A compact M-ATX case featuring a mesh panel and tempered glass side! Presenting the ASUS Prime AP201 Chassis in its Tempered Glass Edition

Prime AP201 Tempered Glass.

Last year, ASUS introduced the Prime AP201, the inaugural case in the Prime series. Designed for MicroATX, it can accommodate a 360 water cooler. With a minimalist full mesh panel, it’s a simple yet elegant case. However, understanding that some users might want to showcase their internal components, ASUS has launched a new version of the Prime AP201 case that includes tempered glass, offering a different option for enthusiasts.

Here are the specifications:

  • Size: 205 x 350 x 460 mm (33 liters)
  • Compatible motherboards: mini-ITX, micro-ATX
  • Graphics card length: accommodates up to 338 mm
  • Power supply length: accommodates up to 180 mm
  • Air cooling tower fan height: accommodates up to 170 mm
  • Cable management space: 32 mm depth
  • Top fans: room for 3 x 120mm fans or 2 x 140mm fans
  • Rear fans: comes pre-installed with 1 x 120mm fan
  • Bottom fans: can install 2 x 120mm fans
  • PCIe slots: 4 available
  • 2.5” storage device installation slots: 1 available
  • 2.5”/3.5” compatible storage device mounting slots: 3 available
  • Front I/O Ports: 2 x Type-A (USB 3.2 Gen1), 1 x Type-C (USB 3.2 Gen2), and HD Audio.

M-ATX Mid Tower Size, Tempered Glass Side Panel

The Prime AP201, a case introduced by ASUS, is not only the inaugural model of the Prime series but also ASUS’s first venture into MicroATX case products. Despite its 33-liter volume, which is not the smallest in the MicroATX category, its compact yet elongated design makes it resemble a larger ITX case rather than a smaller ATX one.

Even though the chassis doesn’t stand tall, it compensates by providing a generously wide main compartment. This design decision enables it to accommodate larger hardware components, such as a 338mm long graphics card and a 360mm top-mounted water cooler, thereby providing a wider range of hardware options and flexibility for the user.

Furthermore, with the power supply located in the front, a vertical air duct is established within the case. It can house up to six fans, ensuring effective heat dissipation. As such, it’s equipped to handle high-end processors and graphics cards without issues, even under high workloads.

The Prime AP201 case is packaged in an outer box, with the case itself positioned vertically inside.
Prime AP201 case appearance.

Aesthetically, the Prime AP201 case features extensive mesh detailing on both its front and side panels. Despite its smaller form factor, this design choice allows for improved assembly flexibility, especially when it comes to cooling options. Besides the vertical air duct setup mentioned earlier, it can also support a positive pressure cooling configuration. The I/O panel, positioned at the top of the front panel, offers modern connectivity options including a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and audio jacks.

There are large mesh holes on the front and upper right side of the case.
The front I/O port is designed on the front of the case.

With the Prime AP201 case lacking a secondary compartment, its full tempered glass side panels provide a clear view of the internal main compartment. A notable feature is the front power supply installation with an accompanying cover, which helps keep the wiring concealed and ensures a neat appearance. Importantly, the side panels are designed for tool-free disassembly, significantly simplifying the installation process and providing substantial convenience to the user.

The sides are fully transparent tempered glass.
The side panels are secured with buckles, allowing the glass to be gently opened without immediately detaching. However, this does not constitute a fail-safe against glass dropping, so extra care must be taken during disassembly to avoid any accidental damage.

Front-mounted power supply, 3+1+2 cooling configuration

A distinctive feature of the Prime AP201 case is its front-mounted power supply, which comes with three adjustable height levels. At the base of the case, there’s a wall-mounted lock hole compatible with both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch storage devices. However, it’s crucial to note that if you opt to install a long power supply, you may encounter difficulties in fitting the storage device due to space constraints.

The power supply is installed in the front and fixed with a modular bracket.
The front frame of the Prime AP201 case includes three adjustable positions for power supply brackets, catering to different heights. The base of the frame features wall-mounted lock holes, which are designed to accommodate both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch storage devices.
After the side cover is installed, it can cover the wires of the power supply.

The cooling configuration for the Prime AP201 case is structured in a 3+1+2 arrangement. Given that the power supply is positioned at the front, this area does not support fan installation. However, the top fan mounts can accommodate either three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans, with enough space for the installation of 280mm or 360mm water-cooling radiators. Additionally, a 120mm fan is pre-installed at the rear of the case. It’s worth noting that the bottom of the case shares the fan mounting position with the 3.5-inch storage device mounting slot. You have the option to install either two 120mm fans or two 3.5-inch storage devices in this area, depending on your needs.

An overview of the internal space of the Prime AP201 case.
The installation position of the fan on the top of the case.
A fan is pre-installed at the rear of the case.
The fan and storage device are installed at the bottom, and there is a magnetic filter at the bottom.

The ASUS Prime AP201 tempered glass case is installed and assembled

Upon opening the case, the main compartment immediately draws attention. It supports motherboards up to M-ATX size. Over the motherboard, there’s ample space to install a standard slim integrated water-cooling radiator. Below the motherboard, there’s sufficient room to fit a fan. The graphics card area allows for a maximum length of 338mm. While the case design doesn’t accommodate fans or water cooling at the front, having a power supply less than 140mm long allows for greater flexibility when installing the graphics card.

Schematic diagram of motherboard installation.
Schematic diagram of graphics card installation.
Schematic diagram of the completion of the main subdivision installation.

On the backside, there’s plenty of room for routing cables, including a pre-installed Velcro cable management strap in the middle section for secure wire fixation. All device mounting slots are located within the primary compartment, which adds to the convenience and ease of setup.

The entire rear section of the case is dedicated to cable management. Both the black and white versions of the Prime AP201 case feature interior wires of matching color, providing a cleaner look. This design ensures that the wires aren’t easily visible from the outside through the mesh panel once assembly is complete, maintaining a neat and tidy appearance.
2.5-inch storage quick-release mounting bracket.
Schematic diagram of wire management completion.


Prime AP201 Tempered Glass.

For the Prime AP201 case, ASUS has introduced a tempered glass variant, prominently featuring the PRIME logo printed along the front edge of the glass.

The overall internal space design is commendable, with installation aspects designed for simplicity and ease of use. However, given that only one fan is pre-installed, users must plan and implement an appropriate cooling configuration based on their specific hardware setup.

In terms of cost, the standard Prime AP201 case is priced at 1890 yuan. The tempered glass version, which I’ve reviewed here, is available at a slightly higher price of 1990 yuan, offering a stylish and worthy upgrade option.

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Title: A compact M-ATX case featuring a mesh panel and tempered glass side! Presenting the ASUS Prime AP201 Chassis in its Tempered Glass Edition