Unveiling the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Chair with Leg Rest: A Game-Changer for Comfort and Efficiency

iRocks, a prominent name in ergonomic solutions, recently unveiled its latest addition, the T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, at the 2023 Gamforce Gaming Festival. This chair has quickly become a highlight for its unique foldable design featuring X-shaped aluminum alloy leg supports, marking a significant innovation in the realm of computer chairs. Notably, the T27S incorporates specially selected high-density Yungang woven fabric made in Taiwan, enhancing both the support and elasticity of the seating experience.

Aiming to epitomize ergonomic design, the T27S boasts an array of adjustable features to ensure maximum comfort and support. These include a large 4D adjustable headrest, a 5-position lockable tilt base, and a 3-level lumbar support system, all meticulously designed to boost your productivity. Let’s dive into the unboxing and see what makes this chair a must-have for any serious workspace.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Product Name: i-Rocks T27S Ergonomic Chair with Leg Rest
  • Material: Taiwanese Yungang woven mesh fabric, Aluminum alloy for the foldable leg rest
  • Base: Metallic five-star base with a 360mm radius
  • Casters: 65mm PU silent casters
  • Gas Lift: Class 4
  • Seat Depth Adjustment: Available
  • Armrest Type: 4D metallic texture armrests (adjustable in height, left-right, front-back, and rotation)
  • Recline Lock: Available
  • Backrest Type: Comfortable all-mesh with four-stage height adjustment
  • Backrest Recline Angle: Up to 21° (with forward tilt function)
  • Assembly Required: Yes (easy assembly)
  • Product Weight: 25.2KG
  • Max Load Capacity: 125kg
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Warranty: Two years under normal use

The T27S is not just a chair; it’s a testament to iRocks’ commitment to quality, innovation, and ergonomic design. Whether for gaming, working, or simply enjoying a comfortable seat, the T27S offers an unparalleled seating experience, blending functionality with style. Its focus on ergonomic features ensures that users maintain a healthy posture, thereby enhancing work efficiency and comfort over prolonged periods. The inclusion of high-quality materials and adjustable components positions the T27S as a top contender in the ergonomic chair market, promising durability and user satisfaction.

iRocks T27 and T27S Ergonomic Chairs: Unboxing and Assembly Guide

The fully assembled i-Rocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair. It features a sleek, modern design with an emphasis on both form and function. The chair is poised against a contrasting blue wall, which accentuates its stylish black high-density Yungang woven mesh fabric that covers the entire seat and backrest, offering a glimpse into its breathable and supportive nature. The standout feature, an innovative X-shaped aluminum alloy leg rest, is extended, highlighting its convenience for moments of relaxation. The sturdy metallic five-star base is visible, ensuring stability, and the large 65mm PU silent casters at the bottom promise smooth and quiet mobility.

The chair’s ergonomic structure is apparent, with adjustable components such as the 4D metallic texture armrests that can be fine-tuned to the user’s preference, enhancing the ergonomic seating experience. The Class 4 gas lift is concealed within the design, indicating a commitment to a seamless aesthetic along with functional durability. The chair’s silhouette suggests a comfortable, all-mesh backrest with multiple stages of height adjustment, supporting the natural curvature of the spine.

The adjustable features, such as the seat depth, recline lock, and the maximum 21° backrest recline angle with a forward tilt function, are not directly visible but are integral to the ergonomic experience that the T27S promises. This chair embodies a perfect blend of innovative design and practical ergonomics, poised to enhance any workspace or gaming setup, while the easy assembly and robust warranty offer peace of mind to potential users.

iRocks has astutely expanded its ergonomic seating line with the introduction of both the T27 and the T27S models. The primary distinction between the two is the addition of an aluminum alloy foldable leg rest on the T27S, offering the advantage of comfortable reclining for brief respites amidst a busy day. This particular feature allows users to relax in a more comfortable posture without compromising the chair’s overall stability.

Both models have been designed with a focus on spaciousness and comfort, featuring broadened and enlarged backrests, seat areas, and lumbar support to accommodate a range of body types. The use of the specially crafted Taiwanese Yungang mesh fabric in both chairs underscores a commitment to durability and elasticity, ensuring the chair’s surface remains resilient and comfortable over time.

