Should you wait for the iPhone 15 Ultra or buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

The iPhone 15 Ultra. Yes, that is rumoured to be coming alongside the rest of the iPhone 15 lineup next year. And that name is from the Apple Watch Ultra, the best Apple Watch ever made. And there will be some exclusive features on that model that we’ll be talking about in terms of the new leaks and rumours.

I will answer the question based on my experience with the iPhone 14 Pro Max for the last couple of weeks. Should you buy this one this year, or should you hold off and wait for the 15 Ultra or one of the other fifteens next year? Let’s talk about it now.

Getting into the leaks for the iPhone 15 lineup, way back in January, the analyst Jeff Poh said that the iPhone 15 Pro was expected to feature the para scope lens with up to 10 times optical zoom, which is what the current S22 Ultra from Samsung has.

Let me tell you. It dramatically improves the far zoom performance of the cameras. That would be awesome. However, going down to July main true quote said that the Periscope lens would be exclusive to the iPhone 15 ProMax in 2023.

That itself could be renamed the iPhone 15 Ultra, which some other reports I’ve talked about, I’m going to get into.

However, he says he’s expecting it to have a six x optical zoom, which would be exactly two times more than the current three X we have on the 13 Pro and 14 PRO models.

That would be a significant increase in quality. And not only that, but it also gets sensor-shift stabilization, which matters a lot for long Zoom cameras.

Not only that but back in May Min Chiko also said that the iPhone 15 lineup, the entire thing, would be getting USB-C in 2023. Now that is a huge deal because Apple’s been on Lightning for the last decade, and that’s exactly what they said when they first introduced Lightning. So it’s exciting that we’re finally switching to USB-C next year.

Going even further in July, Minko also said that the latest iPhone chip, the newest ones, would remain exclusive to the pro models for the iPhone 15 and beyond. Like we got with the 14 lineups where the pro and Promax have the new A16 chip while the regular models are still stuck with the A15, he says this trend will remain forever.

Then interestingly, in September, Minko also said that Apple was going to separate further the devices and the iPhone 15 lineup with different features. So they’ll keep adding more to the pro models while keeping the regular ones further behind. So it looks like Apple wants people to spend more money on those pro models.

In May, we had A report from the analyst Ross Young, the best Apple display leaker out there. He said that Apple is expected to replace the notch on the regular 14 models with the new pill and hole on all iPhone 15 models. Of course, we didn’t get the pill and hole. We got the full pill with the dynamic island.

He says, as you can see in this graphic right here from his tweet, that every single iPhone 15 is going to have the Pill plus whole, which of course, we do have that hardware-wise right now on the Pro and next year, there’s going to be no more notch on any iPhone.

So we recommend people buy the Pro model, so they don’t feel like they have an outdated notched iPhone with the regular iPhone fourteens.

Here is where the ultra rumours come in on September 25th. Mark Erman, the most reliable app leaker, said that the iPhone 15 Ultra could replace the Pro Max model next year.

Now, he was the first one to hint at this, but we did have another leaker leak, Apple Pro, who was the first to make this claim. But of course, Mark Erman solidified it by saying that the Ultra is coming just like the Apple Watch Ultra, the highest-end, most expensive model. The Ultra is going to be the new Pro Max, which means that Apple’s likely going to pack it, jam-pack it with a bunch of extra features, and they’re likely going to hike up the price to make it worth it to make you feel like you want to pay more for the ultra name.

Do you know? And now here is an exciting report from Inkja Kuo saying that the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s popularity could lead to more differentiation between the 15 Pro and the 15 Promax, which is where it makes sense to have that new ultra name because the Promax is so popular. This 14 ProMax model, which I love, has a better batter life, even though the always-on-display kind of kicks down the batter life.

It’s still excellent compared to previous years but makes Qua say that the Promax accounts for about 60% of the total order increase of pro models, which is a massive increase in Apple’s average sales price. And that is huge for Apple, and it makes sense why they want to create a new Ultra model. Now, Ross Young gave some reports to his super followers showing that the 14 Pro Max now has a significant advantage with nearly one-third of the volume of all the iPhone 14 shipments, which is huge.

You can see that right here in this super tweet, which by the way, you know, I signed up for super following Ross Young for five bucks a month. Worth it to see a chart like this.

Thankfully he let me show off a couple of these super tweets to you guys.

