easily and offers a pleasingly smooth surface. The keycap profile follows the MDA ball cap design, providing more ergonomic comfort compared to the common OEM keycaps, thereby enhancing smoother gameplay.

Montech MKey keyboard packaging.
Introduction to the features of the keyboard on the back of the box.
The model label is on the side.

The packaging of the MKey ensures a high degree of protection, with dense cushioning material inside to safeguard the keyboard. Additionally, it comes with a practical transparent keyboard cover, which is an effective tool for maintaining the cleanliness of the keyboard.

The keyboard is boxed inside.
Transparent keyboard cover.
Hard cardboard manual.

The MKey comes with a number of handy accessories, including a 1.9-meter braided Type-C to Type-A cable, four custom keycaps, and a key puller. This tool serves a dual purpose: one end is used for removing keycaps, and the other for pulling out the switch body.

List of accessories.
The City of Liberty comes with a keycap.
The keycap of Dark City.
Braided wire.
Key puller.
Shaft puller.

The Montech MKey is available in two configurations: a 105-key full-size layout and an 85-key TKL layout. It features four indicator lights and a metal knob situated in the upper right corner. This knob is surrounded by an RGB light ring and can be pressed to cycle through different modes. By default, it controls the volume, but can also be used to switch light modes and adjust picture zoom.

Group photo of the keyboard.
MKey TKL City of Liberty.
MKey Dark City.
The City of Liberty is 100% configured.
Dark City TKL configuration.

The keycaps of the Montech MKey are crafted from PBT material, employing dye-sublimation printing technology to ensure clear and long-lasting lettering. Its RGB lighting follows a more reserved style; the keycaps are opaque, meaning the RGB light emanating from underneath won’t be overly bright. With 18 color modes to choose from, lighting can be adjusted via keyboard controls or by downloading the MKeyfullsizecore software for more detailed customization.

MKey TKL lighting display.
MKey TKL lighting display.
MKey TKL lighting display.
MKey lighting display.
MKey lighting display.

The MDA in the MDA ball cap refers to the keycap’s profile or height. As an example, the frequently heard OEM profile is based on the original height of Cherry keycaps. Different heights can indeed influence the typing feel. Most mainstream manufacturers currently standardize the height of their keycaps to accommodate the majority of users’ habits. The term “ball cap” refers to the rounded concave shape at the center of the keycap that conforms to the shape of the fingers. This “ball cap” design varies in height. The MKey’s ball cap has a relatively low profile, which allows for quick acclimation in actual usage.

MDA ball cap.
PBT keycaps.

The MKey goes the extra mile with two custom-made silicone sound-absorbing pads that envelop the keyboard’s PCB board and lower cover. This helps purify the keyboard’s sound. Historically, only DIY or high-end custom keyboards emphasized the quality of their shock-absorbing materials and stabilizing boards, but now, such features can be found even in budget-friendly keyboards.

As for the switches, the MKey uses Gateron G Pro 2.0 switches, available in red, yellow, and brown variants. The ability to replace these switches allows for a personalized typing experience.

The detailed parameters of the shaft body.
MKey keyboard explosion diagram.
Gateron G Pro 2.0 yellow switch.
You can use the included switch puller to remove the switch body. When installing the switches, it’s important to ensure the pins are correctly positioned to prevent any damage or misalignment.
Blank key shaft body.
Enter key shaft body.
Gateron G Pro 2.0 brown shaft.

The Montech MKey features a design where the keys and wires are separate. The keyboard end uses a widely-used Type-C connector and is attached to a 1.9m long braided cable. The keyboard’s base has three channels designed to manage cables effectively, helping maintain a tidy desktop. It’s important to check for any potential conflicts with the connector casing.

The interface is concave.
The wire comes out in the middle.
Left and right sides.

The MKey offers three adjustable height settings: 3 degrees when flat, 6 degrees at the first level, and 9 degrees at the second level. This flexibility allows you to always find an angle that suits your comfort.

Lie flat mode.
The first tripod.
The second tripod.
Viewed from the side.

Lighting control, key setting | MCORE105 keyboard management program shows that

While all of MKey’s functions can be operated directly from the keyboard, utilizing the software can make things more convenient. The MCORE105 software, which can be downloaded from the official website, offers light management, key assignment, macro keys, and other features.

There are 18 adjustable lighting management modes, and the color of each key can be personalized. However, it’s important to note that the lighting effect of the knob is not adjustable and cannot be turned off. Key assignments can be mapped to various functions, such as volume control and more. Macro keys allow for the repetition of predefined operations, offering a more streamlined and convenient experience for the user.

Lighting management.
Key setting.
Macro management.
Other settings.


As Montech’s inaugural keyboard series, the MKey brings together many desirable features such as hot-swappability, RGB lighting, and a rounded knob. Its design is thoughtfully crafted, with every aspect from keycaps and switches to the overall keyboard structure playing a significant role in the user experience. The MKey’s ball cap design conforms to the natural shape of your fingers, and the pre-lubricated Gateron G Pro 2.0 switches ensure an exceptionally smooth and solid actuation. The inclusion of a double-layered silicone sound-absorbing pad effectively reduces noise while retaining the distinct sound of a mechanical keyboard. When compared with other keyboards in the same price range, the MKey offers noticeable benefits in terms of both feel and acoustics.

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Title: With tranquility reminiscent of Japan, we unbox the Montech MKey mechanical keyboard