The base of these chairs is a robust and enduring aluminum alloy five-star base, which demonstrates iRocks’ dedication to quality and durability. The inclusion of PU silent casters adorned with the iRocks brand logo not only minimizes noise but also adds a subtle branding touch. The chairs offer commendable support, with the aluminum material providing a sense of sturdiness and resilience.

Aesthetically, both chairs maintain a low-profile yet striking appearance, blending effortlessly into any office or gaming environment while making a subtle statement of quality and sophistication. The T27 series chairs by iRocks, particularly with the T27S’s added functionality of the leg rest, meet the demands of users looking for ergonomic support, sleek design, and the flexibility to relax without leaving their seat.

The packaging box of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Office Chair, indicating the product within is ready for assembly. The box is sturdy and prominently displays a line drawing of the T27S chair, emphasizing its ergonomic design and the distinctive leg rest feature. The label confirms that this is a high-quality product Made in Taiwan, which is often associated with reliable manufacturing practices.

Key symbols on the side of the box visually communicate the chair’s features: the adjustable armrests, headrest, lumbar support, and the notable leg rest, ensuring potential buyers are aware of the product’s ergonomic benefits right from the start. The packaging also advises to “Handle With Care”, indicating the company’s focus on the safe transport of their goods to maintain product integrity.

The branding is clear with the iRocks logo present, reinforcing brand recognition. The simple yet informative design of the packaging suggests that the user is about to experience a product where design and functionality are thoughtfully intertwined.

The iRocks T27/T27S ergonomic chair’s packaging, with a corrugated cardboard insert that features detailed assembly instructions for the chair. The instructions are neatly diagrammed, providing a visual step-by-step guide, which is mirrored in the accompanying paper manual included within the box. This thoughtful inclusion is designed to facilitate a smooth and easy assembly process for the end-user.

The illustrated components are labeled from A to I, corresponding to the different parts and hardware needed to assemble the chair, such as the seat, backrest, armrests, and base. The layout is well-organized, making it clear and easy to identify each piece and its related hardware, such as screws and casters.

The visual assembly steps show the progression from attaching the casters and base in Step 1, to the final assembly of the T27 or T27S model in Step 5. The distinction between the T27 and T27S models is highlighted in the last step, showing the addition of the leg rest for the T27S.

The packaging not only protects the product during transport but also serves as an initial guide, ensuring that all necessary information is immediately available to the consumer for a hassle-free setup experience. This reflects iRocks’ attention to customer convenience and satisfaction.

The T27S chair back is carefully packaged within the multi-layered cardboard box, secured for transit. The chair back is encased in a plastic bag for added protection against dust, moisture, and potential scuffing during shipment. This packaging method reflects a meticulous approach to ensure that the product arrives in pristine condition.

The chair back’s outline, visible through the translucent plastic, hints at the ergonomic design that awaits assembly. Such packaging is indicative of iRocks’ commitment to quality control, making sure that the customer receives their ergonomic chair without any damage or wear from the shipping process.

This layer of protection within the sturdy cardboard box is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the chair’s components, especially given the premium materials mentioned, such as the high-density Yungang woven mesh fabric that requires careful handling to preserve its unique texture and support characteristics.

We see the contents of the iRocks T27S SERIES chair packaging, which include the seat cushion assembly, the chair’s foot base, a parts manual, and other components neatly compartmentalized within the cardboard box. Each section of the box is clearly labeled with the iRocks branding and the designation of the T27S SERIES, ensuring that users can easily identify the product and its parts.

The organization of the box is methodical, suggesting a user-friendly approach to assembly. The individual packaging of parts such as the seat cushion and base within their dedicated compartments also indicates a careful consideration for preventing damage during transport.

This efficient packaging design aids in the straightforward inventory of parts before assembly, ensuring that all necessary components are accounted for. The parts manual included in the box will provide detailed instructions on how to assemble these components into the finished ergonomic chair. The packaging reflects iRocks’ attention to detail and dedication to providing a seamless customer experience from unboxing to the final assembly of the product.

