How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2022? It Changed Again!

How Much Do Blogs Earn?

If I write 10 blog posts, I know it’s not a lot, but what do I get out of 10 blog posts?

With this, you’ve earned yourself, oh, what a cool Luke Skywalker LEGO figure.

I’ve added 40 more posts for a total of 50, I think it’s worth a little more, can I make it perfect? You can buy the rest like I said awesome.

I’ve worked harder than I did before I wrote a hundred articles.

You can buy a new 75-inch Samsung UHD TV every month, are you serious? Yes gosh, there is a tv every month or if you don’t want that many tvs I do have another idea for you, and another option you have is that you can if you invest it like an index fund Get up and leave it every month and you’ll be a millionaire in about six years and that sounds much better than buying a new TV every month yeah it’s like 72 TVs and that’s a lot, I’ve been writing like crazy I haven’t been to any family activities I’ve done nothing but typing I’ve written 500 blog posts.

let me show you something ok hey here you see this house yeah it’s really good yeah it looks like the income from your blog covers all the monthly expenses of owning this house, are you kidding me, no, I really am not.

Earnings for 10 Posts

Well, Luke is safe back in his X-Wing, we love having a good time here, I don’t think there’s anything more interesting than stats and numbers, seriously.

This is a really cool study we did that we did a year ago and now we’re doing a follow-up to see again what has changed over the last year 10 posts 100 posts or 500 posts in their on the website. Today we updated the research and brought you some cool new data that I’m excited to share with you.

Let’s dig into it, let’s start with the situation where you only have 10 blog posts on the site, with so much content, you really risk getting nothing and entering an underperforming category with zero page views turning into zero dollars.

The average here is now about 5472 pageviews and there are only 10 articles, which is almost exactly what we expected to get at least 500 pageviews for every article we write. However, when we looked at the data, we found that this number was achieved by a small group of sites that were doing a better job. We were seeing about 10,000 monthly pageviews for the site, which is great, it’s our own Internal target, we set about 1000 pageviews per article for our website.

then on the low end obviously translates well into revenue, if you don’t have the traffic you’re going to get nothing, but if you’re able to achieve about 5,000 almost 5,500 pages per month.

So what we’re looking at is the average EPMP revenue per thousand or million page views and that’s just the metric we use, it’s just the dollar earned divided by the page views on the site multiplied by a thousand.

This is done to level the playing field and we can see all forms of revenue related to page views and we see an EPMP of about $14 and 60 cents which is below average right now but considering there are only ten articles I am very impressed with what you have achieved What we’re looking at right now is about $80 per month, if you do fall on the stretched end of that spectrum you’ll see an average of close to 20 EPMP per month and about $200 not bad I Wrote 10 blog posts

However, again I find that there isn’t enough content on most sites for it to start performing well unless one or two of your articles fall on a low enough competition topic that happens to have high enough search volume that you’re not really going to Saw these results, but hey, if you nailed all 10, that would be awesome.

Earnings for 50 Posts

So what happens if we add 50 articles to our site, that’s a pretty achievable number for almost anyone, in fact, I recommend doing search analytics in most cases, don’t slow down content creation to focus on other aspects of your site until you hit those 50 post numbers.

Here we see a lot fewer underperforming sites but we do see some underperforming sites that only get to about a thousand pages per month most sites are close to the middle and in this case, About 22 400 page views per month are very close to our goal and the figure we saw in project ABC of about 500 page views per post and our scaling goal of the course is about 50,000 page views One thousand per article.

so what does this translate into income well on the underperformed side we’re seeing epmp numbers that are really low only four dollars or less typically per thousand page views and so that’s translating to an earnings of well about four dollars a month if you only have a thousand page views but for those in the middle those that are just doing average we’re seeing epmps of about 19 which lines up with what we saw for those stretch achievers with only 10 articles and that’s translating to an income of about 430 per month

Honestly, it’s more than enough to buy a good set of LEGOs for about $35 which is pretty amazing and we see an average monthly income of about $1760 with only 50 articles but that’s a stretch so let’s move on, for now, See what happens when we write 100 articles on a website.

Caveats for this Study

Before we dive into the numbers, I need to make a few caveats about the whole study. How much money you make on your website per article you write depends on many factors, the biggest one is probably your niche within certain niches. The traffic that we get is generally easy to monetize. This is very valuable traffic, but also very, very important, if we choose really good topics for the content we write, how good are you in terms of search analytics, we will Be able to drive more traffic and get better monetization the more traffic we have the better our monetization can be optimized as well we’ll see here in a second then search analytics next to yours How good the job is to write unique and truly valuable and useful content that performs well on a level of competition that is somewhat independent of Google.

Earnings for 100 Posts

So now there are a hundred articles on your site, what do we see.

