Unpacking of the SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply, which features a 12VHPWR, ATX 3.0 specification, platinum certification, and full modular cables, can be described as opening one to three units of the product

If you have invested a significant amount of money in an NVIDIA RTX 40 graphics card, but your old power supply model does not come with a built-in 12VHPWR cable, you may need to use unsightly and bulky adapter cables to connect it. However, with the SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply, you won’t have to worry about this issue. The HELA 850R Platinum power supply comes equipped with a 450W 16-Pin 12VHPWR cable, which will solve your power supply problems without the need for cumbersome adapter cables. The ATX 3.0 power supply specification offers a power supply rating twice the amount of the graphics card’s short-term peak power consumption, so you no longer need to purchase a kilowatt power supply just to be on the safe side.

Here is a possible paraphrased version of the specifications for the SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply:

The HELA 850R Platinum power supply has the following specifications: it is compliant with the ATX 12V 3.0 specification and can accept input voltages ranging from 90 to 264Vrms at 47 to 63 Hz. The maximum DC power supply is 850W, with 849.6W total output on the +12V rail and 120W on the +3.3V and +5V rails. The power supply is highly efficient, with an overall efficiency rating between 89% and less than 91%, and features Active PFC for power correction. The unit measures 150mm x 150mm x 86mm (ATX/PS2), and includes a 135mm FDB fan for cooling. The HELA 850R Platinum has a Cybenetics Platinum certification and comes with a full modular power cable. The power supply also includes a range of protection systems, including OCP (over-current protection), OPP (over-load protection), OVP (over-voltage protection), OTP (over-temperature protection), SCP (short-circuit protection), and UVP (low-voltage protection). The cable connectors consist of 1 x 24/20-pin motherboard connector, 2 x 8/4-pin EPS/ATX 12V connectors, 1 x 12+4-pin 12VHPWR connector, 5 x 6+2-pin PCIe connectors, 8 x SATA connectors, 6 x 4-pin peripheral connectors, and 2 x 4-pin floppy drive connectors. The HELA 850R Platinum power supply also comes with a 5-year warranty.

ATX 3.0 power supply new specification

The previous generation of NVIDIA RTX 30 series Founders Edition graphics cards began using the 12VHPWR power supply interface, prompting power supply suppliers to release products that conform to the Intel ATX 3.0 specification. But what is ATX 3.0, and can an adapter be used for 12VHPWR?

The primary focus of ATX 3.0 is to enhance the specifications for power excursion, specifically in relation to instantaneous peak power consumption or power spikes that are commonly discussed. This issue has been a topic of discussion in the community for quite some time, dating back to the era of AMD VEGA graphics cards, and has since gained greater attention from Taiwanese players. The previous generation of NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards, and even related crow memes, have further highlighted this concern.

The PCIE CEM organization has suggested that the power excursion of future graphics cards could reach up to three times the continuous power level for 100 microseconds. However, Intel has ultimately mandated the use of an ATX 3.0 power supply for models that offer 12VHPWR connectors, as long as it can deliver twice the overall rated power for a very short duration (100μs). According to STEPHEN EASTMAN, this requirement has been reduced to twice the rating after extensive discussions with various power supply manufacturers, as it was deemed to be the most cost-effective option.

The instantaneous peak power consumption stipulated in the ATX 3.0 Design Guide, the power supply exceeding 450W and equipped with 12VHPWR must meet the 100μs 200% requirement.

The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply is out of the box

As a result, it is recommended that players opt for an ATX 3.0-compliant power supply when installing their graphics card. For instance, the recently unboxed SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum adheres to the new ATX 3.0 specification and can handle peak power consumption that is 200% of the power supply’s rated power consumption for a brief period of time (100μs).

The front of the box advertises that it supports 12VHPWR connectors and has passed the Cybenetics Platinum Platinum certification.
There are basic product specifications and product features on the back.
Support Intel ATX12V 3.0 specification, equipped with FDB fan, all Japanese capacitors, and full module cable interface.

Despite the changes made to the internal architecture specification, the ATX 3.0 power supply maintains the same ATX (PS2) size specification of 150mm (width) x 86mm (height). This is also the case with the HELA 850R Platinum, which measures 150 x 150 x 86 mm in length, width, and height, and is still compatible with current computer cases.

The certification process for the HELA 850R Platinum has also undergone changes, with the new CYBENETICS certification replacing the commonly used 80PLUS certification. CYBENETICS is a recognized certification body, and Intel has acknowledged their strict and thorough approach to power supply certification. The HELA 850R Platinum has achieved Platinum certification in CYBENETICS’ efficiency test certification called ETA, with an overall efficiency rating of ≥89% & <91%.

The dimensions of HELA 850R Platinum are 150 x 150 x 86 mm in length, width and height, maintaining the ATX (PS2) size specifications.
Model number and Cybenetics Platinum certification are indicated on the side sticker.
The bottom indicates the load range of the power supply itself.

The HELA 850R Platinum features a full-modular interface design, which allows users to choose which cables to use during installation. This design provides greater flexibility and convenience both during the assembly process and for the entire system. The power supply unit has three processor EPS/PCIe graphics card cable slots, with the 16-Pin 12VHPWR H+ located in the lower right corner of the unit.

Overview of all module cable interfaces.

SilverStone has also incorporated a “SEMI-FANLESS SWITCH” button next to the power button for users who prioritize a noise-free desktop experience. This button enables the well-known smart fan stop function, which allows the power supply’s internal fan to cease operation below a certain temperature. As a result, users can enjoy a noise-free experience with minimum noise output of 0 dBA.

Power switch and SEMI-FANLESS SWITCH smart fan stop switch.

The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum features a hairline-cut SilverStone logo badge located at the center of the air inlet grille, though this may go unnoticed by most users after installation. The power supply unit is equipped with a 135mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan, which assists in heat dissipation. As stated on the official website, the fan will only start running when the power load reaches 425W if the SEMI-FANLESS smart fan stop function is enabled.

Overview of the intake surface on the bottom of the power supply.
135mm diameter Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan.

The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum is fitted with all Japanese electrolytic capacitors and features a comprehensive protection system that includes OCP over-current protection, OPP over-load protection, OVP over-voltage protection, OTP over-temperature protection, SCP short-circuit protection, and UVP low-voltage protection measures.

List of the internal structure of the disassembled power supply.
Accessories are given four screws and four Velcro cable ties.
Power supply wire.

The power cables of the SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum are designed with all-black flat cables, and the power supply unit comes equipped with a set of ATX 20 / 24-Pin connectors for the motherboard. The CPU connector provides a total of two 4+4 Pins, which caters to the needs of high-end models that require dual 8-Pin connectors for the motherboard.

One 20/24-Pin cable for the motherboard, the length of the cable is 600mm.
The processor has two 4+4 Pin wires, and the dual 8-Pin of the high-end motherboard is also no problem, the wire length is 750mm.

The graphics card’s PCIE 8-Pin connector is equipped with a single output 6+2 Pin, and features two power supply wires with a Y-shaped double-head tap design. There are a total of five PCIe 8-Pin power supply connectors, with one featuring a 1+2 wire configuration.

A PCIE 8-Pin cable with a single outlet connector, the length of the cable is 550mm.
Two y-shaped double-headed PCIE 8-Pin connectors for display cards, cable length 550+150mm.

The 12+4 Pin connector, which is also known as the 16-Pin connector, is the only wire that provides 12VHPWR. The 12V and ground wires in this connector adhere to regulations and are constructed from 16AWG wires, while the remaining four pins are made from 28AWG wires.

The top 4-Pin connector serves as the Sideband Signals interface. Through the SENSE 0 PIN and SENSE 1 PIN in the Sideband Signals, the two Pins can be grounded or left open in different combinations to form four unique configurations. As a result, a single wire can provide a maximum signal output of 600W for the 12VHPWR wire, which can be switched to four different upper limits of power consumption: 150W, 300W, 450W, and 600W.

