Revolutionizing the gaming chair concept, mesh chairs can be equally competitive! Introducing the ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair

ROG Destrier Ergo.

When discussing ROG gaming chairs, gamers are likely well-acquainted with the ROG CHARIOT gaming chair, codenamed SL300C, featuring RGB lighting. Its distinctive barrel design and fashionable RGB lights make it stand out among numerous gaming chairs. The recently introduced ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair, codenamed SL400, takes a fresh look at gamers’ chair requirements and creates a novel gaming chair inspired by mesh chairs.

Weight: 24.65 KG
Load: 150 KG
Armrest type: 3D and 360 full rotation
Armrest adjustment: vertical 14cm, front and rear 5cm
Waist adjustment: vertical 7cm, depth 1cm
Headrest adjustment frame: vertical 12cm, depth 6cm
Tilt range: 90- 135 degrees, 4-stage locking
Base: 5-star aluminum alloy base
Wheels: 75mm PU Casters
Air pressure rod: Class 4

Comfortable combat, gaming aesthetics

Gaming chairs initially borrowed their concept from racing bucket seats to provide gamers and live streamers with stylish seating options. Over the past few years, gaming chairs have evolved from simple bucket-shaped designs to forms better suited for everyday use. Flatter seat bases and chair backs have improved comfort, but as peripheral manufacturers started introducing ergonomic chairs, gamers valuing comfort and experience have increasingly favored ergonomic mesh chairs.

ASUS’s latest release, the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair, is based on a mesh chair design. It features adjustable seat cushions, a four-segment reclining backrest, adjustable headrests, and 3D armrests. It is equipped with PU caster wheels, a metal five-star chair base, a four-level gas lift, and an exclusive noise reduction screen. These features allow gamers to enjoy optimal comfort while staying focused on each battle.

ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair oversized outer box.
ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair assembled appearance list.

As this isn’t a brand-new unboxing, gamers can refer to the official unboxing video for guidance on the assembly process. It’s important to note that the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair has a metal frame, making it quite heavy. If you’re assembling it yourself, you can follow the video’s suggestion to place the chair pad upside down on the box, attach the backrest and armrests, and then connect it to the base after assembly. This approach should make installation easier.

The first step is to change the sinking air pressure bar, and the four-stage adjustable chair back

ROG Destrier Ergo.

Beginning with the base, the chair features a metal five-star base with an internal structural reinforcement design. This stable and robust base offers excellent support for the entire chair. Additionally, the base is equipped with 75mm large-sized PU caster wheels, which are more wear-resistant and less likely to cause floor damage.

Metal 5 star claws.
On closer inspection of the metal five-star base, you’ll notice horizontal supports within each claw, adding to the chair’s overall stability and strength.
75mm PU wheels, the installation method can be directly pushed in.

The gas lift component features a Class 4 gas lift, considered the standard for mid-priced gaming chairs and ergonomic mesh chairs. Once installed, it becomes apparent that the gas lift uses a recessed installation design. After assembly, the seat’s minimum height is measured at 46cm, and the maximum height is 55cm, accommodating the needs of a broad range of gamers.

4-stage air bar.
The image on the left demonstrates the fully compressed state of the gas lift, with the seat height from the ground being approximately 46 cm.

The connection between the chair cushion’s bottom and the gas lift features a unique multi-link structure, allowing the backrest to tilt without the seat cushion tilting backward. A protective plate is provided for installation at the base, preventing objects from interfering with the structure. The tilting mechanism offers an adjustable range of 90 to 135 degrees, with four fixed gear stages. To prevent excessive rebound force upon unlocking, you must press down firmly until a distinct sound is heard; only then will the seat back return to the unlocked state.

The bottom tray and seat cushion are designed as a single unit, eliminating the need for additional assembly.
A protective cover can be installed at the bottom of the seat cushion to safeguard against large objects getting caught in the base structure, ensuring both safety and durability.
Schematic diagram of the 4-section fixed tilting of the seat back.

Moreover, spring mechanisms are present on both sides at the bottom. When the seat cushion is pushed forward, it automatically retracts. There is approximately 5 cm of adjustment space in the front and rear, and adjustment levers can be found on both sides of the chair. The design incorporates embroidered woven straps, making the pull-up adjustment both convenient and user-friendly.

On the left side, there are two adjustment belts: TILT and DEPTH. TILT is for adjusting the backrest angle; pulling it up engages the fixed gear, while pushing it down unlocks the gear. DEPTH is for adjusting the seat cushion’s position front-to-back, with its initial position set towards the rear.
There is an adjustment belt level and a knob on the right side. HEIGHT can adjust the expansion and contraction of the air rod, and the knob is used to adjust the elasticity of the seat back.
The illustration shows the front-to-back adjustment range of the seat cushion, with the top part representing the initial rear position and the bottom part indicating the furthest forward position of the seat cushion.

