Unboxing the HP CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The HP CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo, amidst a vast selection of office peripherals, offers an affordable price of 990 yuan. It features ergonomic chocolate silent keycaps, automatic sleep technology for extended battery life, and a shared single wireless receiver for both keyboard and mouse, significantly enhancing user convenience. Let’s delve into a comprehensive overview of the CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo!

Brand: HP
Model: HP CS10 Wireless Mute Keyboard and Mouse Set
Colour: Black
Contents: keyboard x1, mouse x1
Keycap: water drop keycap
Keys: 104-key compact
Transmission method: 2.4G wireless connection
Connection distance: 10 meters
Mouse DPI: 1200
Keyboard size: 435.2x141x22.4mm
Mouse size: 101.4x61x35mm
Power supply: keyboard AAA battery x1, mouse AA battery x1
Warranty: One-year limited warranty

HP CS10 wireless silent keyboard and mouse set out of the box

The CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo utilize a 2.4GHz wireless connection, offering more stable and extended-range connectivity without relying on a Bluetooth receiver. A single receiver supports both the keyboard and mouse, sparing valuable USB ports on your computer.

The CS10 wireless silent keyboard features concave keycaps that adhere to ergonomic principles, making typing a more comfortable experience. The keystrokes are firmer and more distinct compared to standard office keyboards, minimizing accidental key presses. The keyboard employs laser engraving for its fonts, which include Zhuyin and Cangjie options.

With its compact design, the CS10 wireless silent mouse can be easily held by users of any hand size. It incorporates silent microswitches that won’t disturb others during use. The fixed 1200 DPI provides a smooth user experience, while the automatic sleep technology helps to prolong battery life.

The packaging for the CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo is straightforward, with the product’s design and features easily discernible upon inspection.
List of contents.
Mouse close-up.
The mouse employs AA batteries and includes a storage compartment for the wireless receiver.
The keyboard features a standard 104-key configuration.
The keycaps have a concave design.
The keyboard is powered by AAA batteries, which are located at the back.
The keyboard comes with built-in foot supports.


The HP CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo is affordably priced at 990 yuan and offers a seamless plug-and-play experience with a single receiver for both devices, requiring no additional software. It excels in terms of user-friendliness. The silent keyboard maintains a satisfying feel, while the concave design aids touch typing. The compact mouse features silent buttons and textured sides for an improved grip. With a 1200 DPI setting, it caters to the preferences of most users.

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Title: Unboxing the HP CS10 Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo