Google October 2022 Spam Update – What I Think Google Is Doing

Google just announced their October 2022 spam update, and as you can see from the screenshot, they have not given us enough information. One of my friends who runs a Blog says that he went from the number two spot for a keyword to the second page of Google on the 14th of October, and he has not recovered. The entire spam algorithm that was for English websites will now apply to non-English websites. Google is going after websites with Pages sub Pages within the website, not the home page or the service page, not the about us page, but within the blogs. If it sees that you know that content isn’t great, if it looks spammy, if it reads spammy or has not been updated, then your website will be hit hard.

A lot of the language that comes through AI writing software is not there’s no tone to the software. If you have one of two or three of those pages on your website and you’ve forgotten about them, your spam brain is going to pull them up in a sense. I would like to use an AI writer to generate hundreds of pages daily because it will save me a lot of money and help me rank. I will not risk it if you’re going to put in the time and effort to fix what an email writer is writing. You might as well write it yourself, so guys, I will keep you updated as this will take a few weeks to roll out, according to Google.

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Title: Google October 2022 Spam Update – What I Think Google Is Doing