Powering the Future: The SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum’s High-Density, High-Performance Design

The SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum, a compact yet powerful PSU, has earned the prestigious Cybenetics Platinum certification. Despite its small 14cm form factor, this unit boasts an impressive 1300W output, achieving an industry-leading power density of 720W per liter. It is equipped with a native 12VHPWR connector, fully supporting the ATX 3.0 standard. According to the manufacturer, this PSU can sustain continuous full-load output 24/7 at an operational temperature of 50°C. It features fully modular cables with flexible flat black wires for an enhanced DIY experience.

Key Specifications of HELA 1300R Platinum:

  • Model: SST-HA1300R-PM
  • Rated Power: 1300W
  • Standard: Intel Form Factor ATX 12V v3.0
  • Certification: Cybernetics Platinum
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Input Current: 15-8A
  • Frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Active Power Factor Correction: Yes
  • Efficiency (at 50% load): 92%
  • Fan: 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Fan
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 150 x 86 mm
  • Protection: OVP, OPP, SCP, OCP, UVP, OTP
  • Weight: 2.93kg
  • Warranty: 5 years

Cable Information:

  • 1x ATX/MB 20+4 Pin Connector (60cm)
  • 2x CPU/EPS 4+4 Pin Connectors (75cm)
  • 1x PCIe 12+4 Pin (12VHPWR) Connector (55cm)
  • 4x PCIe 6+2 Pin Connectors (55+15cm)
  • 2x SATA Connectors (60+15+15+15cm)
  • 2x Large 4-pin and 2x Floppy Connectors (60+15+15+15cm)

Silverstone HELA 1300R Platinum Review: Compact, Powerful, and Feature-Rich PSU Unveiled

As a renowned manufacturer of electromechanical components, SilverStone consistently delivers power supply units (PSUs) with unique specifications. The newly unboxed HELA 1300R Platinum features a standard ATX size with a mere 14cm length. Despite its compact size, it offers a single +12V output capable of delivering up to 1300W. This high power density is complemented by luxurious internal components, including all-Japanese capacitors, active Power Factor Correction (PFC), and six-fold safety protection. It easily meets the ATX 3.0 and Cybenetics Platinum certifications, illustrating its robust capabilities. Notably, the manufacturer claims it can continuously deliver full load for 24/7 operations at a temperature of 50°C, showcasing its formidable strength.

The HELA 1300R Platinum is equipped with a 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan. It features a SEMI-Fanless mode, where the fan remains silent by stopping its rotation when the output power is below 390W. After the computer is shut down, the fan continues to run for a while, reducing the chances of component failure due to residual heat.

The SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum stands out with its Cybenetics Platinum certification, demonstrating exceptional efficiency and performance. The PSU operates within a temperature range of 30-32°C (86-89.6°F), confirming its reliability under different operating conditions. It’s designed to be ErP Lot 3/6 ready and complies with the (EU) No 617/2013 regulation, ensuring eco-friendly operation by meeting strict energy efficiency requirements.

With an average efficiency of 89.482% at 115V and an even more impressive 91.705% at 230V, the HELA 1300R meets the demands of high-performance systems while maintaining energy conservation. The unit shows remarkable efficiency at 5VSB, hitting 78.424% and 77.602% at 115V and 230V respectively. Standby power consumption is minimal, and the average power factor (PF) stays close to unity, indicating a very efficient use of electricity.

The noise output remains low, with an average of 42.06 dB(A) at 115V and 41.50 dB(A) at 230V, ensuring a quiet operation even under full load. The PSU’s power specifications are impressive, with the 12V rail capable of delivering up to 1303W of power, which is the backbone of its robust performance.

In terms of protection and reliability, the HELA 1300R Platinum features a substantial hold-up time of 27.4 ms at 230V, which exceeds the standard requirements. This means the PSU can maintain output without interruption during brief power dips, contributing to system stability.

In summary, the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum is a top-tier PSU, verified by its Cybenetics Platinum rating, which confirms its high efficiency, stable power delivery, and quiet operation. These features make it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and professional builders who demand the best for their high-end PCs.

