Unboxing the Jonsbo TK-1 M-ATX case: A room with an ocean view through curved, tempered glass

Jonsbo TK-1 M-ATX.

Upon initial viewing, the Jonsbo TK-1 casing is sure to catch the eye with its expansive curved glass and a nearly cubic form that resembles an aquarium or a see-through display cabinet more than a computer case. Its dual-chamber structure makes it an ideal showcase for computer components, while the aluminum alloy panel enhances its overall aesthetic. The vertical heat dissipation design ensures swift heat removal to keep the computer parts cool.

Technical Details:

  • Size: 299x310x345mm (includes foot pads)
  • Materials: 2.5mm aluminum alloy, 1mm steel plate, glass
  • Motherboard compatibility: ITX/M-ATX
  • Hard drive compatibility: 2 x 3.5”HDD or 1 x 2.5″ SSD /1 x 3.5″ HDD
  • Fan capacity: Top 2 x 120mm, Bottom 2 x 120mm
  • Water cooling compatibility: 240mm
  • Power supply compatibility: ATX, less than 220mm in length
  • Maximum CPU cooler height: 165mm
  • Maximum graphics card length: 280mm
  • PCIE Slots: 4
  • Front panel connectors: 1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x 3.5mm AUDIO
  • Net weight: 5.9kg

Double-bending tempered glass, double-chamber structure | Jonsbo TK-1 unpacking

The Jonsbo TK-1 impresses with its massive double-curved tempered glass and aluminum alloy casing. The internal dual-chamber architecture supports an M-ATX motherboard, 240mm water cooling, and a power supply up to 220mm in length. A minor drawback is the graphics card length limitation, with a maximum of 280mm allowed. This makes the TK-1 one of the rare cube-sized cases on the market with a shorter graphics card capacity.

While the TK-1 doesn’t include a fan, it is advisable to add two 120mm fans at the top and another two at the bottom to create an effective vertical air duct. The case allows for a CPU radiator height of up to 165mm, making it suitable for an air-cooled radiator.

In a unique feature for a case of its size, the TK-1 provides two 3.5-inch hard disk bays above the power supply unit. You don’t need to buy a specialty SFX power supply from Guisensen, as the power supply section accommodates standard ATX power supplies.

The outer box of Jonsbo TK-1.
The outer box is printed with pictures of TK-1 from various angles.
To minimize the potential for glass damage during shipping, the glass is packaged separately from the main body of the case.
There is a large piece of foam support and protection inside the case.
List of accessories.

The Jonsbo TK-1 is compatible with M-ATX motherboards and provides 4 PCIe slots. It supports the installation of a 240mm AIO water cooling system on top, and it can accommodate two 12cm fans on the bottom. The front panel comes equipped with a 10Gbps Type-C port, a USB 3.0 Type-A port, a 3.5mm headset jack, and a power button.

TK-1 supports M-ATX motherboard.
Front panel 1A1C, 3.5mm headphone jack and power button.
The side ventilation holes provide heat dissipation for the power supply and hard disk.
Double cabin structure.

The Jonsbo TK-1 features double-curved tempered glass, approximately 4mm thick. An outer protective film safeguards the glass from breakage. Structural integrity is enhanced by a metal frame which is secured by four screws. During installation, it’s recommended to hand-tighten these screws evenly to ensure balanced force. Be careful not to over-tighten them.

Curved tempered glass.

The curved glass of the TK-1 doesn’t completely align with the case, leaving an approximate gap of 1-2mm. The four screw positions are safeguarded by thick rubber pads, showcasing Jonsbo’s meticulous attention to protecting the glass to maintain its unique visual appeal.

The screw holes on the front panel.
Rear fixing holes.

The TK-1 comes in two color options, black and white. The black version features darker glass with a black frame, and its exposed screws are also black. On the other hand, the white version has silver screws. Both models utilize 2.5mm aluminum alloy panels, but the black version appears to better highlight the texture of the aluminum alloy. The white model, in contrast, seems closer to a steel plate with a baked-on paint finish.

