CORSAIR K65 PLUS WIRELESS Review: The Ultimate Customizable 75% Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Work

Corsair has unveiled the K65 PLUS WIRELESS, a sleek 75% keyboard that’s designed for versatility and performance across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation. This keyboard stands out for its use of Corsair’s proprietary linear red switches, which are not only hot-swappable to cater to personal preferences but also pre-lubricated for a smoother keystroke experience. It features RGB backlighting, offering a wide array of colors and effects that can be customized via the Corsair iCUE software. For enhanced security, the keyboard incorporates triple-mode AES encryption.

Key Specifications of the CORSAIR K65 PLUS WIRELESS Keyboard:

  • Form Factor: 75%
  • Materials: Plastic and steel plate, ensuring durability and a premium feel.
  • Mounting Style: Top-mounted for stability and consistency in typing.
  • Sound Dampening: Utilizes high-density foam and silicone pads for a quieter typing experience.
  • Color Options: Available in black or gold, catering to different aesthetic preferences.
  • Keycaps: Made from PBT with dye-sublimation for long-lasting legends and superior texture.
  • Backlighting: Individually controllable key lighting for personalized effects.
  • LED Color: RGB, offering a spectrum of colors for backlight customization.
  • Switches: Corsair red switches characterized by a 45g actuation force, 1.9mm actuation distance, 4mm total travel, and a lifespan of 70 million keystrokes.
  • Hot-Swappable: Yes, allowing users to change switches without soldering.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and a single USB 3.0 Type-A connection.
  • Battery Life: Up to 266 hours with backlighting off.
  • Anti-Ghosting: Full-key rollover (NKRO) for simultaneous key presses without conflict.
  • USB Polling Rate: Up to 1000Hz for rapid response.
  • Onboard Profiles: Four, for saving configurations directly on the keyboard.
  • Multimedia Controls: Accessible via Fn shortcuts.
  • Brightness Controls: Two levels of adjustment, also controlled by Fn shortcuts.
  • Windows Lock Key: Available through an Fn shortcut to prevent accidental interruptions.
  • Device Compatibility: Supports Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4,5.
  • Dimensions: 320(L) x 136(W) x 35(H) mm, compact yet functional.

The K65 PLUS WIRELESS is a testament to Corsair’s commitment to quality, innovation, and versatility in gaming peripherals. Its comprehensive features, from the robust build to the customizable RGB lighting and advanced security, make it a top choice for gamers and professionals alike who demand the best in their hardware.

Discover the Ultimate Typing Experience with the CORSAIR K65 PLUS WIRELESS Keyboard

The Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard is in its packaging, showcasing its main features and compatibility. The lower left corner confirms that it comes with an English key layout and is equipped with Corsair Red switches, known for their smooth and linear actuation, which is ideal for both gaming and typing. The package highlights the keyboard’s versatility, indicating its support for a wide range of devices including PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, and Android. The branding emphasizes its 75% compact form factor and RGB mechanical gaming capabilities, appealing to users who seek a high-performance, cross-platform compatible keyboard with a strong aesthetic appeal.

The back of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard’s packaging provides a comprehensive overview of the product. It emphasizes its features, such as the sturdy and precise PBT double-shot keycaps and the CORSAIR Red linear switches that ensure a quiet and smooth keypress. The packaging notes the convenience of dual wireless connectivity options with ultra-fast 2.4GHz and low-latency Bluetooth, as well as full gaming functionality in a compact 75% form factor.

The packaging highlights two types of sound dampening materials for noise reduction, and the per-key RGB lighting that can be customized through the CORSAIR iCUE software. There are also images showcasing the hot-swappable key switches and the volume roller, further emphasizing the keyboard’s customizability and ease of use.

Compatibility with various operating systems such as Windows is also indicated, reinforcing the K65 PLUS’s versatility for different users and setups. The design of the packaging, with its clear and informative layout, reflects the keyboard’s advanced features and Corsair’s dedication to providing high-quality gaming peripherals.

The Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard is shown within its box, protected by a transparent hard shell cover. This clear cover serves as a practical measure to prevent dust accumulation and potential damage during transportation or storage. The protective layer ensures the keyboard remains pristine until it reaches the end user. Visible also are the high-quality braided cable and a keycap puller to aid in customizing the keyboard, enhancing the user’s experience right from the unboxing. The presentation of the product, with its attention to detail in packaging and accessories, demonstrates the care and thoughtfulness Corsair puts into delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The contents included with the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. Alongside the keyboard itself, there’s a Corsair-branded keycap puller which assists in removing the keycaps for maintenance or customization. The inclusion of a warranty guide provides important information on product coverage and support. A USB-C to USB-A braided cable is provided, ensuring a durable and reliable connection for charging or wired use. The presentation of these items reflects Corsair’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive user experience, complete with the necessary tools and information to make the most of their new mechanical keyboard.

The Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard is shown in the image, featuring a compact 75% layout, which combines efficiency with functionality. It uses a dual-tone color scheme of black and gray for the PBT keycaps that are adorned with English legends created through the durable dye-sublimation process. A standout design choice is the ESC key in the top-left corner, which replaces the traditional keycap with Corsair’s distinctive logo in silver, adding a touch of branded elegance to the board.

The top-right corner houses a versatile and multifunctional silver volume wheel, which can be reprogrammed for various functions using Fn key combinations with the arrow keys. The keyboard’s internal structure follows a top-mounted design which, along with the double layer of high-density sound-damping foam, ensures stable keystrokes and minimizes internal noise and reverberation for a cleaner and more satisfying typing experience.

This image illustrates the keyboard’s aesthetic appeal and the thoughtful engineering that goes into enhancing the user’s interaction with the device, from visual details to the tactile experience of typing.

The close-up image focuses on the upper right corner of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, showcasing the silver, textured volume wheel. The detailed knurling on the wheel is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a tactile response for better grip and precise adjustments. Its strategic positioning on the keyboard allows for quick and convenient control of audio without interrupting the flow of work or gameplay. The attention to detail in this design element highlights the practicality and refined quality that Corsair offers to users, aiming to enhance both the functionality and the overall user experience.

A detailed view of the top-left corner of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, highlighting the ESC key which prominently features the Corsair logo in a reflective silver finish. This distinctive design choice marks the brand identity and adds an element of sophistication to the keyboard’s overall appearance. The choice of color contrasts effectively with the keyboard’s dark color palette, making it a subtle yet noticeable customization that enthusiasts and brand loyalists will appreciate.

A close-up of the side profile of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, with the model name “// K65” printed along the bottom edge. This subtle branding detail complements the keyboard’s sleek design and provides a custom touch without overwhelming the visual aesthetic of the device. It’s a tasteful nod to the model that’s visible but doesn’t detract from the overall minimalist design language of the keyboard.

The underside of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, features an intricate design with reflective triangular tessellation patterns that contribute both to aesthetics and structural rigidity. The Corsair logo is prominently displayed at the center, sharing the same reflective quality as the surrounding pattern. The base includes rubber pads at all four corners to prevent slipping during use, enhancing stability on various surfaces. Two sets of flip-out feet allow for dual-angle adjustments, giving users the option to select their preferred typing angle for comfort and ergonomics. This level of detail on the underside of the keyboard underscores Corsair’s commitment to quality and user-centered design.

This close-up image focuses on the rubber non-slip pad on the underside of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. The pad is part of the keyboard’s design to ensure it remains firmly in place during intense use. This detail and the intricacy of the surrounding triangular pattern demonstrate the keyboard’s blend of functionality and sophisticated design. The rubber pad’s texture contrasts with the geometric pattern, indicating where the practical features have been incorporated into the aesthetic design to enhance user experience.

This animated image illustrates the functionality of the two-stage adjustable feet on the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. The dual-angle setting is designed to cater to varying ergonomic preferences, providing the user with the option to select a typing angle that best suits their comfort. The robust construction of the support stand appears to lock into place securely, ensuring the keyboard remains stable during use. The animation could be showing the mechanism in action, highlighting how it can be deployed or retracted with ease, adapting to the individual’s ergonomic needs.

