Antec NX500M ARGB Review: Affordable M-ATX Case with Superior Airflow, ARGB Fans, and AIO Cooling Support

Discover the Antec NX500M ARGB, a compact mid-tower case designed for the gaming enthusiast looking for high performance in a smaller footprint. With its M-ATX and ITX motherboard compatibility, this sleek case features a large mesh front panel for enhanced air intake, ensuring your components stay cool under pressure. The NX500M ARGB comes pre-equipped with three ARGB fans, creating a vibrant aesthetic while offering exceptional cooling capabilities right out of the box.

Key Features:

  • High Compatibility: Fits M-ATX and ITX motherboards, perfect for building a high-end gaming PC or a compact workstation.
  • Advanced Cooling Support: Supports up to a 360mm radiator in the front or a 240mm radiator on top for versatile cooling options, including AIO water cooling systems.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Features a high-speed USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 port, alongside dual USB 3.0 ports, making it easy to connect all your peripherals without hassle.
  • Generous Expansion: Accommodates up to 5 storage devices, allowing for a mix of 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives, providing ample space for all your games and applications.
  • Optimized Airflow: The mesh front panel design ensures maximum airflow, complemented by the three pre-installed ARGB fans for superior cooling.
  • Elegant Design: Made from durable steel and plastic with a side glass panel, showcasing the internal components and lighting effects.


  • Material: Steel, Plastic, Tempered Glass
  • I/O Ports: Type-C 3.2 Gen 2, 2x USB 3.0, LED switch, Mic in, Headphone out
  • Cooling Support: Front: 3x120mm/2x140mm, Top: 2x120mm/2x140mm, Rear: 1x120mm fans; Water Cooling: Front up to 360mm, Top 120mm/240mm, Rear 120mm
  • Expansion: 5x PCI-E slots, 2x 3.5″ bays, 2x 2.5″ bays
  • Dimensions: 384 x 200 x 451mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 4kg

Ideal for gamers and PC builders seeking a high-quality, budget-friendly case, the Antec NX500M ARGB combines functionality, style, and value in one compact package. Whether you’re assembling your first gaming rig or looking to downsize without sacrificing performance, the NX500M ARGB offers everything you need to create a stunning, efficient setup.

Antec NX500M ARGB Review: A Sleek M-ATX Case with Superior Cooling and ARGB Flair

Introducing the Antec NX500M ARGB, the latest evolution in compact gaming cases, designed to meet the demands of both novice and seasoned PC builders. This mid-tower marvel stands out with its understated elegance, featuring a large, diagonally patterned mesh front panel for superior air intake, enhancing your system’s cooling efficiency. Positioned discreetly at the bottom, the Antec logo adds a touch of sophistication, while the top-right corner boasts a high-speed 10 Gbps Type-C port for lightning-fast data transfer.

Key Upgrades:

  • Refined Aesthetics: The NX500M ARGB offers a more accessible and subtle design compared to the NX200M, making it a perfect fit for any setup.
  • Enhanced Airflow: Its large mesh front panel ensures optimal airflow, crucial for maintaining system performance during intense gaming sessions.
  • Versatile Connectivity: With a strategically placed I/O panel featuring a 10 Gbps Type-C port and additional inputs, accessibility is greatly improved.
  • RGB Lighting: Comes with three pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans, providing not only exceptional cooling but also customizable lighting to match your gaming rig’s aesthetic.
  • Tinted Tempered Glass: The side panel’s smoked glass allows for a sleek peek into the rig’s internals, making it a visual treat for gamers.

Cooling and Customization:

  • Water Cooling Ready: The NX500M ARGB supports up to a 360mm radiator in the front, echoing the DIY community’s mantra: “It might not be installed, but support is a must!” This case delivers on that front.
  • Flexible Cooling Options: For those who prefer to retain the original fans, the case accommodates a 240mm radiator on top, offering generous support for entry-level gaming builds.

This latest offering from Antec, the NX500M ARGB, not only advances in design but also in functionality, making it a compelling choice for building a modern, efficient gaming PC. Whether you’re looking to dive into water cooling or just want a case that supports high-end components and looks great, the NX500M ARGB is designed to impress and perform.

