The BIOSTAR B760M-SILVER meets the installation requirements of the latest generation. It is a dependable and sturdy backbone for your system

The latest Intel 700 series motherboards offer a range of exciting features and new technologies, including support for the PCIe 5.0 standard, which provides double the transmission bandwidth of the PCIe 4.0 version and delivers incredible speeds of up to 32 GT/s. With the launch of the 13th generation Intel processors, BIOSTAR has introduced the B760M-SILVER series motherboards, which support PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory technology and are designed for mid-range installations to fully optimize the performance of the 13th generation Intel Core processors. The DMI channel that connects the Intel B760 chipset to the CPU has a Gen4 x4 bandwidth and provides 10 PCIe 4.0 and 4 PCIe 3.0 channels. When choosing a B760 motherboard, users can select either DDR5 or DDR4 memory, depending on their budget. Overall, the 700 series chipset with 13th-generation processors provides more complete functions than the AMD platform, offering users greater internal and external transmission bandwidth and a wider range of choices.

The 13th generation processors demonstrate Intel’s strong position as a leader in the PC processor market. With significant core upgrades and a comprehensive approach to configuring large and small cores, Intel’s Raptor Lake-S CPU products have garnered significant praise in the market, effectively competing with AMD. Intel’s response to the new Ryzen 7000 series processor products is also quite impressive. The 13th generation series processors offer users good performance, reasonable positioning, and price combinations, providing consumers in the mid-to-high-end personal computer processor market with a growing selection of energy-efficient and competitive products to choose from.

BIOSTAR, a motherboard manufacturer, is dedicated to creating distinctive motherboards that meet the needs of the mainstream market. They have launched the Micro-ATX motherboard B760M-SILVER, which offers highly competitive pricing, specifications, functions, and materials. This motherboard supports the Intel LGA1700-pin Raptor Lake-S processor product line and comes equipped with a range of value-added software technologies that were well-received in previous models, including super-alloy grade materials, VIVID LED DJ, SMART BIOS UPDATE, a 2.5 Gigabit Lan network chip, two PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots with heat dissipation design, a PCIe alloy slot, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface, and more. The motherboard’s simple, intuitive, and practical BIOS interface, coupled with hardware and software optimization, is expected to provide perfect compatibility and fully utilize the performance of the Intel LGA1700 pin Raptor Lake-S CPU products. In the following section, we will introduce the appearance and performance of the BIOSTAR B760M-SILVER motherboard.

Motherboard packaging and accessories

Front of the box.
The product packaging design is consistent with the overall design style of the BIOSTAR SILVER product line, clearly conveying the image and style of Pingshi Technology.

Original technology features

The B760 chipset is utilized, supporting the Intel 7 process, which includes the Intel 10nm SuperFin enhanced version process, LGA 1700-pin Raptor Lake-S, and Alder Lake-S series processors.
The product shown on the back of the box supports related technologies.

The motherboard features an 11+1+1 phase digital power supply design, as well as PCI-E 5.0 and DDR5 support. Other notable features include the Dragon 2.5Gb network chip, two sets of PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, PCIe alloy slots, front-facing USB 3.2 Gen2 (with USB Type-C support), Dr.MOS, and 7.1-channel high-fidelity audio.

Unboxing and Motherboard Accessories
Motherboard-related accessories are packaged in layers.


The accessories included with the motherboard are three sets of SATA cables, along with manuals and driver CDs.


motherboard front

This Micro-ATX B760 product is designed for mid-range use and features two sets of PCI-E 16X slots (with actual maximum transmission bandwidth of 16X@Gen5 and 4X@Gen4 in sequence) and one set of PCI-E 1X@Gen3 slots for expansion. Other features include 4DIMM dual-channel DDR5, 7.1CH audio output, and Dragon 2.5 Gigabit network chip. All components use solid capacitors except for the sound effect, which uses Nippon Chemi-Con series long-term electrolytic capacitors. The CPU power supply design features an 11+1+1 phase digital power supply design with a large-area heat pipe aluminum alloy heat sink in the MOS area to regulate the MOS load temperature. The 12V input of the CPU terminal is also EPS 8Pin, meeting the power supply requirements of the new generation 13 series processors. The motherboard provides 5 sets of fan power terminals, 2 sets of M.2 slots [PCIe 4.0 x4], 1 set of M.2 slots (Key E), and 6 sets of SATA3 (native) transmission interfaces. Additionally, the overall color scheme features a silver and black configuration, creating an aesthetically pleasing product.