Unlock the Ultimate Typing Experience: Dive Into the Innovative Features of K65 PLUS Wireless Keyboard

The Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS is crafted for customization and enhanced gaming performance, featuring hot-swappable switch sockets. This user-friendly design allows players to replace the switches without soldering, offering the flexibility to personalize the keyboard’s feel and response to their liking. Upon removing the keycaps, users can view Corsair’s own linear red switches seated against a striking silver backplate, which not only adds to the keyboard’s aesthetic appeal but also serves as a stable foundation for the switches.

Corsair’s red switches are engineered for performance with a 45g actuation force, a short actuation distance of 1.9mm, a total travel distance of 4mm, and a remarkable lifespan of 70 million keystrokes. These switches come pre-lubricated to reduce friction, ensuring each keystroke is smooth and consistent. The stabilizers on the longer keys, like the spacebar which is adorned with a unique triangular cutout pattern, are designed to provide a balanced and smooth pressing experience. All these features combined create a keyboard that not only looks premium but also delivers in terms of durability and user comfort.

The keycap puller comes with the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. It’s a practical tool used to remove keycaps safely and efficiently, an essential accessory for keyboards with hot-swappable switches. The puller’s metal construction with plastic grips indicates durability and ease of use. With this tool, users can easily interchange keycaps and switches, allowing for keyboard customization to suit individual preferences or to replace keys as needed for maintenance. It reflects Corsair’s commitment to providing a complete package for users who value personalization in their gaming peripherals.

A look at the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard with several of its keycaps removed, revealing the linear red switches made by Corsair. These switches are designed for rapid actuation and a smooth keypress, ideal for both gaming and typing. The exposed silver backplate enhances the keyboard’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Visible is the unique triangular pattern near the space bar, a design choice that adds a distinctive look to the keyboard. This pattern may serve both decorative and functional purposes, potentially aiding in the distribution of lighting or providing structural support. It’s details like these that showcase Corsair’s dedication to combining form and function in their keyboard designs.

We see a hand using the keycap puller tool to remove a keycap from the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. This tool is designed to grip the keycap firmly and allows for its removal without exerting undue force on the key switch beneath. This process is part of customizing or maintaining a mechanical keyboard, enabling the user to easily replace or clean under the keycaps. The image effectively demonstrates how the tool is used and underlines the keyboard’s hot-swappable switch feature that enhances the customization experience.

The Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard with some keycaps removed, revealing the switch’s north-facing LED lights. This orientation of the LEDs provides enhanced illumination for each keycap, especially for those with translucent legends, offering a more vibrant and uniform backlighting effect. The keyboard supports both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches, which allows for compatibility with various switch types and brands for users looking to customize their keyboard further. This feature is particularly appealing to enthusiasts who enjoy personalizing their mechanical keyboards with different switches to achieve a specific feel and sound profile.

The keycaps from the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard were removed from the switches, highlighting the PBT material and dye-sublimated legends, which are known for their durability and resistance to wear. Notably, the spacebar keycap is equipped with two sections of foam, which is an uncommon feature. This foam serves to dampen the sound produced when the key is pressed, reducing both the resonance within the keycap and the rebound noise, which results in a softer and more muted typing sound. This thoughtful addition is indicative of the keyboard’s design focus on enhancing the typing experience through both feel and acoustics.

Maximize Your Gaming and Work Efficiency with the K65 PLUS WIRELESS Keyboard: A Seamless Blend of Connectivity, Customization, and Control

A detailed view of the side profile of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, showing the compartment for the 2.4G wireless receiver and a switch labeled with ‘Win’ and ‘Mac’, indicating its compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems. This feature allows users to easily toggle between the two operating systems, enhancing the keyboard’s versatility and user convenience.

The K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard is built with an internal rechargeable lithium battery, boasting up to 266 hours of use on a single charge. It supports a variety of connectivity options, including USB-C wired connection, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth, which can be secured with AES encryption to protect the integrity of the user’s keystrokes. This multi-faceted approach to connectivity not only provides flexibility but also prioritizes security, ensuring that users have a reliable and safe computing experience across different devices and operating systems.