The packaging of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. The packaging is a cardboard box with a minimalist design, primarily in a natural cardboard color with black text and accents. On the side of the box, there is a large, clear line drawing of the computer case, showcasing its design and form factor. The Antec logo is prominently displayed at the top left, with the product name “NX500M ARGB” in bold font beside the drawing of the case.

The left side of the box has a printed list of specifications and features in various languages, offering consumers essential information at a glance. A small badge stating “Designed by Antec in California” adds a touch of brand prestige and design origin. The background is a plain, solid color, ensuring that the focus remains on the product’s branding and the illustrative depiction of the case.

This packaging design suggests a product that is both professional and modern, aimed at consumers who appreciate a straightforward, informative presentation. The image is well-lit, with soft shadows indicating a balanced light source, ideal for showcasing the product’s packaging clearly for potential customers.

The backside of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case’s packaging. It features an exploded view diagram of the case, offering a detailed look at the internal structure and component placement. This illustration is informative, showing the layout of the case with various parts such as fans, drive bays, and the motherboard area in a disassembled state for a clear understanding of the case’s design and compatibility.

Below the exploded view, the package includes a section for technical support with contact information for different regions, including Europe, the US & Canada, and Asia, along with the Antec website URL for easy access to customer service. The bottom portion of the packaging displays the regulatory compliance icons such as the CE mark, indicating that the product meets the European standards for safety, health, and environmental protection.

“Made in China” is also clearly stated, signifying the country of manufacture. The entire package design is functional and educational, focusing on providing the buyer with a comprehensive understanding of the product’s features and assembly, which could be very appealing to DIY enthusiasts and technical-minded consumers. The background is a consistent solid color, which helps in drawing attention to the packaging’s detailed imagery and information.

An array of accessories and documentation provided with the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. The arrangement is neatly displayed on a dark surface, providing a clear view of each item.

From left to right, the items include:

  1. Cable Ties: A set of black cable ties for cable management, ensuring a clean and organized interior.
  2. PCIe Slot Covers: Ventilated covers for the PCIe slots, which can be used to replace open slots on the case and maintain optimal airflow.
  3. Hardware Accessories: A small, sealed plastic bag containing various screws, which are likely used for mounting components within the case.
  4. Rubber Grommets: These are typically used for vibration dampening, especially for hard disk drives (HDDs), to minimize noise and wear from vibration.
  5. Motherboard Standoffs: Small metallic standoffs that are used to raise the motherboard off the case to prevent electrical shorts and allow for back ventilation.
  6. Fan Manual: A detailed manual specifically for the installation and connection of fans within the case, likely including ARGB controller instructions.
  7. Product Manual: The Antec NX500M ARGB product manual features a line drawing of the case on the front cover, indicating that it contains instructions, specifications, and other information for assembling and setting up the case.

The image is well-composed, with each component sharply focused and easily identifiable, which is ideal for illustrating the unboxing experience and what customers can expect inside the packaging of the Antec NX500M ARGB case. This would appeal to potential buyers interested in the assembly process and the additional components provided for custom PC builds.

The Antec NX500M ARGB case itself, positioned against a calm blue-grey background which accentuates the case’s aesthetics. The case stands upright on what appears to be a black surface with a matte finish, possibly a table or a bench for testing and display.

Key features visible in the image:

  1. Side Panel: A large, clear tempered glass side panel provides a transparent view into the case’s interior, allowing the internal components and LED lighting to be displayed prominently.
  2. Front Panel: The front panel is designed with a substantial mesh for optimal air intake, contributing to effective airflow which is crucial for cooling performance in PC builds.
  3. Top Section: The case’s top section is not fully visible, but it typically houses additional ventilation or I/O ports.
  4. Build Quality: The case materials appear to be of high quality with a sturdy structure, and the finish is consistent, suggesting a premium construction.
  5. Warning Label: There is a yellow warning label on the glass panel, which is standard to caution about the tempered glass.
  6. Color Scheme: The case has a sleek black color scheme, versatile for various setups and preferred by many for its ability to blend with other components.
  7. Branding: The Antec logo is subtly placed at the bottom of the front panel, not overwhelming, which should appeal to users who prefer a more minimalist aesthetic.