Presented in SilverStone’s signature style, the packaging of the HELA 1300R Platinum power supply unit is both eye-catching and informative. The 1300W PSU is part of the distinguished HELA Series, showcased on a box that boasts the unit’s advanced features and certifications. It highlights the Cybenetics Platinum efficiency rating, indicating superior energy performance. The inclusion of PCIe Gen5 standards compatibility shows readiness for the latest high-end graphics cards, ensuring future-proof utility for gaming and professional systems. The branding is consistent with SilverStone’s reputation for quality and reliability in the PSU market.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum power supply unit is encapsulated in packaging that is as detailed as the product itself. The back panel outlines the specifications including the product number SST-HA1300R-PM, maximum output ratings for various rails such as 1300W on the +12V rail, and a comprehensive list of connectors to support a versatile range of PC components. Its high efficiency is certified by Cybenetics Platinum, and the unit’s construction is bolstered by the reliability of all-Japanese electrolytic capacitors. Notably, the PSU features a silent 120mm FDB fan, ensuring quiet operation. The box also provides a QR code for easy access to the online manual, enhancing customer convenience. The HELA 1300R Platinum is a testament to SilverStone’s commitment to quality, as indicated by the detailed specs on the packaging, making it a premium choice for PC builders and enthusiasts.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum power supply unit is at the forefront of technology, boasting critical features prominently displayed on its packaging. It meets the latest PCIe Gen5 standards, ensuring compatibility with next-generation hardware. The PSU’s fully modular design is a key selling point, offering users unparalleled flexibility in cable management, contributing to a cleaner build and improved airflow. Certified with a Cybenetics Platinum rating, this PSU guarantees high energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and benefiting the environment.

The packaging also notes the inclusion of flat cables, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide ease of installation in tight spaces. With dual CPU power support, the HELA 1300R Platinum is ready for systems that demand more power, like those used for intense gaming, content creation, or data crunching. This side of the box encapsulates SilverStone’s commitment to delivering a product that is both high-quality and future-proof, a testament to their dedication to meeting the needs of tech enthusiasts and professional builders.

Introducing the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum, a marvel of power supply engineering that combines a substantial 1300W output with a compact 14cm chassis. This power supply unit exemplifies efficiency and space-saving design, making it a perfect fit for builders who require a high-powered PSU without the bulk. The sleek black finish and the geometric pattern of the grille not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to efficient cooling. The HELA 1300R Platinum is a testament to SilverStone’s commitment to quality, offering a power solution that is both powerful and versatile enough to fit in tight spaces. Whether for a gaming rig, a workstation, or a mini-ITX build, this PSU delivers performance and reliability in a condensed form factor.

The SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum features a premium 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan, expertly engineered to deliver exceptional cooling with minimal noise. The intricate grille design not only adds a sophisticated aesthetic to the unit but also allows for optimal airflow, ensuring that your power supply stays cool even under intense workloads. This FDB fan is a critical component in maintaining the efficiency and performance of the PSU, contributing to its Platinum-grade energy efficiency and reliability. Perfect for enthusiasts and professional builders, the HELA 1300R’s cooling system ensures that your high-end PC operates smoothly and stably, without the disturbance of loud fan noise.

Experience the pinnacle of power density with SilverStone’s HELA series, where the HELA 1300R Platinum PSU astonishingly presents a more compact profile than its 850W counterpart. This striking comparison highlights SilverStone’s advanced engineering, delivering a 1300W power supply unit that not only surpasses in wattage but also offers a space-saving advantage. Both units share the prestigious Cybenetics Platinum certification, ensuring high energy efficiency across the series. SilverStone’s innovative approach allows builders to equip their systems with powerful, efficient, and space-conscious PSUs, making the HELA 1300R Platinum an exceptional choice for those who need robust power without the bulk.

SilverStone sets a new standard for system builders with the HELA 1300R Platinum PSU, featuring a fully modular cable design for supreme customization and airflow optimization. This design approach allows for a clean and organized build, as users can select only the necessary cables, reducing clutter and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their setups. The HELA 1300R Platinum’s sleek black exterior and neatly arranged connection points underscore its premium quality, catering to enthusiasts who demand both functionality and style. With this PSU, SilverStone not only promises powerful performance but also a tailored experience, ensuring that your high-end PC operates with elegance and efficiency.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU is detailed with a comprehensive specification label that underscores its superior build and capabilities. The label features the product number SST-HA1300R-PM and the model SST-AX1300GMPCT-A, signifying its place in the high-end segment of power supplies. It is equipped with a 1300W Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) switch power supply, ensuring efficient power consumption and reliable performance.

