SilverStone – FARA 511Z unpacking / two-way graphics card slots, chain washing double lights, front 360 water cooling installation space

SilverStone FARA 511Z uses a simple mesh-shaped panel with three-dimensional ARGB lighting effects. Three ARGB 120mm are pre-installed on the front. The direct-type strong airflow cools the computer. The front supports 360mm water-cooling radiators. The RGB lighting effect is not dazzling, and the rear adopts a two-way graphics card installation design. It can definitely become a case that can meet the heat dissipation and lighting effects of today’s e-sports gamers.

Material: steel plate, plastic, tempered glass
Motherboard: ATX (12\” x 11\”), Micro-ATX (9.6\” x 9.6\”), Mini-ITX (6.7\” x 6.7\”)
Disk shelf: 3.5\” / 2.5\” x 1, 3.5\” x 1, 2.5\” x 2
Cooling System: Front 120mm x 3 / 140mm x 2 (120mm x 3 ARGB fans pre-installed), Back: 120mm x 1, Top: 120mm x 2 / 140mm x 2
Radiator height limit: 162mm
Expansion Slots: 7
Video card length limit: 360mm
Power supply: ATX
Depth limitation of power supply: hard disk bracket placed in the front: 190mm; hard disk bracket placed in the rear: 160mm
Front I/O: USB 3.0 x 2, Audio x 1, Microphone x 1
Dimensions: 210mm (W) x 483.2mm (H) x 422.3mm (D), 42.85L
Net weight: 6.93 kg

Chain washing double lights light up the overall texture!

Last time I brought you the FARA 512Z chassis, which left a deep impression on the players by supporting the vertical installation of graphics cards and excellent air intake efficiency. This time, the FARA 511Z casing was screened at the same venue, and everyone could probably guess what was going on from the product name. FARA 511Z is only about 1 liter smaller than FARA 512Z in terms of product size. The biggest difference is that the RGB lighting on the front panel of FARA 512Z sits on the top, while this time, FARA 511Z is made of double light strips on the two sides. The overall steel body is used, which greatly improves the overall sturdiness of the case.

FARA 511Z outer box.

The size of FARA 511Z is 210 x 483.2 x 422.3mm, 42.85 liters. The casing adopts a low-key exterior design, and the overall color scheme is all black, which looks very simple and visually powerful. The front panel has a full-area mesh design, which provides sufficient air intake. Three ARGB 120mm are pre-installed in the front. The direct-flow strong airflow can provide good heat dissipation for the computer. The metal LOGO sits on the front panel this time. The bottom has both textures and will not take away the overall style of the case.

FARA 511Z.
Mesh panel, SilverStone LOGO.

The glass on the left side of the case is made of blackened tempered glass. Still, this time the glass is not as black as the previous blackened glass, and the hardware structure of FARA 511Z can be vaguely seen when there is no light inside. ; while on the right side of the casing, the same non-transparent steel plate is used. It is also very easy to open the panel. FARA 511Z adopts a tool-free thumb screw design. To replace the hardware, you only need to turn the screw and pull the glass backward to open it.

Slightly blackened tempered glass.
No see-through steel plate.

There is also a large area of ​​heat dissipation holes on the top of the case, and it comes with the current mainstream magnetic suction dust filter, which can effectively block air dust and dirt. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to clean the inside of the case and the fan; Next is the bottom of the case. There is also a dust-proof filter in the intake area of ​​the power supply. Still, this piece is non-magnetic to prevent players from accidentally removing the filter when moving the computer.

On the right side, you can also see the installation position of the composite hard disk rack. You can adjust the left, right, and depth according to your preferences. There are additional rubber pads on the screws, and the position can be adjusted by loosening it slightly. The choice is to install on the left side to leave more space for the power supply, to install on the right side to leave space for us to install the front water cooling radiator, or to remove the whole thing to leave more space for the whole line for the player, you can do it according to your own situation choose.

The dust filter on the top of the case.
Support 240/280 radiator.
Power supply dust filter, hard disk bay lock hole.

The upper right space behind the case can be installed with 120mm fans and water-cooling radiators. There are 7 PCIe slots in the middle, and the baffles can be reused. The bottom is the installation space for ATX-size power supplies. What’s more special this time is that the PCIe expansion slot adopts a modular design, which allows the graphics card to be installed upright, but the extension cable needs to be purchased separately.

At the rear of the housing.
Horizontal expansion slot.
The expansion slot can also be upright. No need to buy another adapter frame.

SilverStone FARA 511Z sets the I/O interface on the top of the case. From left to right, it provides the power button, hard disk, power indicator, restart button, LED control button, two USB 3.0 ports, microphone jack, and earphone jack. But unlike the FARA 512Z, the FARA 511Z does not come with standard USB-C.

FARA 511Z top I/O.