The overall lighting and composition of the image are well-balanced, highlighting the product’s design and build quality. The case is positioned in such a way that it invites inspection, suggesting confidence in the product’s craftsmanship and feature set.

The front view of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. It’s set against a blue-grey background, which contrasts the case’s sleek black color. The front panel is comprised of a plastic material, punctuated with a dense mesh pattern for ventilation, which hints at the case’s focus on maintaining optimal airflow for cooling internal components.

Prominently at the lower end of the panel, the Antec logo is visible, rendered in a subtle manner that complements the overall minimalist design. This branding placement doesn’t detract from the case’s clean lines and modern aesthetic.

The image is composed in a way that draws the viewer’s attention to the texture and pattern of the mesh, a crucial design feature for PC enthusiasts who value both form and function. The lighting is soft and diffused, avoiding glare and reflections that could obscure the detailing on the mesh, ensuring that the focus remains on the case’s design.

A close-up of the top front section of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, highlighting the detailed design elements and functionality of the front panel.

Key features visible in the image:

  1. Diagonal Patterned Ventilation Holes: These are precision-cut for optimal airflow, which is essential for cooling and provides a distinct, modern aesthetic to the case’s design.
  2. USB Type-C Port: Located on the top right side, this port represents the case’s commitment to current technology trends, offering users fast data transfer speeds and convenient connectivity options.

The lighting and angle of the photograph emphasize the texture and form of the ventilation pattern, suggesting a thoughtful design approach focused on both visual appeal and practical functionality. The quality of materials is underscored by the play of light and shadow across the surface, highlighting the robust metal construction.

A close-up view focusing on the lower front panel of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. It showcases the following features:

  1. Ventilation Holes: The panel is adorned with a dense array of perforations, which serve as ventilation holes. This pattern is not just functional, promoting air circulation within the case, but also adds a decorative, modern touch to the overall design.
  2. Antec Brand Logo: The Antec logo is prominently placed in the center of the panel, just above the perforated area. It’s printed in white, which stands out against the black color of the case, offering a clean and recognizable branding element.
  3. Build Materials: The materials look durable and of high quality, with a matte finish that gives the case a professional and sleek appearance.
  4. Feet of the Case: The bottom part of the image shows the sturdy feet of the case, suggesting stability and a solid foundation for the PC build.

The photograph is taken with precision lighting to highlight the texture of the materials and the detailed design of the ventilation holes. The focus and clarity of the image are exceptional, allowing for the examination of the fine details of the case’s design.

A close-up of the bottom section of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, emphasizing the case’s elevated footing.

Highlighted features in the image:

  1. Raised Feet: The case stands on pronounced, sturdy feet, which elevate the case above the surface it’s placed on. This elevation is crucial for improved airflow, especially for bottom-mounted power supply units that typically draw air from underneath the case.
  2. Case Material: The side panel of the case features a textured, matte black finish that is consistent with the design language of modern computer cases. This finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also helps in minimizing the appearance of fingerprints and dust.
  3. Stability: The feet appear robust, suggesting that they provide stable support for the case, which is an important consideration for users who may have heavy components installed inside.
  4. Build Quality: The quality of the materials and construction is evident, showing attention to detail in design and manufacturing.

A side-by-side view of an open Antec NX500M ARGB computer case with its front mesh panel detached, revealing the pre-installed components within.

On the left side, you can see:

  1. Pre-Installed Fans: Two 120mm fans are mounted vertically, indicating the case’s readiness for high-performance cooling right out of the box. The fans have distinct white blades, which could be part of the ARGB (Addressable RGB) feature, offering customizable lighting to match the user’s aesthetic preference.

On the right side, there is:

  1. Diagonal Mesh Front Panel: The panel features a honeycomb-like mesh pattern which is designed for optimal airflow, allowing cool air to enter and maintain lower temperatures inside the case. The pattern also adds a subtle texture to the front of the case, contributing to its overall visual appeal.

The image’s composition allows viewers to appreciate the seamless integration of functionality and design in the case. The cool lighting highlights the texture of the mesh and the sheen on the fan blades, suggesting quality and attention to detail. This view is particularly informative for potential buyers who are interested in the cooling capabilities and internal layout of the case. It effectively showcases how the case supports key components while also providing an insight into its aesthetic elements.

