Unboxing the MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC BLUE Mechanical Keyboard / Sky-Echoing Sonic Blue with Ultra-Quick Green Switches


The charming yet somewhat irksome green switch is found in MSI’s latest “VIGOR GK71 SONIC” mechanical keyboard. This new keyboard carries on the tradition of a minimalistic design with its exposed switches, aluminum cover, and distinctive ClearCaps semi-transparent keycaps to showcase the stunning RGB lighting effects. The keyboard is equipped with MSI’s SONIC BLUE mechanical switches, boasting an ultra-fast 3.5mm total travel, 1.4mm actuation point, and 45gf actuation force. The tactile and audible switch provides satisfying feedback for players who enjoy a responsive keyboard, delivering an incredibly fast and delightfully melodic experience.

Interface: USB-A
Mechanical switch: MSI SONIC BLUE
Number of keys: 109 keys
Keystroke: 3.5mm
Trigger stroke: 1.4mm
Press weight: 45gf
No conflict in the whole area: Hybrid 6+N key rollover
Backlight: Per-key RGB Mystic Light
cable length: 180cm
Dimensions: 442.5 x 138 x 41mm
Weight: 854g

MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC BLUE mechanical keyboard out of the box / bare shaft, aluminum cover, ClearCaps translucent keycap

The MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC mechanical keyboard features a popular slim-edge design, exposed switches, and an aluminum cover, combined with ClearCaps translucent keycaps that resemble a sheer layer beneath a miniskirt. The stunning Mystic Light RGB lighting effects bring the keyboard to life with vibrant colors.

The newly tested VIGOR GK71 SONIC utilizes MSI’s SONIC BLUE mechanical switches, offering a reduced total travel of 3.5mm, an actuation point of 1.4mm, and a 45gf actuation force design. The familiar tactile and audible feel of the blue switches provides the keyboard with a crisp, solid feedback sound and distinct tactile sensation during typing. While the resulting sound is refreshing for the user, it might not be as pleasing to others nearby.

MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC BLUE Mechanical Keyboard Review.
On the back, you’ll find product specifications and detailed feature descriptions.

The back of the packaging also displays a force curve for the MSI SONIC BLUE switches. The initial force ranges between 20-30gf, with a noticeable decrease after surpassing the 1.4mm actuation point, continuing all the way to 45gf and a 3.5mm total travel distance. The key feels comparatively lighter upon release.

MSI SONIC BLUE green axis graph.
The VIGOR GK71 SONIC keyboard package comes with documentation, a wrist rest, and a keycap puller.

The VIGOR GK71 SONIC keyboard features ClearCaps translucent keycaps, which create a stunning visual display when paired with the Mystic Light RGB lighting effects. The lighting becomes even more impressive when combined with various lighting patterns.

Lighting effect on the side of the keyboard.

The slim-edge design, exposed switches, and aluminum cover have become characteristic features of modern gaming keyboards. This design not only lends a sleek and minimalistic appearance but also makes it easier for users to clean the keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard incorporates a volume wheel and dedicated multimedia buttons. Users can adjust the RGB lighting effect, mode, and brightness through Fn key combinations, further enhancing usability and customization.

Frontal visuals.

The keyboard’s key area features a standard single-row Enter key layout, with F and J keys having a single positioning point. The keycaps have a dual-layer black and translucent design, while Zhuyin and Cangjie characters are laser-engraved. The keycap surfaces have a slight curvature for a comfortable typing experience. However, the keycap surfaces tend to attract oil and fingerprints. It is recommended to clean the keyboard regularly after some time of use to maintain its cleanliness.

The keyboard area allows for various function combinations using the Dragon Soul Fn Key located in the bottom-right corner:

Fn + ESC: Reset keyboard settings

Fn + Win: Lock the Windows Key

Fn + F1: Launch Afterburner software

Fn + F5: Switch configuration profiles

Keyboard key area.

On the right side of the keyboard, encompassing the numeric keypad, arrow keys, and function keys, there is a dedicated volume wheel along with playback pause, previous, and next multimedia keys located in the upper right corner of this area.