Mixed material mesh, metal frame, adjustable lumbar support

Next, let’s examine a crucial aspect of the mesh chair – the mesh surface. The seat cushion and backrest of the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair are made of a mixed-material woven mesh, which includes cotton to provide a more comfortable touch. However, it’s noticeable that different mesh surfaces are used for the seat cushion and backrest. The seat cushion is made with more cotton material, ensuring that players who prefer wearing shorts or playing without a shirt won’t experience an uncomfortable plastic feel when seated.

The seat width is about 53cm, and the depth is about 50cm.
The close-up of the chair cushion’s mesh surface reveals a combination of thin nylon and cotton threads intricately woven together, creating a comfortable and supportive seat.
The front of the chair has high-density foam for extra support.

The backrest, also made from mixed materials, features a relatively lower density of cotton threads. This design ensures a comfortable feel while also prioritizing ventilation, preventing the back from feeling stuffy during extended periods of sitting.

The chair incorporates a design that tapers from top to bottom, with the top measuring approximately 33cm and the waist around 47cm, ensuring both support and comfort for the user.
A close-up of the chair’s backrest mesh surface reveals a mixed weave design with a lower proportion of cotton threads than the seat cushion’s woven mesh. This design offers adequate ventilation and comfort for extended sitting periods.

The back of the ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair employs an X-shaped metal frame as the core, connecting it to the base, while a plastic frame supports the surrounding mesh surface. The center of the frame features an adjustable lumbar support, providing a vertical adjustment space of 7cm and a depth of 1cm, allowing users to customize the support provided to the lower back according to their needs.

Metal X-shaped bracket on the back of the chair back.
The triangular lumbar support can be seen through the net part from the front.
Adjustable lumbar support.
When riding, put both hands behind the net to adjust the lumbar support.

3D armrests, rotation, height, front and rear adjustment

When it comes to gaming chairs, armrests are a crucial aspect, providing support for the arms during normal sitting and appropriate support when gaming or lying down. The armrests of the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair are exceptional, despite using 3D armrests rather than 4D. The armrest’s support surface can rotate 360 degrees, providing the necessary back support for playing mobile games and handhelds after rotating 180 degrees.
360 swivel armrest top with 7 fixing points.
The armrest’s front-to-back support can be adjusted in six stages, with the additional 180-degree rotation allowing for a total of 12 adjustment positions.
The height of the armrest can be adjusted in 9 steps.
The armrest’s back provides appropriate elbow support when playing mobile games or handheld devices, ensuring users can enjoy extended gaming sessions without discomfort.

The adjustable headrest and the giant soundproof screen

ROG Destrier Ergo.

Being a mesh chair, the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair features an adjustable headrest, with a 12cm vertical adjustment range and a 6cm adjustment range through two rotating shafts at the front and back. The headrest is filled with high-density foam and covered with bright red ROG fearless eyes, adding a visually striking element while also providing excellent neck support when seated.

List of the appearance of the headrest.
The adjustment chute for the headrest’s vertical movement and the two rotating shafts on the bracket can be found at the back of the headrest.
The ROG Logo woven strap on the backrest can be utilized for hanging small items like coats and hats.

Lastly, a large mask is situated behind the headrest. On racing bucket chairs, this mask is primarily used to prevent the head from violently shaking during accidents. However, on the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair, it functions as a sound insulation screen. The design offers two levels of adjustment, allowing users to customize the appropriate height. However, in our testing, while it successfully prevents direct fan blowing on the back and wind staying in the ears, the isolation effect on environmental sounds is not significant. Despite this, it still adds a stylish and handsome touch to the chair. What do you think?

Appearance of the soundproof enclosure.
The back of the soundproof cover features the ROG fearless eye logo. However, riders should be careful not to bump into objects as it may leave slip marks on the bright logo.
The soundproof cover has 2 sections of height adjustable.


ROG Destrier Ergo.

ASUS has taken a bold step in breaking the traditional framework of gaming chairs with the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair. Rather than adhering to the standard design of a racing bucket chair with a leather frame, they have returned to the original concept of a computer chair and added new functions and designs to meet the needs of players, providing a fresh perspective on gaming chairs.

In terms of comfort, the use of a mesh chair as the base and the mixed material mesh for support and touch is a smart move. However, the durability of the fabric will require further verification. The 3D armrest is impressive, but the soundproof cover, while visually appealing, does not significantly improve the chair’s functionality.

Overall, the ROG Destrier Ergo gaming chair is a unique and excellent product, but its price point of 24,900 yuan is high. If ASUS can continue to innovate and improve the design, it may be worth the investment.

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Title: Revolutionizing the gaming chair concept, mesh chairs can be equally competitive! Introducing the ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair