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Gaming Monitors 2022…

I’ve rounded up 10 of what I think are the best and the most exciting gaming monitors of 2022 so far and if you are considering upgrading this year, let me know what you’ve got your eye on in the comments below. Alright, so let’s kick off with not this on. We’ll come back to this.


I want to talk about the Alienware QD OLED Ultra-wide I have no doubt you’ve already seen this because it’s possibly one of the best game monitors ever made although the AW3423DW name isn’t the most exciting but with actual genuine HDR performance thanks to the per pixel dimming of the quantum dot OLED panel from Samsung and it basically takes the best of OLED adding that quantum dot layer for brightness and then on top we get gaming features like 175 Hertz refresh g-sync ultimate a quality resolution and it’s a 34 inch 21×9 display beyond that we’re looking at 1000 nit Peak brightness we have high ip3 color accuracy fast response time and also display HDR 400 proper black support which is good but surprisingly low when you consider the advertised to Peak brightness although latency doesn’t seem to be quite as good as more traditional LCD panels and also there’s no HDMI 2.1 support which makes it a little bit less ideal for consoles but since we haven’t got a 4K resolution you’re not going to hit that sort of bandwidth cap.


Moving on, Samsung has taken the same panel from Alienware because they made it and dropped it into their own equally tasty-looking Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 monitor.

It does miss out on g-sync Ultimate but is identical to the QD OLED panel, same 1800r curve, same 175 Hertz refresh, and exact quality resolution. So pricing should be similar as well, and to be honest, I’d be more than happy with either, so it might come down to cost and availability, but what if you can’t decide between a flat and a curved monitor? I know these are real problems, but why not have both?


Say hello to Corsair XENEON FLEX 45-inch bendable OLED gaming monitor designed by Corsair and using an LG panel. You can adjust the screen from Flat up to an 800 R curve, which I find more immersive, particularly for racing games. Still, if the Distortion and the reflections start to annoy you, you can flatten it out. You adjust it by grabbing the handles on either side, which can feel like you’re breaking it. Of course, we don’t know about long-term durability yet, but it’s undoubtedly an excellent idea.

It’s a massive 45-inch 21×9 screen with a 240Hz refresh and a thousand nit Peak brightness now if you like the look of the Corsair but don’t fancy paying the premium for that bending mechanism.


Then look at this 45″ LG OLED ultra.

Comprehensive feature, the panel is almost the same as the Corsair’s QHD with a 240Hz refresh rate, but the fixed 800r curve means it should be cheaper, of course, it’s an OLED so expect the same great black levels and Punchy colours, but like the Corsair, the only downside is that they’re not 4K, so they won’t be the sharpest right now at a 45″ screen size, I’m not saying bigger is better.

If you do want a desktop Gaming Monitor on the LG Ultra gear 48 GQ 900b Then check out the LG Ultra gear 48 GQ 900b Large 48″ 4K 138 Hz OLED Gaming Monitor It’s basically a 48″ OLED LG TV, but with a faster refresh rate and more monitor-like features like DisplayPort as well Anti-glare and anti-reflective coating on the screen, we don’t have to worry about auto-dimming, so OLED colours look great, blacks are deep and inky, it’s also brighter than most OLED TVs, and the size really helps Fully utilized at 4K, although I think it’s a bit too big for everyday use on a desktop, there’s also g-sync free sync premium HDR 10 and HDMI 2.1 ports so it’s perfect for PC and game consoles. I’m just about to Say it’s not cheap at $1500 and then look at the other monitors I’m talking about, it’s actually another Asus monitor for a moment, but I know what you’re thinking because I agree even on this 100cm deep table, 48″ is too big too found 48″ is too big unless you are going to mount it on a wall or stand alone on a table and you use an Xbox controller or Bluetooth peripherals for me I think 42″ is A more comfortable size, but still large but not overwhelming.


but sadly the LG doesn’t come in a 42-inch variant so have a look at this instead the 42-inch ROG Swift OLED PG42UQ which as it happens does also come in 48 inches if you really want and it’s almost identical to the LG with 138 Hertz refresh g-sync freezing premium HDMI 2.1.

But it comes with that more games Asus Rog styling and also some pretty beefy cooling so it can sustain the high brainers for me right now I would say this is my favourite gaming Monitor and it’ll cost you 1400 pounds or 1500 if you want the 48 inches.


Okay, moving on, and we have the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8. This was the world’s first 4K 240 hertz Monitor, and availability is pretty good, so I reviewed this a few weeks ago, and I liked it, especially the 32-inch mini LED panel.

Although they’re a pretty severe 1000r curve on a monitor, this size isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I think I prefer without even, so image quality is excellent.