An additional cardboard box within the iRocks T27S SERIES chair packaging that contains various components needed for assembly. The box also serves a dual purpose by acting as a buffer to protect the other parts during shipping, ensuring that everything reaches the customer without damage.

The labels on this extra box list the contents within, such as a specific number of screws and an allen key, among other assembly tools and parts. This clear labeling of components not only helps in the organization and identification of the assembly pieces but also demonstrates iRocks’ thorough approach to customer convenience and product care. The box’s compact size suggests that the parts inside are kept secure and immobile, reducing the risk of shifting that could cause damage or noise during transportation. The use of internal packaging to compartmentalize these components exemplifies a well-thought-out packaging strategy aimed at delivering the product in the best condition possible.

All the individual components of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Office Chair are laid out, and ready for assembly. We can see the high-density Yungang woven mesh fabric seat and backrest, which are the core parts that will provide comfort and support. The armrests are placed to the side, and their design suggests that they are adjustable, likely offering the 4D movement that adds to the chair’s ergonomic credentials.

In the center, there’s the sturdy metallic five-star base, reflective and robust, which will provide stability and strength to the assembled chair. The casters, known for being PU silent wheels, are lined up, and ready to be attached to the base, ensuring smooth and quiet maneuverability.

To the right, the Class 4 gas lift cylinder that will allow for height adjustment is visible, an essential component for customizing the chair to the user’s ergonomic needs. Also included are the various screws and an allen key within a small plastic bag, necessary for the assembly process, and a parts manual providing instructions for putting all these pieces together.

This layout of parts not only helps in the organization of assembly but also serves to reassure the customer that all the necessary components for the T27S chair are present. It’s a visual confirmation of iRocks’ commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that the customer has everything needed for a successful assembly experience.

The iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair is engineered for straightforward assembly, a process that can be completed methodically in five easy steps as outlined in the instruction manual. For convenience and to facilitate easier installation, it is recommended that the seat be placed on an elevated surface, such as a desk, during assembly.

Here’s a brief overview of the assembly process:

  1. Base Assembly: Begin by constructing the chair’s foundation. Attach the PU silent casters to the metallic five-star base. This step creates a stable and mobile platform for the chair.
  2. Gas Lift Installation: Insert the Class 4 gas lift cylinder into the center of the base. This component is crucial for adjusting the chair’s height and ensuring ergonomic alignment.
  3. Armrest Attachment: Identify the left and right armrests, then secure them to the seat using the provided screws and washers, three for each armrest. These armrests are part of the chair’s 4D adjustability feature.
  4. Backrest and Seat Assembly: Align the backrest with the seat and fix them together with four screws. This step unites the core components of the chair, forming the primary structure.
  5. Final Assembly: Carefully lift the semi-assembled chair and place it onto the gas lift cylinder protruding from the five-star base. This final step anchors the chair together, completing the assembly process.

Throughout the assembly, the durable alloy framework of the chair adds a certain weight to the components, necessitating caution during handling to ensure safety.

Once assembled, the iRocks T27S stands ready to enhance your sitting experience, whether it’s for work or gaming, offering robust support, comfort, and style. The chair’s design, with its emphasis on ergonomic support and ease of assembly, demonstrates iRocks’ commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

A clear view of the Class 4 gas lift, the instruction manual, and a bag of screws and assembly parts for the iRocks T27S ergonomic chair. The gas lift, with its polished chrome finish, is a critical component for adjusting the chair’s height, offering both functionality and a sleek aesthetic.

The instruction manual, prominently featuring the iRocks logo and a line drawing of the T27S chair, serves as a guide for the assembly process. The clarity and simplicity of the manual design suggest that iRocks prioritizes user-friendliness in their product setup.

The plastic bag contains various screws and small parts necessary for assembling the chair. These are typically standardized to ensure a secure and stable construction of the chair when fully assembled. The transparent packaging allows for easy verification of all the parts against the manual’s inventory list, ensuring that no essential components are missing before starting the assembly.