Well, we’re seeing traffic levels in the low end of about 20k pageviews per month, which is a big improvement from the low end of 1000/month we’ve seen in 50 articles, and the average is Say, this is what you guys are just starting to blow my mind, I’m happy with what you’ve achieved, you average over 70,000 monthly page views, and a hundred articles surpass our ranking of 500 metrics citations, it blows my mind that you’re getting better at search analytics and you’re getting better at writing, which I think is awesome, the stretch goal is about a hundred thousand page views per month, in this study, we have people from all over the world. One of the things I want to highlight here about a hundred articles is that 100 articles drop to less than 2 a week for a year and then you’re done, you’ve written 100 on a site that you don’t have Articles are now doing this every month every year. At this point, what we need to do is keep the site up and running. Keeping the content up to date is a lot easier than making new content. This site can continue to make money fairly passively. We will be in the future. The kind of income that’s been talked about for a few years and that’s what I like the most about this business model.

So now it’s finally getting into the low end, and if you’re underperforming, we’re starting to see EPMP numbers of $19 to $20, even on sites that are underperforming, but for sites that hit the expected traffic level of about 70,000, we’re seeing EPMP is close to 33. For those who are just reaching average traffic levels, that’s a big number.

What does that translate into about $2,350 in revenue, ranging from about $490 to about $7,100 per month from zero to about $3,000, with an average of about $400.

The high end is where we start to get really excited considering that you basically write two articles a week for a year, which averages about $4,100 a month.

Earnings for 500 Posts

So now, what happens if we go a step further and just blow up the content and put 500 articles on the same site, we’re going to see some interesting numbers, I have an explanation or at least a theory.

On the underperforming side, we’re seeing a site that’s maybe more like 80,000 page views per month, which is not five times the number we’re seeing underperforming at 100 articles, it’s starting to taper off, We’re seeing the same thing on average instead of getting more like 250,000 paid views per month, we’re only going to get about 200,000 and stretch goals instead of 500,000, we’re going to set it to be more like 400,000, I think the main reason for this is that when we’re over about 100 or 200 articles on a site, we start writing articles that actually take traffic away from some of our other content, and you’ll see we have a couple of choice, we can expand our niche because we’ve really covered the topic, or we can continue to write more and more articles to fill those small gaps, the problem is that our articles may already be in addition to the main search query Rank us for many of the search queries outside of the US as they may not rank first, but they still appear on the first page of Google, so you’ll get some traffic for that but when we write a new article on that smaller topic article, it might be number one, which is great, but it takes away traffic from another article, so now we have more traffic than before, but because we lose a little bit on another article, overall The benefit is just a little less and you multiply it by a hundred times and you see the benefit of every additional article start to drop and we’re seeing the same thing with epmp and the other thing I think is happening is that a lot of Sites with so much content at this point are outsourced content, and if the quality of the content is likely to degrade at least a little bit, that’s probably okay, because as long as you can put in the work to monetize it properly, the return on investment could be worth it. There, so now let’s talk about earnings at this level, we’re 80,000 page views per month and not doing well with that much traffic.

We see a good EPMP of 32.35 which is stable, but we see a drop in average EPMP for those with more traffic for those who have about 200,000 page views per month.

We saw EPMP drop to around 17 cents and 80 cents so what does that mean in earnings.

Well, we’re seeing these sites underperforming, about $2300 to $2700 a month, about $2590 on average, but within the expected traffic range, despite a lot more traffic, we’re seeing revenue Ranging from about $900 to about $5800, with an average of about $3560, at which point you get more traffic, but not as much money, and in fact, on average, no more than those who only wrote 100 articles How many, there are sites that don’t do the things I just talked about, they’ve managed to grow and they’ve managed to grow very successfully without cannibalizing their content.

They managed to do that and their monetization didn’t take a hit These sites we still see very high epmps which results in their site making around $12000 to $16000 per month The lesson here is that content is the most important thing, but sometimes we do need to focus on optimizing content for monetization and continuing to chase more and more traffic isn’t necessarily a good fit for a big revenue boost.

Optimizing for Earnings

I’d like to share with you some other really cool numbers and trends that I found in this research. The first is that the EPMP numbers we found are comprehensive, you know the project ABC members, all of you are watching our youtube channel, everyone in this study

We found the EPMP continued to go up and up until you hit an average between the 100 to 200 article range, we saw the EPMP drop, some sites were well above the 500 article range, and we saw their EPMP continue to drop further down to around 17.45, for those of you who have 100 articles on their site, their EPMP averages $40 and 73 cents per thousand page views, which is awesome, so congratulations, now because I actually did two The same questions were surveyed, but one for Project ABC members and one for our other audiences with more page views than those who were not Project ABC members. We also found that for those sites with around 100 articles, the optimal amount of content on the site for EPMP.

We found 47 more visits per blog post across the project’s 24 sites, so it boils down to if you put 100 posts on one site.

If you are a member of project ABC, you will earn on average 50+ points more from the site than someone with 100 articles who is not on project ABC.

If we just use the average, you’ll earn an extra $772 per month because of what you learned in Project ABC. Frankly, this works great for me. Website themes choose the theme for what you want to write, write great content, and then monetize the traffic to the website to learn more about the system and the process, whether you are ” Whether to repurchase item ABC.

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Title: How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2022? It Changed Again!