Samsung claims up to 2000 nits of peak brightness, and it does dim quite quickly. However, it is still brighter than almost any other monitor on the market, and the nearly 1200 local dimming zones mean this isn’t a million miles off OLED levels of contrast. We get freesync premium Pro one millisecond response time. Still, the headline is that 4K 240Hz refresh its battery smooth for gaming and just general desktop and work use. However, the only caveat is it’s nearly impossible to hit 4K 240 in demanding games right now. Maybe the upcoming RTX 4000 series will get you closer. Okay, time to throw in a bit of a wild card.

Let me show you the Samsung Odyssey Arc, this whopping great curved 55-inch OLED gaming monitor they can also for some reason rotate vertically think of it as a tech demo concept that someone snuck into full production this is actually the world’s biggest dedicated gaming monitor with a Quantum mini LED VA 4K panel up to 2000 it’s a brightness although again it’s Samsung so bear.

With that in mind, a beefy speaker system and, of course, that curvier than curved 1000r display, there is a trend towards OLED and curved gaming monitors. At the moment, OLED, I’m all behind curved. I’m not sure I appreciate some games like flight Sim or Forza racing games. In particular, I think it is a lot more immersive, maybe RPGs as well, but you don’t want that for fps’s having stuff in your peripheral vision is immersive but not helpful when you want to spot the bad guy and take the shot before he also does for watching videos and movies if you do any editing I do a lot of video editing on my monitor not ideal so most of the time I want either a very gentle curve or a flat-screen but what do you reckon flat or curvy monitors which do you prefer let me know in the comments.

Also, unlike a 55-inch TV, The Arc gets a 165hz refresh and multi-view, which lets you have multiple Imports on screen side by side, which kind of makes that bigger size more useful. You get Samsung’s usual Smart TV features as well as this very clever and also ginormous Arc dial control.


I have this on my desk, the eve Spectrum, although they recently rebranded to do so while the Box still says Eve. This is the doe Spectrum which has been out for the best part of a year now, although this is the new glossy version which seems a bit counterproductive for a gaming display. I found I like it. You get better-perceived contrast and richer colours at the expense of more Reflections, and it also costs more, which is a bit annoying. It reminds me of playing on a TV, or even I don’t know what to say, like an Apple display with its more Vivid contrasty look. I do quite like it going back to regular matte gaming panels.

Almost look a little bit washed out next to this, but like the regular Spectrum, we’re also getting a high-end 27-inch 4K 144hz panel. It’s nano IPS, so no mini LED or OLED here, sadly.

It is also g-sync compatible with freesync premium Pro and it supports HDR 10 and displays HDR 600 along with some pretty impressive colour accuracy so you could use this as a work monitor as well plus we get DisplayPort 1.4 USBC with 100 watts charging and HDMI 2.1 and it costs about a thousand pounds so if you want a relatively compact 4K High refresh gaming and maybe slash work monitor I think the Spectrum glossy is worth a look.


Alternatively, maybe the new Sony is INZONE M9 now. I reviewed this a few weeks ago, and I would say it’s a good monitor but perhaps not the best on the market. I guess maybe I could also be applied to this, but the advantage is it’s a similar price to this, but we get mini LED so slightly better contrast although a matte, not glossy screen and also a couple of bespoke PS5 features so if your budget is around that thousand pounds Mark look at both the Eve sorry dough spectrum and also the Sony INZONE M9.


Finally, if you’re into your Esports or want the best competitive Advantage, then you’re going to want a super duper High refresh display, and we’re now just starting to see 480 or even 500 Hertz gaming monitors.

I like this guy, the 24-inch into Asus Swift 500 Hertz. Now I reckon anything above 240 is a case of diminishing returns, and also, to hit that full 500 FPS will require an insanely beefy system unless you’re playing CS go and maybe even more exciting is the Swift’s built-in Nvidia reflex analyzer which gives you live latency figures which you can then minimize by tweaking monitor settings to get the most responsive experience. We should see more models getting this analyzer in the future because reducing latency significantly impacts your competitiveness, even over higher refreshes. So Nvidia reflex and Radeon’s anti-lag can make a massive difference. The Asus Swift uses an Esports panel with a low response time and g-sync. Still, being a TN variant, I don’t expect colours or contrast to match anything like a mini LED IPS or a QD OLED, and I also wish to pay a hefty price, although this is a specialist Esports display.

I did say these are the best gaming monitors of the year so far, not the most affordable or most available. I do appreciate a lot of those are costly, but as always, we do see trickle-down Technologies as more high-end monitors come out, more OLEDs more High refresh then, it makes everything else cheaper also, if you are considering buying one of the new generation GPUs from Nvidia or AMD now also may be an excellent time to upgrade your monitor as well there’s no point getting 300 FPS in your games if you’re still stuck on a 144 Hertz or dare I say 60hz monitor.

But what’s your setup right now? What are you using, and are you thinking of upgrading and if so, to what model?

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Title: Top 10 BEST Gaming Monitors of 2022