The arrangement of these items against the wood-textured floor offers a neat and organized workspace for the person assembling the chair, highlighting the care taken in the packaging and presentation of the iRocks T27S components.

A close-up view of one of the 65mm PU (polyurethane) silent caster wheels designed for the iRocks T27S ergonomic chair. The wheel is characterized by its sleek black finish and features the iRocks brand logo embossed on its center cap, a subtle yet distinctive mark of the brand’s identity.

The PU material used for the wheel is known for its durability and its ability to roll quietly and smoothly over various floor surfaces, minimizing noise and disruption. This is especially beneficial in an office or gaming environment where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is often desired.

The caster’s design emphasizes functionality and style, ensuring that it not only provides silent and effortless movement but also complements the overall aesthetic of the chair. The attention to detail in the branding and construction of the caster reflects iRocks’ commitment to quality and user experience.

An open instruction manual for the iRocks T27S ergonomic chair. The left page provides a detailed inventory of the chair’s components, each labeled with letters A through I for easy identification. These illustrations correlate with the actual parts of the chair, such as the base, gas lift, casters, seat, backrest, and screws, among others.

The right page outlines a five-step assembly process with clear, concise diagrams. These steps guide the user through the assembly, from attaching the casters to the base (Step 1) to affixing the seat onto the gas lift (Step 5). Each step includes corresponding component letters to cross-reference with the parts list, ensuring clarity throughout the assembly.

There are cautionary notes and tips provided to ensure the user handles the parts correctly and assembles the chair safely. The manual appears to be user-friendly, prioritizing ease of understanding with graphical representations, which is beneficial for ensuring a smooth setup process. The presence of this manual underscores iRocks’ commitment to customer support and product accessibility.

A section of the instruction manual for the iRocks T27S ergonomic chair includes care and maintenance guidelines to keep the chair in optimal condition. This portion of the manual is crucial for users to understand how to properly look after their chairs to extend its lifespan and maintain its performance.

The manual provides specific instructions on how to clean and maintain the different parts of the chair. It outlines the recommended practices for regular upkeep, such as how to clean the mesh fabric and the proper way to lubricate any moving parts if necessary. There may also be tips on avoiding common issues that could arise from improper use.

There’s a QR code provided, which likely links to further resources such as detailed maintenance tutorials or direct customer support. This reflects iRocks’ thorough after-purchase support, ensuring that users have access to all the necessary information to care for their ergonomic chair properly.

Such detailed care instructions are a testament to iRocks’ commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity, as well as their understanding that a well-maintained ergonomic chair is essential for sustained comfort and ergonomic benefit.

iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair with Leg Rest: Ultimate Comfort and Durability

The iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair with Leg Rest is a meticulously designed piece of furniture that caters to the comfort and support needs of users during extended periods of sitting. This chair’s leg rest component has a load-bearing capacity of up to 25KG, while the chair itself can support up to 125KG, highlighting its robust construction.

The frame and five-star base of the chair are made from sturdy aluminum alloy, which not only provides stable support but also enhances the chair’s aesthetic with a sleek, rigid texture. The leg rest also employs aluminum alloy, ensuring uniformity in design and material quality. The foldable leg rest feature is an added convenience, designed for easy extension with one hand, and just as effortlessly tucked away, much like closing a drawer.

The T27S chair’s seating surface is crafted from TPEE eco-friendly, non-toxic Yungang mesh fabric, known for its exceptional durability, elasticity, and rebound qualities. This material choice guarantees a strong mesh structure that remains abrasion-resistant while preserving breathability.

The chair is equipped with several ergonomic adjustment features, including:

  • A 4D large-area neck pillow that offers a variety of angles for head and neck support, ensuring comfort no matter the sitting position.
  • A three-stage tracking lumbar support, adjustable via a knob on the back, provides three different depths of lumbar support to cater to individual needs.
  • The seat chassis is stable and easy to operate, featuring a rocking adjustment function, seat depth adjustment, a five-stage back recline intensity adjustment, and a height lock feature.
  • 4D large-area armrests can be adjusted to the user’s preferred position for personalized comfort.
  • A four-stage height-adjustable backrest ensures precise support for the lumbar region.

