Discover the trio of fresh hues! Unboxing the iRocks K74R Wireless Mechanical Keyboard in Island Blue, White Amethyst, and Midsummer Black

I possess the iRocks K74R mechanical keyboard that is enhanced with captivating RGB colors and equipped with wireless upgrades. Drawing from the strengths and characteristics of the K74M, it includes admired features such as the bare shaft, an aluminum cover, a dual-shot PBT keycap, a hot-swappable switch framework, and sound-absorbing cotton in a sandwich pad design. With the inclusion of a smart wheel function, this keyboard comes in the delightful colors of island blue, white amethyst, and midsummer black, along with stunning RGB lighting effects. It’s also fitted with a 2.4GHz wireless dual-mode for a more unrestricted typing experience in the heart of summer.

Model: IRK74R
Interface: USB-C, 2.4GHz
Switches: Gateron Mechanical – Brown, Red, Green – Hot-swappable
Key Count: 107 Keys
Key Actuation: 4.0 mm±0.5mm
Rollover: Full N-Key rollover (NKRO)
Smart Wheel: 1
Multimedia Keys: 12 keys
Backlit Keys: 8 keys
Backlight Type: RGB
Cable Length: 180 cm
Battery: 3750mAh Lithium Battery
Dimensions: 442 (L) X 139 (W) X 41 (H)mm
Weight: 996g

Unboxing the iRocks K74R wireless mechanical keyboard / Available in Island Blue, White Amethyst, and Midsummer Black

The iRocks K74R wireless mechanical keyboard, a perfect choice for the summer, presents itself in fresh new hues of Island Blue, White Amethyst, and Midsummer Black. Combined with PBT dual-color keycaps that complement these colors, it truly encapsulates the essence of the midsummer season. The bare switch design illuminates the RGB lighting, which spills out from beneath each keycap, adorning the keyboard with stunning lighting effects.

The K74R is upgraded with a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and an integrated 3750mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Under the dazzling backlight of the RGB marquee, the keyboard can last for up to 40 hours. Additionally, it can also be charged via a detachable USB-C cable for wired usage. It comes with a 107-key configuration and boasts a “smart push wheel” equipped with a Windows smart wheel feature.

The keyboard is equipped with Gateron mechanical switches available in three options: Red, Brown, and Green. To enhance customization, the keyboard allows for hot swapping, letting users configure different switch sections according to their preferences. This adds to the overall versatility and fun of the mechanical keyboard.

iRocks K74R has three different color-matching packages.
Island blue, white amethyst, and midsummer black.
It happened that the red axis, the brown axis, and the green axis were all in line.
The rear of the colored box displays the fundamental specifications of the keyboard, along with a guide detailing the various key combinations.

Each keyboard package comes complete with a user manual, a key puller/switch, extra mechanical switches, and a USB-C cable. The Island Blue and White Amethyst versions are paired with a white cable, while the Midsummer Black version comes with a black USB-C cable.

Keyboard Accessories.

Primarily, the “Midsummer Black” color palette employs a blend of black, orange, and blue to recreate the vivid hues seen in the countryside’s illuminated streets during a summer night. It encapsulates the blackness of the night sky, the orange glow of vehicle lights, and the blue luminescence of street lamps, collectively creating a picturesque night scene.

Midsummer Black K74R.

Indeed, summer often conjures up images of clear blue skies and expansive seas. The “Island Blue” variant adopts a Morandi-inspired palette, utilizing white and desaturated tones of blue and green. This color combination exudes a soothing and comfortable vibe, reminiscent of serene summer landscapes.

Island Blue K74R.

“White Amethyst” draws its inspiration from the subterranean mineral caverns. Utilizing a blend of purple, black, and white, it mimics the colors found in an amethyst cave. The RGB lighting effect spills out from under the keycaps and reflects off the white aluminum plate, creating a visually appealing spectacle that truly stands out.

White Amethyst K74R.

The K74R maintains a minimalistic design with its slim bezels, frameless aesthetic, suspended key design, and bare shafts. These elements, when paired with various color schemes, produce a visually appealing trio of options. The bare shaft design also simplifies the cleaning process. Dust can easily be brushed away from the keyboard surface. The suspended bare shaft design enhances the keyboard’s side profile as well.

