Celebrating 20 Years! Unveiling the iRocks K50W Plus High Scissor Pedal Keyboard: Featuring a Stable Q Elastic Membrane for Quiet Operation


iRocks K50W Plus High Scissor Pedal Keyboard Unpacking / The 20th Anniversary of R&D and Innovative Spirit

iRocks introduced the innovative high scissor Pedal keyboard K50E back in 2014, a mechanical keyboard with a price that was considered relatively high at the time. Compared to ordinary film and POM guide sleeve keyboards, the K50E offered a superior feel, yet it was also quite cost-effective. Now, celebrating its 20th anniversary, iRocks has reintroduced the “K50W Plus” model, which features high scissor feet, a membrane, and a prominent large Enter key.

The K50W Plus is visually striking with its bright orange, black, and dark blue ABS keycaps. The body of the keyboard pairs a black frame with a bright orange base, resulting in a design that closely resembles a flat keyboard. The high scissor foot structure is implemented primarily to stabilize the keys, and the switch mechanism incorporates a thin-film circuit. Key travel is precisely engineered at 3.8 ± 0.3 mm, with a pressing load of 55 ± 15g. Adding to its functionality, the keyboard includes multimedia keys that work in conjunction with the Fn Key, along with 4 customizable keys. It also offers exclusive software, enabling players to effortlessly adjust the settings to their liking.

The 20th anniversary is written on the outer box.
The specifications and features of the keyboard are on the back.
Scissor foot X structure, adopting a 4-point fixed keycap can have a very stable stroke and feel.

The iRocks K50W Plus incorporates a tri-color scheme of orange, black, and blue, and deliberately omits an LED backlight design, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Currently, the keyboard’s large Enter key, fashioned in a somewhat rare inverted L shape, sets it apart as quite unique. For gamers who enjoy a more assertive pressing of the Enter key, this larger design is certain to provide a satisfying and refreshing experience.

K50W Plus.
The black border and orange bottom shell.

The K50W Plus keyboard maintains a conventional layout with 104+4 keys, including an inverted L-shaped large Enter key and a short Backspace key. Multimedia functionality is available through combinations with the Fn Key. A distinctive feature of the keyboard is the tactile protruding point found on the F and J keys, which aids in touch-typing. The multimedia keys and functions accessible through the Fn Key combination include:

  • Fn + F9: Play/Pause
  • Fn + F10: Previous song
  • Fn + F11: Stop
  • Fn + F12: Next song

This specific configuration provides a user-friendly experience, catering to both traditional typing and multimedia control.

Alphabet area of ​​the keyboard.

Regarding the arrow keys and the number pad area of the K50W Plus keyboard, additional features include P1 to P4 custom keys positioned above the number keys. Other elements include indicators such as “1 A ↓” and “Lock.” The Fn Key combinations for additional functions are outlined as follows:

  • Fn + Ins: Mute
  • Fn + Home: Volume down
  • Fn + PgUp: Volume up
  • Fn + Esc: Toggle on/off keypad lock function

These keys and combinations offer convenient control over the system’s audio and other customizable features, enhancing the overall usability of the keyboard.

Keyboard direction keys, number keys.

The K50W Plus keyboard features a prominent large orange shell at the front, including three outlet positions. On the underside of the keyboard, you’ll find three grooves, located at the left, middle, and right, specifically designed to accommodate the USB cable. Players can adjust the outlet position according to the location of the host computer, offering greater flexibility in cable management.

Additionally, the bottom of the keyboard is equipped with a large rubber pad, ensuring stability and preventing any unwanted movement during use. For those who desire a customized typing angle, the keyboard also includes an 8° stand adjustment function. These thoughtful design elements enhance both the aesthetics and the functionality of the K50W Plus, making it a valuable option for gamers and regular users alike.

The front design of the keyboard and 3 outlet positions.
3 routing grooves at the bottom of the keyboard.
Keyboard stand.

High scissor foot film trigger 3.8mm key travel

The K50W Plus utilizes a scissor foot X structure paired with a film hair circuit. The scissor foot employs 4 fixed points on both upper and lower sides to secure the keyboard and keycaps. The stroke of the X structure is remarkably stable in both upward and downward directions. Even when pressing the corner position of a keycap, the pressing stroke remains consistent.

The travel height and pressing load are determined by the film structure. The K50W Plus maintains a keystroke of 3.8 ±0.3 mm, making it shorter than the stroke of ordinary mechanical keyboards, with a key load of 55 ± 15g.

In terms of feel, users will experience the stable stroke provided by the scissor mechanism and the unique Q-play feel delivered by the film, setting it apart from traditional mechanical keyboards. Ultimately, the choice between these types of keyboards will come down to personal preference.

A common concern with mechanical keyboards is noise. The scissor foot and membrane trigger on the K50W Plus serve to dampen the pressing sound, making it even quieter than a mechanical switch. For those looking to use a computer or play games without disturbing others, especially during the late hours, this keyboard presents an excellent option.

Scissors structure and membrane trigger.
The keycap is the general ABS printing.
The general height of the keyboard is close to the plane.
Keyboard stand 8° bevel.

K50W Plus setting program: button customization, macro, lighting effect switching

The K50W Plus keyboard includes 4 customizable buttons, labeled P1, P2, P3, and P4, situated in the upper right-hand corner. By default, these buttons are programmed to execute common functions such as opening the browser, mail client, media player, computer, etc. Players have the flexibility to modify these settings through dedicated software. This customization supports a wide array of functionalities, such as configuring specific program launches, input strings, multimedia controls, window management, and intricate keyboard combinations. This level of customization offers users a tailor-made experience, making the K50W Plus adaptable to individual needs and preferences.

P1, P2, P3, P4 custom buttons.
K50W Plus configuration software.
Select the button you want to customize to adjust the settings.
Macro Management and Recording.


Marking its 20th anniversary, the iRocks K50W Plus sports a vibrant color scheme of orange, black, and blue. This colorful design gives a nostalgic nod to classic gaming keyboards, with the high scissor feet and film trigger contributing to a stable and distinctive “Q-elastic” feel. This unique experience harkens back to the varied texture of early gaming keyboards.

Though the feel of the high-scissors membrane keyboard might vary according to individual preferences, it does have the notable advantage of being relatively quiet. For those using a computer late at night without wanting to disturb others, this keyboard stands as an appealing choice.

Furthermore, the limited edition iRocks K50W Plus is priced at just NT$ 999 in Taiwan, making it a significantly more affordable option than the original K50E at launch. This combination of style, performance, and affordability ensures that this keyboard is an attractive option not to be overlooked.

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Title: Celebrating 20 Years! Unveiling the iRocks K50W Plus High Scissor Pedal Keyboard: Featuring a Stable Q Elastic Membrane for Quiet Operation