Each of these features underscores the T27S chair’s commitment to ergonomic support, allowing users to customize their seating experience for optimal comfort and posture. The chair’s design is a testament to iRocks’ dedication to creating products that combine functionality, user-friendly features, and contemporary design to deliver a chair that stands out in the ergonomic furniture market.

A close-up of the leg rest storage handle on the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair. Attached to the handle is a warning label in Chinese, which typically contains important safety information for the user.

The warning label includes instructions such as:

  • Caution when extending or retracting the leg rest to avoid pinching or injury.
  • A reminder of the leg rest’s maximum weight capacity, which should not exceed 25 kg to ensure safe usage.
  • Instructions to ensure that the leg rest is fully engaged and locked in place before putting weight on it to prevent collapse or damage.

These types of labels are essential for informing users of safety precautions and for the proper handling of the chair’s features. The label’s placement on the leg rest handle ensures visibility and awareness for the user each time they adjust or use the leg rest. It’s a testament to iRocks’ commitment to safety and user information.

The iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair with the aluminum alloy foldable leg rest extended. The leg rest appears to be designed for easy deployment and retraction, providing additional support and comfort when the user reclines or needs to stretch out.

The fabric on both the seat and the leg rest appears to be the high-density Yungang mesh mentioned earlier, which is known for its durability and breathability. This material choice is important for maintaining comfort over long periods of use, especially in warmer environments where ventilation is key to keeping the user cool.

The construction of the leg rest with aluminum alloy ensures a lightweight yet strong support, capable of holding the specified weight limit safely. The presence of a caution label on the leg rest mechanism serves as a reminder of the weight limit and safety precautions, which are vital to prevent misuse and potential injury.

The design of the chair, with its extended leg rest, underscores the focus on ergonomic features and user comfort that are hallmarks of the iRocks brand. The thoughtful engineering that allows for such features demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing a comfortable and customizable seating experience.

A close-up view of the iRocks T27S chair’s seat, showcases the Taiwanese-made TPEE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) environmentally friendly Yungang mesh weave. The texture of the mesh is clearly visible, indicating the quality and resilience of the material used.

This particular mesh is chosen for its ability to provide durable, flexible support that conforms to the user’s body, enhancing comfort without sacrificing strength. The elasticity of the mesh ensures that it can withstand the stress of repeated use while returning to its original shape, and its breathability is essential for keeping the user cool over prolonged periods of sitting.

The design of the weave not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the chair, giving it a modern and professional look that can complement various office or home environments. The focus on using eco-friendly materials like TPEE reflects a growing trend in furniture manufacturing to offer products that are not only ergonomic and durable but also sustainable.

The iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair from a side perspective, highlights the 4D all-directional, large-area headrest designed to provide comprehensive support for the neck. The headrest’s mesh material matches the seat, ensuring a consistent, breathable support structure throughout the chair.

The “4D” designation typically means that the headrest can be adjusted in four dimensions: height, angle, forward/backward, and sideways. Such adjustability allows users to find the perfect position for their neck and head, catering to individual ergonomic needs, which is critical for preventing strain during long periods of work or gaming.

The chair’s overall design, with its sleek lines and mesh fabric, speaks to a modern aesthetic that combines form and function, ensuring users are supported in style. The prominent headrest showcased in this image is a testament to the manufacturer’s dedication to ergonomic comfort and well-being.

A side view of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, focusing on the 4D all-directional, large-area headrest. This headrest is designed to provide extensive neck and head support, crucial for maintaining good posture and comfort during long periods of sitting.

The “4D” aspect of the headrest typically means that it offers multi-dimensional adjustments: height, depth, width, and angle, allowing users to tailor the support to their specific ergonomic needs. The headrest’s mesh material matches the rest of the chair for a cohesive look and ensures breathable, flexible support that molds to the contours of the user’s head and neck.

From this angle, the headrest’s shape and the way it integrates with the rest of the chair’s design are also visible, emphasizing the sleek, modern aesthetic of the T27S chair. This feature enhances the chair’s ergonomic value, showcasing the brand’s commitment to combining comfort, support, and style.