The right side panel of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, displayed against a blue-grey backdrop which contrasts with the case’s matte black finish.

The side panel appears to be secured at the rear with hand-turned screws, which implies that the panel can be easily removed without the need for additional tools. This feature is particularly appreciated by PC builders for the convenience it offers during the installation of components or maintenance.

The panel itself has a textured finish that is consistent with the overall design of the case, providing a sleek and professional look. The simplicity of the design suggests a minimalist approach, focusing on functionality while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

The lighting in the image is subdued, avoiding reflections and highlighting the texture of the panel’s surface. The photograph’s composition is straightforward, with the case positioned centrally, allowing potential buyers to clearly see the design and how the side panel attaches to the chassis.

A close-up of the metal right side panel from the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. The panel is shown in a horizontal position, highlighting the precision of its design and the way it connects to the main chassis.

Key Observations:

  1. Panel Edges: The edges of the side panel are designed with tabs and indentations, which are likely to align with corresponding slots in the case’s frame for a secure fit. This design ensures that the panel can be easily attached or detached from the case body, facilitating convenient access to the internal components.
  2. Surface Finish: The panel exhibits a matte black finish, consistent with the rest of the case’s exterior, which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, as it can help to minimize the visibility of fingerprints and dust.
  3. Build Quality: The metal construction is evident from the thickness of the panel and the bends along the edges, indicating a sturdy build that can protect internal components and withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

The angle and lighting of the photograph accentuate the details of the panel’s design and the quality of the materials. This type of image is beneficial for customers who are interested in the specifics of the case’s construction and durability, as well as the ease of assembly and maintenance that such a design can offer.

The interior of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, specifically showing the cable management space available on the right side after the side panel has been removed.

Key features visible in the image:

  1. Cable Management Space: There is ample room behind the motherboard tray, providing an area to neatly route and secure cables. This space is essential for building a clean, organized system that not only looks good but also optimizes airflow.
  2. Cable Ties and Cutouts: The case has several cable tie points and cutouts, which facilitate easy and secure cable routing. These are strategically placed to ensure cables can be managed efficiently.
  3. Pre-Routed Cables: Some cables are already pre-routed in the case, which likely includes front panel connectors such as USB, audio, and power. The cables are wrapped, indicating that the case is ready for the user to install their components.
  4. Build Quality: The interior shows a consistent matte black finish and the metal construction appears solid and durable.

The image’s composition with the case placed centrally against a contrasting background, the neat cable management, and the spacious interior all contribute to a presentation that would be appreciated by potential buyers who value ease of assembly and maintenance. The attention to detail in the case’s design is evident, suggesting a product that could cater well to the needs of enthusiasts looking for a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The rear view of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, presents a traditional layout with pre-installed components and designated areas for customization.

Key aspects visible in the image include:

  1. Pre-installed Rear Fan: At the top, there’s a pre-installed fan, likely 120mm, positioned for exhaust to help draw hot air out of the case, maintaining a cool environment for internal components.
  2. PCIe Expansion Slots: Below the fan, there are several PCIe expansion slots with covers, ready to accommodate graphics cards, sound cards, or other expansion cards.
  3. Power Supply Unit (PSU) Bay: At the bottom, there’s an opening for the PSU with a mounting frame, indicating where the power supply is meant to be secured within the case.

The case’s rear panel includes various cutouts and mounting points, demonstrating the case’s support for essential components and its readiness for building a complete system. The clean lines, the organization of the ports and slots, and the overall build quality are clearly visible.

The photograph is well-lit and composed, placing the case against a contrasting backdrop to emphasize its design and features. This rear perspective is important for potential buyers as it provides insight into the case’s compatibility and ease of assembly.

A close-up of the rear upper section of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, featuring a pre-installed 120mm ARGB (Addressable RGB) fan. This fan is designed for exhaust, expelling warm air out of the case to help maintain optimal internal temperatures for the system.

The fan is mounted within a honeycomb-patterned grille that supports airflow efficiency while also adding to the aesthetic of the case. The ARGB feature of the fan suggests that it will provide customizable lighting options that can be controlled and synchronized for a personalized look.