Black dark glass.
TK-1 black model.
Black and white contrast.
Black and white contrast.
The exposed screws of the black model are changed to black.
The texture of the black model is better.

The top of the case is designed to support a 240mm AIO water cooling system and features a tool-free, pull-out opening for easy access. The bottom accommodates two 12cm fans and comes with a dust filter for added convenience and cleanliness.

Top pull-out opening.
Supports 240 mm AIO water cooling.
Two 12cm fans and dust filter at the bottom.

The TK-1 provides ample space for the power supply unit and cable management. It can accommodate an ATX power supply up to 220mm in length and has room for two 3.5-inch hard drives.

Power compartment and hard disk rack.
Support two 3.5-inch or one 2.5-inch plus one 3.5-inch hard drive.
The actual test installation space is very large.
Equipped with a power bracket.

Jonsbo TK-1 Installed

With dimensions of 299x310x345mm, the Jonsbo TK-1 leans toward a cubic form. This allows for a CPU radiator height of up to 165mm, though the graphics card length is restricted to 280mm. A standard 4-slot PCIe configuration ensures that installing bottom fans won’t interfere with the PCIe slot usage. The top 240mm cooling setup accommodates a thickness of around 65mm, something users planning on open-water cooling should bear in mind.

The double-chamber structure and pillar-less design make installation a breeze. Threading holes are present on the top, bottom, and right sides, greatly simplifying cable management. One aspect to note is the close proximity of the CPU power supply to the cooling row. It would be beneficial if the upper threading hole were located a bit lower to facilitate installation.

The upper, lower and right sides are equipped with threading holes.
The overall installation difficulty is low.
Out of sight is the net line method.
The installation is complete.
Lighting effect display.

Vertical air duct | TK-1 temperature test

This test used an Intel i7-13700 and RTX 4070 FE as the test platform. The 240mm AIO water cooling was installed on top to vent air upwards, and no fan was installed at the bottom. The test employed AIDA 64 FPU and FurMark 4K for extreme testing, and an AIDA64 CPU was also used to simulate a lower load situation.

Test Platform Details:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-13700
  • Motherboard: Asrock B760M PG SONIC WIFI
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 6000 32GB
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 FE
  • System Disk: AGI AI818 1TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD
  • Radiator: 240mm AIO
  • Power Supply: FSP Hyder Ti PRO 1000W
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 22H2

The test results demonstrated that whether it was the CPU or the graphics card under load, the temperature control was good. However, when both were under load simultaneously, the top water cooling system would absorb the graphics card’s waste heat, resulting in a higher temperature. Installing a fan at the bottom could mitigate this issue to some extent. The CPU load during gaming was not overly high, and the system proved suitable for everyday use.


Every aspect of the Jonsbo TK-1’s design pivots around its double-curved tempered glass, necessitating certain trade-offs such as limitations on graphics card length and heat dissipation. These compromises, however, result in a striking visual impact that makes the TK-1 a unique offering in the PC DIY market. From packaging to installation, Jonsbo has put considerable thought into ensuring that users can safely enjoy this striking design.

When it comes to the installation experience, the double-chamber structure allows for substantial space, making installation and cable management remarkably easy. Moreover, the unobstructed pillar-less design makes it one of the most user-friendly cases to install. The choice to use screws instead of a quick-release latch design is a minor downside.

Regardless of whether you choose the black or white version, the Jonsbo TK-1 is priced at 3,490 yuan. It’s available for purchase from the official Shopee Mall, Original Price House, or Xinya. While the black aluminum panel and dark glass lend a more textured look, the white model seems more fitting for a sea-view room design. Ultimately, the choice depends on the creativity of the users in terms of matching and assembly.

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Title: Unboxing the Jonsbo TK-1 M-ATX case: A room with an ocean view through curved, tempered glass