A detailed look at the backrest of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, specifically focusing on the three-stage lumbar support adjustment knob. This feature allows users to tailor the curvature of the backrest to match the natural contour of their spine, providing personalized lumbar support.

The knob’s design suggests that it offers tactile feedback, likely clicking into place at each of the three stages, ensuring that the user can feel the adjustments as they make them. This level of customization is essential in an ergonomic chair as it helps to reduce the strain on the lower back, which can occur from prolonged sitting, by promoting an optimal seating posture.

The location of the knob in the image is within easy reach for the user, making it convenient to adjust the support without having to stand up or reach awkwardly behind the chair. The thoughtful placement and functionality of this lumbar support system emphasize the chair’s design ethos, which prioritizes ergonomic health and user comfort.

The multifunctional chassis of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, focusing on the seat depth adjustment lever located on the right side of the chair’s underside. This lever likely allows the user to slide the seat pan forward or backward to adjust the depth of the seat, which is essential for ensuring that the user’s back is properly supported while allowing their knees to bend at a comfortable angle without pressure from the seat edge.

The presence of a locking mechanism suggests that once the desired seat depth is achieved, the user can lock the seat in place to maintain the ergonomic positioning throughout the use of the chair. This function is particularly important for maintaining a good posture over long periods of sitting, catering to different leg lengths and personal comfort preferences.

The design and placement of the lever are intended for ease of access and use, reflecting the chair’s emphasis on user-friendly ergonomics. The ability to customize seat depth is a valuable feature in an ergonomic chair, as it can significantly impact comfort and the prevention of strain in the legs and lower back.

The iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, features a highly adjustable backrest, which is capable of locking into five different reclining angles for personalized comfort. This range includes a maximum recline of 21 degrees and an advanced forward tilt of 6 degrees.

The chair is positioned to demonstrate the neutral, upright position before any forward tilt is applied. The ability to adjust the tilt forward is beneficial for tasks that require leaning towards a desk or computer, promoting a healthier posture by aligning the spine and reducing strain on the back muscles.

The design of the T27S chair, with its sleek frame and supportive mesh, provides a combination of style and function. The varied locking positions allow users to easily switch between an upright posture for work and a more relaxed recline for moments of rest. This versatility is crucial for an ergonomic chair, catering to the dynamic needs of users throughout the workday.

Recline riding.

A close-up of the left side of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, focusing on the tension adjustment knob for the backrest recline resistance. This knob allows the user to customize the amount of force needed to lean back in the chair, ensuring a comfortable and supportive recline tailored to their preference.

The “+” and “-” symbols indicate the direction to turn the knob to increase or decrease the tension, respectively. This feature is particularly important for ergonomic chairs as it enhances user comfort and prevents strain by allowing for a smoother transition into different reclining positions. The location of the knob seems to be easily accessible while seated, which adds to the user-friendly design of the chair.

A close-up of the adjustable armrest on the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair. This 4D armrest design allows for adjustments in multiple directions—up and down, left and right, forward and backward, as well as side to side—enabling users to position the armrests to their individual ergonomic requirements.

These adjustments ensure that users can maintain an ergonomically correct posture while seated, with their arms supported at the right height to prevent shoulder strain and to keep their wrists in a neutral position while typing or gaming. The ability to personalize the armrest position enhances the overall comfort and can contribute to reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

The image showcases the armrest’s design and its integration into the chair’s overall aesthetic, emphasizing functionality without compromising on style. This adaptability is an essential feature for users who spend long periods at their desks and require a chair that can adapt to their body’s needs throughout the day.

The forward and backward adjustability of the armrest on the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair. The ability to move the armrest in this manner allows users to position it to best support their forearms while engaging in various activities, such as typing or resting.

The design is part of the chair’s 4D adjustability feature, which means the armrests can be modified in four different directions for optimal ergonomic alignment. Such customization is important to prevent strain on the arms and shoulders, thereby enhancing comfort and productivity during long work sessions or gaming.

