The Seasonic FOCUS GX 850W power supply (ATX3.0) is a perfect pairing right from the unboxing with the compact RTX 4060Ti graphics card, which primarily utilizes a 16-pin PCIe interface


Haiyun’s newest ATX 3.0 power supply, featuring a native PCIe 16pin / 12VHPWR, gives a long-awaited update to the popular FOCUS GX series. This newly released FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) keeps a compact form factor at 14cm length, and offers three power options: 750W, 850W, and up to 1000W. Designed for mainstream system setups, it maintains the high conversion efficiency that’s associated with an 80 Plus Gold rating. The unit also includes a 135mm FDB cooling fan with a hybrid 0dB fan control function. This product is expected to be available in Taiwan by the end of June, offering mainstream users the benefit of a 10-year warranty with their new spec power supply.


  • Standard: ATX12 V3.0
  • Rated Power: 850W
  • Form Factor: Intel ATX 12 V
  • 80 PLUS Grade: Gold
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Input Current: 11-5.5A
  • Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Power Factor Correction: Active PFC
  • Cooling: 135mm FDB Fan with Hybrid Silent Fan Control
  • Dimensions: 150 x 140 x 86 mm
  • Protections: OPP / OVP / UVP / SCP / OCP / OTP

In terms of connectivity, the retail version comes with a braided cable and the following connectors:

  • 1 MB 20+4 Pin connector (610mm)
  • 2 CPU 4+4 Pin connectors (700mm)
  • 1 PCIe 16 Pin (12VHPWR) connector (750mm)
  • 3 PCIe 6+2 Pin connectors (750mm)
  • 8 SATA connectors in total (950mm)
  • 2 SATA 3.3 connectors (550mm)
  • 1 Large 4-pin connector (690mm)

Seasonic FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W full-mode power supply unpacking / small The fuselage gold ATX 3.0, PCIe 5.0

Haiyun Seasonic brings an update to the popular FOCUS GX series with the new ATX 3.0 specification, featuring a native PCIe 16-pin 12VHPWR power supply. This power supply keeps a compact form at 14cm in length, ensuring that gamers can upgrade their graphics card and replace their power supply without any compatibility issues. Versions offering 750W, 850W, and 1000W are expected to be launched.

The FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) utilizes active PFC, LLC full-bridge resonance and a DC-DC synchronous rectification design with a single-channel 12V output. This meets the high current and wattage requirements of contemporary CPUs and GPUs. To ensure a steady power supply and effective heat dissipation, it’s fitted with a 135mm FDB fan.

In addition to having an 80 PLUS gold certification, the power supply includes a host of protective features like OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, SCP, and a 10-year warranty. The retail version of the power supply will come with a rounded embossed cable, making it easier for users to manage and complete the cable setup during installation. The new FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) power supply is expected to hit the market by the end of June, and the price point should be close to the current version in the market.

FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W looks the same as the original, 14cm short body with a 135mm FDB fan.

At the back of the power supply, alongside the main input socket, you’ll find a power switch and a function switch for the Hybrid Silent Fan. By activating this switch, the power supply will automatically halt the fan when the load is below 30%. When the load surpasses 30%, the fan speed curve will adjust in response to the increased load. If you prefer to have the fan running continuously, all you need to do is press the switch.

Mains input at the rear of the power supply.

The FOCUS GX-850 power supply demonstrates that its single +12V input can handle up to 70A of current and power consumption up to 840W, which is more than capable of supporting the power requirements of high-end CPUs and GPUs.

Power meter.

The module connector uses a white line to identify the function of each connector. Located on the upper left is the 24-pin connector for the motherboard, and to the right is the 12VHPWR. The peripheral connector can be found on the lower left, while the CPU / PCIe power supply connector is situated on the lower right.

Full Modular Connector.
The motherboard has 24 pins, and the cable length is 610mm.

The CPU power connection cable offers two CPU 4+4 Pin connectors in total, meaning there is one connector on each cable, and the length of each cable is 700mm.