This PSU carries multiple safety and quality certifications, including CE, UKCA, EAC, and FCC, demonstrating compliance with international standards. The AC input range is versatile, accommodating 100-240V, which makes it suitable for use in various regions without the need for voltage converters. It boasts impressive DC output numbers: +3.3V at 24A, +5V at 24A, and a robust +12V rail at 108.3A.

The label also confirms the PSU’s commitment to environmental standards, as indicated by the RoHS certification. This information is vital for consumers who are meticulous about the specifications and safety of their components, ensuring that the HELA 1300R Platinum is a reliable cornerstone of any high-powered PC build.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum power supply unit is meticulously designed with user convenience and efficiency in mind, as seen from its back panel. It features a standard IEC C14 power socket, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power cables globally. The robust on/off switch provides users with a reliable mechanism to safely power their systems. A distinct feature of the HELA 1300R Platinum is the SEMI-Fanless mode switch, a smart addition for enthusiasts seeking a silent operation. This mode allows the PSU to maintain a noise-free environment by halting the fan under lower loads, perfect for those seeking a quiet workspace or gaming session. The integration of this feature demonstrates SilverStone’s commitment to innovative design and user-centric functionality in their high-end power supplies.

Optimize your build with the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum’s fully modular design, featuring an array of specially designed flat, black cables that streamline installation and cable management. The PSU comes with a comprehensive cable set tailored for versatility and ease of use, including a 60cm ATX/MB 20+4 pin connector, two 75cm CPU/EPS 4+4 pin connectors, and a 55cm PCIe 12+4 pin (12VHPWR) connector. It offers four PCIe 6+2 pin connectors with a length of 55+15cm, two SATA cables providing eight connectors in total at lengths of 60+15+15+15cm, and two cables featuring six large 4-pin connectors with two floppy drive connectors, each spanning 60+15+15+15cm. This thoughtful selection of cables ensures compatibility with a wide range of components and is perfect for those who demand a tidy and efficient system layout.

The SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU is complemented by a suite of practical accessories designed to facilitate a seamless installation and user experience. Included in the package is a comprehensive multilanguage manual, providing clear instructions and guidance across different languages to ensure users can easily set up their PSU. To aid with cable management, a set of durable velcro straps are provided, enabling a tidy and organized case interior that not only looks professional but also optimizes airflow. The included screws ensure a secure and stable mount of the PSU within the computer chassis. These thoughtful additions underscore SilverStone’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing everything needed to get the power supply up and running smoothly in any build.

Experience the cornerstone of power connectivity with the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU’s ATX/MB 20+4 pin power cable. Engineered with a robust 16AWG gauge and extending 60cm in length, this cable is designed to ensure a dependable and stable connection to the motherboard. Its ample length provides versatility for building in a variety of cases, from compact designs to full-sized towers, facilitating clean and efficient cable management. The flat, black aesthetic not only contributes to a sleek look within your system but also aids in maintaining optimal airflow. SilverStone’s commitment to quality is evident in this crucial component, ensuring your system is powered safely and efficiently.

