Is the battery life on the iPhone 14 Plus the best I’ve ever seen?

The new iPhone 14 plus the big brother of this guy, the iPhone 14. So the question is should you buy the plus, or maybe is the 14 a better option?

There are three main differences between the 14 plus and the regular 14. The first is obvious: the screen size is 6.7 inches versus 6.1. The plus has the same screen size as the 14 pro max, albeit in a much lighter package. This is 40 grams lighter.

Number two, the plus, has a bigger battery and the most extended battery life, the spoiler alert for my big battery rundown test, but the 14 plus wins. Finally, number three is the price. The 14 plus costs a hundred pounds more than the regular 14 at $849 or 949 pounds, which makes it quite expensive but not that much more if you are already tempted by the 14.

So the 14 and the 14 plus share the same design. We’ve got this glossy back as opposed to the matte finish on the pro models, which I can prefer. I think it looks a little more premium and aluminum than stainless steel.

But one thing you might notice about this or any of these iPhones is that I have one of these sim card trays because, in the US, all these iPhone fourteens are eSIM only. But here in the UK, there’s not much going for us. But we do have a physical sim card tray.

I’ve been using this for a few days and like it. Yes, it misses out on pro features like the one 20 Hertz promotion, which, if anything, is more noticeable on this bigger screen. It uses the A15 chip rather than the A16. There’s no fancy dynamic island or lock screen, nor do we get pro raw ProRes with the camera, and of course, we miss out on that higher mega picks or mainland, and there is no telephoto.

It is nothing between them in terms of the plus and the ProMax here except for the notch and the dynamic island. It is tricky to show you the difference in the refresh rate on a video like this, which is at 60 fps. I do feel it is a bit slower, using this regularly and then going to this, especially at this bigger screen size. I think it’s more noticeable. I think we should have one 20 hertz for the price, given the Android competition, but it’s not a reason not to get the plus.

So it goes without saying that if you can stretch your budget to the 14 ProMax, it is a better phone. But if you want a big-screen iPhone that lasts a long time and don’t quite want to pay that much, then this is an exciting option. I am sad we don’t have a new 14 mini, although the 13 mini is still on sale. My complaint is that the battery isn’t excellent. And to be fair, I think the 14 plus is filling a new niche.

So if you are coming from an iPhone 11, 12, 13, or even 14 for some reason, uh, you’re going to get a 20% larger display with the 14 plus going back even further if you’re still on the eight-plus with those chunky bezels and the touch ID home button. You’re looking at a 30% larger screen, which is a big difference. Everything is more extensive, and I think watching videos and gaming are better, even for accessibility.

For example, if you have trouble with your eyesight, you can adjust the text size to bump it up to make everything easier to read. And with accessibility mode turned on, you can double-tap three fingers to zoom in on the interface. Of course, you can do that with any iPhone, but a giant screen on the 14 plus makes everything easier to see.

Alternatively, if you keep everything else default size, you get more on the screen, more messages, emails, and more text than an article. Even things like composing a photo or video are a little bit easier on that bigger screen.

But then, on the flip side, it does make it a lot bigger. It’s a two-handed device, and you do notice it in your pocket if you’re someone who likes to wear skinny jeans. Probably not for you, although I suggest you give those arrests anyway. I would recommend getting a case because this is quite slippery, and if you are trying to reach the top of the screen with one hand, it can be a little bit dangerous. I’ve got one here, which, of course, does add to the overall book a little bit, but because it’s a lot Grier, I think it feels more comfortable to hold. And you also know I’ve gone for the color-matched purple case with my purple iPhone 14 plus.

If you’re wondering how it compares to the deep purple on the Pro more than ever, it depends on the light hitting it, and the Pro goes from sort of black to purple, depending on if it hits the light just right. This is a much more kind of baby pink. I prefer deep purple. This was a big surprise for me just how much lighter it is than the 14 pro-Max 203 grams versus about 240, 243 grams lighter, and in fact, it’s a couple of grams more delicate than even the 14 Pro with its much smaller 6.1-inch screen.

So as much as I love my ProMax, and this is my everyday phone at the moment, I do kind of wish it was as light as the plus. However, they achieved that. We’ve essentially got the jewel rather than triple a camera module. That saves a bit of weight, and I think, most importantly, we’ve got aluminum versus stainless steel, so we get a bigger screen.