The chair’s overall sleek design, with its mesh fabric and metallic accents, indicates a modern style that doesn’t compromise on functionality. These adjustable features, including the armrest shown in the image, are integral to accommodating diverse body shapes and sizes, ensuring that each user can achieve a personalized seating experience.

The armrest of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, which is designed with the capability to adjust laterally, meaning it can be moved inwards or outwards. This feature is part of the chair’s 4D adjustability, allowing the user to customize the width between the armrests for a comfortable fit that accommodates their body size or personal preference.

Lateral adjustments of armrests are important for maintaining proper shoulder and arm alignment, reducing the risk of discomfort or strain during tasks that require the arms to be supported, such as typing or using a mouse. The aim is to keep the user’s arms close to their body to promote a relaxed posture without overreaching or shrugging the shoulders.

The focus on adjustability is indicative of the chair’s ergonomic design, aiming to provide a tailored sitting experience that can enhance comfort and support throughout the day. The chair’s sleek design and mesh fabric reflect a modern aesthetic, but the functionality of the armrests ensures that ergonomic needs are not sacrificed for style.

We see the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair featuring the armrest’s vertical height adjustment capability. This is a key component of the chair’s 4D adjustability features, allowing the user to raise or lower the armrests to match their preferred ergonomic positioning.

Vertical adjustment is essential for aligning the armrests with the user’s elbow height, ensuring that while typing or resting the arms, the shoulders remain relaxed and the wrists are supported, minimizing the risk of strain. The height can be tailored to fit the user’s unique body dimensions and the specific height of their desk setup.

The chair’s silhouette, with its sleek lines and modern design, doesn’t compromise on functionality. The adjustability of the armrests ensures that ergonomic needs are met, providing a comfortable and health-conscious seating experience.

The iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair from a frontal perspective, highlights the backrest with its four-stage height adjustment feature. This functionality allows users to modify the height of the backrest to align with their spinal curvature and provide targeted support to the lumbar region.

The mesh design of the backrest is visible, which not only offers a breathable surface for enhanced comfort during prolonged use but also contributes to the chair’s sleek and modern aesthetic. Adjustability is a critical factor in ergonomic chairs, as it ensures that individuals of varying heights can find a supportive, comfortable sitting position that promotes good posture and minimizes the risk of back strain.

This chair’s adjustable backrest is part of a comprehensive ergonomic design, aiming to provide a customizable seating experience that can adapt to the user’s needs throughout the workday.

A close-up of the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair, showcasing an integrated clothing hanger on the backrest. This thoughtful feature is designed to conveniently hold a jacket, coat, or other garments, keeping them within reach and preventing them from becoming wrinkled while the user is seated.

The clothing hanger is integrated into the chair’s structure, maintaining the sleek, streamlined design of the chair without sacrificing functionality. It’s a practical addition that adds to the chair’s overall utility, making it a versatile choice for office environments where users may need to hang their outerwear while working.

This design element underscores the attention to detail that iRocks has put into the chair, considering not just ergonomic comfort but also the daily needs of the user. It enhances the chair’s functionality, adding to its appeal as a workspace solution.


As the year draws to a close, it’s time to invest your annual bonus wisely, and the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Computer Chair with Leg Rest is a choice that stands up to scrutiny. Engineered to provide full-bodied support and timely relaxation, this chair showcases a zone-designed backrest that conforms closely to the spinal contour. The high-density Yungang mesh fabric not only offers exceptional support and elasticity but also maintains breathability, ensuring comfort during extended periods of use.

With a five-star base and specially crafted silent casters, the chair delivers quiet and stable support. The multifunctional adjustment chassis and three-stage tracking lumbar support offer a multi-dimensional ergonomic design, ensuring both a correct sitting posture and the ease of taking breaks. The T27S can easily adapt to your seating preferences.

iRocks T27S is now available for trial and purchase at multiple locations across Taiwan. Those interested in acquiring an ergonomic computer chair should take advantage of the festive season to visit a physical store and experience the chair firsthand. iRocks back the chair with a two-year warranty for normal use, offering peace of mind and reliable support throughout the year.

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Title: Unveiling the iRocks T27S Ergonomic Chair with Leg Rest: A Game-Changer for Comfort and Efficiency