Motherboard back

The motherboard is equipped with a metal base plate to reduce board bending, and the MOS area and PCH chipset heat sink are secured with screws.

PCB Isolate Shielding technology

The motherboard isolates analog and digital signals, effectively reducing noise interference.

The motherboard IO area

As shown in the figure, the motherboard features 1 set of 2.5Gb-level network, 1 set of USB3.2 Gen2 Type C, 5 sets of USB3.2 Gen2, 2 sets of USB2.0, a reserved socket for WiFi antenna, an audio output terminal, and 1 set of HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.2.

Materials near the CPU

The motherboard features an 11+1+1 phase digital power supply design with Dr. MOS material and long-term solid capacitors in the power supply area. The MOS area also includes a large-area heat sink to enhance heat dissipation. The CPU side’s 12V input utilizes EPS 8Pin, and the DDR5 module supports 4DIMM. The power supply input utilizes 24Pin, and the PCB includes a black bottom design, which enhances the overall quality of the motherboard.

The motherboard interface card area

The motherboard provides two sets of PCI-E 16X slots (with actual maximum transmission bandwidth of 16X@Gen5 and 4X@Gen4) and one set of PCI-E 1X@Gen3 slots for expansion. This is a common and adequate design for Micro-ATX motherboards, suitable for most users. The top PCIe 16X slots use an alloy slot design, with more solder joints for better motherboard support and a reduced chance of damage from heavy graphics cards. The slot also features a dolphin tail type tenon, which is well-received for its durability. The PCH heat sink has a high-quality texture, and the PCH area increases the heat sink area to strengthen heat source control on the motherboard. The motherboard offers 6 sets of SATA3, 3 sets of M.2, 1 set of USB3.2 Gen 2 Type-C front internal expansion ports, and 1 set of USB3.2 Gen1 19Pin front internal expansion ports in the IO device area.

The motherboard features a total of 2 USB3.2 Gen2 Type C, 5 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type A, 2 USB 3.2 Gen1, and 6 USB 2.0 interfaces, allowing for a total of 13 groups of USB-related interfaces. The switch terminals on the front panel of the case are also located in this area.

Material and design of heat sink

The motherboard utilizes a super-large aluminum alloy heat sink to provide exceptional heat dissipation, showcasing the style of the motherboard material and providing an excellent cooling effect.

M.2 heat dissipation design

M.2 SSDs have a tendency to generate high heat when operating at full speed, which can result in speed reduction and unstable transmission. However, BIOSTAR’s aluminum alloy M.2 heat dissipation design can effectively cool down M.2 SSDs and maintain optimal working conditions.

Steel Slots

The PCIe alloy slot is equipped with a metal cover on the outside of the PCIe expansion slot and features additional solder joints to improve stability and resistance to heavy loads and pulls. This helps prevent damage caused by shaking and transporting the host.

The status indicator

The motherboard includes a simple troubleshooting tool located in the upper left corner, which displays the CPU/DRAM/VGA detection status when the system is turned on. The status indicator provides an intuitive way to quickly and easily identify the root of the problem through the use of lights.

Motherboard materials and details

B760 PCH chip

Power Supply Design

The BIOSTAR B760M-SILVER features an 11+1+1 phase digital power supply design that utilizes the RENESAS RAA229130 PWM control chip, high-efficiency inductor, and 70A Dr.MOS. The motherboard also includes a 6-layer PCB and 5K solid state capacitors, resulting in a low operating temperature and stable current output. These features provide better overclocking performance and a relatively longer lifespan.

The image output control chip

ITE IT66318FN chip allows the motherboard to support the output of HDMI 2.1 4K 60Hz signals.

USB3.2 Gen2 HUB

Uses Genesysys GL3590 control chip.


The motherboard utilizes the Genesys GL852 control chip.