Visible cable routing adjacent to the fan indicates that the case is designed with cable management in mind, allowing for a neat setup that could improve both airflow and the overall tidiness of the build. The construction quality appears robust with a clean, professional finish.

The photo’s lighting accentuates the details of the fan’s design and the surrounding structure of the case. It serves as a valuable visual reference for customers who are considering purchasing the case, providing them with a detailed view of one of the key cooling components and the case’s rear configuration. This level of detail is beneficial for product listings, user manuals, and enthusiast forums where such specifics are highly valued.

A close-up view of the PCIe slot area on the rear panel of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. The case features five expansion slots, which is typical for a mid-tower case accommodating a micro-ATX motherboard.

Key features include:

  1. PCIe Expansion Slots: There are five PCIe slots for adding expansion cards such as GPUs, sound cards, network cards, or other interface cards.
  2. Ventilated Slot Covers: Each slot has a ventilated cover that aids in passive airflow, helping to exhaust heat from the system.
  3. Sliding Cover Plate: A unique sliding cover plate is shown next to the PCIe slots, which is used to secure the expansion cards in place. This design allows for tool-free access, making it easier to install or swap out cards without the need for screws.
  4. Construction and Finish: The construction appears solid, with a high-quality finish that matches the rest of the case. The attention to detail in the design suggests a focus on both functionality and aesthetics.

The lighting and composition of the photo effectively highlight the texture and details of the materials and construction. This image is especially useful for illustrating the case’s back-panel features and the ease of accessibility for system builders and upgraders.

Two PCIe slot covers from the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. The slot covers are designed to fit into the case’s rear panel, covering unused expansion slots.

Key characteristics of the PCIe slot covers:

  1. Ventilation Design: Both covers feature a pattern of perforations that allow for passive airflow, which can help with thermal management inside the case.
  2. One-Time Use and Reusable Options: It appears that the original case design includes one-time use slot covers, which are typically snapped off when installing new cards and cannot be replaced. However, the image suggests that the case’s accessories package includes additional slot covers that are reusable, allowing for slots to be covered again if the expansion card is removed.
  3. Build Quality: The slot covers are made of metal with a black finish, matching the case’s aesthetic and contributing to a uniform look when installed.

The photograph captures the slot covers on a dark background, focusing on the details and build quality of these components. Such images are useful for product listings and user manuals to show the additional components provided and the thought given to user customization and case longevity. Enthusiasts and system builders appreciate the option to maintain a clean and organized interior, and the provision of reusable covers is a detail that aligns with those values.

The Antec NX500M ARGB computer case from a side perspective, featuring a lightly smoked tempered glass side panel. The glass provides a semi-transparent view into the interior of the case, allowing the internal components and any installed lighting to be displayed.

The side panel is mounted to the chassis with hand-turned screws at the back, which suggests that it can be easily removed for access to the case interior without the need for tools. This is a convenience feature appreciated by users who regularly upgrade or maintain their PC components.

The tempered glass warning sticker is visible on the glass, indicating the material’s durability and the need for careful handling. The overall design, with its dark tint, contributes to the case’s sleek and modern aesthetic.

The lighting in the photograph is soft and diffused, reducing glare and allowing the viewer to appreciate the tint and quality of the glass. The background provides a contrast that further emphasizes the case’s design.

A tempered glass side panel from the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case, laid flat against a dark surface. This side panel is designed with a metal frame surrounding the glass, enhancing the durability of the edges and reducing the risk of chipping or shattering at the corners – a common vulnerability point for glass panels.

Key features highlighted in the image:

  1. Metal Frame: The metal edging provides structural support to the glass, which helps protect the panel during installation or removal.
  2. Tempered Glass: The use of tempered glass not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures safety, as it is more durable and less likely to break into sharp pieces compared to regular glass.
  3. Mounting Mechanism: The presence of mounting points along the metal frame suggests a tool-free design, allowing for easy attachment to the main body of the case.

The interior space of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case. Visible are the case’s clean lines and organized layout, which are designed to accommodate a variety of computer components while providing ease of access and cable management.