The image highlights the rear edge of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, showing its connectivity options. A three-mode switch allows users to toggle between wireless modes and a USB-C port for wired connections. These features give users the flexibility to choose their preferred connection method based on their current activity: gaming, typing, or charging the keyboard. The three-mode switch typically enables the selection between different wireless options, like Bluetooth or RF (2.4G), and might also include a wired mode setting. This functionality ensures seamless integration into virtually any setup or environment.

The upper right portion of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, which includes a multifunctional volume knob and additional keys for navigation and command inputs. Notably, it indicates the keyboard’s ability to connect with up to three Bluetooth devices. The functionality for pairing is managed through a long press of the Fn key in combination with the corresponding Bluetooth quick key, allowing for a streamlined and efficient way to switch connections between different devices. This feature is particularly useful for users who work with multiple devices and prefer a single keyboard for all their tasks.

The upper left corner of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, where a Bluetooth device indicator light is visible. This LED serves as a visual cue for the keyboard’s Bluetooth status, likely indicating connectivity, pairing mode, or battery level when corresponding with different colors or blink patterns. Such indicators are crucial for a seamless user experience, allowing at-a-glance monitoring of the keyboard’s connection status with the selected Bluetooth device.

A closer look at the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, where you can see the Bluetooth device indicator light just below the multifunctional volume knob. This light illuminates to provide the user with feedback about the Bluetooth status such as active connection, discovery mode, or if a device is connected. It’s a small but significant feature that adds to the ease of managing wireless connections on the keyboard.

A close-up view of the bottom left corner of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, highlighting several keys including the Fn key. When held in combination with the directional arrow keys, the Fn key activates different functionalities associated with the multifunctional volume knob located at the top right of the keyboard.

For users looking to maximize their use of the K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, the official quick start guide available on Corsair’s website is a recommended resource. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the keyboard’s capabilities and the various operational combinations available through the Fn key.

The multifunctional volume knob can be customized to perform a variety of actions:

  • Volume Mode (Fn + Up): Increase volume by turning right, decrease by turning left, and mute by pressing down.
  • Scroll Mode (Fn + Down): Emulate mouse wheel scrolling, scrolling up by turning right and down by turning left, with pressing down taking you to the bottom of the page.
  • Backlight Mode (Fn + Left): Adjust the keyboard backlight brightness up by turning right and down by turning left, with pressing down to toggle the lights on or off.
  • Zoom Mode (Fn + Right): Zoom in by turning right, out by turning left, and reset to default zoom level by pressing down.

This functionality provides users with quick access to commonly used features, enhancing their workflow and overall keyboard experience.

The interface of the iCUE software, developed by Corsair, after it has automatically detected connected hardware devices, including the K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard and its receiver. iCUE is a powerful tool provided by Corsair that allows users to customize their peripherals to a high degree, from lighting effects to functional assignments.

The iCUE software also ensures that the firmware for devices like the K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard is up to date. Through this software, users can adjust the RGB lighting, customize the actions of the multifunctional volume knob, and even set up macros or key remappings to tailor the keyboard to their personal preferences and needs.

The utility of iCUE software extends beyond customization; it also provides valuable insights into device health and performance, enhancing the overall user experience with Corsair products.

From the iCUE software, showing the interface where users can customize the settings of the K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. It features a visual representation of the multifunctional volume knob and provides options for configuring its behavior.

A notification within the software is indicating that a tutorial or guided setup is available. This feature would walk the user through the steps required to personalize the settings of their device. The left pane lists various features like lighting setup, macro recording, and hardware monitoring, allowing for comprehensive customization and control over the keyboard’s functionality.

This kind of user-friendly guidance is especially helpful for new users or those looking to explore the full range of capabilities offered by their Corsair peripherals. It ensures that users can take full advantage of the product’s features in a way that enhances their gaming or working experience.

The iCUE interface for the K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard, specifically the settings panel for the multifunctional volume knob. The interface displays a visual representation of the knob and options for configuring its functions.

In this section of iCUE, users can customize what each turn or press of the volume knob does. It’s designed to provide control over media playback, volume adjustment, or any other programmable function that can be tied to the knob. The customization options enhance the interactivity and utility of the keyboard, enabling users to tailor its functionality to their specific needs, whether for gaming, content creation, or general productivity. The software’s intuitive layout makes it straightforward for users to apply their preferences and make the most out of their peripheral’s capabilities.

