How to get to $4,000/month earning on your blogger website with a Real Timeline in Google SEO

Removing the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

One of the hardest things for bloggers is the fear of uncertainty and doubt in this line of business.

Really like any business, there’s no guarantee of success or even an idea of how long it will take to succeed in most cases.

So today, I want to take away some of that fear, uncertainty and doubt by walking you through a timeline of the work you need to do as a blogger and just how long it will take to start getting results.

These numbers are based on averages. We have built dozens of blogs ourselves and worked with thousands of bloggers. We’ve done some studies through polls, and we have an excellent idea of how long it’s taking people on average as long as they’re putting in the work.

The first 6 months and front-loading content

In the first six months as a new blogger, it’s essential to front-load your content. You got to get as much content on your site as possible.

The reason is for a new website, it usually takes about eight months on average for content to reach the level of traffic where it’s going to start to taper off, where it’s going to start not to taper off but to level off, I should say and so if it’s going to take eight months the sooner, the better right.

I typically want to see you write about 30 articles on your site in the first two months.

By the end of six months, 60 pieces of content and 60 blog posts on your website is a reasonable goal. It’s what will help you achieve the results I will talk about throughout the rest of this timeline. You can expect nothing at the six-month mark in terms of traffic and income.

Traffic at this point, you might see a number like 150 page views a month. Some of that’s going to be bot traffic. I mean, it’s just very little it’s starting to trickle in at this point and earnings, if you’ve had a five-dollar month, that’s great. That’s precisely where you should be at this point.

If you haven’t quite hit five dollars, um, that’s okay as well. Uh, it’s probably coming very soon again as long as you’re keeping up with the timeline and doing pretty good search analysis, meaning you’re identifying good topics to write about, and you’re writing good unique, helpful content, all the things we talk about.

6-12 months and outsourcing

Over the six months on your website, you’ll keep producing content, although maybe not quite at the same pace.

By the end of the year, I’d love to see you have 100 to 120 articles on your website. Now, after that first six-month mark, if you want to start getting help and outsource some of that content, that’s totally okay.

I don’t want you doing it before that point, okay!! Make that promise to yourself that you’re gonna learn how to write good content first, and then once you appreciate the work it takes to do it and know what good content takes and what it looks like, outsourcing starts to become okay.

At the 12-month mark, if you’ve done exactly what I just told you, you may still only see five thousand to ten thousand page views per month on your blog. The reason for this is, again, only the very first content on your website has really hit the level where it would achieve the hockey stick-shaped growth where it goes from a very, very slow trickle in traffic to whom suddenly it’s getting about where it’s going to get to and because it’s the very first content on your site a smaller percentage of those articles are going to win than the content that you wrote in 2 months which is not going to be as good as the content you wrote in month three it’s going to get better as you go and as you learn more things it’s just what’s going to happen.

So you’re not going to have massive traffic at this point, and because of that, 110 to 220 in earnings is totally reasonable to expect. Those numbers are based on a 22-dollar EPMP. Its earnings per thousand page views are typical to see revenues from ads in the range of 10 to 20 dollars per thousand page views. Add on to that affiliate income usually from amazon at this level, um, is again maybe 10 to 20, so it’s normal to see a 20 to 30 range for most blogs again at this level. The next six months are when things get fun and interesting.

12-18 months and Battleshipping

Every time new content hits about a year old, we like to take that batch of content, those first 30 articles you wrote in the first two months and then we want to do our battleship method on that. Basically, you’re going to analyse the content and see how well it performed. You’ll see which articles did well, which will help you know what to write next. It will help you see the formatting of your blog post and style the topics you chose. You’re just going to know so much more, and the new content you’re writing in this next six-month period will be even better because now you know what’s working.

It’s also going to help you know which articles you can revamp and improve, so at this point, our pace for new content is really slowing down. Once you hit that year mark, you may never write another recent article again, except for maybe replacing a piece that you just decided this one failed entirely. I’m gonna write a new article and just keep a solid hundred good articles on my website at a time, or you may say I still need to add new content. My niche requires that I stay fresh, so I’m going to write at least a blog post every week or so.

Doing that’s gonna be fine because you’re going to be spending time also doing the battleship method every single month and on the content that’s hit a year and just tweaking and improving that content again as the battleship method you to do.

Once you hit that 18-month mark, you will be expected to see more like 30000 to 50000 page views per month on your website. Again that’s because, at this point, you have 18 months to have at least 60 articles, right that are over a year old 60 articles.

If each average about 500 page view a month, that’s 30000 page views. Add to that, all the content you wrote after that may not be at the highest level of traffic. It will get to, but getting 50000 page views a month is a reasonable expectation.

If you did an excellent job with that traffic, earnings of $1800 to $2000 a month are regular and good.

Now you may say that 22 EPMP doesn’t get me there tricky I can do the math. That’s true. But here’s what happens as your site grows and as you’ve had ads on your site for longer, the ads will become more and more optimized for your audience. Your site is probably going to become more and more valuable to advertisers. They’re going to be willing to pay more to get their ads on your website.

So you’re going to see your RPM is”Revenue Per Thousand Page Views” is going to start to go up a little bit on your ads. You’re also going to find more that you’re eligible for more affiliate programs, not just amazon, and you’re going to be able to find better-paying affiliate opportunities. You will be able to start working toward new monetisation methods, including but not limited to info products.

