Unpacking the New Generation Rainbow LIAN LI Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR, USB 2.0 1 to 3 HUB Cable

Since NVIDIA started advocating for the 12VHPWR power supply interface with its RTX 40 series, RGB light effect enthusiasts started to eagerly anticipate new offerings from LIAN LI. Despite the delay, LIAN LI didn’t disappoint. The much-awaited Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR now comes in three distinct styles. This includes a simple 12VHPWR RGB extension cable with two light strip options of 8/12, along with a 3x 8 Pin to 12VHPWR extension cables compatible with older power sources.

Here are the specifications for the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR:
Dimensions: PW16-12PV2: 381×56.4×8 mm, PW16-8PV2: 381×39.8×8 mm, PW168-8PV2: 381×39.8×8 mm
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Cable Length: PW16-12PV2: 320mm, PW16-8PV2: 320mm, PW168-8PV2: 335mm
Number of light strips: PW16-12PV2: 12, PW16-8PV2: 8, PW168-8PV2: 8
Wire Gauge: 16AWG
LED Count: PW16-12PV2: 162, PW16-8PV2: 108, PW168-8PV2: 108
Warranty: 1 Year

LIAN LI Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR Extension Cable Unpacking

After nearly a year of anticipation, LIAN LI, known for their distinctive products, has finally introduced the “Strimer Plus V2” RGB extension cable compatible with the 12+4 Pin 12VHPWR. This new power supply interface was first implemented in the NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards and gained popularity with the RTX 40 series. At long last, LIAN LI has released a compatible version of their Strimer Plus V2 RGB extension cable!

In this release, they’ve launched three types of Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR connector cables at once, each capable of supporting a maximum power limit of 600W, with some slight variations. The male and female connectors both use the 12+4 Pin 12VHPWR format, but they differ in the number of light strips. Notably, the PW16-12PV2 stands out.

Three kinds of Strimer Plus V2 RGB extension cables.
The box has its own model number. Remember to check again before buying it home!

The 12VHPWR to 12VHPWR (12+4 Pin to 12+4 Pin) option offers two variants with differing amounts of light bars for users to choose from – the 12 x LIGHT GUIDE and the 8 x LIGHT GUIDE, indicating twelve and eight light strips, respectively. Besides some visual differences due to the varying number of light strips, the other primary specifications remain the same.

The 12VHPWR to 3 x 8 PIN (3x 8 Pin to 12+4 Pin) is a “conversion extension cable”, transforming three PCIe 8 Pins on the female end into a 12+4 Pin 12VHPWR. This cable is especially useful if you don’t possess a native 12VHPWR power supply and aren’t planning to upgrade to a new one. Simply purchase the “12VHPWR to 3 x 8 PIN”, and it will be compatible with NVIDIA RTX 30/40 graphics cards.

Due to the different connectors, the 12VHPWR to 3 x 8 PIN conversion extension cable doesn’t automatically guarantee a maximum power supply of 600W. If your power supply’s PCIe 8 Pin wire diameter is 18 Awg, the maximum power that three PCIe 8 Pin connectors can deliver is only 450W. If your power supply PCIe 8 Pin wire diameter is 16 Awg, however, the maximum power supply limit can reach 600W.

Diagram of the wire adapter type and the upper limit of power supply for a single extension cord.

First up, let’s examine the 12VHPWR to 12VHPWR (12 x LIGHT GUIDE[PW16-12PV2]) RGB extension cable. This PW16-12PV2 variant features twelve RGB light bars with dimensions of 381×56.4x8mm and a cable length of 320mm.

Because it employs twelve RGB light strips, its width expands to the widest among the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR cables at 56.4mm. It also contains a total of 162 LED lamp beads, which mirrors the aesthetic and specifications of the previously explored Strimer Plus V2 3 X 8 Pin (PW12-PV2) on this platform.

12 x LIGHT GUIDE for twelve light bars (PW16-12PV2).
Strimer Plus V2 The width of each light strip is reduced by 2.1mm.
The thickness is reduced to 8mm, which is more flexible and easy to route.

The 12VHPWR is a 12+4 Pin (16-Pin) connector. The lower part is the 12V grounding wire, while the upper 4-Pin serves as the Sideband Signals interface. Manufacturers utilize the SENSE 0 PIN and SENSE 1 PIN in the Sideband Signals, forming four different permutations and combinations through grounding and open circuit usage. This enables a single 12VHPWR wire, capable of providing a maximum power output of 600W, to switch between four different upper power consumption limits of 150W/300W/450W/600W. The Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR’s “maximum” power supply limit can thus reach 600W.

Inside the LIAN LI connector, soldering technology is employed to expand the conductor area, resulting in safer usability compared to clip-type fixed soldering pins. Simultaneously, the thickness of the copper sheet of the pin itself is increased to 0.25mm, and an insulation layer is added between the pins to prevent any issues. These minor enhancements yield more stable transmission efficiency and enhanced safety.

To the 12+4 Pin 12VHPWR interface on the display card side.
The wire end of the power supply is also 12+4 Pin 12VHPWR.

There’s a factory default 28mm clearance for the 12VHPWR interface on the graphics card end. However, if your wiring space is somewhat restricted, you have the option to remove the detachable black plastic case, reducing the clearance to 23mm. Nevertheless, if possible, it is recommended to keep the plastic case and maintain the 28mm clearance. After all, 28mm is already smaller than the recommended reserve space, and adhering to this can help avoid potential issues.

The factory reserved space is 28mm.
When the plastic case is removed, the reserved space contracts to 23mm. This makes it an appropriate fit for an ITX case, where wiring space tends to be more constrained.