Furthermore, to emphasize the color-coordinated style of the keycaps, only English lettering is displayed on the keycaps. The icons for Cangjie, Zhuyin, and function keys are laser-etched onto the side of the keycaps. This approach maintains the color coherence of the keyboard while preserving the region-specific Zhuyin and Cangjie characters for Taiwanese users.

Bare shaft, suspended sides.

The K74R keyboard includes a standard layout of 107 keys, with a single-word-length Enter key, and incorporates multimedia functions via the Fn key combination. The F and J keys feature a raised nub for position guidance. Here’s a rundown of the multimedia functions and shortcuts associated with the Fn key and F1-F12 keys:

  • Fn+ ESC: Keyboard lock
  • Fn+ Win: Win key lock
  • Fn + F1: Display desktop
  • Fn + F2: Windows Lock
  • Fn + F3: Search
  • Fn + F4: Calculator
  • Fn + F5: My Computer
  • Fn + F6: Email
  • Fn + F7: Home
  • Fn + F8: Multimedia Player
  • Fn + F9: Play/Pause
  • Fn + F10: Previous track
  • Fn + F11: Stop
  • Fn + F12: Next track
Keyboard typing area.
Keyboard typing area.

Regarding the arrow keys and the numeric keypad, there are N/C/S/W Locks key indicators on top of the numeric keys. The Fn key combinations for lighting controls are as follows:

Backlight Control:

  • Fn + Ins: Toggle backlight
  • Fn + Home: Raytracing mode
  • Fn + PgUp: Constant light mode
  • Fn + Del: Customize mode
  • Fn + End: Breathing light mode
  • Fn + PgDn: Marquee mode
  • Fn + ←/→: Adjust backlight speed
  • Fn + ↑/↓: Adjust backlight brightness
Keyboard functions, directions and numeric keypad.

Dual-purpose key/spindle, hot-swap, Gateron mechanical switch

The dual-function key puller included in the accessories is quite useful. The front iron hook is designed to remove keycaps, while the clip on the opposite side is used to unhook the switch. This allows users to conveniently swap out the mechanical switch and keycap of the keyboard. The K74R package reviewed here includes a midsummer black keyboard with green switches, an island blue keyboard with red switches, and a white amethyst keyboard with brown (“tea”) switches.

Dual-purpose key puller.
Midsummer Black and Green Axis, Sea Island Blue and Red Axis, and White Amethyst Tea Axis.

The K74R uses Gateron mechanical switches. The midsummer black model, fitted with the Gateron green switch, has a key travel distance of 4mm, an actuation force of 60gf, and a trigger point at 2.3mm. This switch is tactile and clicky, providing clear and loud feedback. It’s a joy to use, especially if you enjoy the distinctive sound that’s often associated with mechanical keyboards, even if others might find it a bit noisy.

Midsummer black and green axis.

The White Amethyst model uses the Gateron brown switches. These switches have a key travel of 4mm, a lighter actuation force of 55gf, and a trigger point at 2mm. This type of switch provides a tactile feel without the audible click, allowing users to experience a clear actuation point with minimal noise. This makes it more quiet and suitable for environments such as offices where noise could be a concern.

White amethyst tea shaft.

The Island Blue model is equipped with the Gateron red switches. These switches offer a key travel of 4mm, an even lighter actuation force of 45gf, and a trigger point at 2mm. This switch is linear, meaning it doesn’t provide tactile feedback or audible clicking. Its smooth, quick up-and-down movement makes it particularly suitable for fast-paced esports games. However, it also provides a comfortable typing experience, making it easier for regular typing tasks as well.

Island blue and red axis.

The K74R is fitted with double-shot PBT keycaps, which ensure the lettering remains clear over time. The PBT material is known for its durability and rough texture. This means that even after extended periods of use, the keycaps will not develop an oily feel. Additionally, the Cangjie, Zhuyin, and function key icons are laser-engraved and printed to withstand regular usage without wearing off.

Two-color molded PBT keycaps.