But look at that Promax model, a more significant chunk than all the others. I honestly don’t think that this has happened before. That’s huge for the Pro Max model, and it makes sense why Apple would want to do the Ultra.

Now moving forward, this next leak is going to be huge for people deciding if they want to wait for the iPhone 15 lineup or not. Specifically for the pro and the ultra models, TSMC has a new second-generation three-nanometer process that they will be working on next year, which will be for the M3 chip and the A17 going into those 15 pro and ultra models.

That will be a new process, a new node, and there will be some huge efficiency improvements with that in terms of battery life. So I expect an excellent battery life boost for those pro and ultra models next year. I think that is going to be a huge selling point for those.

This past Sunday, Mark Erman released another one of his power on newsletters, and within that, he said there’s going to be no touch ID for the iPhone 15 lineup next year. Yes, that means no under-the-screen touch id.

I know that’s been rumoured for a long time, but I honestly think that with face ID being so good, I don’t believe touch ID is ever coming. I think Apple’s just going to scrap the idea. And even for the new iPhone s SE four, I think they’re just going to give it a notch with face id, just like the iPhone 10. I don’t believe, so Touch ID is ever coming back. Please prove me wrong. Maybe you disagree with me. Let me know when the comments are below.

The other day, we reported that the new European law says iPhones must use USB type C by 2024, making USB C more likely next year. Apple’s probably going to wanna switch over their iPhones and then all of their accessories to UBC to make it all work in that lineup. So it looks like that law has finally passed, but here is where it gets even more enjoyable.

Joe Reig from Mac Rumors is predicting it now. That was September 16th, almost a month ago, that Apple will market the iPhone 15 Pro as having a Thunderbolt port while the standard models get a standard US BBC more differentiation. Now, what if only the iPhone 15 Ultra model gets the Thunderbolt port because it’s ultra, it’s more expensive, it gets the best of the best features that would make sense for Apple to do, to give it a bold thunder port that is insane, and I think he might be right.

Now on top of that, here’s where it gets even crazier. Imagine Boo. He’s had some very reliable leaks in the past, and according to one of his sources, the new iPhone 15 Ultra will have two front cameras, not one but two, which is insane. It’s going to have USB-C, and it’s going to start from 256 gigs of storage, which makes sense. They can even give it eight K video recording just for the ultra model with that 256 gigs. And then, the iPhone 15 Pro will start with 128, and it will still have music but only one front camera. That is kind of crazy.

I wonder what Apple will do with the second camera, maybe some ultra-wide. So in his U, he believes it will be the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15, plus the Pro and the Ultra, with the ultra replacing the Promax, just like Mink Chio was saying. And then, finally, here’s a weird thing.

There’s an iPhone with no physical button, and the project code name is Bongo. So no buttons on this iPhone. I’m not sure what this will be, what it could be. Maybe the iPhone fold or perhaps the iPhone 16 or 17. I’m not sure. But this was an exciting leak because shrimp Apple Pro is very reliable.

He was the first to leak the new pill plus hole punch combo on the front display, which was true. So with that said, let me give you guys some advice. Should you upgrade? So the 14 Pro Max, or should you wait for the Ultra?

Well, first of all, I think that if you care about USB-C, then you should probably wait. But I’ve realized that I don’t use the Lightning Port. Sometimes I’ll plug into the Lightning to charge, but I’m almost always using Mac Save. So Lightning isn’t a big deal, and I don’t take a bunch of videos and photos and have to transfer them all the time. Using the Lightning cable, I don’t do entire iPhone backups, which would take forever. I use Airdrop, and then I get a new phone and back it up through iCloud every year. So it’s not a big deal to me.

Honestly, the new camera is good. It’s now topped by the S22 Ultra and many other phones. The new 48 Mega Pixel Pro Raw is suitable, especially now that you can use a shortcut to auto-convert from Pro RAW to HEIC.

Honestly, this has been a great phone. It’s the first one with a new dynamic island, and it’s good.

So if you have, let’s say, an iPhone 10, iPhone 10s, or maybe even an iPhone 12 model, it’s probably worth it to upgrade. But if you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone13 and are pleased with it, you don’t have very many issues. Then I would probably recommend that you should wait till next year to get the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone Ultra Model.

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Title: Should you wait for the iPhone 15 Ultra or buy the iPhone 14 Pro?