Notable features of the case’s interior:

  1. Motherboard Tray: There’s a large cut-out behind the motherboard area, which is typically used for easy installation of CPU cooler mounting brackets.
  2. Cable Management: Multiple cutouts with rubber grommets for cable routing are present, which help in keeping the cables tidy and out of sight, contributing to better airflow and a cleaner aesthetic.
  3. Drive Mounting Points: There are mounting points for hard drives and SSDs, which offer flexibility in storage configuration.
  4. Spacious Interior: The case appears to have ample room for component installation, including potential space for liquid cooling systems.

The case’s structural elements, like the PSU shroud at the bottom, are visible, which helps in hiding the power supply and its cables, thus contributing to a neater overall appearance.

The top section of the Antec NX500M ARGB computer case features a magnetic dust filter and mounting points for cooling fans.

The magnetic dust filter is designed to be easily removable for regular cleaning, ensuring that the interior of the case remains dust-free and the cooling efficiency is not compromised. The mesh pattern of the filter is fine enough to block dust particles while still allowing for good airflow.

The case top is perforated with mounting holes for 240mm fans or a radiator, supporting various configurations for water cooling or additional air cooling solutions. This flexibility is a key aspect for users who are interested in customizing their cooling system to optimize thermal performance or to suit their aesthetic preferences.

The case also includes a set of I/O ports on the side, likely including USB and audio ports, providing convenient access for peripherals and devices.

Antec NX500M ARGB Case: Ultimate Compatibility and Expansion for Gamers and Enthusiasts

The Antec NX500M ARGB case, designed for M-ATX form factor motherboards, offers ample support for various high-end gaming components within its compact structure. Here’s a detailed breakdown, tailored for SEO optimization:

Compact Versatility: The NX500M ARGB case brings M-ATX compatibility to the forefront, allowing for efficient space utilization while ensuring compatibility with a range of motherboards.

Cooling Capacity: It features a CPU cooler height clearance of up to 155mm, accommodating a wide array of powerful coolers to ensure your system runs cool under heavy loads.

Expansion Ready: With 5 PCIe slots, this case is ready for multi-GPU setups or other expansion needs. It supports graphics cards up to 300mm in length, which extends to about 320mm if the front fans are not installed, providing flexibility for larger hardware.

Storage Solutions: The case offers 2 native 3.5” HDD bays that can also accommodate SSDs, plus 2 dedicated 2.5” SSD mounts. For those who prefer a solid-state-only setup, there’s the possibility to expand up to 5 SSDs, ensuring ample storage for games and applications.

Power Supply Accommodation: The NX500M ARGB supports power supply units (PSUs) up to 165mm in length. It also offers the option to remove the HDD cage, freeing up additional space for longer PSUs or extra cable management, further enhancing the clean layout and airflow.

This case is positioned as an excellent choice for entry-level gaming rigs, providing more than sufficient support for the necessary hardware. The NX500M ARGB is not just about fitting components; it’s about providing a versatile foundation for gamers to build, upgrade, and enjoy their gaming experience.

The interior installation space of the Antec NX500M ARGB case, including a pre-installed 120mm ARGB fan at the rear.

The case’s internal layout, showcasing how components like motherboards, GPUs, and cooling systems would fit. The pre-installed ARGB fan, usually positioned for exhaust, suggests the case’s commitment to providing both adequate cooling and a customizable aesthetic through RGB lighting.

Explore the sleek design of the case’s interior, boasting dedicated spaces for solid-state drive (SSD) installations. With two SSD brackets positioned at the back, the case ensures a neat setup, keeping cables out of sight and systems running smoothly. An additional versatile mounting area is available, supporting either an SSD or hard disk drive (HDD), providing the flexibility to customize your storage solutions. The case’s smart layout and marked slots allow for easy upgrades and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for builders who prioritize both form and function.

Maximize your PC build with the Antec NX500M ARGB case, showcasing versatile storage solutions and expansive power supply compatibility. The case design includes two easily accessible SSD mounts on the side panel and a convertible storage slot within the main compartment for either an SSD or HDD. The lower section of the case offers a customizable HDD tray for additional 3.5” or 2.5” drives. For power users, this case adapts to your needs by allowing the removal of the HDD tray to accommodate larger PSUs, extending the length capacity from 165mm to an impressive 325mm. The Antec NX500M ARGB is a perfect blend of design and functionality, offering ample space for component flexibility and efficient cable management.