We love info products. Basically, you’re going to take information stuff that you would maybe even usually put in blog posts. Still, you’re going to package it up in a very, very helpful way, it’s going to make it way more valuable than just what you can put on your blog, and you’re going to be able to sell that information.

Those do very, very well, and they allow you to take your EPMP from the 20 to 30 dollar range that we talked about to the coverage that will be required to hit the numbers, I just said, which is more like 30 to 60 dollars. We see sites go well over a hundred dollar EPMP when they start selling info products, so don’t shy away from that if that’s something you are interested in doing.

18-24 months and optimizing

Now over the next six months, you’re going to start spending a little bit less time on new content again, maybe an article a week.

Those articles will be excellent; they will be very focused because you’ll have way more knowledge about your industry and what’s working on your blog versus what’s not.

You’re going to continue battle shipping every month, but I also want you to start looking at other optimizations.

The one I really want to highlight here is interlinking. Interlinking can be very, very valuable. Basically, it’s where you take an article on your website. You just link to another article on your website, frequently in any given blog post, especially once you have 100 or 200 blog posts on your site. There will be a few other articles on your site that make sense for this reader to want to go read. Interlinking between them can be very, very valuable. But when you have 200 posts on your website, that can be a pain.

So I want to mention a tool that we just started using, which is pretty cool. It’s called link whisper. That’s all I’ll say about it. If you decide to use or don’t, it is an affiliate link, but interlinking is an excellent strategy.

With that level of work that you’ve put into it at 24 months, it’s very typical to see more like a hundred thousand page views per month or more from the amount of content we talked about here. A hundred thousand page views earning four thousand dollars per month or more is also very feasible.

I mean, that’s a forty-dollar EPMP well inside that thirty to sixty dollar range, not even anywhere near the top of it, it’s a pretty solid and reasonably conservative estimate, but you can speed up that timeline.

Speed up the timeline and improve the numbers

You can increase the numbers in that timeline. Here is how you do it.

The first way is more content, I mentioned outsourcing once you hit about that six-month mark if you have the funds to be able to do that, and you can find writers, whether it’s through a service or whether you find writers that are specific to your niche because it’s something maybe a little bit more requires a little bit more industry knowledge to be able to write about.

Either way, you will be able to scale up the amount of content you can add to your site. Instead of 200 articles in two years, you end up with maybe more like 400 articles in two years, and by doing that, you speed this whole thing up and instead of four thousand dollars a month, you’re earning more like eight thousand dollars a month at the end of this and totally feasible to do.

The following way to improve this or speed it up is through answer targets. Basically, these are their specific answers to specific questions that we write and format in a way that google can easily pick them up and use them as rich snippets that appear at the very top of the search results page. So you get to skip the line, you don’t have to work your way up the rankings, you don’t have to try to rank just below that and be the next one down, you get the precise spot, and you get it much more quickly we found than waiting for the rest of your content to rank organically.

The following way to speed things up is by doing standard industry outreach.

Now, I’m not talking about spam emailing hundreds of other bloggers and trying to get um to write guest posts on their blogs and all that stuff so you can get a backlink. That’s a fruitless activity, especially for a relatively new blogger. But there are a couple things you can do.

One is taking advantage of social media. I am not talking about creating your own Facebook page or your own Facebook group. You have to build that up from zero as well. It’s just as much work as creating a new blog and getting traffic. No!!!!

I’m talking about going to existing groups, going on forums or going on Facebook to use a name that lets people know who you are so that if they saw your blog or were to just search for you, they would find your blog and then go answer questions. It is crazy to spend half an hour a day just in Facebook groups and forums, participating in discussions and answering questions in some groups.

It’s totally normal if somebody asks a question for you to be able to reply and say here’s my short answer, but I actually have a whole write-up on this on my blog and here’s a link. Some groups are going to totally frown on any kind of linking to your own properties, but other groups are going to find that very, very helpful. It’s a great way to get your content in front of people more quickly, and sending early traffic over to your site sends positive signals to google, which helps it rank organically much soon too.

Along those same lines, see if you can get yourself interviewed on someone’s podcast. That might feel intimidating if you’re not used to liking talking about the subject matter of your blog, but if it is something that you know reasonably well, it’s something that you could do now.

I’m not saying to try to get on like Joe Rogan or some like the huge podcast, where you’re just going to get loads and loads of people listening. It’s probably not something you’ll be able to do, especially with a relatively new blog.

However, there are a lot of podcasts in every industry with a smaller to medium-sized following that is always looking for good people to interview and when you reach out and say, hey, I got you to know I got a great topic. I’d love to talk about here with you on your podcast here, who I am here, and what I have to offer.

Make it about them, what you can do for them, and what their audience will get out of it. You’re going to have a much easier chance of getting interviewed on a podcast well that’s going to give you a link to your website in their show notes, it’s going to provide you with some industry recognition, it’s going to get people to your site, it’s going to speed up this whole process anything that you can do along the way to help improve your writing more quickly to help create more content and more quickly.

It’s all going to help you and all the skills you need to achieve this timeline and share this article with your friends on social media, getting more people to understand the timeline in Google SEO.

Title: How to get to $4,000/month earning on your blogger website with a Real Timeline in Google SEO