The plan is to install a white light bar on the white case, specifically the Phanteks Neon Digital-RGB LED Strip in the color white


While light-emitting fans have gained popularity, some gamers still desire more lighting effects for their machines. In such cases, they typically opt for light bar products. The Phanteks Neon Digital-RGB LED light bar is a favored choice among gamers, as it uses thicker light-guiding materials and produces soft visual effects. The recently launched white version offers players more installation and matching options, thus expanding their choices.

Here are the specifications for the LED light strip:

  • The LED chips used are KS6812 full-color Digital-RGB.
  • The light strip length varies depending on the model: Combo-400mm x2 / M5 550mm x1 / M1 1000mm x1.
  • The number of lamp beads also varies by model: Combo-single 28pcs / M5 38pcs / M1 70pcs.
  • The connector specifications for the light strip are a 3-pin D-RGB connector with the pins arranged as follows: +5v – Data – GND.
  • The motherboard connector is a 4-1 pin with the pins arranged as follows: +5v – Data – NA – GND.

Neon Digital-RGB LED strip White version unpacking

The Neon Digital-RGB LED strip is now available in a new white version, which offers the same 3 specifications as the original black version. These include the combo version with 2 400mm light bars, the M5 style with 1 550mm light bar, and the M1 style with 1 1000mm light bar. Gamers can choose the style that best suits their installation needs.

The Phanteks Neon Digital-RGB LED light bar stands out from other light bars on the market due to its unique design. The light bar incorporates neon light bars with thicker light guide materials, which results in a better visual effect. In contrast to traditional light bars that expose the LED beads directly, the Phanteks light bar provides a softer surface with a more uniform brightness and color gradient.

To simplify the installation and fastening process for gamers, the product comes with additional accessories, including fixing buckles with adhesive backing. These buckles are available in both straight and 90-degree corner configurations, allowing for the light bar to be conveniently installed within the chassis based on the user’s preferred arrangement.

From left to right are Combo, M5 and M1.
List of Neon Digital-RGB LED light strips, from top to bottom are two 400mm Combo, 550mm M5 and one 1000mm M1.
From left to right are the accessories of Combo, M5 and M1.

The Neon Digital-RGB LED light strips have a distinctive appearance compared to standard flat light strips. These light strips feature a thicker white light guide material, which results in relatively narrower left and right sides. This design also allows for easy handling of the light strip at the corners. The light strip comes equipped with male and female DRGB 3-pin connectors located at both ends, making installation and serial connections very convenient. There is a 600mm 3-pin extension cable with a female end and more (4-1)-pin connectors, enabling players to connect the light strip to motherboards, other lighting hardware, and lighting effect controllers. As the Combo style includes two sets of light bars, an extra 600mm 3-pin pin extension cord is provided.

Although the light bar looks flat, it is actually narrow on both sides and has a high height.
There are male and female DRGB 3-pin connectors at both ends of the light bar.
On the left is a 600 mm 3-pin extension cable and (4-1)-pin adapter cable, and a 600 mm 3-pin extension cable only available on the Combo style.

Display of lighting effects

There are three types of fixed fasteners available: straight fixed fasteners, 90-degree corner fixed fasteners, and straight-line flat fixed fasteners. These fasteners feature circular openings, which enable the buckles to pass through the main board copper pillars and fan screws on the case, allowing for the light bar to be installed against the main board, fan, and other hardware. The buckles can also be adhered to the case as desired.

Three different fixing buckles, from left to right are 90 degrees, 180 degrees and lying flat.
3M double-sided tape can be pasted on the back of the buckle.
The 90-degree buckle fits just right around the motherboard.
Diagram of Neon Digital-RGB LED light strip installation and light calibration.

Neon Digital-RGB LED Light Strip White Version Summary


It seems that Phanteks is aware of the increasing importance of color coordination among gamers in recent years. Moreover, given that many of their chassis models are available in white, they have released a new white version of the Neon Digital-RGB LED strip. This decision allows gamers to have a broader range of installation and matching options to choose from.

Regarding the actual performance of the Neon Digital-RGB LED light bar, in my opinion, it does offer better performance than traditional light bars. The visual effect and texture are both impressive. As for pricing, the Combo style is priced at 539 yuan, the M5 style is priced at 449 yuan, and the M1 style is priced at 769 yuan. Gamers who are looking to add some extra color to their computer cases can consider these options.

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Title: The plan is to install a white light bar on the white case, specifically the Phanteks Neon Digital-RGB LED Strip in the color white