As mentioned earlier, FARA 511Z has prepaid three 120mm ARGB fans, and you only need to remove the front panel to see it. It is also very easy to remove the front panel. There is a groove at the bottom of the case, and you can pull it out to open it. However, be careful that the front dual-style lighting RGB lines are connected to the front panel, so the front panel cannot be completely removed, and the front panel uses a fixed dust filter, which cannot be disassembled cleaned separately.

Three 120mm ARGB fans.
Be careful not to catch the thread!

Installation space

The FARA 511Z is a classic mid-tower chassis with upper and lower compartments. Supports the largest ATX size motherboard installation, 360mm graphics card space, 162mm CPU heat dissipation height limit, 4 storage space configurations, 190mm length power supply installation, the final heat dissipation supports front 360mm; top 280mm; back 120 mm water cooling radiator specifications.

On the front of the case, we can see the main board installation space, and there is a wire-shielding baffle on the right side, which is convenient for players to complete the wire and make the wire more beautiful. You can also see the simple graphics card with the case on the baffle. There are 6 keyholes on the support frame to allow players to change the position of the graphics card. In this era where graphics cards are getting bigger and heavier, cases with support brackets are the trend of the times!

The internal structure of the case.
There is an opening above the sub-chamber for easy wiring.

Open the backspace, and you can see the fan hub, which can be connected to four sets of ARGB fans, and don’t forget to plug in the SATA power supply at the end, and you can see the installation tray of the 2.5-inch hard disk on the right side of the hub.

Clearance on the back of the enclosure.
Hubs, SSD hard drive brackets.
Composite hard disk rack, power supply installation space.

Actual installation

This installation configuration uses i9-11900K, ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO, Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO RGB Liquid, and 3070 Ti Founding Edition for installation and display. In fact, there is not much to pay attention to when installing SilverStone FARA 511Z. The 3 original fans are attached to the front of the case so ordinary players can choose a down-blown radiator for CPU cooling. However, if you are a player who requires heat dissipation, FARA 511Z also supports the installation of mainstream 280mm top and front 360mm water cooling, which is a great boon for players who need dual water cooling. A sufficient height is provided to avoid conflicts with the motherboard installation and the memory cooling armor.

Installation demo.

FARA 511Z supports a graphics card length of 360mm. If the player wants to install a front water cooling, the case has a hole in the sub-compartment to reserve the front to the water cooling installation slot. However, suppose the player installs the water cooling inside, in addition to the cover, and removes the cover and installs it. In that case, it will also eat up the installation space of the graphics card, so it is not suitable for installing a graphics card above 300mm. The design of the graphics card support frame provided by the case depends more on the size and length of the graphics card itself. For example, the length of the founding edition 3070 Ti is 267 mm, and the graphics card bracket cannot be used. It is mainly recommended for graphics cards above 280mm.

Although FARA 511Z has HDD written on the back of the 2.5-inch SSD, there is no way for the editor to actually install it, mainly because the thickness is not enough to cover the side panel. Later, the official website did not support HDD installation, which is worthy of players’ attention and SilverStone’s improvement to avoid misleading.

SDD installation.
Installed with a cover on the top floor.

The editor recommends removing the cover if the player cannot use the graphics card bracket during installation. The reason is that the 24PIN power cord is usually very thick and hard to be concave. For example, the power cord of the NZXT C750 used in this demonstration is very The limit requires a little effort to put the mask back on.

Pay attention to the thickness of the 24PIN wire.
The blackened glass can balance the glare of RGB and make the overall vision more perfect.
The front panel lighting is switched.


FARA 511Z is a straight-in heat dissipation design. The mesh front panel and double-chain design are matched with three 120mm ARGB fans so that players can have enough cooling fans and RGB lighting effects without additional modifications during DIY assembly, giving players visual It is also recommended that players install a fan at the rear. To ensure smooth airflow inside the case. In the case where the water-cooling heat dissipation position is pre-installed in the front, it is recommended to install it on the top of the case so that the direct airflow can be maintained to improve the heat dissipation performance of the graphics card.

Assembling the FARA 511Z is very easy to assemble. The matching cover and graphics card support frame are also perfect for many people to find reasons for not aligning the line and reducing the burden on the PCIe slot of the motherboard. At the same time, vertical/horizontal two-way PCIe expansion slots are available. It can also meet the needs of players who want to show off their graphics cards.

SilverStone FARA 511Z is priced at $1799 in Taiwan. It is suitable for both air-cooled and water-cooled installations. The difference between FARA 511Z and FARA 512Z has also been mentioned in the previous editor. The choice depends on the needs of players, but no matter what, these two coffees of them have ultra-affordable prices and are equipped with three 120mm fans and graphics card brackets as standard, which can be said to be quite a heat-dissipating mid-tower case.

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Title: SilverStone – FARA 511Z unpacking / two-way graphics card slots, chain washing double lights, front 360 water cooling installation space