Unpacking and interacting online with Eaton’s gaming-grade GM1500LV UPS. It comes with features like a pure sine wave and surge protection


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Taiwan’s UPS, which is integral in protecting the nation, also enjoys widespread affection. The venerable American brand, “Eaton Feirui,” has introduced the GM1500LV Gamer UPS for gaming enthusiasts. This uninterruptible power system utilizes online interaction to deliver pure sine wave output. It also boasts automatic voltage regulation, surge protection, RGB lighting effects, detachable wireless LCD display data, software monitoring, and USB charging capabilities. Thus, even in the event of an unexpected power outage, gamers have enough time to get back to the city, log out, and shut down their computers in an orderly fashion.

Technical Details:

  • Capacity: 1500VA / 900W
  • Input Voltage: 110 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Voltage Range on Input: 81~132 VAC
  • Input Current: 13.6A
  • Output Voltage: 110 VAC
  • AC Voltage Regulation in Battery Mode: ±10%
  • Frequency Range in Battery Mode: 50/60 Hz ±1 Hz
  • Time for Output Transition: Typical 6ms, Maximum 10ms
  • Waveform in Battery Mode: Sine Wave
  • Battery Type and Quantity: 12 V/9 Ah x 2
  • Battery Recharge Time: 90% in 6-8 hours
  • USB Charging: 1 x USB Type C and 1 x USB Type A; 5.2V ± 5%, 3A
  • Dimensions: 430 x 99 x 280mm
  • Weight: 12 kg

Eaton Gaming Grade Gamer UPS GM1500LV Unboxing / RGB Light Bar, Detachable Wireless LCD

A UPS system can be likened to insurance. You purchase it hoping you won’t need it, but when a situation arises that warrants its use, you’re relieved and glad to have it. In Taiwan, the peak of summer electricity consumption coincides with typhoon season, and the last thing anyone wants is sudden power outages or unstable conditions. Older apartments with fluctuating power supply voltages could potentially reduce the lifespan of 3C and home appliances.

The well-established American brand, Eaton, specializes in power management. Their UPS products are so reliable that they’re even favored by those safeguarding Taiwan. Beyond their conventional home offerings, Eaton has rolled out the GM1500LV Gamer UPS for the gaming community.

The GM1500LV from Eaton, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), employs online interaction to deliver a pure sine wave output. It comes equipped with automatic voltage regulation, surge protection, USB Type-C charging, PC load monitoring, a wireless monitoring screen, and RGB lighting effects that gamers love. According to its specifications, the GM1500LV has a capacity of 1500VA / 900W, which gives gamers several minutes to safely shut down their computers in the event of a power outage (the exact time depends on the computer’s load).

The primary function of a UPS system is to provide short-term power to PCs and other computer equipment during unexpected events such as power outages. This prevents the loss of game progress and saved data or the demise of online game characters in the wilderness. As such, the capacity of most UPS systems is measured in VA. However, due to the power factor in AC/DC power conversion, gamers should also consider whether the wattage is adequate when choosing a UPS.

The Eaton Gaming-Grade Gamer UPS GM1500LV outer box indicates the main features and functions of the product.
There is a description of the connection port of GM1500LV on the side.

The Eaton GM1500LV, a gaming-grade uninterruptible power supply system, sports a subtle black exterior that’s accentuated by RGB light strips. The machine’s front features a removable wireless LCD panel, which includes buttons for UPS operation, while its base houses a USB Type-C and USB Type-A (5V3A) port for mobile phone charging.

The light strips are primarily located on both sides of the front panel and the bottom of the unit. The brightness, lighting effect, and color of the RGB light strips can be adjusted via the LCD panel, ensuring the device blends seamlessly next to your gaming console without drawing unnecessary attention.

Eaton GM1500LV UPS uninterruptible power system with RGB lighting effect.
There is a product label sticker on the right side of the machine, which can load up to 12A current.

The GM1500LV comes with a detachable, wireless LCD panel that allows for easy monitoring of UPS data, even if the UPS is tucked under a desk. The user-friendly operation includes a power switch, a toggle button, and a mute button. The LCD panel is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged by reconnecting it to the UPS host.

The digital area in the center of the LCD panel displays a variety of information, including the current input voltage, frequency, battery voltage, battery capacity, backup time, output voltage/frequency/wattage, and load ratio. On the left-hand side of the panel, you’ll find the battery charging rate, while the right-hand side indicates the current load status. The battery data is displayed at the bottom of the LCD panel.

Detachable, wireless LCD panel.
Input voltage.
Battery capacity.
Backup time.
Output voltage.

The back of the GM1500LV machine hosts a total of 10 outlets, a USB Type B connector for PC monitoring, and a set of RJ-45 connectors for In/Out modem/telephone/network surge protection.