The keyboard lighting effect switching combinations are as follows:

Fn + INS: Toggle LED lighting mode (layered/steady/breathing/wave/radar/vortex/horizontal line/ripple/light/custom/off) Fn + Del: Control LED light direction

Fn + HOME: Accelerate LED light effects

Fn + END: Decelerate LED light effects

Fn + PGUP: Increase LED effect intensity

Fn + PGDN: Decrease LED effect intensity

Fn + Up: Increase LED brightness

Fn + Down: Decrease LED brightness

Fn + Left/Right: Switch LED backlight colour

Numeric keys, multimedia keys, and direction keys.

Besides the round buttons on the keyboard surface, there is also a larger scroll wheel on the upper right corner’s side, enabling users to control their computer’s volume. Pressing this scroll wheel will mute the computer’s sound.

Volume wheel.
The Lock indicator on the keyboard is also equipped with RGB lighting effects.

With the help of the included keycap puller, the keycaps of the mechanical switches can be easily removed, revealing the familiar cross-shaped stem. The MSI SONIC BLUE green switch features a transparent top cover and a blue cross-shaped stem. The keyboard’s longer keys use a stabilizer bar to provide support and smooth operation. Furthermore, the spacebar key utilizes a white switch with a heavier actuation force for a distinct feel.

A keycap puller is a handy tool designed to simplify the process of removing keycaps.
MSI SONIC BLUE blue switch.
The spacebar key employs a white switch, providing a similar tactile feel while requiring a greater actuation force.
The keyboard features double-layer ClearCaps translucent keycaps for an enhanced visual appearance.

The keyboard package includes a comfortable wrist rest, allowing users to adjust the keyboard’s position according to their preferences. The adjustable tilt height can be paired with the wrist rest to provide a more ergonomic typing experience.

The included wrist rest provides additional comfort and support during typing sessions.
The palm rest offers a soft yet supportive surface, ensuring comfort during extended typing sessions.

The back of the keyboard features an X-shaped groove running across its length, allowing headphone cables and controller wires to pass beneath the keyboard. The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with non-slip rubber pads and adjustable stands for added stability and customization.

Bottom of the keyboard.
Keyboard stand.
Trace trench.

The VIGOR GK71 SONIC offers one level of keyboard height adjustment while retaining the basic tiered height of the keyboard. Users can customize the keyboard’s tilt angle to achieve a more comfortable typing experience tailored to their preferences.

General height.
Height with stand.

MSI Center Customized and recorded macro buttons

The VIGOR GK71 SONIC keyboard offers three sets of configuration profiles accessible through the Fn + F5 key combination. Additionally, the MSI Center software provides a range of customization options and macro button settings. To access these features, navigate to the Feature > Gaming Gear page in the software and select the VIGOR GK71 SONIC keyboard.

Once on the keyboard settings page, users can select the desired key to customize and record a new key or macro function using the record button. After making any desired changes, be sure to save the settings by clicking “Apply.”

MSI Center Gaming Gear.
VIGOR GK71 SONIC custom button function.


The MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC keyboard boasts a stunning Mystic Light RGB lighting effect, accentuated by its exposed switches, aluminum cover, and ClearCaps translucent keycaps. It is an ideal keyboard for those who enjoy colourful RGB lighting.

Furthermore, the new MSI SONIC BLUE mechanical switches provide tactile and audible feedback, offering a crisp sound and tactile sensation for users who enjoy touch typing. The switch’s reduced total travel distance of 3.5mm, actuation point of 1.4mm, and 45gf actuation force design result in a faster typing speed and improved responsiveness.

Players who appreciate both RGB lighting effects and blue switches should definitely consider trying out the VIGOR GK71 SONIC keyboard. There is a Sonic Red version available, featuring red switches for players to choose from.

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Title: Unboxing the MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC BLUE Mechanical Keyboard / Sky-Echoing Sonic Blue with Ultra-Quick Green Switches