Enhance your computer’s performance with a seamless SSD installation, as demonstrated in the latest PC case design. Featuring secure mounting points for dual 2.5-inch SSDs, this case allows for a tidy setup and efficient space management. In the spotlight are the TeamGroup L5 3D Lite and OCZ SSDs, with their distinctive labels and sleek designs complementing the case’s minimalist black interior. This setup not only adds to the visual appeal but also optimizes your system’s operation with fast access storage solutions, perfect for users aiming to build a high-speed, high-performance computing environment.

Discover streamlined storage integration with our computer case’s hard drive bay, designed to house multiple HDDs in a compact and efficient manner. The image displays a dual HDD setup, neatly tucked away in the case’s lower section, optimizing space while ensuring proper ventilation. Each drive is positioned for easy access to data and power connectors, making installation and upgrades a breeze. This smart design feature emphasizes functionality and simplicity, making it ideal for users looking to enhance their system’s storage capacity without compromising on internal aesthetics or cooling efficiency.

Experience the flexibility of our PC case’s modular design, featuring a removable HDD bracket that expands the space for your PSU. The image captures a TeamGroup L5 3D Lite SSD resting on the extracted bracket, illustrating the ease with which users can adjust the internal layout to suit their unique build requirements. The ample room provided by this design choice not only accommodates larger PSUs but also contributes to a cleaner look and improved airflow within the case. Ideal for custom PC builders, this case offers the adaptability needed for optimal hardware configuration and maintenance.

Optimize your PC build with our case’s customizable bottom section, designed for a removable hard drive bracket, as shown in the image. The removal of the bracket via the case’s bottom screws opens up expansive space for a larger PSU, giving builders the flexibility to enhance their system’s power capabilities. The detailed view includes a barcode sticker, ensuring product authenticity and traceability. Elevated by sturdy case feet, this design not only supports better airflow but also provides a solid foundation for your build.

Keep your PC clean and efficient with our case’s strategically designed, removable dust filter, located directly under the PSU placement area. The image reveals the practicality of this essential feature, showcasing the fine mesh material that protects against dust without obstructing airflow. Maintenance is a breeze thanks to its easy-to-remove design, promoting a healthier system environment and extended hardware life. The case’s elevated feet provide additional airflow, ensuring your components stay cool and perform at their best.

Meet the cutting-edge convenience of the NX500M ARGB case’s front I/O panel, designed for seamless interaction and connectivity. This top-mounted I/O panel features essential controls like the Power and Reset buttons alongside a suite of ports including two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, and audio jacks for microphones and headphones. The highlight is the front-facing USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2 port, ensuring fast and efficient data transfer for the latest devices. Praised for its user-friendly interface, this case delivers on the promise of a modern, connected experience for all PC enthusiasts.

Enhance your PC setup with the NX500M ARGB case, featuring a comprehensive array of connectors for all your needs. The image highlights the versatile panel pinouts, including a USB 3.0 connector for high-speed data transfers, an HD Audio connector for crystal-clear sound, and additional connectors for USB 2.0 and cutting-edge USB Type-C interfaces. The case also comes pre-wired with SATA for powering components and RGB cables for customizable lighting effects, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing build.

Take control of your PC’s basic functions with these clearly labeled front panel connectors, essential for linking your case’s power and hard drive LED to the motherboard. The image showcases a hand holding the slim, black connectors with white text, ensuring easy identification during the setup process. These connectors are pivotal for the operation of your computer’s on/off switch and for monitoring hard disk activity through the case’s indicator lights. Perfect for builders who appreciate attention to detail, these connectors make setup a straightforward task.

Illuminate your gaming rig with the Antec NX500M ARGB case, featuring stunning lighting effects that come to life upon startup. The image demonstrates the case’s full ARGB potential, with a kaleidoscope of colors radiating from the high-performance fans and CPU cooler. These customizable lights not only accentuate the case’s sleek design but also allow for a personalized touch to match your style. The tempered glass side panel ensures that your meticulous cable management and the harmonious play of light on your components are on full display, making your build not just powerful, but a true work of art.