But the other big advantage is battery life. Now Apple’s marketing has been a little vague about this as they’ve called it the best battery ever on an iPhone, yet if you compare the specs on the website, in some cases, like video playback, the ProMax lasts longer. That’s because the pro and Promax have pro promotions. So the screen can adjust between one and one 20 hertz. So, pure video playback can efficiently drop down to 30 or 24 FPSs, saving battery. However, in my big battery rundown test, the 14 plus came out on top, the essential iPhone is solid, but the 14 plus lasts a good two hours long, which in the context of this quite intensive test is a big difference.

So for the first time in years ever, maybe the Promax, the top most expensive version of the iPhone, doesn’t necessarily have the best battery this does. The only minor downside is that this takes about five minutes longer to charge than the regular iPhone 14 simply because it has a bigger battery. So we’re looking at half an hour to get to 50% on the 14 versus 35 minutes. Not a big deal. Okay, let’s talk about this camera. I’m recording this on the selfie camera, the true depth camera on the 14 plus, which is precisely the same as you get on the Pro, and the ProMax, including support for autofocus. The big differences, though, are on the back, we have two lenses, the uh, main, and the ultra-wide, versus the three on the pro model. So there’s no telephoto. So in the camera app, you can see on the pro models you have many more options. You’ve got the new two-time mode which uses a crop of that new 48-megapixel primary sensor, Uh, and a three-times telephoto lens dedicated telephoto. On the plus, we have a one times an odd 0.5 times. You can pinch in up to five times digital zoom if you want.

Compared to the five times on the pro, sharper and less noisy on the pro but not a night and day difference, to be honest. Another thing to note is that the ultra-wide, on the pro, doubles as a macro lens.

However, on the regular 14th, including the plus, the ultra-wide does not double as a macro. So you can’t get any of those super crisp close-ups, unfortunately. But while the setup is the same as the iPhone 13, we get a brighter F 1.5 aperture. We get larger pixels, an SLU wider field of view, and, of course, see your improved photo engine that does all of Apple’s camera processing magic behind the scenes.

Also, the op upside of this coming out a few weeks later than the rest is that Apple’s had a chance to fix a few bugs like that camera shake issue that we had in some third-party camera apps. Also, with the camera, I do find the fourteens as a whole can come across as a bit over-sharpened in some images, but aesthetically it’s still one of my favorite cameras. And to be honest, the main reason I missed the 14 pros in the Promax is that three times telephoto because I love the focal length you get for portraits, and of course, being a proper optical zoom means that it’s much higher quality than the digital zoom that you get on the 14.

The plus you get, the same as the pro models, is a cinematic mode, which can record at 4K 30 and 24. Now, the quality of the lenses on the back will be different, but for selfie cinematic video should be the same as the Pro. I do quite like it. I love the fact that you can adjust the Apple chip at four or after filming because I think the default F2.8 is a little bit shallow. It makes you feel like a bit of cardboard cutout, but if you change it to F35 or F4 looks a lot more natural. It’s pretty good. I like this a lot. Make sure you subscribe to my site, though, because I’ve got a big Pixel 7, S22, and iPhone 14 camera comparison soon. So the 14 plus does a lot, right? Big screen, and an incredible battery, it is surprisingly lightweight for its size, and it’s only a hundred quid more than the regular 14. However, while it is a good amount cheaper than the ProMax in the order of about 200 pounds or so, at 949 pounds, this is still a costly phone. It’s like S22 plus money, making it a little unforgivable that we’re still limited to 60 hertz and only a dual-lens setup.

Most phones of that price are high refresh and triple-lens cameras. I’m not too fast on missing out on the a16 and the a15, but its five-core GPU is still insanely fast. But I do wish we had that 120 promotion.

That’s all I want. So I think this will be incredibly popular because I recommend the Pro series, particularly the Promax, to my friends for that better battery life. But you can get it on here and save a bunch of money. Now, I would also say that if you’re not, you know, glued into the Apple ecosystem, then maybe consider the Pixel seven Pro or the upcoming Galaxy has 23 series, which will probably come out in late January. So those two are worth considering. But for my money, I reckon this is the new best iPhone for most people. I have an extensive iPhone 14 series buying guide coming very soon, where I’ll compare. Well, all the iPhone fourteens make sense. So what do you think of the 14 plus tempted to get one or not really for you? And actually, if you are considering.

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Title: Is the battery life on the iPhone 14 Plus the best I’ve ever seen?