In this one-time release, the three Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR options do not include a controller. If users want to utilize the L-CONNECT 3 software to customize the lighting effect of the RGB extension cable, they will need to separately purchase the Strimer Plus V2 24 Pin, which comes with the required controller.

However, all three Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR cables come with a 5V 3 Pin ARGB adapter cable. This means that even if users do not have the Strimer Plus V2 24 Pin controller, they can still use the adapter cable to connect to the motherboard and synchronize the lighting effects.

Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR cables use special power transmission connectors.
Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR has a bonus ARGB conversion cable and a white module cable buckle.
It is more suitable to replace the graphics card end with a white module cable buckle to match a white host.

For those who prefer a slimmer aesthetic for the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR cable, the 12VHPWR to 12VHPWR (8 x LIGHT GUIDE[PW16-8PV2]) RGB extension cable is an ideal choice. This version has been reduced to eight light strips and 108 LED lamp beads for a sleeker look.

Other aspects remain the same as the 12 x LIGHT GUIDE version, including the power supply limit, accessories, and lighting connection wire type, etc. The two versions differ solely in terms of their appearance.

The size of the eight-light bar version is 381×39.8x8mm.
The only difference from the 12-light strip version is appearance.
Same as the 12VHPWR extension wire.

The 12VHPWR to 3 x 8 PIN (8 x LIGHT GUIDE[PW168-8PV2]) serves as an extension cable, transitioning from three PCIe 8 Pins to the 12VHPWR standard. It can provide a single power supply of either 450W or 600W, contingent upon the diameter of the power supply upper limit.

12VHPWR to 3 x 8 PIN also uses 8 light strips.
Dimensions are 381×39.8x8mm.
12VHPWR specification for display card side.
Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR wire diameter is 16AWG.
The power supply side is 3x 8 Pin.

LIAN LI USB 2.0_1 to 3 HUB breakout cable out of the box

High-end computers these days often opt for aesthetic additions like an integrated water cooler with a small screen or a LIAN LI UNI FAN series fan. The control of these cooling devices often requires the use of USB 2.0 expansion slots on the motherboard for device connection and software data transmission and control.

However, modern motherboards typically only have two USB 2.0 expansion slots. To expand more slots for additional devices, one might resort to expansion cards or extension cables. Yet, less expensive extension cables often encounter issues such as failure to read devices correctly – for example, if three UNI FAN series controllers are connected, only two might be detected.

LIAN LI acknowledges its role in contributing to the scarcity of USB 2.0 expansion slots and has thus introduced the USB 2.0_1 to 3 HUB breakout cable. This cable expands a single USB 2.0 (9-Pin) connector into three, allowing for greater device connectivity. Its built-in chip ensures stable and complete signal transmission.

The cable length measures 140+60+140mm, making it suitable for use as an extension cable. After routing the branching cable to the entire cable space at the back of the case, the provided magnetic plate with Velcro and accessories can be used to secure it to the back of the case.

USB 2.0_1 to 3 HUB breakout cable.
To the motherboard USB 2.0 9-Pin socket end.
Three additional device connection slots can be expanded.
Can be fixed on the case with magnetic suction or Velcro.

LIAN LI Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR Extension Cable Test and Lighting Demonstration

In this instance, since I do not possess the Strimer Plus V2 24 Pin cable, there’s no controller available to use with the L-CONNECT 3 software for managing the lighting effects. Nonetheless, the included adapter can still synchronize the lighting effects of the cables with the motherboard’s 5V 3 Pin ARGB. To aid your understanding, I will now demonstrate the lighting effects of the three cables.

Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR(12 x LIGHT GUIDE RGB) extension cord lighting effects.
Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR(8 x LIGHT GUIDE RGB) extension cord lighting effects.
Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR(3x 8 Pin) extension cable lighting effect.

Aside from demonstrating the lighting effects, as the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR unpacked this time is a 12VHPWR RGB extension cable, I’ll also be using the NVIDIA RTX 4080 Founders Edition graphics card to perform a FurMark test. This will allow us to observe the temperature of the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR under conditions of high operational load.

3x 8 Pin to 12VHPWR conversion cable, graphics card connector end 40.3°C, power cable 43.6°C, light bar 43.6°C.
3x 8 Pin adapter 31.9°C, power supply wire 35.4°C, light bar 44.3°C.
12VHPWR extension cable, graphics card connector end 40.9°C, power supply cable 43.7°C, light bar 43.5°C.
12VHPWR junction 32.8°C, power supply wire 36.2°C.


LIAN LI has introduced the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR RGB for the new generation 12+4 Pin 12VHPWR power supply interface of graphics cards, adding a dazzling touch to gamers’ NVIDIA RTX 30/40 PCs. Players can choose between varying quantities of light strips for different visual effects to match their setup.

Even if the power supply does not have the native 12VHPWR power supply cable, it can be utilized with a 3 x 8 Pin conversion extension cable. Though it only comes with 8 LED strips, it’s a viable solution that allows for the continued use of the old power supply.

The USB 2.0_1 to 3 HUB breakout cable can expand a single slot into three, while its built-in chip ensures complete USB 2.0 transmission capability. Missing multiple UNI FAN controllers will no longer be an issue. The Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR and the USB 2.0_1 to 3 HUB breakout cables are currently available for sale. The Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR’s price varies depending on the number of light strips: 8 light strips cost 1600, while 12 light strips are priced at 1800. The USB 2.0_1 to 3 HUB breakout cable is available for 399 NTD.

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Title: Unpacking the New Generation Rainbow LIAN LI Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR, USB 2.0 1 to 3 HUB Cable