Maximize the potential of your high-performance CPU with SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU, which includes two CPU/EPS 4+4 pin power cables. The generous 75cm length accommodates even the most spacious cases, ensuring a perfect fit and pristine cable management. Crafted with a 16AWG gauge, these cables are capable of delivering the stable and robust power required by today’s demanding processors. The sleek, black flat design not only complements any system build aesthetically but also contributes to improved airflow and thermal performance within your PC case. SilverStone’s precision in design translates to a reliable and efficient power delivery system for your central processing unit.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU includes a crucial PCIe 12+4 pin (12VHPWR) power cable, designed to meet the demands of cutting-edge graphics cards. With a precision-crafted wire gauge ranging from 16-24AWG and an optimal length of 55cm, this cable ensures a perfect balance between flexibility and robust power delivery. The flat and sleek cable design enhances airflow within the case and simplifies the cable management process, making it an ideal choice for gamers and professionals seeking to harness the power of the latest GPUs without compromise. This cable exemplifies SilverStone’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of power accessories for top-tier PC components.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU includes four expertly crafted PCIe 6+2 pin splitter cables, each featuring a flexible 55+15cm length and a robust 16-18AWG gauge. These high-quality cables are designed to power the most demanding graphics cards, offering the adaptability to support both 6-pin and 8-pin configurations. The additional length provided by the splitters allows for effortless installation and cable management, ensuring a clean and organized setup within your PC case. The flat, black design not only adds a sophisticated touch to the system’s interior but also minimizes airflow obstruction, allowing for better cooling efficiency. With these cables, SilverStone provides a powerful, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for powering high-end GPUs, catering to the needs of gaming and professional builds alike.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU package features two robust SATA power cables, each outfitted with four connectors to accommodate a multitude of SATA drives. With an 18AWG wire gauge and a total length of 60+15+15+15cm, these cables offer both reliability and reach. The design ensures that even drives installed far apart can be powered without the need for extensions or adapters. The flat cable design promotes better cable management and airflow within the case, contributing to the system’s overall thermal efficiency. Whether setting up a multi-drive configuration for extensive storage needs or ensuring a tidy build for optimal performance, these SATA cables from SilverStone are an essential component of any high-end PC build.

SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU comes equipped with essential power cables featuring two sets of large 4-pin Molex connectors, totaling six, and an additional two floppy drive connectors. These cables are engineered with an 18-22AWG wire gauge, ensuring safe and reliable power delivery to a variety of peripherals. The lengths are considerately designed at 60cm with additional 15cm stretches, offering extensive reach for optimal placement within your system. The inclusion of the often overlooked floppy connectors signifies SilverStone’s dedication to accommodating legacy devices. This combination of cables is perfect for users seeking to power multiple components, from fans and lighting to older drives, with the efficiency and reliability synonymous with the SilverStone brand.

Complete your PC setup with the reliable 1.5-meter power cord included with the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU. This durable cord features a standard three-prong plug, designed to fit securely into both your PSU and wall outlet, providing a stable and secure electrical connection. Its generous length offers flexibility in computer placement and ensures that you can easily reach power outlets without unnecessary tension or extension. The sleek black design matches well with any system, maintaining a professional and clean look. Whether for a home, office, or gaming setup, this power cord is essential for delivering the power your system needs to perform at its best.

Enhance your system’s interior organization with this Y-shaped SATA power cable, designed to simplify the installation of storage devices like the showcased OCZ SSD. The unique Y-shape of the cable minimizes the risk of obstruction or tangling, ensuring a clean and unobtrusive connection. Unlike straight cables that can be cumbersome and may interfere with other components, this design provides a streamlined solution, making it ideal for tight builds where space is at a premium. The flat and flexible nature of this cable allows for easy routing along the sides or bottom of the case, contributing to both aesthetic neatness and improved airflow, which is critical for maintaining optimal system temperatures.

Ensure your high-performance components receive the power they need with a secure connection to your PSU. This image illustrates the correct insertion of a 12VHPWR cable, which must be fully engaged with the PSU port for a safe and reliable power supply. Such precision in installation is crucial, particularly for high-end GPUs that require stable and substantial power via the 12VHPWR connector. SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum PSU is designed with these high standards in mind, featuring clearly marked EPS/PCIe ports for straightforward and foolproof cable management. This attention to detail safeguards your components and enhances the longevity and stability of your system.

SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum Performance Test: High Efficiency and Thermal Stability Under Extreme Loads

Conducting a rigorous 30-minute OCCT power supply stress test, this system setup is pushing the boundaries to evaluate performance under high power consumption. Featuring an Intel Core i9-14900K processor, ASUS ROG Strix Z790-A GAMING WIFI II motherboard, high-speed CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 memory, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU, the platform is a testament to modern computing prowess. The CORSAIR MP600 PRO LPX SSD ensures rapid data access while the Lianli GALAHAD II PERFORMANCE 360 cooler maintains optimal temperatures. Power is supplied by the efficient SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU, operating on Windows 11 Pro 23H2.