The RGB lighting customization interface within the iCUE software for the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. The software allows users to individually set the color for each key, enabling a high degree of personalization. Users can create unique lighting profiles, adjust patterns, effects, and the intensity of the illumination to suit their aesthetic preferences or to enhance the functionality by color-coding certain keys or groups of keys.

With such customizable lighting, users can not only match their setup’s theme or mood but also improve their gaming experience by highlighting specific keys for different in-game actions. The iCUE software’s intuitive design makes it accessible for both beginners and advanced users to fully utilize the RGB capabilities of their Corsair keyboard.

A close-up view of the left side of the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. It features an RGB lighting switch, which allows users to quickly turn the lighting on or off without having to navigate through software settings. This can be particularly convenient for users who need to disable the lights to reduce distractions or to conserve battery life when not connected to a power source.

The keyboard offers the option to change lighting modes using the Fn key in combination with the number keys (1-0), providing quick access to different predefined lighting profiles. This functionality adds an extra layer of convenience for users who enjoy switching between various aesthetic settings or who use lighting profiles to indicate different modes or profiles for gaming, work, or other activities.

Pressing the Fn key alone activates a mode that highlights all the keys that have a secondary function when used with Fn, aiding users in quickly locating the specific features they need without memorizing key locations. This thoughtful design enhances the user’s experience by making it easy to access the full range of the keyboard’s capabilities.

In this image, someone is pressing the Fn key on the Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. When activated, the keyboard illuminates the keys that have secondary functions accessible via the Fn key. This visual cue helps users quickly identify which keys can be used in combination with the Fn key to execute shortcuts, change lighting profiles, activate media controls, or access other special functions that are programmed into the keyboard. It’s a user-friendly feature that makes it easy to leverage the keyboard’s full range of capabilities without memorizing each key’s dual functions.

The Corsair K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard boasts a convenient macro recording feature, which can be accessed by holding FN + M. When recording is initiated, the indicator light turns red to alert the user that macro recording is in progress. After performing the desired sequence of keystrokes for the macro, pressing FN + M again stops the recording. The macro is then saved to a key of the user’s choice. However, it’s important to note that only standard keyboard functions can be recorded in macros; special functions like profile selection, backlight effects, brightness, media controls, and Windows lock cannot be included.

The keyboard offers a variety of Fn key combinations for quick access to frequently used functions. However, these combinations are designed to work specifically with the Windows operating system. Here are some of the key combinations and their associated actions:

  • FN + F1: Decrease screen brightness
  • FN + F2: Increase screen brightness
  • FN + F3: Switch window
  • FN + F4: Open file explorer
  • FN + F5: Decrease keyboard backlight brightness
  • FN + F6: Increase keyboard backlight brightness
  • FN + F7: Previous track
  • FN + F8: Play/Pause
  • FN + F9: Next track
  • FN + F10: Mute
  • FN + F11: Decrease volume
  • FN + F12: Increase volume
  • FN + [{: Insert key
  • FN + ]}: End key
  • FN + L: Lock/Unlock Windows key
  • FN + Enter: Check battery level
  • FN + Z: Cycle through the 4 configuration profiles
  • FN + /?: Print Screen key
  • FN + O: Toggle Scroll Lock
  • FN + P: Pause Break key

These shortcuts enhance productivity and allow users to quickly perform tasks without interrupting their workflow.


In conclusion, the CORSAIR K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard delivers a high level of versatility with its triple-mode connection options and enhanced security through AES encryption, ensuring data protection during wireless transmission. The comprehensive Fn key functionality simplifies user interaction for a more convenient experience. After several days of use, the keyboard impresses with its pleasing tactile feedback and double-layer sound dampening design, which produces a clean, distinct typing sound without excess noise. The ability for players to customize by swapping out the switches to their preference adds a personalized touch. Priced at NT$4990, it offers a solid option for gamers to consider for their setup.

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Title: CORSAIR K65 PLUS WIRELESS Review: The Ultimate Customizable 75% Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Work