CPU power cable.

The PCIe 16 Pin 12VHPWR cable has a length of 750mm. When using it, ensure that the cable is fully inserted into the connector. During installation, leave a cable length of 35mm or 3.5cm at the connector’s outlet.

Furthermore, the PCIe power cable supplies a total of three PCIe 6+2 Pin connectors, with each cable having one connector and measuring 750mm in length. Having one connector per line aligns with the high load demands of current high-end cards, preventing automatic shutdown issues due to excessive load on a single line.

PCIe 16 Pin 12VHPWR cable.
Three PCIe 6+2 Pin connectors.

The SATA power cable offers a total of 8 SATA connectors with a length of 950mm. Both utilize Y-shaped wiring. This configuration helps avoid bending the SATA cable when installing 2.5 / 3.5-inch devices into the case and prevents the power connector from getting stuck during the connection.

In addition to the SATA connectors, there is also a power cable of 690mm length that comes with three large 4-pin connectors and a separate cable with two 550mm long SATA 3.3 connectors.

SATA power cable.
Large 4-pin and SATA 3.3 power cable.

Seasonic FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W stress test with 7950X and RTX 4060 Ti

When it comes to testing, we use the OCCT stress testing software to apply a dual load on both the CPU and GPU. The software helps us check the voltage status of the +12V, +5V, and +3.3V, as reported by the motherboard. We also employ the NVIDIA PACT tool to test GPU power consumption, allowing us to observe variations in current. The hardware utilized for these tests includes the AMD Ryzen 7950X processor and the RTX 4060 Ti Founder Edition graphics card.

FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W.

Test Platform
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
Memory: G.SKILL DDR5-6000 16GBx2
Display Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti
System Disk: Solidigm P44 Pro 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD
Radiator: 360mm AIO Water Cooling Radiator
Power Supply: Seasonic FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 22H2

The OCCT stress test on the CPU and GPU showed that the total power consumption of the computer during the test was around 471W. The motherboard voltage information monitored by OCCT displayed a stable +12V at 12.0-12.009V. Similarly, the +5V and +3.3V also exhibited stable performance, aligning with the consistent power output necessary for high-end CPUs and GPUs.

OCCT Stress Test.
HWINFO motherboard sensor values.
The maximum power consumption is 471W.

Using the NVIDIA PACT tool, we found that the first set of 12V1 voltage was approximately 12.09V / 0.240A / 2.9W during standby, with the graphics card’s PCIe Slot consuming only about 3W.

When we tested using “Cyberpunk 2077” with 1440p resolution, ultra-high ray tracing, and DLSS 3 performance settings, the average GPU power consumption came to about 133W, with an instantaneous maximum of 157W. The 12V1 current also peaked at 7.3A. With this data, it appears that the FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W power supply can handle the RTX 4060 Ti at half load with relative ease.

Standby 12V1.
“Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” GPU power consumption.

Finally, we conducted the Furmark Xtreme burn-in test. The GPU’s average power consumption reached 155W, with a peak instantaneous consumption of 189.4W. The 12V1 showed a power consumption of 12.056V, 10.72A, and 129W during this test.

Furmark Xtreme burn-in GPU power consumption.


Haiyun introduces the new standard FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) 850W power supply, a mainstream power supply that packs a high wattage and 80 PLUS gold certification into a compact 14cm body. The unit is equipped with an FDB 135mm cooling fan, a hybrid 0dB fan control function, and all-black flat mode assembly connector wires. This allows gamers to upgrade their graphics card to the RTX 40 series using the new ATX3.0 and PCIe 16 Pin 12VHPWR power supply.

Haiyun anticipates that the FOCUS GX (ATX3.0) power supply will officially hit the market by the end of June, and the price difference compared to the current version may only be around a single unit.

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Title: The Seasonic FOCUS GX 850W power supply (ATX3.0) is a perfect pairing right from the unboxing with the compact RTX 4060Ti graphics card, which primarily utilizes a 16-pin PCIe interface