Step into the future of PC gaming with the Antec NX500M ARGB case, designed to make a statement with its stunning ARGB lighting effects. These images capture the essence of the case’s dynamic lighting, which brings your build to life with a vivid display of colors. From pulsing waves to static hues, the customizable lighting showcases the case’s interior, highlighting your high-end components through the sleek tempered glass side panel. The ARGB lighting isn’t just for show; it also syncs with your motherboard to create a cohesive and immersive experience. Whether it’s for gaming, content creation, or simply to admire, the NX500M ARGB case provides both the visual flair and the cutting-edge performance that modern builders demand.

Peek inside the Antec NX500M ARGB case, where high-performance meets sleek design. This image provides a clear view of the spacious interior, designed to house cutting-edge hardware with ease. The prominent graphics card, a GeForce RTX, sits comfortably with ample room for airflow. Notice the meticulous cable management that contributes to both aesthetics and cooling efficiency. The case supports substantial cooling solutions and offers generous space for all your components, making it the ideal choice for gamers and professionals who demand top-tier performance from their setup.

Optimizing Small Form Factor Builds: A Comprehensive Guide to Cooling and Assembly with the Antec Vortex 240mm in an M-ATX Case

Dive into the realm of compact PC builds with the M-ATX case, an embodiment of efficiency in a reduced footprint. The build process highlights the strategic installation of an Antec Vortex 240mm top-mounted water cooler and an ITX motherboard, all powered by a robust Seasonic Focus GX-750 power supply. While cable management is a meticulous task due to the 16-20mm space behind the side panel, the case accommodates all hardware without a hitch. Performance tests reveal impressive thermal management, with the CPU and NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti GPU maintaining cool temperatures under gaming loads like Cyberpunk 2077 and intensive benchmarks, ensuring stability and reliability for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

While micro-ATX (M-ATX) cases offer a compact and efficient design for PC builds, they pose unique challenges during the installation process due to their limited hardware space and the need for precise cable management. In a recent build, the Antec Vortex 240mm AIO liquid cooler was paired with an ITX form factor motherboard, and a 140mm 750W power supply was placed at the bottom of the case. Despite the tight space, particularly with only 16mm to 20mm of clearance behind the side panel for cable management, the installation of hardware components proceeded without significant issues.

Cooling performance was thoroughly tested under various conditions, including gaming with demanding titles like Cyberpunk 2077, where the CPU and GPU temperatures were recorded at 55°C and 46.7°C, respectively. Benchmark tests with 3DMARK Fire Strike Ultra showed even lower temperatures for the CPU at 37°C and the GPU at 45.6°C. Stress tests using AIDA64 for the CPU demonstrated a peak temperature of 92°C under FPU load and 60°C under CPU load, while FurMark’s GPU stress test resulted in a temperature of 65.7°C, indicating effective cooling capabilities of the setup.

The test platform comprised:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-12700K
  • Motherboard: ROG STRIX Z790-I GAMING WIFI
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti
  • Memory: DDR5-6400 16GB*2
  • Operating System: Windows 11 21H2
  • Cooler: Antec Vortex 240 ARGB
  • Power Supply: Seasonic Focus GX-750

These results highlight the balance between compact case design and performance, showcasing that with a careful selection of components and effective cooling solutions like the Antec Vortex 240 ARGB, it is possible to achieve a high-performing PC build within a small form factor. This setup not only manages thermal loads efficiently but also demonstrates the potential for enthusiasts to craft powerful gaming rigs without compromising on space or aesthetics.


The Antec NX500M ARGB stands out as an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable yet versatile PC case, priced around the thousand New Taiwan Dollar mark. It comes equipped with three pre-installed ARGB cooling fans, offering decent hardware expansion capabilities. The case supports AIO cooling solutions, allowing for a top-mounted 240mm or a front-mounted 360mm radiator, catering to modern cooling needs. Its front I/O panel includes a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 port, aligning with current connectivity demands. In terms of aesthetics, the NX500M ARGB boasts a sleek and understated look, making it suitable for various settings, whether for a DIY office workstation or an entry-level gaming setup. With a retail price of NT$1,590 online, this information should prove useful for gamers and PC builders looking for a budget-friendly case option.

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Title: Antec NX500M ARGB Review: Affordable M-ATX Case with Superior Airflow, ARGB Fans, and AIO Cooling Support