On the left-hand side at the rear, there’s a “MASTER + UPS & SURGE” outlet framed in white. This particular outlet is where the main UPS provides consistent power, voltage stabilization, and surge protection. It’s recommended to plug primary power devices, like a PC, into this socket. The four outlets to its left are also under UPS & SURGE protection.

However, these four outlets are, by default, controlled by the Master socket. When Eco mode is enabled (which is the default setting), and if the power consumption of the Master socket drops below 20W for a continuous 3-minute period, the power supply to these four outlets will automatically turn off to conserve energy.

The five outlets marked “SURGE Only” on the right-hand side offer basic surge protection. However, they don’t come with UPS backup protection.

The socket at the rear of the machine.
When the GM1500LV is positioned flat, it’s easier to identify the specific outlets. The upper sockets provide SURGE Only protection, while the lower ones offer both UPS & SURGE protection. The socket outlined in white is designated for MASTER + UPS & SURGE.
There is a 14AWG power cord and fuse protection at the rear of the machine.
The USB Type C and USB Type A on the front of the machine can charge the mobile phone with the standard 5V 3A.

Eaton ViewPower software monitoring

In addition to its detachable wireless LCD panel, the Eaton GM1500LV can be connected to a PC via a USB Type B to Type A cable. With the Eaton ViewPower software installed, you can monitor all UPS data through a webpage. This essentially equips the connected Windows PC with a battery display that shows the UPS battery status and charge level within the system.

Detachable wireless LCD panel, the rear screen displays the Eaton ViewPower software monitoring screen.

Eaton’s ViewPower software visualizes the current power flow of the UPS. Typically, in an online interactive mode, AC input is used to supply power and charge the battery through Bypass output. In the event of a power failure, the UPS switches to battery mode, with the battery outputting AC power to continue powering the PC.

The power flow information allows users to understand various factors such as input voltage, battery voltage, capacity, backup time, output voltage, and load capacity. In the UPS work information section, key data such as battery capacity and load capacity are displayed graphically, while the rest of the information is presented in column format. Data analysis creates time-based graphs for input voltage, output voltage, output frequency, load capacity, battery voltage, and other parameters.

Eaton ViewPower Power Flow.
UPS Job Information.
Data analysis.

The records page within the Eaton ViewPower software also provides a history of event data, such as abnormalities in mains power, as captured during the day of testing. The event statistics feature presents the frequency of identical events occurring within a specific timeframe. For instance, if there are 2 records of mains power abnormalities in a day, it will be noted in this section. Regarding historical data, the software logs UPS information every minute for meticulous record-keeping.

Event log.
Event Statistics.
Historical data.

Eaton UPS GM1500LV power-off test i9-13900K + RTX 4090

Naturally, the flagship Intel Core i9-13900K processor and NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card were utilized for testing. During regular standby, under normal usage conditions, the PC load is approximately 15%. Under these circumstances, the backup time can last up to 29 minutes. However, as the load wattage increases, the backup time will proportionally decrease.

When the PC is on standby.
On the back of the UPS, the PC should be connected to the Master socket, while the power supplies for the screen and internet data can be plugged into the UPS & SURGE socket.

In the event of an AC input power outage, the UPS automatically switches to battery mode to maintain PC power by converting battery DC to AC. During this transition, the UPS will emit an alert sound and provide an estimated backup time.

Battery mode.
When there is a problem with the utility power, the PC will also pop up a UPS warning message.

In a situation where a power outage occurs while gaming, the GM1500LV can provide a 6-minute battery backup time when the load is at 61%. This gives players enough time to quickly get their game characters to safety, save their progress, log out of the game, and properly shut down their computers.

The load is 61% during the game, and the battery backup can provide 6 minutes of time under simulated power failure.


Indeed, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A UPS uninterruptible power system can protect a player’s valuable computer equipment and game progress, especially during Taiwan’s peak power consumption period in the summer, when conditions can become precarious due to typhoons. The Eaton UPS GM1500LV ensures that the players’ high-end gaming systems have enough backup time to save and shut down safely even in the event of a power cut.

However, it’s crucial to note that certain devices such as scanners, laser printers, or any devices that use motors should not be plugged into UPS backup power supply outlets. These devices can draw high currents during use, potentially leading to an overload situation.

The Eaton UPS GM1500LV online interactive uninterruptible power system offers pure sine wave output and features automatic voltage regulation, surge protection, RGB lighting effects, a detachable wireless LCD, software monitoring, and USB charging functions. This ensures that PCs, consoles, and other game systems are safe to use. This unit is priced at $8,590 for your reference.

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Title: Unpacking and interacting online with Eaton’s gaming-grade GM1500LV UPS. It comes with features like a pure sine wave and surge protection