Microprocessor control chip

The motherboard provides the SMART BIOS UPDATE function through the use of the ASMedia ASM1012 control chip.

Network control chip

The motherboard’s network chip features the Realtek Dragon RTL8125BG 2.5Gbps network control chip, which delivers excellent transmission performance, making it an ideal choice for BIOSTAR.

Environmental control chip

The environmental control chip is made of ITE products.

Sound technology

The motherboard features 7.1-channel high-fidelity audio with the Realtek ALC1220 audio codec, and utilizes Nippon Chemi-Con audio dedicated electrolytic capacitors to deliver a superior audio experience to users.

The M.2 slot

M.2 is a high-speed transmission interface primarily promoted by the new generation of storage devices. The motherboard features 2 sets of M.2 slots, utilizing the M.2 Socket 3 Type M interface. Both of these slots are Hyper M.2 slots [PCIe Gen4 x4]. They support 2242, 2260, and 2280 length devices, as well as 22110 length devices below, and support Intel VMD technology. Additionally, there is an M.2 (Key E) slot available for the expansion of a wireless network card.

RGB lighting external control terminal

The motherboard features support for RGB LED strips, allowing users to control the color of the lights through the exclusive VIVID LED DJ software. The motherboard includes 4Pin white pins that support 12V RGB LEDs and 3Pin gray pins that support 5V Addressable RGB LEDs, providing users with the ability to freely expand light bars or other LED devices.


The UEFI BIOS interface of the BIOSTAR B760M-SILVER motherboard is simple and clear, making it intuitive and easy to use. The related settings are almost completely open to users, providing those with a DIY spirit and other users with more room for tuning and setting to their own unique usage pattern. This motherboard features the B760 chipset, which supports memory overclocking, voltage, memory operating clock, and other functions that users can adjust and utilize. Users can adjust their favorite lighting effects and colors through the BIOS or Vivid LED DJ RGB lighting effect software, which includes modes such as constant light, breathing, flashing, cycle, random, random cycle, wave, music, and more. Some modes even allow for the adjustment of the speed of the lighting effects.

Performance test

Test environment
CPU: Intel Core i5-13600K
RAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR5-4800 64GB Kit @ 4800 39-39-39-76
HD: Crucial P3 PLUS 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB (CPU direct connection)
POWER: FSP Huangtai Extreme PT 1200W
COOLING: CPU air cooling
Operating system: WIN11 X64

CPUmark, Super PI 1M, wPrime 32M&1024M performance test.
CPU-Z performance test.
AIDA memory bandwidth.
Corona Benchmark.
V-Ray Benchmark.
WinRAR performance test.
7-Zip performance test.
POV -Ray.
PCMARK 10 Extended.
3DMARK Time Spy.
Fire Strike.
3DMARK 11.
DX11 Benchmark.
Unigine Superposition Benchmark 1080P.
FINAL FANTASY XV Benchmark 1080P.


The BIOSTAR B760M-SILVER is a mid-range Micro-ATX motherboard that offers a robust +1-phase digital power supply design and high-quality materials, making it an ideal match for the high-end Core i5-13600K in the 13th generation Raptor Lake-S processor line, which is a 14-core 20-thread processor. The motherboard features native USB3.2 Gen2 and USB3.2 Gen1, Hyper M.2, RAID, SATA6G, and other functions that are complete and provide excellent performance. The overall hardware and functions of the motherboard can meet the needs of most players. Additionally, BIOSTAR continues to improve the product functions and upgrade the overall materials to enhance the VIVID LED DJ, Dragon RTL8125BG 2.5Gbps network chip, M.2 heat sink, PCIe alloy slot, 5K solid capacitor material design, and other hardware and software technologies to improve the user experience. This motherboard provides a comprehensive solution for entry-level players, offering a functional design, reasonable price, and high-quality user experience. With its sufficient expansion capacity and high material level, it is one of the best choices for users to build a full-featured e-sports host. Those planning to upgrade to the Raptor Lake-S processor platform in the near future should consider this motherboard.

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Title: The BIOSTAR B760M-SILVER meets the installation requirements of the latest generation. It is a dependable and sturdy backbone for your system