During the test, the CPU draws 367W and the GPU 320W, totaling around 687W, with the power meter indicating approximately 776W – suggesting high efficiency. The average voltages for +12V, +5V, and +3.3V (3VCC) are 11.904V, 5.000V, and 3.344V, respectively, showcasing the PSU’s capacity to maintain stable voltages under load. This level of detail in stress testing is crucial for enthusiasts and professionals who demand the highest performance and reliability from their systems.

The power meter reads “776.0 W” for the current power draw, and it seems to be part of a test setup, likely used to measure the power consumption of a computer or similar electronic device during operation.

During a meticulous thermal evaluation using a thermal imager, the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU demonstrated its exceptional cooling efficiency under approximately 30 minutes of stress testing. The highest temperature recorded on the PSU was a moderate 51.3°C, well within safe operational limits, while the 12VHPWR connector at the graphics card interface remained cool at 39.9°C. This performance is indicative of superior design and build quality, ensuring that even under near full-load scenarios, the system maintains optimal temperatures. Notably, the PSU operates with such quiet efficiency that the fan remains almost inaudible, adding to the appeal for users who value a tranquil working or gaming environment. SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum stands out as an ideal choice for power users seeking a blend of high power output and quiet operation.

The thermal imaging snapshot of the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU reveals its heat distribution after a period of intense operation. The warmest region at the back of the PSU registers a peak temperature of 51.3°C, indicating effective thermal management under load. The color gradient from cooler blues to warmer reds highlights the areas of heat concentration, with the surrounding components remaining at significantly lower temperatures. This performance showcases the PSU’s ability to dissipate heat efficiently, maintaining stability and reliability even during high-power tasks.

This thermal image captures the SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum PSU under operation, highlighting the efficient thermal management system in place. The fan area, a critical component for cooling, registers a peak temperature of 36.9°C, demonstrating the PSU’s capability to maintain a cool operating environment. The patterned distribution of heat around the fan suggests effective dispersion, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the PSU. Such thermal efficiency is essential for high-performance computing where maintaining optimal temperatures is key to system stability and performance.

This thermal image captures the temperature profile of a 12VHPWR connector under load, with a maximum recorded temperature of 53.3°C. The gradient of colors from red to blue illustrates the heat being generated and dispersed across the connector. The warmest point is well within the acceptable range for modern electronics, indicating that the connector is operating within safe thermal limits. This type of thermal performance is crucial for ensuring that high-performance hardware is supplied with reliable power without overheating, which is essential for maintaining the longevity and stability of the system.


SilverStone’s HELA 1300R Platinum is a remarkable testament to the company’s commitment to high-quality power supply units, meeting the latest ATX 3.0 standard and boasting a Cybenetics Platinum certification. Within its compact 14cm chassis, it delivers an impressive 1300W of power, showcasing one of the highest power densities in the industry. This PSU is equipped with soft, fully modular cables that not only ease the process of cable management but also enhance the visual appeal of the build. The integrated 120mm FDB fan features a low-load stop function and operates at a maximum speed of only 1600 RPM, ensuring the unit runs quietly.

The HELA 1300R Platinum is generously outfitted with PCIe connectors, offering eight 6+2 pin sets, which is quite ample. However, with only two sets of 4+4 CPU connectors, it might seem insufficient for a PSU of this caliber, particularly for users with dual-processor setups or unique power requirements. In addition to these, the provision of eight SATA power connectors, six large 4-pin Molex, and two floppy connectors is a standard setup, catering well to a variety of components.

Priced at 7990 TWD and backed by a five-year warranty, the HELA 1300R Platinum is an investment that may not be necessary for single CPU and GPU gaming setups, which typically do not require as much as 1300W. This PSU is more aligned with the needs of professional users or hardcore enthusiasts who demand continuous, stable power around the clock. The compact size of the HELA 1300R Platinum also ensures it fits into a wide range of system configurations, further demonstrating its versatility.

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Title: Powering the Future: The SilverStone HELA 1300R Platinum’s High-Density, High-Performance Design