When utilizing the switch puller, ensure that it firmly clamps the top and bottom retention points of the switch. Once secure, the mechanical switch can be vertically pulled up and out. The K74R features Gateron hot-swappable switch sockets across all keys, enabling users to replace and mix different switches as they wish to customize their typing experience.

Shaft Puller.
Gateron Hot Swap Axle Blocks.

The K74R keyboard has an On/Off switch at the back that allows for easy switching between wired and wireless modes. The USB 2.4GHz receiver has a dedicated storage compartment, and it’s held in place magnetically to prevent it from falling out. Additionally, the keyboard features a two-stage stand, offering 6° and 8° angle adjustments. This lets users find the optimal keyboard tilt angle that suits their comfort best.

Back of keyboard.
Two-stage tripod with 6° and 8° angle adjustment.
Two-stage tripod with 6° and 8° angle adjustment.
Keyboard wired, wireless switch.
USB 2.4GHz Receiver.

The keyboard employs a detachable USB-C connection which serves a dual purpose. Not only can it be used to connect the keyboard for wired use, but it also serves to charge the keyboard’s internal battery.

USB-C port on the front of the keyboard.
USB-C cable.

Smart Wheel: Music Control, Windows Switching and App Tools

The K74R’s smart wheel is designed to be used with operating systems like Windows 10/11. The keyboard comes pre-programmed with quick function switching. For example, pressing the volume button on the left of the wheel and then rotating the wheel allows for direct control of the Windows volume. Furthermore, pressing the window-switching button and then turning the wheel emulates the Alt + Tab function, allowing you to scroll through programs. When you find the program you’re looking for, pressing the button switches to that window.

Smart wheel and three quick switch function buttons, from left: volume, window switching, custom.
Rotary wheel volume switch.
Wheel window switching.

Once the rotary wheel is switched to the custom function, pressing the wheel within a particular application will bring up a function menu. For instance, in Word, you could set it to a scroll function, enabling you to scroll up and down the Word document using the rotary wheel.

Additionally, you can customize the preset tool of the scroll wheel by navigating to the “Scroll Wheel” page under Windows Settings > Devices. Here, you can specify the scroll wheel’s rotation function and left turn combination for a specific application.

Custom wheel function switch.
Windows Wheel Settings.

K74R setting program: key customization, macro, lighting effect switching

The K74R also comes with a dedicated software program that allows for the customization of keyboard keys, macro recording, and lighting effect switching. Users can create configuration files to customize every key on the keyboard. They can also record macros for personalized key functionalities. Finally, the software provides a multitude of lighting effect modes, giving users the ability to independently adjust the brightness and speed of the lighting effects to their liking.

Click the button to be set to customize the keyboard, mouse, macro, key combination and other function settings.
Lighting settings.
Player-defined lighting effects.
Game Mode can be set to turn off the key combination.
Macro recording.


The iRocks K74R showcases its appeal with the introduction of three captivating colors: Island Blue, White Amethyst, and Midsummer Black. The unique keyboard style is achieved through two-color molded PBT keycaps, offering a fresh and intriguing look. The inclusion of functional designs, such as the rotating wheel and the use of sandwich pad and sound-absorbing cotton materials, contributes to a cleaner feel and a purer sound when pressing the keys.

With the availability of Gateron tea, red, and green switches, players can select their preferred color and tactile experience. Moreover, the keyboard’s hot-swappable feature enables future experimentation with different switch combinations. The K74R takes the user experience up a notch with upgraded RGB backlighting, wireless connectivity, and a built-in lithium battery, offering a more organized and wire-free desktop setup.

At NT$3,490 in Taiwan, the iRocks K74R is competitively priced given its high-end features, such as wireless capability, RGB lighting, and customizable mechanical switches. The new three-color PBT keycaps add a touch of novelty, making the keyboard stand out among its counterparts. For those seeking a change from the usual mechanical keyboard, the K74R is a worthy option to consider.

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Title: Discover the trio of fresh hues! Unboxing the iRocks K74R Wireless Mechanical Keyboard in Island Blue, White Amethyst, and Midsummer Black