12VHPWR wire length 550mm.
16 (12+4) Pin connector.
The 12VHPWR wire of HELA 850R Platinum can provide a maximum power consumption of 450W.
Demonstration of RTX 4080 original branch wires. Without 12VHPWR wires, only ugly one-to-three transfers can be used.
One solution for 12VHPWR of HELA 850R Platinum!

The additional device power supply cable has three large 4-Pin Peripheral connectors, as well as a 4-Pin floppy drive connector at the end. This equates to a total of six large 4-Pin connectors and two 4-Pin floppy drive connectors.

Two large 4-Pin power supplies with a length of 600+150+150+150mm, and a 4-Pin floppy connector cable at the end.

The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum is equipped with two SATA power supply wires for use with the hub HUB and 2.5/3.5-inch hard drives. Each wire features four SATA connectors, with the final connector located at the end of the wire in a 180-degree orientation, making it more conducive to cable management.

Two four-head SATA power supply cables with a length of 600+150+150+150mm.

SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply burn-in stress test

Since we are using the SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply with the ATX 3.0 architecture specification, it is important to use a suitable test platform. For this test, we used the latest sub-flagship hardware, with an Intel Core i7-13700K (13th generation) processor and NVIDIA RTX 4080 graphics card. To ensure accurate results, we conducted two stress tests using OCCT AVX and AIDA64 FPU + FurMark. We monitored and recorded data using HWiNFO 64, but please note that using software monitoring may result in a deviation value of 1~3%. This data is provided for reference purposes only.

Test Platform
Processor: Intel Core i7-13700K
Radiator: VALKYRIE C360-RGB
Motherboard: ASRock Z790 PG-ITX/TB4
Memory: Micron Crucial DDR5 5600MT/s UDIMM 16GBx2
Display Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition
Operating System: Windows 11 Home Edition 21H2
Power supply: SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum

We utilized the OCCT AVX mode to conduct a simultaneous stress test on both the processor and graphics card. Following 30 minutes of stress testing, we examined the data using built-in monitoring software. The results indicated that the +12V voltage was maintained at 11.904V, while the +5V voltage fluctuated between a maximum of 4.980V and a minimum of 4.900V. Additionally, the +3.3V voltage was maintained between a maximum of 3.328V and a minimum of 3.264V.

OCCT AVX mode software stress test for 30 minutes.
The maximum power consumption of i7-13700K is 253.19W; the maximum power consumption of RTX 4080 is 304.33W.

Next, we utilized AIDA64 FPU + FurMark, which is a popular software combination for testing the stability and temperature of both processors and graphics cards, to conduct high-load stress tests. We ran both software simultaneously to ensure a robust test, while also monitoring the motherboard information and recording data using HWiNFO 64.

After 15 minutes of testing, the data showed that the +12V voltage remained at 11.904V. The +5V voltage fluctuated between a maximum of 4.980V and a minimum of 4.900V, while the +3.3V voltage remained between a maximum of 3.296V and a minimum of 3.264V.

AIDA64 FPU + FurMark software stress test, and the data collected during the test.


The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum is a new power supply unit that features the ATX 3.0 power supply specification and 16-Pin (12+4) 12VHPWR cable. With an 850W power supply and consumption limit, it is highly suitable for use with the 13700K and RTX 4080. The additional power headroom provided by this unit allows for a more stable power supply for other hardware devices.

The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum features black flat full-module cables that offer greater flexibility and convenience during installation. The original 450W 12VHPWR cable can also replace the graphics card adapter cable, offering twice the overall rated power, or 1700W, which eliminates concerns over the peak value of the graphics card. However, when installing the unit, it is important to ensure that the cables are fully connected and to leave a 3.5cm unbending space for the outlet.

The SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum has achieved Platinum certification in the new CYBENETICS ETA efficiency test certification, with an overall efficiency of ≥89% & <91%. The unit is currently priced at NT$6390 through sales channels, but the five-year original factory warranty is slightly shorter, which may be a downside for some consumers.

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Title: Unpacking of the SilverStone HELA 850R Platinum power supply, which features a 12VHPWR, ATX 3.0 specification, platinum certification, and full modular cables, can be described as opening one to three units of the product